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Orla Kiely iPhone & iPad Accessories at Target

It’s been many many years of my addiction to Orla Kiely prints and coveting her stuff. Imagine how elated I was to see that Target had Orla Kiely Method foaming hand soap.

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 10.43.40 AM

Yes, even her hand soap makes me happy. I needed new soap in the master bathroom and quickly bought it. I knew my husband would roll his eyes because to him soap is soap, but it’s not!

Orla Kiely Collage

Then I was on-line yesterday and discovered that Belkin teamed up with Orla Kiely to sell exclusive iPhone and iPad cases at Target. I have been coveting getting a bag in the famous multi stem print for years, and now I could own a case for my iPhone or iPad in the multi stem. {swoon} They have cases for iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPad and iPad Mini. For your phone you can choose between a wallet case and a cover. The Orla Kiely opportunities are infinite!

Let’s be honest now that smart phones and portable devices are like carrying a purse we change covers to match outfits on a regular basis. It’s about time I got a new cover for my iPhone or iPad Mini. Alright I normally wouldn’t do this but it’s Orla Kiely prints for gosh sake, sometimes you have to get something you’ve loved forever. The question here is does my iPad Mini or iPhone need a new case?

Do you love Orla Kiely as much as I do? If so, which is your favorite print? Which device will you be outfitting?

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Candice is a mom of 3 in Los Angeles, CA, and the Owner/Editor-in-Chief of Fashionably Organized. Her obsession with researching products to get the right price, has made her the go-to shopping guru for her friends. She writes about fashion, beauty and shares her love for home decor and DIY. In 2012 she began CB Media Solutions her company that offers brands and clients professional virtual assistance and social media consulting.

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