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Getting out and about to explore the outdoors is a must for our family. Our little ones thrive on outdoor play. Even at a young age, their curious little minds love being exposed to all the sunshine and new surroundings. Baby wearing with the BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One Outdoors has become my favorite tool to help introduce my young children to the adventures the outdoors can provide them — not to mention it’s a huge lifesaver when Mommy might need her hands free to help hold little hands when climbing over a rock, investigate a new leaf, or to dish out to endless amounts of snacks.

Meet the BABYBJORN Baby Carrier One Outdoors
Get outdoors with BABYBJÖRN

The BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One Outdoors is unlike any baby carrier I’ve worn before (and with three children, I’ve tested a lot!). While it took a second to get adjusted to the various straps and alternative ways to set up the carrier, but it only took a quick look at the conveniently attached directions and we were off and running. Even after my first wear it was clear BABYBJÖRN has taken great thought into making the Carrier One Outdoors the best possibly outdoor carrier for parents to wear.

The carriers straps are wide and heavily-padded so that they provide for ease of wear all day long. Having an extra 8 to 33 pounds on your frame can be taxing, so comfort is key. While the carrier is very sturdy, the fabrics used are actually very light and conducive to outdoor activity — lightweight, resistant to rain, and my personal favorite, breathable! Those tiny little humans provide a lot of heat — Mommy needs her airflow, especially in hot and humid climates.

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Exploring Outdoors with Baby & BABYBJORN (Giveaway)

Changing positions

The BABYBJÖRN Carrier One Outdoors is a hip-healthy carrier, ensuring in design that the hips are set in the ergonomic wide-leg position throughout each set up. The carrier is built to carry kids newborn to age three. It has the ability to be worn in the following positions:

  • Front carry facing in with a narrow, higher seat (suggested newborn position)
  • Front carry facing in with a wider, lower seat height
  • Front carry facing out with a narrow seat (suggested 4 months and older)
  • Back carry (suggested for 12 months and older)


The Best Toddler Carriers to Wear on Hikes

It’s all in the details

Sometimes its the little things that make you happy. For this mommy, some of my favorite features were the details that BABYBJÖRN took to heart when thinking of making a carrier the easiest for parents to use.

5 Features You Want on a Baby Carrier

The BABYBJÖRN Carrier One Outdoors comes with a convenient little attached pocket. This pocket is the perfect size to hold your keys, cell phone, snack, or money — anything you might need on whatever adventure you will be taking that day.

5 Features Moms Want on a Baby Carrier

The carrier also has a ton of easy to clip straps all over it. You can easily hook anything you need for the day to keep your hands free for both you and your little one.


Pack up and go

With most carriers, all those straps and buckles can make for a hot tangled mess when not in use. The BABYBJÖRN Carrier One Outdoors eliminates that factor and comes with its own bag. Easy to neatly store when you aren’t using it, and makes for a quick grab when you are!


How will you and your little one be exploring the outdoors this summer?
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When you are pregnant you want to be prepared with all of the items necessary for the baby and yourself before the baby arrives. One of the items you may be looking to purchase is a baby carrier.  With so many on the market this can be a difficult task. This is a stressful task because if you are a first time parent you have no clue what items you will use exclusively and which items you might only use once. Plus some items are expensive and you only want to buy those items once. In the last three years I have tried out over a handful of carriers with my two kids, so I think I am now able to compare and contrast multiple different brands, price points, and styles.

BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One Review

The latest carrier that I have been using is the new BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One. It is being advertised as a must for those who want to vary the way of carrying for long periods, the Baby Carrier One is all you need and I think that is pretty accurate.

Purchasing a baby carrier when pregnant is difficult, because trying on a carrier for size and comfort with a baby bump, and without a physical squirming baby will not give you an accurate feel. So, I am here to try and give you the best idea of how the new BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One works for me and my lifestyle.

BabyBjorn Carrier One

Baby Bjorn Carrier One Review

I am a second time stay at home mom, who lives in the city and travels by airplane with the kids often. I use a baby carrier on a daily basis, my husband uses a baby carrier a few times a week and our babysitter uses a baby carrier a few times a week. It is best if we all can use the same carrier without too many adjustments when transferring the baby back and forth. It will also be best if the baby carrier can be used from birth to toddlerhood right from the box without any additional attachment purchases. With all those facts in mind here is my baby carrier checklist for all carriers that I review.

Is the carrier price point under $150?

No, the new BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One is priced at $199.

Is it easy to put the carrier on by yourself?

Yes, I don’t need any help putting on the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One. It has one buckle that needs to be attached around the waist and two upper connectors to secure the babies head in. It does take a few try’s to get used to putting the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One on. It kinda goes on like a tee shirt, and one false move you can be a tangled mess. But, once you have learned the trick it is a very easy to do by yourself.

 Are the straps easy to adjust when transferring between different users?

Yes, this is probably my favorite features of the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One, it allows multiple users of different sizes to use the same carrier. The straps adjust similar to a backpack. One strap around the waist, one on each shoulder and a back strap connector that can be moved up and down based on personal comfort (this back strap is the hardest of the four to adjust). Once you set the babies size up initially you will not need to adjust the settings until the baby grows.

Can you wear the baby on your back with this carrier?

Yes, this is an upgrade to the previous Babybjorn carriers. The BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One is intended to be the only carrier you will need allowing multiple carrying positions and weight options.

Can this carrier be used with an infant?

Yes, the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One is for children 8 pounds up to 33 pounds and 21-39 inches. Plus there’s no need to buy or attach an infant insert! With a newborn you just use a zipper for higher-up positioning. This means no additional infant piece that can be lost if you chose to have another child.

Can you easily breastfeed while wearing the carrier?

Not really, the baby is very upright with little wiggle room, and if I need to start loosening straps and un-connecting snaps I would rather just remove the baby from the carrier altogether. Plus There is a mesh screen separating their belly from mine making the task quite difficult but not impossible.

Is the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One bulky?

A little in the front because the material is thick and supportive, the carrier also has heavily padded shoulder and waist straps. With that said it is not uncomfortable to wear, it is more structured and stiff for securing and supporting the baby. You can easily sit back and relax while wearing the carrier and not feel a bulk. It is very sturdy.

Is it weather appropriate?

The thickness of the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One made it a bit hot during the peak of the summertime heat, but for the other weeks of the summer and the cooler seasons the carrier would be ideal. It does not have a rain/sun shield so I had to buy a hat for the baby. I can also easily wear a jacket over the carrier to keep myself warm during chilly days.

How versatile is this carrier?

It is very versatile, you can carry the child facing inwards towards you front loaded (recommended until baby is five months old), facing outwards front loaded (the baby must be able to hold their head upright by themselves for this position), or forwards facing back loaded (after twelve months old).

Comfort for me?

I have a horrible back, and babywearing is not ideal for me, but I continue to do it everyday because it is easier to get around the city with an infant and a toddler if I am wearing the baby. With that said no carrier is extremely comfortable when strapping 16 plus pounds on. The BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One is comfortable while I am wearing it but once I take it off in the evenings my back is a bit sore, but I blame that on the baby not the carrier.

Comfort for baby?

Yes! The first time I put the baby in this carrier she did not cry. I think she likes the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One because she feels snug, secure and can see a bit out of the top. Many days she takes one of her naps in the carrier when we are on the go with the toddler.

To read all of the technical specifications and instructions of the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One you can go to the BabyBjorn web page. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will try my best to answer them for you.

Baby Bjorn Carrier One Giveaway!

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My Strange FamilyThere is nothing really strange about Kristin Strange. In fact, she has led an interesting life; born in California, she went on to live in San Diego, Australia, New York City, Hong Kong, and now has settled down with her husband and two kids, for now, back in the Big Apple. On her blog, My Strange Family, Kristin keeps her readers updated on the life of a stay-at-home mom and wife living in the city. From topics about her traveling husband, how to be a tourist in your own city, with kid-friendly events happening around New York City. Plus product gear reviews, to get tips on how to travel easier with a family of four. So if you’re an adventurous family too, or want a glimpse of how a family lives in the city, check out her Strange family blog. 

My Strange Family Blog:


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When my son was born, he hated being in the carrier and in turn, I hated wearing it. Grant it we had a cheap knock off from a bargain brand store, so that probably had something to do with it.

This time around, I am determined to have my infant enjoy and stay in a baby carrier. I’ve done a lot of research and my heart now belongs to Beco. I mean, just look at these – they are totally stylish, but are built for comfort. I’m talking real comfort for both parent and baby. The key is even weight distribution, so you never feel overloaded. And the carriers grow with your baby.

There are two versions of the Beco baby carrier – the Soleil and the Gemini – both of which offer a complete array of features to fit your needs.


The Gemini is a no nonsense carrier that grows with your baby and has front-facing in, front-facing out, in-hip carry or back- carry configurations. Yes, that’s a 4-1 carrier. Since it fits babies up to 35 pounds, there’s no need to get a new carrier as you transition from infant to toddler.

Beco Baby Soleil

The Soleil takes it one step further with all the form and function of the Gemini with some added bells and whistles. It’s perfect for those moms who are looking to use their baby carriers every single day, not just on outings or walks. The roomy pocket on the waist belt and the added key and toy ring, rounds out the features. It is adaptable with a variety of add-ons with their accessory pack, which includes an infant insert, a large sleep hood and organic drooling pads.

All of them come in a variety of stylish colors and designs that are bright, cheerful and totally modern. It makes choosing a seemingly ordinary piece of baby equipment fun. Plus all fabrics are 100 percent organic cotton, and washable.


I can totally see my hubby using this carrier as well. He never felt quite comfortable using a sling or our old carrier with our first son. He felt the need to hold on to him, which totally defeated the purpose of being “hands free.” I can already tell that the added padding, and secure harness straps will add a whole other layer of security to the mix. He’s going to feel right at ease.

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PicMonkey Collage (42) (2)
Traveling in Style down to Laguna Niguel
Style Suite Twitter Party
Friday, April 26th
10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST

Hosts: @savvysassymoms @momtrends
Sponsors: @rivetandsway @mamamio @LTFashion @ErgoBaby

The Savvy Sassy Moms and MomTrends teams are packing our bags and heading down to the Mom 2.0 Summit next week. Nicole and I are roomies and we’re super excited to stay in our posh suite at the luxurious Ritz Carlton, Laguna Niguel.  Since we know that most of our readers will not attending this mom blog conference,  that doesn’t stop us from wanting to share some of the fun with you before we go!  So please join us for a Style Suite Twitter Party featuring some of our favorite brands and a few things we’ll be packing in our suitcases.  We love traveling and traveling in style is much more fun!

Rivet & Sway is providing us with some fashionable specs, because there is no doubt that we will still be squeezing in some work while at the conference. These glasses are so stylish that they’ll make a splash to any outfit. Mama Mio Skincare is getting us bikini ready by helping us get toned arms, our tummies tightened and with a their cellulite fighting superhero.  Yes please.  Not to mention, we want to look great in our London Times dresses that we’ll be wearing at the conference. And just in case you’ve got a baby on board, Ergo Baby is the uber stylish carrier of choice, ensuring that babywearing will never go out of style.

We hope you’ll join us Friday morning for this stylish online affair!

Twitter Party Giveaways

Mama Mio Skincare Twitter party

Mama Mio Skincare
1)  Skin Tight – To lift and tighten all over – ($56) and Get Waisted – To slim and firm your waist – ($56)

2) Shrink to Fit – Our cellulite fighting superhero – ($56) and Boob Tube – To defy gravity and treasure your chest ($45)

1)  London Times Dress  – Your choice ($68 – $98)

2)  London Times Dress – Your choice! ($68 – &98)

Rivet & Sway Image

Rivet and Sway is partnering with Vosges Haut Chocolat and Benefit Cosmetics to “celebrate eye candy” – a little something for your eyes and a sweet treat for yourself!

1) Rivet & Sway gift certificate  to pick your stylish specs + Benefit Cosmetics + Vosges Chocolat. ($275)

2) Rivet & Sway gift certificate  to pick your stylish specs + Benefit Cosmetics + Vosges Chocolat. ($275)

*The prize pack will include a free pair of frames, Vosges chocolat lollipop, and Benefit eye shadow kit.

Ergo Baby Twitter Party

Ergo Baby 

1) Ergo Baby Galaxy Grey ($135)

2) Ergo Baby Organic Lattice ($145)


RSVP for Prizing

You must RSVp for prizing
You must be 18 years old and a US Resident
You will be sent a DM following the party to coordinate prizing

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The WINNER is Jennifer C.
“I love that you show how to put it on lol, and I have a baby boy due in October, this would be lovely to win!”

So, you’ve just recently purchased the BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Miracle and you take it out of the box and think… how do I put this thing on and more importantly how do I get my baby in it?  Well, I can help with that!  Watch this video demonstration of how to wear a BabyBjörn Miracle Carrier!


Enter to WIN the BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Miracle

1.  Please leave a comment telling me what you thought of the video or the why you want to WIN!

2.  Share this giveaway by tweeting ” I want to win the @BabyBjornUS Baby Carrier Miracle from @savvysassymoms watch her demonstrate how to wear it ”

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*This contest ends at 11:59pm PST on August 17th 2012
*Must be 18 years old to enter and win

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored video but all my savvy thoughts and sassy opinions are my own. 

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