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Who doesn’t love stylish clothes? Or better yet, stylish kids’ clothes? Between you and I, some days, I am slightly jealous of my children’s closet. It is so hard showing restraint when you are blinded by tiny little clothes and an uber-adorable mini-human gracing your side everyday. What’s tough though is more often than not, those tiny little clothes don’t come with a tiny little price. Not to mention those adorable mini-humans sometimes don’t always want to play dress-up in a store… no matter how cute those baby skinny jeans or ruffled rompers are (but seriously though, SO CUTE!). Well, moms and mini fashionistas alike can rejoice — Runchkins has created an affordable way to have stylish children’s clothes delivered straight to your doorstep.

Runchkins Fashion Box Delivery for Kids

What is Runchkins?

Runchkins is a curated collection of the latest in kids’ fashion that are hand-picked by a stylist for your little one and delivered straight to your doorstep.

Runchkins creators have taken the time to ensure they are partnered with brands that are known for their stylish, yet high-quality, long lasting pieces, such as Hatley, Nano, and Tom Tailor, just to name a few. Runchkins wants families to be able to get adorable style, not only at affordable prices, but with the ease and comfort of never having to leave your own home.

Style Box Deliveries for Stylish Kids

How does it work?

Setting up a Runchkins order could not be easier. Customers create a personalized style profile for each child by answering a few fun questions: What is your child’s favorite color? Do they like animals? Do they like polka dots or stripes better? You get the idea.

Once you fill out the style profile, you arrange for how many outfits you would like to receive and at what frequency. You can receive 3-10 outfits once, monthly, or seasonally.

For a limited time, Savvy Sassy Moms readers will receive $20 off their first Runchkins delivery! Visit Runchkins for details.

The BEST places to buy clothes for kids

Now, here’s our favorite part — just before your shipment is set to depart, you receive an email preview of your box. Unlike other similar subscription services, Runchkins allows you to exchange out any pieces from your curated box, before it ships. As a result, you know that you are getting pieces that both you and your child already approve of. Amazing and time saving!

Preschool Style for Back-to-School

Once your Runchkins box arrives on your doorstep, you and your child can try on the items at your leisure. You have five days to decide which pieces you want to keep and, if desired, which pieces you want to return. The $20 styling fee is credited towards any of the items that you decide to keep.

Have you tried this kids' clothing subscription yet?

Returns are a breeze. Anything that didn’t work for you can be shipped back for free with already printed and packaged shipping labels in your box.

As an added bonus, Runchkins has created a wonderful “Buy Back” program for its customers. Runchkins will later buy back any items that you purchase through your box. Once your child outgrows your previous purchase, Runchkins will purchase back the items (up to 30 percent, based on condition) with store credit.

Give the gift of fashion

Always struggling to figure out a unique gift to buy for the latest baby shower or your next birthday party? Try out Runchkins’ new gift service! The service allows you to set up a style profile for yourself or for another recipient. Guests can then preview, contribute, and vote on what items are their favorites, and then the gift recipient will receive the top voted item as their gift. Such a trendy idea for your fashion loving little one!


What style will your child have delivered to your doorstep?

This post is sponsored by Runchkins. All opinions are our own.

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Platypus Australia UV protective swimwear and rash guards for kids Summer is here and if your kids are anything like mine, they’re going to be spending a lot of time over the next few months in swimsuits. Whether you’re going to the beach, the water park, your neighborhood pool, or just setting up a sprinkler or water table in the backyard, your kids should not only have suits that are cute and comfortable, but ones that will protect them from the sun’s harmful rays. Platypus Australia produces high-quality, fashionable UV protective swimwear for kids — infant through teens — in a variety of mix-and-match patterns, colors and styles.

Platypus Australia UV protective swimwear and rash guards for kidsUV protection

Platypus Australia’s sun-safe swimwear and rash guards ensure that the kid wearing them receives maximum sun protection. Platypus Australia was formed in 1996 by two mothers that know just how hard it is to apply sunscreen to kids on the move! They realized that there was a demand for kids bathing suits and clothing that would protect children from the sun’s damaging rays and still be comfortable and cool. The company’s mission is to educate parents, children and industry representatives of the importance of protecting children against the sun’s damaging rays, trying to prevent skin cancer in later life. Each Platypus Australia item blocks out at least 97.5% of harmful ultraviolet radiation, making them one of the safest swimsuit lines on the market.

Platypus Australia UV protective swimwear and rash guards for kidsMix-and-match fashion

Platypus Australia’s swimsuit lines — for babies, girls and boys — are designed to be mixed-and-matched. Each line has multiple styles of tops, shirts, rash guards, tanks, shorts, sunsuits, briefs, hats, cover-ups and accessories that all coordinate, so your child can pick the type of suit they feel the most comfortable wearing. Collections come in adorable prints like seashells, lobsters, flamingos and regatta. You can shop online by collection or by type/style of suit. Sizing ranges from infants all the way up to kid’s size 14. And no worries mama, there are even some swimsuits and rash guards for women.

Platypus Australia UV protective swimwear and rash guards for kidsEnter to win a Platypus Australia gift certificate ($100) in our #SummerScoop4Moms giveaway!Platypus Swimwear 4Quality and service

Platypus Australia strives to achieve high quality garments and sun protective swimwear with good fit, at affordable prices, backed by fast and friendly service. Platypus Australia is made with LYCRA® because of its amazing shape-retention, maximum breathability and most importantly, its ultra chlorine resistance properties. These fun colorful suits won’t fade in the sun or even after dips in the pool and will hold their shape without being stretched after multiple wears. And just because these swimsuits for babies and kids come from the other side of the world doesn’t mean you can’t get them for your own little sun worshipers. Easy shipping is available to both the U.S. and Canada… plus, it’s free if you spend over $80.

Platypus Australia UV protective swimwear and rash guards for kidsCheck out Platypus Australia online at any of the sites listed below:

Website // Facebook // Instagram // Pinterest // Twitter
Platypus Australia UV protective swimwear and rash guards for kids

Platypus Australia UV protective swimwear and rash guards for kids

What’s the most important factor to you when buying a swimsuit for your kids?
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Little Bohemian Style
Spring trends for girls: Bohemian style 

We are totally crushing on all things bohemian this spring… and not just for ourselves, but for our stylish offspring, too! With Easter right around the corner and warmer days ahead, you’ll want to scoop up some pieces from this hot spring trend. Floral prints, pastel colors, rompers, mid-maxi dresses, and everyone’s favorite trend, fringe! One of my daughter’s favorite things to shop for right now is new shoes and these girl’s sandals are all adorable and a perfect match for the boho chic style.

We love shopping at Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack for some unique pieces to add to her wardrobe, whereas Old Navy and Gap Kids always have the most reasonable prices on the latest trends. We love to mix-and-match from different stores. The more items you buy that can create several outfits, the better!

Spring break picks

Tucker + Tate Floral Tank Top, $28
Peek Harlow Floral Print Chambray Shorts, $45
Old Navy Cream Fringe Top, $20
Old Navy Chino Shorts, $16 {sale}
Old Navy Best Day Ever Travel Tee, $9 {sale}
Take Me Away Graphic Tank, $42
Cara Couture Star Charm Bracelet, $15
Billabong Sol Searcher Fringe 2-Piece Swimsuit, $49
Truly Me Floral Romper, $48
Bey Fringe Sandal, $52
Ruffle Mid Maxi Dress, $22

Is your girl a little bohemian?
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Boys Stylish Weekly Picks Savvy Sassy Moms

Cool Boys Clothing

Last week we showed you our favorite girls picks so it’s only fair that the boys get a turn this week! It can be a bit more challenging to find cool boys clothing, so we’re here to help! Some of our favorite brands for boys are Tea Collection, Peek Kids, Mini Boden, GAP and Hanna Anderson because all of these brands are high on quality and style.

Right now Tea Collection is having 25% Winter Warm Up SALE

When dressing the boys this winter layering is key, so stick up on a variety of fun graphic t-shirts, flannel shirts and sweatshirts. The best thing about boys is that they seem to create their own unique style by mixing and matching with whatever happens to be lying on the floor and look perfectly stylish without even trying. I personally love the ripped jean look for boys as long an entire leg isn’t showing that is.

5 Stylish Clothing Picks for Boys

1. GAP Flannel Plaid Shirt $30
2. Peek Mandela Quote T-Shirt $28
3. Tea Collection Boys Graphic Hoodie $32 {on sale}
4. GAP 1969 Rip & Repair Jeans $40
5. BOGS Camo Boot for Boys $78

Which is your favorite pick for boys?


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Meet Henry and George

Henry and George Street StyleIntroducing our coolest new kiddos who are showing us their kid street style, Henry and George. These brothers, who make their home in Seattle, have a love for super-soft clothes that have a kick of style. Plus, an addiction to Crocs that even mom, Sara, can’t deny.

Boy style 101

Kid Street Style

Henry, age 7, and George, age almost 4, have styles that are similar, but that mom, Sara, says that they each have a look that’s all their own. Henry is all about super comfy pants, like sweats, that Sara balances with fun shirts in soft fabrics and prints. George is a little more flexible, wearing mostly Henry’s hand-me-downs with ease, but also embracing the statement piece from time-to-time. “I splurged on this winter coat from GAP for him this year,” Sara tells us. “He loves it and calls himself a lion when he wears it.”

Where do their styles collide? With footwear. Henry and George both prefer to wear all Crocs, all of the time.

Where to shop

Sara shares that when it comes to dressing the boys (George still lets her… Henry prefers to style himself), she’s all about two elements — layers and stripes. “I’m a sucker for Tea Collection and Mini Boden,” she confesses, but, lucky for her, she tells us that she has an amazing consignment store in her neighborhood where she often snags both brands at half of the cost. Another brand Sara loves for when the boys’ closets are lacking basics is Cotton Caboodle. “The tees and pants are soft and well-fitting… they remind me of Splendid,” Sara shares.

Get the look of George and Henry

Let Henry and George inspire the style of your little guy with these favorites that will give you a similar look.

Kid Street Style for Boys

Shirt: Mariner T-Shirt, Mini Boden, $26
Pants: Jersey-Lined Gray Jeans, Old Navy, $22
Shoes: Crocs Electro 2 Clog, Nordstrom, $32

For more kid street style inspiration

Be sure to check out our other Kid Street Style features, highlighting real kiddos and their favorite styles, including Kid Street Style: Meet Nolie and Ever and Kid Street Style: Meet Beckem.

 Does your kid have style? We’d love to hear from you for upcoming features!
Leave a comment below!
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Rack Room Shoes for Back to School + Help a Great Cause

Each year, children head back to school with ill-fitting or damaged shoes because they have no other options. Even worse, some children are not able to attend school because they have no shoes at all. Rack Room Shoes is proud to partner with Shoes That Fit, a national non-profit organization that provides shoes to disadvantaged children, for the Back to School season.

We think that this is a tremendous cause. Not only are we focused on shopping and style, we love these accessible, easy ways that we can teach giving and social good actions to our children. Over the course of seven years, Rack Room Shoes has put new shoes on the feet of more than 89,000 kids, and last year raised more than half a million dollars for needy children going back to school.

Easy social good with kids

This year when you go back to school shopping for your kiddos at Rack Room Shoes, involve your kids in making a simple five dollar donation to Shoes That Fit. 100 percent of your $5 gift will go to buying shoes for kids in need. We think that’s pretty savvy!


Free customizable totes

As thanks for your contribution, your child will receive a cool tote bag that he or she can color. As pictured above, my girls spent an entire afternoon on this fun project (a wonderful time period of peace for which I would have donated much more than a five dollars for).I also explained to the girls that the money donated for these tote backs goes to children that need new shoes for back to school, it was a great way to talk to them about children that are not as fortunate as them.

Back to school shopping with heart

Of course, you will also find loads of high quality shoes and on-trend styles for your scholars — check out our top picks from Rack Room Shoes below. It is a total back to school win-win.  Every child deserves to start their year off on the right foot!

Rack Room Shoes



Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.  We hare this with you because we support this worth while cause and program.

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Summer Kids Picks


Kids Clothing, Shoes, Toys and Gifts of Summer

We love to shop for our kids and with summer just around the corner we found a few things we are a little giddy about! Not only are these things fashionable and fun, but we hope we turn you on to a few brands and products that you might not even know about. Finding unique and stylish kids clothing can be difficult, sure we love grabbing the bulk of the kids summer wardrobe at the regular retail shops, but splurging on some out of this world adorable is going just going to happen.  Some of these items could also make great Birthday gifts!


Penny Skateboards  These skateboards are probably the most fashionable boards around. They make even me want to jump on one and see if I can do a few tricks. Skateboarding is not just for boys either, with these fun colors and prints your daughters will want one too!


Adirondack Kids Chair
Nothing says summer like a adirondack chair and this mini version is perfect for your tot to sit and sip their lemonade all summer long. These chairs also make great photo props for toddlers, mix in some toy gardening tools and you have yourself a summer photo shoot!

Kids Tent Super fun tent for you kids to tuck away and do some summer reading! We love this tent because of it’s adorable style, which will make it look good even in the middle of the living room. This tent is perfect for the kids bedroom, outside on the deck for some shade or even under a tree. Throw some pillows under it and you have a perfect napping spot.

Chooze Girls Sandals

Chooze Kids Flip Flops We love Chooze shoes because they are all about expressing your personality with their mix matched designs. They have a great line if summer flip flops and sandals that your girls will love. The only problem is, you’ll want all of them and have a very difficult time choozing!



Tucker + Tate Baby Swimsuit
I am a sucker for baby swimsuits and Tucker + Tate makes the sweetest swimsuits with matching bonnets.  But wait!  Take a look at this stylish rash guard 2-piece set for older girls and a baby one piece rash guard.  Might be the cutest sun protective swimsuits I have seen yet!

You Are My Sunshine Gold Toddler Tee

You are my sunshine t-shirt  We love searching Etsy shops to bring you unique finds. What we love best about things we find on Etsy, is that they are designed well and not every kid on the playground will have it on. This shirt expresses what every mom feels about their child, even when they’re having a terrible tantrum.  This shirt will look cute on either a boy or girl.

Scotch and Soda Skirts for Girls

Scotch and Soda Circle Skirt This collection of clothing for girls from Scotch and Soda has a very beautiful vintage flair to it, and these skirts are with gorgeous fabrics not usually seen on kids clothing. My daughter is a skirt girl, she doesn’t like pants or shorts and finds them uncomfortable so I am always on the hunt for fun skirts for her. These might look fancy, but paired with a simple tank top they’ll be casual and chic. Do not blame me if you start ordering everything from the Scotch and Soda website.

Do you have a unique kids brand you have fallen in love with?
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Busy and Birdie, out on the town

Busy PhilippsWe all love actress Busy Philipps and there is so much to love about her adorable, stylish daughter, Birdie, too. Philipps, who you likely know best from good old Dawson’s Creek (don’t deny it, we know you watched), now stars on the hit TV show, Cougar Town. When she’s not on set, you can find Philipps with her daughters, including Birdie, age 5, who obviously has a super fun style of her own.

Fun and funky styles for girls

Busy Philipps


1. Striped Maxi Tank Dress, Old Navy, $25
2. Sparkling Hearts Tee, Forever 21, $13
3. Glittering Heart Dress, Chasing Fireflies, $84
4. Jersey Dress, H&M, $5
5. Glitter Footless Capri Tights, Hanna Andersson, $22
6. Tiered Knit Lace Skirt, The Children’s Place, $12
7. Umi Elaina Mary Jane, Nordstrom, $60 and up

How to get the look

To style your own daughter like Birdie, stock up on staples, such as brightly-colored leggings and shoes that are fashionable, but go with everything. Then add in some cool pieces that highlight bold and girly patterns. Don’t be afraid to mix all of those colors that girls adore — pinks and purples — with pops of non-traditional colors, such as navy and green, in the detailing to keep her looking modern. We love that Birdie is dressed like a typical 5-year-old, which among celebrity kids, can be rare, as so many of them, even at this young, dress far more mature than their age.


Are you a Busy Philipps fan? What do you love about Birdie’s style?

Photo via PR Photos


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The biggest stars of the circus are, by far, the animals! Check out these baby and toddler fashions that feature all of our favorite circus animals, from the elephants to the lions and every creature in between.

Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls!

Circus Animals

Lions and tigers and bears…oh, my

These circus animals come with a lot of teeth and a growl that’s even bigger than your toddler’s when he’s overdue for a nap, but these sweet circus animal shirts, onesies and outfits, clad with some of the circus’ biggest stars, are safe as can be.

Top row:
Trapped in My Belly Tee, Threadless, $18
Lion King Toddler Tee
, Threadless, $18

Bottom row:
Graphic Bodysuit, Old Navy, $4
Nautical Graphic Bodysuit, Old Navy, $7
Jersey Set with Printed Design, H&M, $13


Circus Animals

 All about elephants

If there’s one circus animal that is on-trend in toddler and baby fashion right now, it has to be the elephant. From whimsical to graphic, elephants are a fun way to incorporate some circus fun into your little one’s wardrobe.

Top row:
E is for Elephant Tee, WessyBaby on Etsy, $11
Elephant Shirt, Sunshine Mountain Tees, on Etsy, $16
Jersey Set, H&M, $10

Bottom row:
Toy Elephant Print Kimono Bodysuit, GAP, $15
The Day the Fire Brigade Went on Strike One Piece, Threadless, $18
Printed Bodysuit, Old Navy, $10

Do your kids have a favorite circus animal?
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We hope we don’t come across as complete Instagram stalkers, but we can’t resist clicking “Like” over and over again on the photos of these stylish Instagrammed kiddos. Add them to your must-follow list for irresistible kid-style inspiration. So get your “follow” button ready and check out our favorite Instagram kids.

Sugar and spice and everything stylish

Instagram: PlayingHouseFullTime


If those stripes and polkadots don’t say it for themselves, we’re here to tell you… the little ones that make a regular appearance on this Instagram account are bursting with style. We truly love that their mama, Autumn, let’s them pick out their own clothes, as if they give her any choice in the first place!

Instagram: PlayingHouseFullTime
Blog: Playing House Full Time

Creative mama, stylish kids

LWPH Sews on Instagram

When your mama is a crazy-popular quilter and you are an adorable kiddo, it’s sure to result in magic. Jen, who creates the gorgeous quilts of LWPH Sews, shares photos of her own little ones on her Instagram account, among the quilt eye-candy. And, she’s great at revealing the sources and brands of the clothes her kids are wearing.

Instagram: LWPHSews
Website: LWPH Sews

A bit of Savvy Sassy on Instagram

Kristrange on Instagram

We’re excited to share the kids of one of our very own Savvy Sassy Moms on this list, as she and her family are always some of our favorite city-dwellers to follow on Instagram.  It’s so fun watching Kristin dive head first into dressing her baby girl… we’re eating up all of that pink!

Instagram: Kristrange

Life at the beach

Claire Bidwell Smith on Instagram


When you’re living this close to the beach, with your two darling girls, it’s hard not to make life look stylish. Author and mama, Claire Bidwell Smith, shares sweet and candid photos of her stylish girls, who have California living down. #nofilternecessary on these gorgeous shots.

Instagram: ClaireBidwell

Picture perfect

Sarah Vasquez on Instagram

Some of our favorite moms to follow on Instagram are moms who are professional photographers. Their Instagrammed take on daily life with their kids seems to nail it, even when they’re slumming with using their iPhone camera. Sarah Vasquez, owner of Hope and Memory Photography, shares her three sweet and stylish girls via Instagram, alongside photos of her professional life.

Instagram: Sarah_Vasquez

More favorites to follow

@2Sisters_Angie: You may recall the adorable little girl who teamed up with her mom to create gorgeous paper dresses around Oscars time earlier this year. Well, they’re still at it and covering every stylish moment on Instagram via #fashionbymayhem

@CaraLoren: Can you even resist this cuteness? Cara Loren, style blogger and mama of one and one on the way, includes her son in many of her posts and we swoon over his stylish outfits every single time.

The Babyccino moms: We’re sneaking three moms into one here, because their kids are bursting with style. Follow the founders of the popular website, Babyccino Kids, and their gang of super cute, Euro-chic kiddos via @EstherBabyccino, @CourtneyBabyccino and @EmilieBabyccino.

Who are your favorite stylish kiddos on Instagram?
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