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Savvy Sassy Contributors Dream Winter Coat/Accessory

This month I asked all of the Savvy Sassy Contributors what is their fantasy coat/accessory this winter? When I think winter coat I need to let you know my choices are completely different from most of the people reading this. I wholeheartedly admit I know nothing about a good coat. My choice probably reflects my climate since I’m a SoCal native. Nevertheless, I can still appreciate the beauty of a beautiful coat, I just don’t get a chance to actually buy one.

I warn you the list below is the kind of eye candy that could bankrupt you if you let it!

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  1. Because I am being selfish this time and I think mine is the best, I decided to start this list with my dream winter item. I am drooling over the Ralph Lauren Blue Label Thaden Camel Hair Cape. It is just so dreamy. To me this is a piece that would last a lifetime, and never go out of style.
  2. Andrea of course comes up with the most avant garde coat that leaves you speechless with her Anthropologie Collared Peplum Coat in Yellow. Sure the gray one is nice, but it is definitely better in yellow.
  3. Desiree of Sarcastic Funny and Brutally Honest wants the Theodora and Theodora and Callum Ombre Leopard Wearable Art Infinity Scarf in Teal Multi. OK so I just have to say that this scarf is going on my list. Dang it’s awesome.
  4. Veena of Veena Goel Crownholm choice makes me think for a quick second that  I want to change my mind about my dream item, because the Burberry London Littleton Coat is absolutely gorgeous. It is gorgeous, but I’m not sure my cape is getting overthrown. Well done Veena!
  5. Although Veena picked a gorgeous Burberry coat she has a run for her money because Christina of Mama To The Rescue dream coat is the Burberry Prorsum Wool & Cashmere Coat, which is just as jaw dropping gorgeous.
  6. Tina of My Highest Self loves the Burgundy Sussex Belted Cropped Down Jacket at StyleBop, and I can see why. I’m not a puffy jacket kind of girl (could be my lack of needing one), but this one is stunning, and a great choice.
  7. Tracy of Sell A Bit Mum turned my head around when she pointed out the Gucci Saint Moritz High Boot. One word: Stunning. Tracy said, “We have a long Winter here in Minnesota and my Winter boots pretty much go on in November and do not come off of my feet until April. Temperatures can easily go below zero for months at a time so I need warmth – but would love some style while my feet stay warm. While I love my shearling boots, I would love to change them out for these Gucci Saint Moritz Fur lined High Boots from Nordstrom. Cozy, warm and go with everything and still let you walk on the sidewalk ice!”

What’s your dream winter coat/accessory? The skies the limit in virtual land. You can pick anything you want. Go ahead I’m waiting…

Meet the Author | Candice

Candice is a mom of 3 in Los Angeles, CA, and the Owner/Editor-in-Chief of Fashionably Organized. Her obsession with researching products to get the right price, has made her the go-to shopping guru for her friends. She writes about fashion, beauty and shares her love for home decor and DIY. In 2012 she began CB Media Solutions her company that offers brands and clients professional virtual assistance and social media consulting.

  • Sherry
    November 21, 2012

    Drooling…just drooling. I love them all and just wish I could wear a coat every now and then.

  • gabby evans
    November 25, 2012

    I love all of them too! I just bought a great Down Jacket at Burlington Coat Factory and I love the style of it. With their prices, I decided to buy one even if it wasn’t a necessity. You get the designer labels at about half the price.

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