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How to Use a Subscription Box Swap

Do you subscribe to a subscription box? From skincare to snacks, makeup to meals, candles to cocktails to even… ahem, bedroom toys, monthly subscription boxes have continued to explode in popularity. According to one study there are nearly 10,000 different subscription boxes available. Crazy! And really, what’s not to love? It saves you shopping time by arriving right on your doorstep, helps you keep it fresh by trying new things, and lifts your spirit by balancing out the bills in the mail with some fun new products to try.

But what happens when a bunch of the items in your subscription box are a bust? While some jewelry and clothing subscription boxes allow you to return undesired items, many other subscription services can leave you stuck with products that don’t work for you.

Not surprisingly, there’s an app for that. SWAP by reKindness is an app that lets subscription box shoppers swap their “meh” pile for a “marvelous” pile. All you have to do is snap a pic, upload “swap” items available, request a swap and seal the deal from your phone.

How to use a subscription box swap app


How a subscription box swap works
  1. Upload an image of an unused item(s) from Glossybox, Stitch Fix, Owlcrate, etc. (or a high-quality fashion item) and a brief description to add an item.
  2. Browse your news feed or search for items you want in exchange. You can search by location to avoid shipping costs or search by similar priced items.
  3. Make swap offers by tapping on items you like and offering items of your own in return.
  4. Members have 48 hours to accept or counter the swap offers they receive.
  5. To finalize your swaps, either schedule a time and place to meet or share shipment tracking information in the app.

swap app2


One thing that sets the SWAP app apart? It’s fast. Offers only last 48 hours so you’ll know within days, instead of weeks (I’m looking at you Craigslist), if your item has an offer or counteroffer.

Did you know that 85-percent of clothes and textiles end up in landfills, even though 95-percent can be reused or recycled? And that over 25-percent of what subscription box customers receive is unloved? That makes the SWAP app good for the earth, good for your closet and good for your wallet. A triple win!

Visit the SWAP website to learn more or download the app on iTunes.

Which subscription boxes do you use?
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Who doesn’t love stylish clothes? Or better yet, stylish kids’ clothes? Between you and I, some days, I am slightly jealous of my children’s closet. It is so hard showing restraint when you are blinded by tiny little clothes and an uber-adorable mini-human gracing your side everyday. What’s tough though is more often than not, those tiny little clothes don’t come with a tiny little price. Not to mention those adorable mini-humans sometimes don’t always want to play dress-up in a store… no matter how cute those baby skinny jeans or ruffled rompers are (but seriously though, SO CUTE!). Well, moms and mini fashionistas alike can rejoice — Runchkins has created an affordable way to have stylish children’s clothes delivered straight to your doorstep.

Runchkins Fashion Box Delivery for Kids

What is Runchkins?

Runchkins is a curated collection of the latest in kids’ fashion that are hand-picked by a stylist for your little one and delivered straight to your doorstep.

Runchkins creators have taken the time to ensure they are partnered with brands that are known for their stylish, yet high-quality, long lasting pieces, such as Hatley, Nano, and Tom Tailor, just to name a few. Runchkins wants families to be able to get adorable style, not only at affordable prices, but with the ease and comfort of never having to leave your own home.

Style Box Deliveries for Stylish Kids

How does it work?

Setting up a Runchkins order could not be easier. Customers create a personalized style profile for each child by answering a few fun questions: What is your child’s favorite color? Do they like animals? Do they like polka dots or stripes better? You get the idea.

Once you fill out the style profile, you arrange for how many outfits you would like to receive and at what frequency. You can receive 3-10 outfits once, monthly, or seasonally.

For a limited time, Savvy Sassy Moms readers will receive $20 off their first Runchkins delivery! Visit Runchkins for details.

The BEST places to buy clothes for kids

Now, here’s our favorite part — just before your shipment is set to depart, you receive an email preview of your box. Unlike other similar subscription services, Runchkins allows you to exchange out any pieces from your curated box, before it ships. As a result, you know that you are getting pieces that both you and your child already approve of. Amazing and time saving!

Preschool Style for Back-to-School

Once your Runchkins box arrives on your doorstep, you and your child can try on the items at your leisure. You have five days to decide which pieces you want to keep and, if desired, which pieces you want to return. The $20 styling fee is credited towards any of the items that you decide to keep.

Have you tried this kids' clothing subscription yet?

Returns are a breeze. Anything that didn’t work for you can be shipped back for free with already printed and packaged shipping labels in your box.

As an added bonus, Runchkins has created a wonderful “Buy Back” program for its customers. Runchkins will later buy back any items that you purchase through your box. Once your child outgrows your previous purchase, Runchkins will purchase back the items (up to 30 percent, based on condition) with store credit.

Give the gift of fashion

Always struggling to figure out a unique gift to buy for the latest baby shower or your next birthday party? Try out Runchkins’ new gift service! The service allows you to set up a style profile for yourself or for another recipient. Guests can then preview, contribute, and vote on what items are their favorites, and then the gift recipient will receive the top voted item as their gift. Such a trendy idea for your fashion loving little one!


What style will your child have delivered to your doorstep?

This post is sponsored by Runchkins. All opinions are our own.

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Sprouting Threads Clothing Delivery

Introducing Sprouting Threads

If you’re like us, you’ve tried every clothing subscription out there — you’ve seen them come and go over the years, you’ve loved some and others not so much. Sprouting Threads, newly launched in Spring 2015, caught our eye for a few reasons and after giving it a try, we’re thrilled to say that it’s hitting all the marks!

With styles for kids ages 2-8, they have a huge selection of brands we know and love like Tea Collection, Appaman, and Andy & Evan, just to name a few. We received such a wide range of styles in our delivery from Sprouting Threads that it truly felt like a wardrobe update for our kiddos, giving them pieces that refreshed what they already owned, as well as adding full outfits that they immediately fell in love with.

Re-thread it

One of the most unique aspects of Sprouting Threads is their reThread program. You can send gently used clothes back to Sprouting Threads as your kids outgrow them for credit towards your next delivery! They only accept specific brands (you can see a full list on their website), but they will send you a mailing envelope so all you have to do is pack it up and send it off.

Get Used Clothes for Kids from Sprouting Threads

The reThread program also pops up when you’re choosing your clothing delivery, giving you the option to include reThread items in your next box from Sprouting Threads!

How it works

Start by creating a profile for your child on Sprouting Threads, then rate the outfits and styles using a scale of Love It, Like It, or No Way. They allow you to rate outfits in four categories — vintage, classic, sporty and funky — to really get a feel of what your style is so that they can send you outfits and pieces that you and your kids will love.

New Kids Clothing Delivery Service

Next, fill out your child’s sizing details, including their weight and height, and upload a photo of them so that the Sprouting Threads team can see their actual style. There’s also a spot to leave notes for the stylists at Sprouting Threads, which you can update from season to season. Let them know if your kiddo likes their shirts on the bigger side or if you need a hat option in your shipment — the more details you can give them, the better your shipment will be!

The last steps are to choose what you’d like delivered. You can have them send 2-5 outfits, selecting either all brand-new pieces or a half-and-half mix of new and gently used. We went with a mix in our most recent box and honestly couldn’t even tell a difference, despite the tag that let us know which items were re-threads. You can also select if you’d like deliveries on a monthly or seasonal basis and when to get started.

Clothing Deliveries from Sprouting Threads

Once your box arrives, keep what you want and send back the rest in the mailing envelope they include. Far easier than standing in line to return a stack of reject clothes to Target, right?

The investment

Like most clothing subscription services, there is an initial styling fee. For Sprouting Threads, you pay a $20 styling fee upfront that is applied to what you keep from your box, as long as you keep at least two pieces. On average, they note that new outfits cost around $65 and reThread outfits around $35. Shipping is always included, as well as the return shipping for any items you choose to send back.

The total cost of all 10 items they sent us was just under $250. I thought that the reTread pieces were very reasonably priced at $12-20 each — like I said earlier, I couldn’t even tell that they were pre-loved and with brands like Polo Ralph Lauren and Janie and Jack, those prices were impressive. The prices for the brand-new clothes were typical of what I would expect from boutique brands, from $29-44 each. I would certainly spurge on a piece that I loved for my kids, especially knowing that they are styles and brands that every kid in their class won’t be wearing, too!

Find & try Sprouting Threads

Be sure to keep an eye on the Sprouting Threads website and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for all of the latest updates on new brands, sizes and featured products.

Sprouting Threads is giving Savvy Sassy Moms readers one free outfit when they sign-up for a new account! Use the promotional code SAVVYFREE to get started.

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Avery and Austin Playdate Subscription Box

My kids’ calendars are busier than mine. Between events at their school, extra-curricular activities, sports and playdates, there is rarely any downtime around our house.

Because we are always on the go, we don’t always have enough time for the fun stuff like doing crafts, playing games, or just letting them be kids. When we found ourselves with a rare free afternoon last week, I pulled out the Avery & Austin subscription box and we had the perfect playdate! It was a lovely afternoon filled with nothing but painting, planting, and playtime outside.

Avery and Austin: The Perfect Playdate

The gals at Avery & Austin have thought long and hard about what goes into planning the perfect playdate and they package it up and deliver it, right to your door! Each box is filled with two crafts, two snacks, and even a special treat for moms. It doesn’t get better than that!

Our April box included Go-Go squeeZ applesauce, complete planting supplies to grow organic baby carrots, and painting supplies to decorate garden rocks. As if all of that wasn’t enough, the clay mask and lip balm for me was just the icing on top. Let’s face it, while crafting with kids can be fun, every mom needs a little pampering after painting and playing in the dirt!

Avery and Austin Playdate Subscription Box

I had originally planned to have my oldest (who is almost 8-years-old) complete the activities in the playdate box with her friend, but when the little ones saw all of the goodies it held, they were too excited for me to say no! That’s one thing I loved about it though… the projects were easy enough for my pre-schooler, but detailed enough for my older girls to enjoy them, too.

Avery and Austin Playdates

Avery and Austin Subscription Box

To order your own playdate box, visit the Avery & Austin website. You can purchase one box or sign up for a monthly subscription, which will save you a bit of money. Each month, the crafts and activities are different, so with summer right around the corner, I can’t think of a better time to subscribe. Every mother is sure to hear the dreaded “I’m bored” at some point over the summer, so this could be like your very own secret weapon when you hear those words! 

For Savvy Sassy Moms readers, they are offering a special $15 off discount code to get you started creating the perfect playdate. Just enter SAVVYSASSYMOMS15OFF when you check out. (Code expires July 30, 2015)

Whether you are a mom that wants to have some designated quality-time with your kids or one that wants a way to easily entertain your child with a friend, the Avery & Austin box is sure to provide the perfect playdate!

Avery and Austin: The Perfect Playdate for KidsTo learn more, be sure to follow Avery & Austin on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Want to read more about Avery & Austin? Check out this post from The Nashville Mom!

This post was contributed by The Magnolia Mamas who are part of the Savvy Sassy Mom Product Scouts program.

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