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Getting out and about to explore the outdoors is a must for our family. Our little ones thrive on outdoor play. Even at a young age, their curious little minds love being exposed to all the sunshine and new surroundings. Baby wearing with the BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One Outdoors has become my favorite tool to help introduce my young children to the adventures the outdoors can provide them — not to mention it’s a huge lifesaver when Mommy might need her hands free to help hold little hands when climbing over a rock, investigate a new leaf, or to dish out to endless amounts of snacks.

Meet the BABYBJORN Baby Carrier One Outdoors
Get outdoors with BABYBJÖRN

The BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One Outdoors is unlike any baby carrier I’ve worn before (and with three children, I’ve tested a lot!). While it took a second to get adjusted to the various straps and alternative ways to set up the carrier, but it only took a quick look at the conveniently attached directions and we were off and running. Even after my first wear it was clear BABYBJÖRN has taken great thought into making the Carrier One Outdoors the best possibly outdoor carrier for parents to wear.

The carriers straps are wide and heavily-padded so that they provide for ease of wear all day long. Having an extra 8 to 33 pounds on your frame can be taxing, so comfort is key. While the carrier is very sturdy, the fabrics used are actually very light and conducive to outdoor activity — lightweight, resistant to rain, and my personal favorite, breathable! Those tiny little humans provide a lot of heat — Mommy needs her airflow, especially in hot and humid climates.

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Exploring Outdoors with Baby & BABYBJORN (Giveaway)

Changing positions

The BABYBJÖRN Carrier One Outdoors is a hip-healthy carrier, ensuring in design that the hips are set in the ergonomic wide-leg position throughout each set up. The carrier is built to carry kids newborn to age three. It has the ability to be worn in the following positions:

  • Front carry facing in with a narrow, higher seat (suggested newborn position)
  • Front carry facing in with a wider, lower seat height
  • Front carry facing out with a narrow seat (suggested 4 months and older)
  • Back carry (suggested for 12 months and older)


The Best Toddler Carriers to Wear on Hikes

It’s all in the details

Sometimes its the little things that make you happy. For this mommy, some of my favorite features were the details that BABYBJÖRN took to heart when thinking of making a carrier the easiest for parents to use.

5 Features You Want on a Baby Carrier

The BABYBJÖRN Carrier One Outdoors comes with a convenient little attached pocket. This pocket is the perfect size to hold your keys, cell phone, snack, or money — anything you might need on whatever adventure you will be taking that day.

5 Features Moms Want on a Baby Carrier

The carrier also has a ton of easy to clip straps all over it. You can easily hook anything you need for the day to keep your hands free for both you and your little one.


Pack up and go

With most carriers, all those straps and buckles can make for a hot tangled mess when not in use. The BABYBJÖRN Carrier One Outdoors eliminates that factor and comes with its own bag. Easy to neatly store when you aren’t using it, and makes for a quick grab when you are!


How will you and your little one be exploring the outdoors this summer?
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Babies require a surprising amount of gear, but if you choose wisely, one thoughtful product can make life much simpler and more convenient! That’s how we feel about our BABYBJÖRN Balance Soft Baby Bouncer. It’s a family favorite that gets toted all around the house through the course of the day.

Must-Have: BABYBJÖRN Balance Soft Bouncer

6 Reasons we love our BABYBJÖRN bouncer
1. The way it soothes

The gentle bounce is just what my 3-month-old Everly needs to calm down. She’s entered a period of separation anxiety, so I use the bouncer to keep her happy while I take a shower or prep dinner.

2. Baby stays engaged

Everly loves to be able to see everything that’s going on around her. The BABYBJÖRN Bouncer sits her upright in a comfortable position to watch and interact with her big sister, which she loves. Nothing brings a smile to her face like being included in story time!

3. Fold it flat

When it’s time to declutter our house for the night, I fold the bouncer in half and slide it behind the couch. I seriously love how easy it is to stash it away when we’re not using it.

4. Have bouncer, will travel

The lightweight bouncer travels all over the house throughout the day, but we also bring it on trips to the grandparents’ house. We know Everly is happiest using her own gear, so it’s nice to be able to bring the comforts of home with us.

5. Fuss-free design

No batteries, no cords, no fuss! Everly’s own weight sustains the gentle bounce she loves. It’s the definition of simple perfection, just like all of BABYBJÖRN’s thoughtful products for babies.

6. Grow, Baby, grow

The bouncer seat has several different settings based on how upright your baby likes to sit. Everly likes the second stage the best right now and someday we’ll be able to convert it into a toddler seat for her!

Products We Love: BABYBJÖRN Balance Soft Bouncer

What are your favorite products to make life simpler?
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One of the items I was most looking forward to purchasing as a new mom was a baby carrier. The idea of being able to “hold” my baby close, yet having my hands free was brilliant to me. However, I soon became extremely overwhelmed with all the options available. There seemed to be hundreds of options that were all different in their own way. Carriers for newborns, carriers for toddlers and bigger infants, facing forward, facing inward, and so on. The options seemed endless and I soon threw in the towel. I didn’t want to have to purchase a new carrier for every stage my child went through!

When I got the BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One, it was the answer to all my first-time mom prayers. There are four different front and back positions, varying for newborn infancy to toddlerhood.

BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One Review

I will admit I was a little stressed out when I saw the directions for all the wearing options available. Surprisingly, for someone who is a little challenged when it comes to directions, I found the instructions very easy to follow once I tried them. The best part is the instructional YouTube video. For me, I definitely follow along better if I can see someone else doing the demenstations. Once I figured out the simple steps, switching between the different positions became a breeze.

I was also so surprised to see how comfortable the carrier fit. My baby is a bit of a chunkster and we both found it perfectly cozy. I loved the sleek design that wasn’t too crazy and still stylish for a carrier.

BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One Positions

BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One: 4 PositionsFacing Inwards: Two different height positions allows you to make adjustments according to what is best for your baby. For newborns, you can adjust it so your baby is higher on your chest and closer to your heart while providing excellent head support. After 4-months-old, you can use the lower facing inwards position and adjust the width of the opening at the legs as well.

Front Facing: Babies who are 5-months-old and older have the option of the front facing position, which is a huge plus. My baby boy loves to look around and once he was able to observe the world around him, he didn’t much care to just face in towards my chest. You are able to fold the head support down and carry your child facing out. The design makes it easy to switch back to facing in as well.

Back Carry: Now that my baby is a year old, I loved trying this back carrying option. You put the child facing in and can swivel them on to your back easily without additional help. We had so much fun exploring outside in this position where I had my hands free, but he was able to look around safely and comfortably!

BABYBJÖRN  Baby Carrier One

Additional Favorite Features

You can safely and securely unclip the safety buckles to remove a sleeping baby easily. This is particularly great for babies who are light sleepers! No tugging or pulling trying to remove your sleeping baby.

The entire carrier is machine washable. Every mom knows how important this feature is!

The carrier folds up to be very compact so it doesn’t take up much room. This makes it so easy to store in the bottom of your stroller, in the car, or in your diaper bag.

I have tried a handful of carriers, and honestly, I absolutely love all the options The BABYBJÖRN  Baby Carrier One has to offer. It is extremely comfortable and durable, without feeling bulky. I’m thankful for a carrier that has multiple options and truly does it all! Babies grow so quickly, and I’m happy to see that the Baby Carrier One can grow with them.

This post was contributed by Amy Gene O’Leary, who is part of the Savvy Sassy Moms Product Scout Program. You can find more from Amy Gene on her blog, O’Leary Love.

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While running around New York City last week I managed to sneak in a small intimate breakfast with BabyBjorn and a few of my fellow bloggers.  I asked Erin Lane, Nadia Carriere ,Nicole Feliciano, Jo Lynne and Ana Flores to join me and to get a first hand look at the two new BabyBjorn products launching this fall.

BabyBjorn is a brand known for it’s simple modern design, quality of products and has a very loyal following by parents all around the world.  With their uber popular baby carriers, their travel crib, the babysitter balance , highchair and line of feeding products, it was only a matter of time before they introduced a child’s booster seat and an infant cradle.  The booster seat is unique because of it’s safety belt that is adjustable to any chair.  It has a knob that you simply turn to secure the strap and the simple design allows for easy cleaning.

The Cradle does not rock or sway but bounces by simply a light touch of the hand gives a natural vibration, just enough to soothe baby.  It will also move naturally when the baby makes any slight movements.  The best part about this cradle is that it folds up and can be put away under a bed, in a closet or put in storage for the next baby!

Be on the lookout for these products hitting the stores in October!

Enter to WIN the BabyBjorn Miracle Carrier!

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The WINNER is Jennifer C.
“I love that you show how to put it on lol, and I have a baby boy due in October, this would be lovely to win!”

So, you’ve just recently purchased the BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Miracle and you take it out of the box and think… how do I put this thing on and more importantly how do I get my baby in it?  Well, I can help with that!  Watch this video demonstration of how to wear a BabyBjörn Miracle Carrier!


Enter to WIN the BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Miracle

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Disclosure:  This is a sponsored video but all my savvy thoughts and sassy opinions are my own. 

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So you think your baby is ready for solid food?  But the question is, are you ready for solid food feeding?  You may need to do a few things to prepare yourself and your kitchen for this monumental and messy occasion.  Typically babies can start eating solid foods between 4 -6 months and once they can keep their head in a steady upright position.  But to make sure your baby is ready to start eating solid foods, you’ll want to read over this introducing solid foods checklist from our friends over at BabyCenter.

Whether you are going to be feeding your baby from a jar or whipping up your own homeade baby food, one thing is for sure, you’ll need a place to feed the baby.  Typically a highchair will be required, unless of course you want peas and carrots all over your couch.  The BabyBjörn High Chair is a sleek and compact highchair that safely seats a five month old up until three years. The compact design is what sets this highchair apart, for those of you living in urban spaces or have small kitchens this is a real gem!  The BabyBjörn  highchair is getting rave reviews and on average getting a 4.4 star rating.

Here are 3 main features:

Securely seated thanks to smart safety solutions 
The well conceived design with a unique safety solution guarantees your child is securely seated throughout mealtime. Along with the safety harness, the BABYBJÖRN High Chair features a foldable and lockable safety table that keeps your child firmly in place, preventing him or her from standing up or resting their feet on the tray so that the high chair tips backwards.

Easy to clean with detachable tray
Designed with parents in mind, the BABYBJÖRN High Chair is simple to keep clean with smooth surfaces without nooks and crannies where food can collect. It also features a detachable, dishwasher-safe tray. To further minimize mess, the safety table fits snugly against your child’s tummy and helps prevent food from falling into his or her lap.

Folds compactly for easy storage and transport
Space-saving design measures just 10 inches wide when folded.

The BabyBjorn highchair  retails for $274.99

The highchair is not the only thing to consider when starting to feed your baby solid foods.  There are many helpful accessories that go along with the job.  Everything from bowls and spoons to bibs and splat mats.  What’s a splat mat?  Splat Mats are like large placemats for under the highchair that are easy to wipe clean and protects the floor from all the spills and splats.  One of my favorites is the alphabet SugarBooger Splat Mat.

Suction bowls are another savvy invention meant for the child that likes to pick up the bowl and throw it across the room, oh because they will!  Most of the time you are their holding the bowl and scooping the food to feed baby, but as your child grows and has more hand coordination and can pick up small pieces of food  or start too feed themselves these suction bowls come in handy.

Another great item if you didn’t buy one already or you never use bottles is a drying rack for all the small feeding accessories.  You will most likely wash these by hand, even though many of these products are dishwasher safe for the top rack, but it’s pretty easy to quickly wash and just leave them out to dry.  Because you will be using them multiple times a day.

Feeding baby got even more convenient in the last couple of years thanks to the food pouches!  These are perfect for filling with home-ade food.  All your little one has to do is squeeze and suck.  This limits the mess and allows you more time to prepare the main dish.

Savvy Sassy Site:  Probably one of  the best online sources for starting baby on their first foods all the way through the toddler years to packing their lunches!


When did you start feeding your baby solid foods?   What products do you love to get the job done?

Leave your feeding tips and tricks with us!

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Traveling with a baby for the first time can be nerve racking but with a few basic essentials and with a travel crib that is light and super convenient to bring along it can actually be quite simple and enjoyable.  If you have made it through the plane ride without any diaper disasters the rest is easy!  Whether you are staying at the in-laws, a posh hotel in the city or taking baby to the beach we have a few helpful items to share with you when traveling with a baby in tow.  Most first time parents think they need to bring everything and the kitchen sink, but trust us, you can leave the sink at home.

You will of course have a stroller with you and you’ll need to check it at the gate.  The nice people at the airport may not know exactly how much your fancy stroller costs and that you’d like to have it back in the condition you gave it to them.   So, before you even board the plane I recommend buying a gate check bag to cover and protect your stroller.  They are $15.99 and worth every penny.

“Do we need a travel crib?”  Every parent asks this question before their first trip with their new precious cargo.  It use to be that travel cribs were so heavy and bulky, more of a hassle than what they were worth but the BabyBjörn Travel Crib Light 2 has changed all that!  So I say, yes. The BabyBjörn Travel Crib Light 2 weighs only 11 lbs and can literally be set up in 10 seconds and it’s sleek, modern design will not take up your entire hotel room.  It is made of a breathable fabric and completely safe for baby to even chew and drool on the side (because you know they will).  Hotel rooms can be a child’s dream of new, shiny objects to touch but they’re not all exactly kid-friendly so it is great to have somewhere you can put baby out of harms way, as well as a comfy place for naps and bedtime.

Watch this BabyBjörn travel crib video and how easy it is to pack and set up!

Once you do venture out of the hotel room and hit the pool or the sandy beach you’ll need a few summer essentials to make sure baby is safe in the sun.  Sunscreen is probably the most important and Dolphin Organics just added an all natural 32 SPF sunscreen to their line of excellent products.  We also love the 50 SPF sunhats made from Coolibar and the reusable Charlie Banana Swim Diapers.  Both are adorable and will help keep baby protected in and out of the water.  If you have a little walker and you want to protect those little piggy toes we suggest these inexpensive Kids Stay put swim shoes, perfect for cruising the beach or boardwalk.

Not doubt your diaper bag will  already have your on the go baby must haves and if you are no longer breastfeeding and need to pack bottles and formula, be sure to grab these on the go formula containers, which are perfect for traveling or any day of the week while out and about with baby.  The last item that will come in handy while traveling with baby is a Itzy Ritzy Wet Sack, not just for a wet swimsuit or swim diapers but also great for any soiled diapers that need to be contained quickly.  These bags will even come in handy on the airplane when and if that diaper disaster strikes.



Disclosure:  This was a sponsored post.  All of my savvy thoughts and sassy opinions are my very own.  I share the product information and these helpful tips with you for the purpose of being a genuine resource for Moms.

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Last week I told you that I was apart of a top secret Mother’s Day mystery gift and well now I can reveal who the lucky lady was and what she got!  I picked Christina from  Why?  Well, because she is lovely and we have very similar taste, style and drink a lot of coffee!

What did she get?  I gave Christina something fun and bright for summer!  I know that she is a Mom to three little boys and lives by the beach -so I thought a beautiful new beach bag was in order.  One that could fit a lot of Mom stuff but still show of her gorgeous personality.  I have been lusting after this bag for myself, but it felt so much better to gift it to a friend instead.

The funny thing – Christina actually picked me for this little gift giving mission, but we had no idea!  Christina and I actually saw each other 2 weeks ago and neither one of us let the cat out of the bag!  (Amazing)  She gave me this Kate Spade Scarf, which inspired this Fashion Inspiration:  Here Comes the Sun!  And a pair of cute neutral flats (which I needed).

This was so much fun!  It was just like playing Secret Santa!  A big Thank You to BabyBjorn for providing this experience and such wonderful gifts to all the hard working online mamas!

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Most people like to give practical gifts at baby showers and for very good reason, you want to give something that the new parents will actually use!  A very popular baby shower gift is diapers, but that is not a gift to me, that’s a basic necessity.  Diapers sure don’t last very long and no one says oh yeah “Julie, she gave me those amazing diapers!”  Sorry, diapers are not exciting.

I personally like to give something that is stylish, practical and a huge help.  It is also nice to get something that both parents can use and appreciate.  Dads want in on some of this baby gear too!  The BabyBjorn Babysitter Balance is a gift that keeps the baby happy, comfortable, contained and it lasts for more than a year!  The modern design is perfect for urban living when space can be a challenge or for any parent that doesn’t want their home overrun with swinging monkeys and bunnies.  You can easily fold it up and take it with you too, in fact that just might be the best part…

5 places to bring along the BabyBjorn Babysitter Balance.

1.  Grandparents House – It is always smart to bring plenty of essentials when visting grandma and grandpa or when they are going to be babysitting your precious cargo.  You’ll leave your diaper bag and plenty of feeding supplies, but you may also want to bring a familiar place for baby to sit and relax.

2.   Home Office – It’s take your baby to work day!  If you or daddy work from home, this is a perfect chair for the home office.  Not to mention the sleek design will fit right in and looks very professional.  Look out there is a new CEB, chief executive baby in charge!  I bet you could even have a meeting or conference call without any interruptions, give them a bottle and you are good to go!  (Tax right off?)

3.  In the shade at the pool or the beach –  Taking a baby to the pool is fun but if they are crawling and on the move you’ll need to be very safe and have a place where they cannot get away.  The BabyBjorn Babysitter Balance is a perfect place for an unobstructed ocean or pool view and for feeding and napping in the shade.

4.  The friends house without kids – Similar to grandma and grandpa’s house but scarier!  You know, those houses where everything is perfectly placed and looks like a Pottery Barn catalog.  When visiting family or friends that do not have kids it is always smart to bring along something that will help contain the child.  The last thing you want is a child on the loose in a non-baby proofed house.

5.  At the Park or a Picnic – When you travel with more than one child to a park,  family BBQ or picnic leaving the baby in the stroller can be hot and pretty restricting.  Let the baby be apart of the action by bringing the babysitter balance,  the baby wants to see the world and this makes him or her easily accessible to everyone who wants to see the baby.

Where to buy:



Disclosure:  This was a sponsored post.  All of my savvy thoughts and sassy opinions are my very own.  I share the product information and these helpful tips with you for the purpose of being a genuine resource for Moms.

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