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Sun Safety with Neutrogena

This post was sponsored by Neutrogena® as part of an influencer activation for The Motherhood. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.

When we think about our health, we think about getting sick and taking steps to ensure that doesn’t happen. We wash our hands as frequently as possible and take all appropriate measures to stay as healthy as we can, but many of us forget about our skin. Many of us only think about applying sunscreen during the summer months when the sun is blazing down on us. Unfortunately, I learned how important it is to take care of our skin the hard way. Whether it be a terrible sunburn, or a case of skin cancer in my immediately family, I am always reminded to take care of my skin now to protect myself from the negative effects of the sun.

Neutrogena Sunscreen
Staying safe with Neutrogena

You can tell from my skin tone that the sun is not my friend, and it is no different for my kids. I am covered in freckles and burn very easily. As a woman, adding Neutrogena Beach Defence Sunscreen to my morning routine came naturally to me. For children, it’s not as easy — or enjoyable! In our house, mornings feel chaotic — as they are in everyone home. Still, we always take a few minutes to engage in our sunscreen routine together.

When my children see me doing something, they want to #MimicMommy. So I always set a good example for my children by applying my sunscreen with them. We head to the bathroom, turn up the music and start our day off right by brushing our teeth and putting on our Neutrogena sunscreen. The kids always look forward to choosing what song we will listen to each day. Just like anything else, I find that if I set a good example for my children, they will follow right behind me. Watch our video on Facebook to see how we get our groove on and apply sunscreen each morning!

Neutrogena mimicmommy

Choosing the right sunscreen for my family

Growing up, I always had very difficult skin so I am very cautious about what I use on it. The same goes for my children. Addison has very sensitive skin, and sometimes it’s hard to tell what causes a reaction. I always choose her sunscreen with great care. As I am sure you experience with your kids, my kids always want to use “mommy’s”. It doesn’t matter what it is, mommy’s is always better! Neutrogena has a whole line of sunscreens for kids and adults, so everyone is happy!

Neutrogena Sunscreen

What should you do?

Applying sunscreen once a day is not enough, so re-application is key! When Addison and I are out and about or headed to the park, I always make sure to re-apply when we get to our destination and throughout the day. We make applying sunscreen together a daily routine, and you should, too. The earlier you start, the better to keep our kids safe from the sun. We can create the first sun-safe generation!


Neutrogena gives back

Neutrogena is launching the MimicMommy MOVEment, to rally moms to help change skin cancer statistics and raise the first generation of sun-safe children. In partnership with Neutrogena, YouTube stars the Holderness Family encourage us all to get up and DANCE our way to sun protected skin. Check out the new video here: The #MimicMommy Dance. To help support this important cause, Neutrogena will donate $10K to the Children’s Melanoma Prevention Foundation.


We want YOU to be sunsafe, so we are offering three winners a #MimicMommy suncreen kit from Neutrogena, including select sunscreen products for the family! Head over to our Instagram to enter!

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It’s National Sunglasses Day!

Did you know that today is National Sunglasses Day? I’m seriously not making this up! Do you know that feeling when you walk outside to a blindingly sunny day? We don’t make it more than a step out the door without our sunglasses. Anyone who knows us, knows that we have sunglasses everywhere, just to make sure they are on hand, in case we may misplace a pair.

sunglasses by Clearly

Make sure your decision isn’t polarizing

friday favorites we love

When selecting a pair of lenses, we decided to go with a Polarized lens to update our look and eliminate glare. These sunglasses pair perfectly with this tropical workout outfit.

sunglasses with Clearly

With the weather getting hotter, I find myself panicking about my summer body. Even though the beach will take whatever body I’m going to give it (LOL), I’m definitely going to hit the gym before I put on my swimsuit. I couldn’t leave the store without this Sweaty Betty two piece workout outfit. This pattern gives me a break from my usual black-on-black. I’m looking forward to hitting the gym wearing it as a set, or mixing and matching it with my other black pieces. The contour leggings are cropped, which are great for summer! This cactus print top hits the top of the pants, and covers anything I don’t want showing.

 Eye-heart these sunglasses

sunglasses by Clearly

First and foremost, eye-heart these sunglasses from Coastal! Get it? As a mom, you’re definitely protecting your kids from the harsh UV rays from the sunlight, but are you conscious of yourself? I always make sure to protect myself from the sun’s rays. These cute heart shaped frames and protective hat keep my face shaded and safe from the harmful rays. It also matches perfectly with every single one of my outfits.

Bikini ready? Try this one on!

I adore this black two piece swim-suit! The details on this crochet bikini top echo current summer music festival trends. I think moms can rock the Coachella style, too! I’m excited to lounge by the pool this summer in my black bikini (high-cut bottoms for me), and to hit the beach, pairing it with some shorts and my favorite flip flops and hat.

You can read more about our sunglasses trends here

What are your go to sunglasses?
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7 Reasons to let Dad parent his way

Two years ago, approximately 2 kids and 5 year into my parenting journey, it finally clicked for me. After a girl’s weekend away on Cape Cod, I realized that me letting go and allowing my husband to parent his own way while I was gone was really important for all of us. My boys might not have been wearing the outfit I would chose or eating the meals I envisioned, but they connected and bonded with their dad more than ever. Here are 7 reasons why I’m a believer in letting dad do things his way when he’s on duty.


Strengthen their bond

The way our family operates, my kids spend a lot of time with me. Whether I’m shuttling them to activities, making them breakfast, or volunteering in their schools, we are together a lot. With my husband’s crazy work schedule, he inevitably doesn’t get as much time with the boys. During the height of his season, he can even go a couple days without seeing them. He works hard to make the most of his time, and the time he gets alone with them is special. Especially as the boys get older, I’m seeing the connection and bonding over shared interests and fun experiences they do together.

Kids will learn new skills

I am often reminded through my kids why my husband and I are a good match. He has skills and traits that balance what I don’t. It balances us out, and the kids really benefit. When kids have time alone with Dad, they inevitably learn/develop new skills. In our house that has meant everything from casting a fishing rod to a strong work ethic and being more independent.

Build Dad’s parenting confidence

There’s really nothing more frustrating as a parent than being constantly critiqued. Putting your trust in your partner and giving them the space they need to do it their way is so important for them, for your relationship and for the whole family.

He’ll be more likely to do solo duty again

From my own personal experience, the best way to get another girls’ weekend in the books is to give Dad the room to parent his way — more kudos and less critique. If everyone survived the time happy and healthy, it’s a win for everyone.

Force mom to take a step back

I don’t know about you, but I stink at taking a back seat. I tend to be a control freak, but I’ve learned through trial and error that taking a step back can be best for everyone. When I leave for a period of time, I walk a fine line between leaving enough details, especially regarding scheduling, and not micromanaging. It’s good for me to see that my family can manage just fine without me, and it’s so good for them to be independent.

dad2They will all have fun

Really they will have a blast. Whether we’re talking hours or days, it’s important for Dad to have his uninterrupted time with the kiddos. In our house that means tons of time outside, lots of exploring, adventuring, fishing, hockey and even watching classic movies.

He will appreciate you even more

Of course your partner appreciates you already, but I guarantee he’ll have a new view of all you do. Pretty sure the appreciation will be reciprocal seeing the kids thriving under his care.

What other great reasons would you add to the list?

This post was contributed by Rebecca Spear as part of Savvy Sassy Moms Product Scouts. You can find more from Rebecca on her blog, Mainley Mama.

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Strawberry recipes celebrate summer berries

Strawberry recipes are summer perfection

13 Summer Strawberry Recipes

Strawberry season means you can pick loads of berries, which is a fun activity even young children can enjoy. After you’ve filled up several flats with berries, you’ll need to figure out what to do with them, and we’re here to help. We’ve rounded up strawberry recipes to help you savor summer berries — from cocktails and appetizers to salads and sweet desserts.

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Strawberry recipes to start your party

Strawberry Shortcake Moonshine from Pink Heels Pink Truck will quickly become your go-to summer cocktail. After some trial and error, she found the perfect recipe to balance the tartness and sweetness naturally found in her favorite summer berry.

My Wife Can Cook offers a simple combination of ingredients for Coconut Rum Strawberry Daiquiris. Frozen cocktails are always a hit during sweltering summer days, and the coconut rum brings a tropical twist to a traditional daiquiri.

Eat Healthy, Eat Simple put together the delicious Super Simple Strawberry Peach Smoothie for an easy way to add some summer fruit to your meals. Whether you’re starting your day with the smoothie or using it as an afternoon snack, you’ll love the way it tastes exactly like summer.

Strawberry Overnight French Toast from Eat, Live, and Play is one of those breakfasts filled with flavor that you sometimes save for holidays or birthdays. Since you can do the prep work the night before, you can add this to your summer vacation rotation for a special start to any brunch.

The Banana Split Stuffed Strawberries from Spend with Pennies would make a tasty dessert, but they’re also an unexpected appetizer for summer parties. These can be prepped in advance, so you can make them the day before a barbecue and pull them out when needed.

Sensational strawberry salads

Blackened Chicken with Strawberry Salad from Paleo Leap combines two summer favorites — grilled chicken and sweet summer strawberries. The entire recipe is paleo-friendly, including the vinaigrette, making it a lovely entree salad for summer dinners.

Healthy Liv put together a Strawberry Salad with Poppyseed Dressing you’ll want to make for every lunch this summer. The sweetness of the berries and the dressing balances the salty pecans and feta cheese, providing enough flavor to complete a vegetarian meal.

Sweet desserts burst with strawberries

Grilled Strawberry and Nutella Quesadillas from Garnish With Lemon are a simple treat that seem more complicated than they are. Basically, they’re the perfect way to make your kids — or picnic guests — think you’re a grill master, while delivering a unique dessert.

Healthy Sweet Eats offers the Easy 5-Ingredient Chocolate Chunk Strawberry Frozen Yogurt that’s ideal for hot summer afternoons. While this treat looks decadent, many people will have each of the five ingredients readily available, which means you can make this anytime you’d like!

If you can’t get enough strawberries, then the Fresh Strawberry Cake with Strawberry Frosting is the dessert for you. Read Chop Eat created a cake bursting with berries — the frosting itself looks so delicious you might have to make a double batch just for dipping extra berries!

The Strawberry Rhubarb and Ginger Crumble Bars from Baking the Goods make me wish I had rhubarb growing in my backyard, because I would absolutely whip these up today. Strawberry and rhubarb pair beautifully, and the inclusion of the ginger adds a little snap to the recipe.

Little Broken gives a classic dessert a fun twist with her Strawberry Shortcake Cake. The cake is simple but delicious, and the brightness of the strawberries against the white, whipped topping will look beautiful on your table.

Strawberry Raspberry Yogurt Popsicles from Fine, Fresh & Food satisfy summer popsicle cravings while providing a bit of nutrition. The creamy, frozen treats combine tartness with sweet flavors to create a refreshing, satisfying dessert.

What’s your favorite way to use summer strawberries?
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5 Summer Reads for Tween Girls

School’s out, so what will the kids do with their free time? After the trips to the pool, a little shopping at the mall and visits to the movie theater, maybe your tween will want to dive into reading. The average tween isn’t necessarily looking to continue learning over summer break, but they may find that reading some popular books is quite entertaining.

Summer Reading For Tween Girls

Inspire your tween

If you have a tween who needs a little inspiration to open a book, get creative and help make reading fun!

Reading nook

Create a cute and cozy reading corner with just a few items like a soft rug, a few colorful throw pillows, maybe a throw blanket, and fun lamp.


Reward your tween for reading throughout the summer by setting up a reading program. Rewards can be anything from pizza at the end of each week to iTune cards. Tweens love incentives! Your local library likely has a summer reading program too, so be sure to check it out!

Make it a party

Find books that have been turned into films and have a watch party with all the movie fixings once your tween has finished the book.

Summer Reading For Tween Girls

5 Summer Reads for Tween Girls

Here are some books that your tween will love adding to her summer reading list:

Fish in a Tree by Lynda Hunt

Dyslexia is something that some people deal with daily. For Ally, the main character in this fiction story, she thinks her dyslexia makes her dumb. One of her teachers helps her realize her unique situation doesn’t define her and that there is a world full of possibilities.

The Babysitter’s Club: Kristy’s Great Idea by Ann Martin

Classics should be passed down from generation to generation. The Babysitter’s Club series is one that tween girls have loved for a long time. This book is full of tween drama, humor, but most of all friendship.

Funny Girl by Betsy Bird

A group of 25 female writers joined together to create this collection of stories that are sure to have your tween laughing and smiling all summer long. Each story is a about typical tween life but with a comical twist.

Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly

Readers of this true story will be inspired by the lives and work of four African-American women who made hugely innovative strides at NASA during the 1950’s and beyond. Readers can also see Hollywood’s interpretation of the story in the award-winning film, Hidden Figures.

Wonder by R.J. Palacio

The main character in Wonder gives readers an idea of what it’s like to be a kid with facial deformities and seen at school as different. His challenges, yet strength, will inspire and put things into perspective for tween readers.

What books are on your tween’s summer reading list?

This post was contributed by Teri Watters as part of Savvy Sassy Moms Product Scouts. You can find more from Teri on her blog,

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Easy fashionable clothing for moms

Both the “stay at home” and “office” moms need fashionable, easy-to-wear clothing. We want it to work for a variety of functions and to be mixed and matched quickly for our busy daily lives.

Cabi clothing for moms
Do you ever lay out your outfits for the next day? If you could see our text threads, you would know Jenna and I have very similar senses of style. Often we will coordinate what we are wearing to our next Savvy Sassy meeting to ensure we’re not wearing the same outfit. I’m not kidding! Occasionally, we have to talk one another out of wearing the same thing.

Sometimes when we choose outfits online, we have to order two of everything. We love the items in each other’s carts so much.

Coordinating outfits made easy

Cabi clothing cabi outfit we have to havecabi clothing for busy moms img_3811

Have you heard about Cabi Clothing? We have, but have never purchased anything from their website or stylists, or been to one of their parties until now. When we received an invitation to the first instalment of Cabi Conversations in our inbox, the first thing we did was look at what their stylists were showing on their website for inspiration. Cabi’s unique approach to fashion made it easy for us to look outside the box, and the normal constraints of our existing wardrobes. Selecting pieces were easy to coordinate into outfits and to suit our our everyday lives.

It’s the details that count

cabi details are incredible

cabi clothing for mom life

Details make all of the difference. Cabi has added versatility to their pieces for example, this Grand Slam Blazer features a removable cuff. By adding a removable knit cuff, it changes the blazers functionality. Basic pieces like a blazer or white pants can transition to day or night with ease.

So what’s the hype?
cabi conversations dsc05168 cabi conversations

At the Cabi Conversations dinner, we were able to witness firsthand how passionate the Cabi team really is. We saw how the company works towards building relationships with consumers. In turn, Cabi empowers their customers with their selection of super chic clothes for women of any age. In connection to Cabi’s goal of empowering women, Cabi promotes a culture of generosity by giving back to women in the community.

The Cabi team is truly invested in their work. They really know their stuff, and are looking to match a woman’s personality with their perfect wardrobe in an honest way. Cabi is a traditional company that approaches shopping in a non-traditional way.

By hosting clothing parties in the home rather than shopping at a store, women experience boutique-like shopping with all the comfort of staying at home. Women can then visualize outfits and have an experiential approach to fashion. All of this, makes shopping more personal, with honest stylists that understand your wardrobe, style and body type, not to mention the pieces you have already purchased to help you mix and match.

Mom-life to work-life

cabi pants we love

cabi pants you must have

Some of our favorite pieces from Cabi’s spring collection are the items that easily transition from “mom” life to “work” life, like cool t-shirts and gorgeous dresses. The black pants are staples for us! We wore them to the Cabi Conversations evening, and we kept wearing them. Both of us have chosen them for family and friend activities, proving their versatility. Jenna is seen ready for heavy duty mom-life/work-life. And as you can see in the picture above, we are wearing the same Cabi pants and have not taken them off (LOL).

There are few stores that I can shop in with my daughter and Jenna loves to shop with her mom, the Cabi collection has pieces that all four of us love. Not only can we shop in home with our friends, but we can shop with our family as well knowing that we will all find something we love (and will definitely share)! If you haven’t shopped with a Cabi stylist, find one in your area and head to a party!

What item do you and your BFF end up matching?

This post contains items gifted for consideration. All opinions are our own.

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Does your child have Hand, Foot & Mouth?

There are so many viruses that go around the school yard, many of which we can’t do anything about. With that said, we always want to know what it is and how to avoid it! We asked Dr. Marla all of our burning questions about the hand, foot and mouth, also knows as the Coxsachie virus, as it goes around the neighbourhood at one point of another throughout the year.

Hand, foot and mouth
How do you know if your child has Hand, Foot & Mouth?

This is a pretty common infection caused by a virus. The symptoms usually are a fever, feeling unwell and a sore throat. The next symptoms are sores in the mouth that can look like blisters. Your child may not want to eat or drink as these are painful.  Then, as the name suggests, there is a rash on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. These too can look like blisters. As well the rash can spread to involve other areas.

Can adults get it?

Typically we see this in children under age 5 but adults can get this, too. Sometimes they will not have any symptoms but can spread the virus to others.

Is it contagious and for how long?

This disease is caused by the Coxsachie virus.  It is contagious as the virus is found in saliva, the lining of the nose, throat and mouth secretions, the fluid in the blisters and in stool. So contact can happen through the air – so called airborne transmission like a cough or sneeze, though contact with an ill person, the stool as well as contaminated surfaces such as toys. The greatest period of being contagious is during week one of the illness but sometimes it can still be spread up to weeks after the infection appears to go away.

What are preventative measures?

Stay home when you are sick! But as always, hand washing hand washing hand washing is so important as well as keeping all surfaces clean. The CDC has great information to provide you with tips on staying healthy. Any close contact like hugging and kissing or sharing glasses should be avoided.

What else do parents need to know?

Watch your child closely for any signs of dehydration. Often kids won’t want to eat or drink because of the pain. Any concerns that this is happening should always be checked out by your health care provider!

Has your child ever had Hand, Foot & Mouth?
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Everything you need for baby: on-the-go

Modern moms know we are so lucky to have so many baby products to choose from. Every time I see a mom with a new baby, we chat about what she has now that didn’t use to be available. Even since having my youngest 3 years ago, things have drastically changed! I used to clip my swaddle blanket to the handle of the carseat with my hair clips so that the car seat was dark and my baby could sleep. Now there is no DIY needed for taking baby on the go. We’ve compiled a list of products you will want to have on hand when going out with your baby.

Covered Goods

Covered Goods

It seems fitting to start with the solution to so many of my DIY baby gear adventures, Covered Goods. This product is multi-use, which every mom needs. We use everything in as many ways as possible to minimize what goes into the diaper bag so we can carry it all day long. Covered Goods created the original multi-use nursing cover, which provides true all-over coverage and can also be used as a scarf, car seat cover and shopping cart cover. This product is genius and absolutely essential!


Chewbeads has so many great products but I will just share a few that we love. If you follow us on Instagram, you have probably seen pictures of the Chewbeads Baby “Where’s the Pacifier?” Clip – Badge. We use this at home and on the go for a pacifier and for toys! All Chewbeads products are made our of silicone. We can’t wait to use the Chewbeads Baby Gramercy Stroller toy/car seat attachment that serves a dual purpose!


Solly Baby

Every baby loves to be held and every momma loves to hold her baby, but she also wants her hands free! The Solly Baby wrap allows you to be close to your baby which deepens the physical and emotional connection with you baby. Made out of a lightweight, buttery soft fabric, you will be beyond comfortable and won’t over heat while your baby is breathing in everything that is you! Baby wearing is one the things I miss most about the younger years. This wrap gets the most wear in your babies first 9 months, but is designed to hold your baby up to 25 pounds.

Doddle & Co. The Pop

Doddle & Co.

Pure genius! How many times have you been out and about with only one pacifier and…it falls to the ground. The screaming begins and the panic sets in! Doddle & Co. have solved that problem! When it comes to your baby, there is no such thing as the 5 second rule! The Pop pacifier retracts when it falls our of your baby’s mouth, so you never have to worry about the nipple touching the ground. Crisis averted…forever!

Silikids tops

SilliKids Straw tops

We have had these for a while but as your kids get older, they are a must have. Have you ever taken your toddler to a restaurant and forgotten a sippy cup? Well, I hope you packed your Siliskin Univeral Sippy Tops and Straw tops or a few extra sets of clothes! The tops stretch and grip the top of any sized cup. They are instant no spill cups, which in my world (and likely yours) is a dream! We bring these to restaurants, friends houses and we use them at home too! Storing a bunch of these tops is way easier than a bunch of sippy cups!

Sassy Toys

Sassy Toys

Aside from you, toys are the centre of baby’s universe! We like to introduce Sassy toys early on as they believe in creating products that will help children thrive by focusing on the child’s developmental and educational needs. (Just like us!!) The all new Sassy collection of toys are designed for open-ended play to help babies and young children learn to solve problems, be flexible, self-motivate and most importantly, play…with purpose. We have picked a few toys that we will be introducing at an early age such as the Sassy Prongy Ball Teether and the Sassy Poke A Dot Rattle. Our favorite has been the Sassy Wonder Wheel that we have used for a few of our kids!

pediped Shoes

Pediped boys shoesGo out in style with pediped shoes! With shoes designed for every occasion from newborn to 24 months, you won’t have trouble finding shoes to fit your style. pediped shoes let your child’s feet develop naturally and healthily while in the shoes. My kids were in shoes from a very young age to complete their look!

Babo Hands & Body cleansing wipes

Babo Cleansing WipesBabo wipes

These wipes are great for any age group, including adults, but right now, we are loving them the most for babies! As much as you want to bathe your newborn every day, their skin is just too dry! So we tried the Babo Hands & Body cleaning wipes that are so moisturizing and perfect for sensitive skin, to wipe baby down at the end of the day! We also have an extra pack in the car to use post workout!

Babyganics disenfecting

Babyganics Disenfectant

We use this again and again and again…How many times a day do you wash your kids hands? And how many times a day do you wish you could wash your kids hands a day when there is no water around? I never like to use the alcohol based hand sanitizers because my kids finger always end up in their mouth. That’s why we are in love with Babyganics alcohol free and fragrance free foaming hand sanitizer. Trust me when I say you need the big size and the on-the-go!


B Box Diaper WalletWe are just loving the B. Box diaper wallet for any child in diapers, not just your newborns. It’s got you covered with a change pad, diapers and wipes all in one neat package. It’s all you need to take with you when you are out and about!


Talk about keeping it all together, B.Box Baby offers a travel bib and spoon that will avoid the search in your big diaper bag. The bib comes in a a few super cute designs and they roll up and zip with a spoon inside. After you baby eats on the go, just roll it up and throw it in your bag and then deal with the mess later!

What are your favorite products for on-the-go?
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