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Potty Training Essentials for Boys

Potty training a toddler is hard work for any parent… but everyone warned me that potty training a high-energy, independent, spirited boy would be harder than giving CPR to a goldfish. Boys are wonderful, but they can also be incredibly stubborn, hard to get to focus and completely unphased by sitting in a dirty diaper all the live long day (or is that just my kid?). However, at 3-years-old, my wild child is now fully potty trained and rocking it like a superstar. Once he was ready (and waiting until he was truly ready was the key for him), it only took about a week for everything to sink in so we could completely kick the nappies to the curb. Here are a few of our favorite potty training essentials for boys.

Potty training essentials for boys

Potty Training Essentials for Boys featuring Zoocchini Boxers and WeePot Urinal

Potty Superhero ($7): Get your child ready for potty training in the days leading up to the first day with this adorable book. Little boys will love it, which will help prepare them for using the potty and wearing big boy underwear.

Zoocchini Boxer Briefs ($26 for 3-pack): Speaking of underwear, the first thing we did on day one of potty training was surprise my son with lots of new big boy undies. We wanted him to be excited about wearing his underwear instead of diapers. I’ve heard some parents swap their child’s normal-size diapers with newborn diapers on the first day of potty training to show the child that he’s now a big boy and too big for diapers, which is a pretty clever trick! My son requested boxers like daddy’s, so these Zoocchini boxer briefs were perfect!

Potty Training Essentials for Boys featuring Zoocchini Boxers and WeePot Urinal

Kitchen Timer ($5): The first few days of potty training, we set a kitchen time for 30-minutes and made my son sit on the potty and try to go every single time the timer went off. The next day, we bumped up the time to 45-minutes in between efforts and then stretched it to an hour on day three. It lead to a few very long days, but he got it and after a few weeks, we didn’t even need to ask him if he needed to go anymore.

BABYBJORN Toilet Trainer ($24): When kids first start using the potty, sometimes they don’t know if they have to go no. 1, no. 2 or both. I’d recommend starting with a seat that goes directly over your toilet and let your child sit there and do their business (no cleaning poo out of a little potty later!). This seat can easily be put on and taken off by your child when he has to go, is comfortable for little ones and prevents splashes and messes.

Potty Training Essentials for Boys featuring Zoocchini Boxers and WeePot Urinal

Bumbo Step Stool ($12): Designed with kids in mind, this step stool makes it easy for kids to get up on the potty and up to the sink to wash their hands.

Gummy worms and stickers: Do not underestimate the motivational power of sweets and stickers! We did both a sweet treat and a sticker chart for the first week of potty training. He got a small treat (three Skittles) every single time he tried to go the potty as encouragement. He got a larger treat (six Skittles) for going no. 1 and an even larger treat (three gummy worms) for going no. 2. Every successful potty trip would also get him a sticker on a sheet of paper we taped on the wall.

Potty Training Essentials for Boys featuring Zoocchini Boxers and WeePot Urinal

WeePot Urinal ($20): I’ve heard that when potty training, children will mimic the parent/adult that they see using the restroom the most. If your little boy is as “daddy-obsessed” as mine, he’s going to want to pee standing up, just like Dad. The WeePot Urinal is the perfect way for little guys to feel grown-up and it’s user-friendly for parents. The urinal attaches directly to the wall with a suction cup (sticker provided for those who don’t have tiled bathroom walls), so there’s no need to drill or nail anything permanently to the wall. The sleek collection bin hooks right on and can easily be lifted off for emptying and cleaning.

Kandoo Flushable Wipes ($15 for six containers): Pre-moistened, flushable, small (about the size of two squares of toilet paper) and easy to use. Teaches your child to clean themselves after going potty and does a good job. Enough said.

Potty Training Essentials for Boys featuring Zoocchini Boxers and WeePot Urinal

What are your favorite potty training essentials?

This post was contributed by Sara McCarty as part of the Savvy Sassy Moms Product Scouts program. You can find more about Sara on her blog Running from the Law

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Cool gifts for Teen Boys

This is a sponsored post written by on behalf of Microsoft — all opinions about shopping, gifts, and teens are our own. 

Awesome gift guide for teen boys

Shopping for teen boys — well, teens in general — can be tricky. Their wish lists can run the gamut from sporting goods to new cars, and finding something that is fun, but not frivolous, might leave you shaking your head in confusion. We’ve got you covered this holiday season, with eleven gift ideas for teen boys.

gift ideas for teen boys

Give the gift of technology this holiday season

The countdown is on to Black Friday, but The Microsoft Store wants to help you get a jump on your holiday shopping. Get your favorite teen the gift of the HP Stream 7 Signature Edition Tablet, a fabulous holiday deal you can pick up before Black Friday. Shoppers will love the $99 price tag — maybe even enough to snag one for themselves during the holiday deal. You’ll won’t want to wait until after the holidays for this fantastic tablet. The tablet comes with Office 365 Personal — Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook — and 1TB of OneDrive online storage, which is a $69.99 value, all for FREE. The free inclusion of Office will only be available throughout the holiday season as long as supplies last.

gift ideas for teen boys


Why your teen will love the HP Stream 7 Signature Edition Tablet

Getting a great holiday deal isn’t the only reason to stuff his stocking with the HP Stream 7, available exclusively at The Microsoft Store, this year. The Intel quad core processor is designed for super-quick streaming for video and page loads, without a super-quick drain on your battery’s life. It’s lightweight and sleek, and it will operate just as sleekly with premium, free anti-virus software that never expires. Best of all, it comes without any annoying junkware or trialware, so your teen can watch videos, Skype with friends, and stream his favorite movies and TV shows with the peace of mind that his tablet will always be clean, fast, and protected.

More cool gifts for teen boys

1. Awkward Moment Card Game — Playing the Awkward Moment Card Game is a silly, comfortable way for teens to think about how they would react during the awkward moments life throws at them (Uncommon Goods, $19). Teens will have fun playing, but it also gives them a chance to really consider how they would — or wouldn’t — react during cringe-worthy moments.

2. Punch Bag Laundry Bag — Whether you’re sending your teen to college soon or simply teaching him to do his own laundry, the Punch Bag Laundry bag makes the chore just a bit more fun (Not Socks, $50). Hang it in the corner of the room or stow it in the closet, and let him work up a sweat lugging his clothes to the laundry room.

3. Tuis Wireless Headphones — Whether your teen wants them for gaming purposes or simply to listen to music without getting tangled in cords, he’ll appreciate the Wireless Headphones from Outdoor Tech (Nordstrom, $150). The stream-lined headphones are Bluetooth-enabled and collapsible, so they’re perfect for traveling.

4. Darth Vader Money Clip — Your favorite Star Wars fanatic will love trading in his current wallet for this black and silver money clip engraved with the iconic Sith Lord (, $45). Everything he needs will stay securely in the clip, thanks to the sliding grip security closure.

5. Bluetooth Ear Warmer — Cold weather doesn’t have to stop your teen from walking around with his favorite playlist unscrolling with each step. The HD II Bluetooth® Ear Warmer keeps his ears warm while playing music and answering calls on the built-in speakers (Nordstrom, $80).

6. Haters Gonna Hate Tee — For the teen who secretly loves watching vintage Muppet Show DVDs with his younger siblings, this tee is the perfect way to pay homage to the original “haters” (, $20). The balcony critics from the Muppet Show would probably find a way to critique this t-shirt, but it’s a great way to combine vintage characters with current language.

7. Neon Highlights Ani-Digi Watch — There’s no reason for your teen to be late, ever again, with the Neon Highlights G-Shock watch (Nordstrom, $99). The rugged watch boasts neon green details and a dual analog and digital display.

8. Mechanical Gaming Keyboard — Any teen gamer would love to be gifted this G710 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Logitech, $150). The keyboard is equipped to maximize game skills, with rapid-response key surfaces, a back-lit keyboard, immediate access to media controls, programmable keys that allow users up to 18 unique functions, and anti-ghosting technology.

9. GRID-IT Gadget Organiser — If you’re tired of your teen complaining about losing things in the bottom of his backpack, pick up the GRID-IT this holiday season (Not Socks, $30). The organizer helps keep everything in place, from earbuds to phones to pens.

10. Scrabble Mug — He might technically play Words with Friends, but your teen will get a kick out of the Scrabble® Mug from Wild and Wolf (Nordstrom, $10). Stuff it with candy and a gift card for him to invest in additional games apps, and this little mug will be a favorite gift this season.

Are you buying for teens this holiday season? Do you have any savvy gift ideas to add to our list?


This is a sponsored post written by on behalf of Microsoft — all opinions about shopping, gifts, and teens are our own. 

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He’s never read a comic book or watched superheroes battle it out on a TV show or in a movie, but my four year old considers Iron Man, Spiderman, Superman and other superheroes just about the coolest things on the planet. He’s amassed a bunch of superhero stuff, and I’m always on the hunt for toys and other children’s items that satisfy his superhero craving in whimsical or unique ways.

The appeal of superhero toys

He likes pretending he can save the world, fly and shoot magic webs from his fingers, and he’s too cute to rain on his imagination parade quite yet. These ten superhero finds are clever, fun additions to your boys superhero wardrobe, home and playroom.


Superhero posters

The Two Fish Project shop offers geometric interpretations of superheroes — and princesses — that make perfect prints for your superhero-loving child (Etsy, $15). The prints are simple enough not to overwhelm the room, and they look fantastic in a photo grouping. My son chose Iron Man, Superman and the Green Lantern — they’re living, framed, on his dresser until we can agree on a paint color!
Superhero Cups with Capes

Superhero Pint Glasses with Capes

Keep your superhero hydrated with Batman & Superman Pint Glasses (Nordstrom, $12). He’ll love the cape, which can be removed for washing.


Stride Rite Captain America Shoes with Wings
Stride Rite Captain America Shoes

Captain America shoes for boys will keep your little guy running as fast as lightning (Nordstrom, $35). The easy slip-on style is perfect for going in and out the door all summer long, and they make it easy for little hands to dress themselves.


Superhero stuff
Superhero peg dolls

Kids love carrying their favorite toys with them wherever they go. The superhero peg dolls from Princess and Protector are just under four inches tall and fit easily into little hands (Etsy, $24 for 4).


Captain America T-Shirt for boys
Superhero T-Shirts

Under Armour has come out with an entire line of superhero sports shirts for boys (Nordstrom, $27). The tees are fierce enough for saving the world and made from moisture-wicking material to keep summer sweat at bay.

Superhero gear

Batman™ gadgets for kids on the move

Batman’s a superhero with all sorts of fun gadgets, so these Batman headphones are a must-have for superheroes-in-training (Pottery Barn Kids, $23). The headphones match all of the Batman gear in the Pottery Barn Kids Mackenzie collection, so you can stock up on backpacks and lunch gear all emblazoned with the iconic Batman logo.

Superhero Capes

Personalized superhero capes

Find the perfect cape for your superhero through this Etsy Shop that not only makes capes but superhero masks and superhero wristbands. There is something magical when a child puts on a cape, they believe they have the power to do and become anyone!  Which is why we love these capes, because they’re not a specific superhero, so the child can become their own unique superhero self.

Superhero Placemat

Personalized Superhero Placemats

Even superheroes make a mess, but that doesn’t mean you should have to spend twenty minutes cleaning up after dinner each night. Keep your table neat with a Superhero Placemat, available for personalization (Etsy, $10).


Superhero Cookbook


Superhero Cookbook

The Super Hero Cookbook has over 50 recipes based on superhero logos and colors (Amazon, $17). The simple recipes are sure to please even the pickiest eater and make you the coolest mom at the neighborhood BBQ.

Are your kids into superhero stuff?


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Last night I was on the couch relaxing with my glass of wine and decided to cruise Polyvore and make a fashion collage. My son was crawling all over me and trying to figure out what I was doing. As I was making a kids fashion collage he started to tell me where to move things, and then as I went to title the collage he actually gave me a great name for it. So, I asked him if he wanted to make one. He of course said YES! So I asked him what he liked.  As we were searching for things he laughed at the silly objects, half naked people and the images of underwear.

Eventually these were his requirements; a skateboard, a hat, candy, underwear and the spongebob gift set.  He approved of all the other things that I picked out.  When naming his board, at first he wanted to call it “Boys Rock” but then shouted “Hudsonator”.  (His Dad calls him that)  This might be my favorite fashion board ever.  Love it.


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