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Katie Kavulla
 {@being_katie} MANAGING EDITOR

Having just made the move from big city life to settle down in the town where she and her husband both grew up, Katie Kavulla is a mom of three who strives to slow life down a bit… as impossible as that is with three kids under the age of 10. A blogger turned writer, Katie has spent the past few years combining the things that she loves into a career, with a focus on helping other moms tell their story, because Katie truly believes that every mom has one to tell.

When it comes to fashion, Katie puts her past retail experience to work as a contributor to Savvy Sassy Moms. Most recently with Anthropologie, she has been in and out of women’s retail fashion for the past 16 years. If you twist her arm, she’ll even tell you about the time (pre-baby body, mind you!) that she worked with Abercrombie and Fitch. Katie’s love for shoes runs deep, even though she spends most of her time running around in a stinky old pair of classic black Converse.

You can also find Katie on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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Long ago, in a world before iPads, Angela attempted to convince middle school students that writing workshops were just as exciting as perfecting the art of texting through your pocket. She blogs at Angela Amman, where she reviews books and captures the craziness and beauty that weave together in our lives to create something extraordinary.

After reading in Listen to Your Mother 2013, Angela is thrilled to be one of a trio of women bring Listen to Your Mother to Metro Detroit in 2014, for Michigan’s first LTYM performance.You are always welcome to hang out with her at Write on Edge, where she’s the managing editor of a fabulous writing community. Her writing has been featured at AllParenting, Moonfrye and BlogHer. Her short stories have appeared in her collection Nothing Goes Away and in the anthologies Metaphysical GravityEchoes in Darkness andPrecipice, Volume 2.

The Magnolia Mamas

Carrie Beth and Jen are both 30-something mothers and wives who are also best friends. They love all things preppy, Southern, and just plain pretty. Between the two of them, they have five precious little ones, and constantly have a text conversation going on about the day-to-day of their lives and the crazy adventure that is motherhood. They write and share stories or ideas from their everyday lives on The Magnolia Mamas — whether it’s trying to keep up with current fashion trends, finally getting around to that DIY project, or attempting to cook a dinner everyone in their homes will eat — it always keeps them laughing and it’s always real life.

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IMG_5750KATE {@Katebayless}

Kate Bayless is a Southern California-based writer and editor covering travel, family, beauty, tech, health, and more for publications in print and online. A mother of three boys, she relishes the small joys in life — drinking coffee while it’s actually still hot, a clean sink, having a reason to wear high heels, beating her husband in Words With Friends, a glass of wine with girlfriends, and travels with the family. See more of Kate on Contently, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

katiereyesheadshot150KATIE  {katiedid_what} BABY GEAR / STYLE

Katie Reyes lives in Sacramento, California with her husband and two cats, a.k.a. her children. They are expecting their first baby in April 2014 and could not be more excited about it. She is a full-time blogger and runs the lifestyle and fashion website Katie Did What. She earned her Bachelors degree in French from California State University, Sacramento and studied abroad in Paris during her junior year. She is therefore highly influenced by all things French and is always in search for that joie de vivre.


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