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Ladder simplifies life insurance for busy families

My kids have recently become enamored with Wheel of Fortune. They love trying to guess the puzzles and watching the wheel spin around the brightly colored sums of money. The money, to them, remains a bit of an abstraction. Their understanding of cash crashes into a ceiling directly above toys or books they save for; my husband and I haven’t yet explained the intricacies of planning for the future.

Ladder life insurance

The importance of life insurance

Many of us, when planning for the future, see “retirement savings” and “college savings” looming ahead. Thinking about life insurance can be scary; who wants to think about death? Buying life insurance may not be on your radar, particularly if your employer offers insurance. However, many employers only offer plans that cover a few times your annual salary, which might not cover your beneficiaries’ needs. Ladder knows life insurance means a little extra love for your family, a way to ensure their needs are met in the case of an unimaginable tragedy.

What is Ladder?

The founder and CEO of Ladder benefited from life insurance at a very young age, making him determined to provide life insurance in a consumer-focused way, rather than an agent-focused way. From this idea, Ladder took shape with the help of savvy minds from from Google, Dropbox, Harvard and Stanford. In short, Ladder is the modern answer to traditional life insurance, combining the power of technology with top-notch financial and insurance expertise to bring consumers the insurance uniquely suited to their families. Ladder eliminates the middleman (the traditional insurance agent) to streamline the process of securing life insurance.

How Ladder works

Ladder allows consumers to purchase life insurance quickly, with a concise online calculator that takes away some of the guesswork involved when working with a commissioned sales agent. You use the calculator to determine your need and receive an online quote. You have an answer — and, for those who qualify, even coverage — as quickly as you can type. The entire process can take less than 10 minutes, so you don’t have to postpone this protection for your family any longer.

Why Ladder makes sense for families

Busy families want to spend time together, not sit in an insurance office. The Ladder process takes such a short amount of time, whereas the traditional-agented insurance process can take up to six weeks, not including the time spent in an agent’s office. With a few clicks and honest answers to questions, parents can provide a safety net for their family without leaving home.

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Ladder is currently only available for California residents but it plans to roll out to customers nationwide this year.

Thank you to Ladder for sponsoring this post. All opinions are our own. 

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