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Instagram Travel Thursday: Costa Rica Week 1

CostaRicaWeek1instagramInstagram Travel Thursday

Starting today I will be participating in an Instagram travel round up hosted by Skimbaco Lifestyle and a few other of my favorite travel bloggers.  Each week I will be posting the latest and greatest from my Instagram photo stream. For some of you that may not know, I just recently packed up my family and moved to Costa Rica to embark on an epic family adventure and to truly embrace living my passion. Yes, for real.

Every Thursday you can look for a visual recap of my life in Costa Rica and I hope you will stop by each week and get a taste of your own inner wanderlust.  So, here are nine of my favorite Instagram photos from the first week we arrived in Costa Rica. Enjoy!

1.  We’re on our way to Costa Rica
2.  Where the sea hits the sand on Play Flamingo
3.  Daddy & Me off to San Jose
4.  The pool at Casa Mimosa
5.  Drinking from a coconut at Coco Loco
6.  Local park in Brasalitto
7.  Expat 4th of July Party at Mar Vista
8.  Exfoliating my feet at Playa Conchal
9.  Stairway to heaven

Travel along with me…

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Meet the Author | Andrea Fellman

Andrea Fellman is a Mom who hasn't lost her style to motherhood. She is the owner and editor-in-chief of Savvy Sassy Moms and manages a team of creative contributors that work hard to keep moms up to date on the latest trends. Andrea loves social media and works on a variety of social media campaigns with brands big and small. Connect with Savvy Sassy Moms on Instagram Andrea's biggest passion is traveling with her family and is currently living in Costa Rica! She is writing about her travels over at Wanderlust Living and you can follow her personal journey on Instagram

  • July 11, 2013

    Gorgeous shots Andrea! I love following you and your family on this incredibly exciting journey. Thank you so much for sharing with us!

  • July 11, 2013

    Looking forward to following your travels in Costa Rica. I’ve never been, but it’s at the top of my bucket list.

  • July 11, 2013

    It is so nice to meet you through Instagram Travel Thursday. Your dream of living in Costa Rica is an amazing adventures. Your photos are gorgeous, and I look forward to getting to know you, Andrea.


  • July 11, 2013

    Looks wonderful! I will consider Casa Mimosa when I visit! Your kids seemed like they loved the tires 🙂

  • July 11, 2013

    Such fun adventures ahead for you guys! I grew up travelling every couple years to a new country and setting up base.. loved it! Still have friends from when I was just 5 years old!

  • July 11, 2013

    I have loved seeing your pictures in my instagram stream— so thankful to be able to follow along on this dream adventure of yours!

  • July 11, 2013

    I got the green light to come visit. Just need to figure out when and how the heck we get there. 🙂

  • July 11, 2013

    Thank you so much for participating and can’t wait to see more of Costa Rica through your photos! Our family moved from New York to Sweden last year and it has been an amazing experience so far. So nice to meet you and looking forward following your travels!

  • July 11, 2013

    What a bold move to leave for Costa Rica, look forward to reading more about it – have been wanting to visit there for so many years now!

  • July 11, 2013

    Oh wow… I have always wanted to visit Costa Rica and these images are just stunning! I look forward to following you on Instagram for more Costa Rica inspiration!

  • July 11, 2013

    Thanks Reeta, It is a great place to visit, there is so much to do, or not do;)

  • July 11, 2013

    Thanks Katja, I have been following your travels on Instagram for a long time now – such gorgeous pictures.
    So great to finally e-meet you. Thanks for doing this fun link up!

  • July 11, 2013

    Katie, I cannot WAIT. Xoxo

  • July 11, 2013

    Thanks Elena – we are thrilled and excited every day!

  • July 11, 2013

    Sandra, You must visit, it’s a fantastic country, so simple and beautiful.

  • July 12, 2013

    Just followed you on all three accounts (lalasams & TDFtravels). Can’t wait to find out why or how you moved the fam to CR. So glad we connected via Skimbaco!

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