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Charge your new iPhone 6 in style

iPhone 6 Charging Accessories

So, you have a new iPhone 6 and they say the battery will last longer than previous models, but we know how that goes! Check out these fun, stylish iPhone 6 charging accessories that will be the perfect — and most helpful — additions to your new iPhone 6. (Psst! Many iPhone 5 chargers also fit the iPhone 6. All of these listed will work with both devices!) 

iPhone 6 charging accessories

iPhone Charging Accessories 1. Goldie CableKeeps, Nice By Design, $13 (Editor’s Pick!)
These little cuties are such a lifesaver for keeping your iPhone 6 cords under control. We’ve been keeping ours in our purse for easy, on-the-go charging, no matter where we are. Available in tons of sassy colors, the Goldie CableKeeps are an absolute favorite!

2. UO Lightning Charge and Sync Cable, Urban Outfitters, $32
If your iPhone 6 cord is always on display, either at home or in your office, it’s fun to have a cord that is better than basic white. Available in a few trendy color combinations, these are a must-have iPhone 6 charging accessory for every mom.

3. iPhone Charging Cord, Lilly Pulitzer, $18
Lilly Pulitzer fans will want to snag at least one of these colorful charging cords in Lilly’s signature prints. No more accidentally stealing your guy’s charging cord when you run out the door in the morning, that’s for sure!

4. iPhone 10-Foot Long Charging Cable, Our Corner Shop via Etsy, $12
Sometimes, the cord they include with your iPhone just isn’t long enough. Thank goodness for these extra-long charging cables. Not only will they give you the extra length you need to reach the lone outlet in your favorite coffee shop, but the rope-like cord covering will keep cord breaks away.

5. Tassle Charging Cable Keychain, Photojojo, $60
It’s pretty much everything you need for the day, all wrapped up into one accessory. Keys? Check. Charger? Check. Cute little decorative tassel that comes in a bunch of colors? Check.

6. Bjacked Cable Organizer Set, BHold Design via Etsy, $50
If you feel like your life is overrun by cords, you need some of these helpful iPhone 6 charging accessories. You can wrap your cords around them, clip them together to keep them together, and get everything organized in one fail swoop.

7. Charge Card Universal Battery, Pottery Barn Teen, $39
For those days when all you’re ditching your purse, slip one of these universal batteries in your wallet. They’re as slim as a credit card, but they’ll revive your dead phone on even the longest of moms’ nights outs.

8. Charging Phone Wristlet, Pottery Barn Teen, $65
Or… if you’re looking for an iPhone 6 accessory that will let you leave your purse at home, but with room for a few more mom must-haves, this little wristlet is the way to go. Plus it will charge your phone back up in an instant.

9. Printed Portable Phone Charger, Urban Outfitters, $24
Another great on-the-go iPhone 6 charger, these from Urban Outfitters come in a variety of funky prints and patterns. And, at around $20, you can grab a couple to keep in your car, your purse, your travel bag, your kids’ backpacks…

10. Handcrafted Silver Cord Holder, Cade and Co via Etsy, $8
Probably the cutest iPhone 6 charging accessory we’ve ever seen, these little cord holders are like adorable, metallic tacos that clip around your cords to keep them organized. These, via Cade and Co on Etsy, are handcrafted and available in other color combinations, as well.

Are you loving your new iPhone 6? 
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Beach Ready Tech Accessories

Summer is here, hooray!  New beach bag, check. New wedges, check. New swimsuit, check. But let’s not forget about the things that can never leave our sight for even a moment, no not the kids! Your iphone and ipad, duh. Finding stylish iphone cases and cute ipad cases is not that difficult anymore, thanks to Kate Spade and Lily Pulitzer. Both of their latest summer collections of tech accessories are sure to go perfectly with your summer mani & pedi.

I honestly think I could changing my iphone and ipad case just as much as my manicure and pedicure.  It’s fun to change it up and switch your tech accessories with each new season.  Who knew that being so geek could be so chic.  I like to think that a new stylish laptop case will help me want to open it up and actually get some work done.

1. Kate Spade ipad Mini Folio Beach Stripe $65
2. Nasty Gal Sweet Berry iphone case $20
3. Lily Pulitzer Phone Wristlet $58
4. Kate Spade Toucan ipad Air case $85
5. Kate Spade Toucan iphone 5/5s case $40
6. Lily Pulitzer Lobster Phone Case $32
7. Casetify Rainbow Triangles $40
8. Lily Pulitzer Ipad Tech Case $78
9.  Large Envelope Clutch $45
10. Marc by Marc Jacobs Canvas Paradise Print 13′ Laptop Case $138

Do you change your phone case with each season? (You can tell us, we won’t judge)
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Tech & Nails

With phone cases and nail art currently being the easiest and most budget-friendly ways to show your personal sense of style and incorporate the latest trends into your life, what better way to show off your chic-ness by matching your nails and your phone case? I personally am not a fan of things that are too matchy-matchy, but phone cases to match your nails can be a subtle yet fun way to tie a look together.

Spring is a great season to showcase your nails because of the beautiful and cheery colours. Add in a pretty pastel or vibrantly-hued phone case and you’ll have a nice punch of colour to add to your spring wardrobe. Get your nails in tip top shape and check out some of these fun pairings!

Navy blue nails and case

     Nails: “Autum Nights” by China Glaze Phone case from Etsy shop Hello Nutcase

Fuscia case and nails

                                         Nails: “Flora” by Julep Phone case from DANNIJO

Turquoise and chevron nails and case

             Nails: “Turquoise and Caicos” by Essie and Jamberry wrap in Mint Chevron.
Phone case from Amazon

Purple nails and case

   Nails: “”You’re Such a Budapest” by O.P.I.  Phone case from Boticca

Ikat and lime green nails and case

Nails: “Jaded Jack” by butterLONDON  Phone case from society6

black and glitter nails and phone case
                                 Nails: “Boom Pow” Nail Lacquer by Deborah Lippman
                                 Phone case is Juicy Couture from Amazon
Watermelon nails and phone case

                                       Nails: “Tart Deco” by Essie  Phone case from society6

Black and white nails and phone

                                    Nails “Bullock Bold” by Julep  Phone case from ASOS

What does your phone case and nails say about you?
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tech accessories

Not only have stylish tech accessories become a personal style statement but they’re now seeing seasonal trends of their own. From pastels, to gold and glittery phones, the more unique and attention grabbing the better! Dare we say they are as important as the shoes on your feet!? {gasp!}

Fashion designers like Kate Spade, Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Diane von Furstenburg and Lily Pulitzer all have a line of fashionable tech accessories that will make you want to change your case every few weeks. That is probably the goal, for us to buy a new phone case or iPad cover with the changing of each season. Buying a new handbag? Why not add a new matching cover for your phone!?

Tech Wristlets

Not only are there phone cases, but now there are clutch purses designed specifically with your phone in mind. I personally love the Juicy Couture Larchmont Tech Wristlet. These wide wrislets will hold all your credit cards, cash, phone and even a lipgloss. These tech wristlets are not just for an evening out either — they are perfect for the day and running errands as a mom. It’s easy to throw a tech wristlet that has all your essentials into a diaper bag or change handbags quickly.

Tech cases have become much more than a safe place to protect your expensive tech, they are a personal style statement that lets you express to the world who you are.

What do your tech accessories say about you!?
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Don’t leave home without a stylish laptop bag

Work-at-home moms do some of their best work away from home. Whether you find your creative zen in a local coffee shop or the local library, with your kids playing and reading nearby, a protective laptop bag will help protect your computer — and all of the files stored there. Find a bag that works with your style, and you can carry your computer without worry.

More than a protective case

You can protect your tech at home with fabulous products — we found twelve we love — but that doesn’t always help when you need to get out of the house quickly. Laptop covers or sleeves are perfect for around the house, but a dedicated laptop bag really makes a difference if you plan on working outside the home, whether it’s for a full-time position or an afternoon in another location. Your everyday bag probably doesn’t have room for your sleeved laptop unless you juggle the contents — pull out the makeup bag and errant water bottles, add laptop and your favorite highlighters.

Why a fashionable laptop bag is worth the investment

You may have a shelf full of totes, but investing in a laptop bag is a smart move for your tech. Keeping your laptop protected is important, and laptop bags are designed to pad your computer from the jostles, bumps and bangs that occur when you’re standing in line or dropping your bag against the legs of your chair. Stylish laptop bags are available for any budget, and savvy moms know there’s something empowering about feeling proud of the way you look when you walk into the room. We’ve rounded up seven chic laptop bags in a variety of styles and price points.

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Slim Tote (Melissa Beth, $129)

LeSportsac Laptop Bag (Zappos, $56)

Vera Bradley Neoprene Laptop Case (Zappos, $54)

Jet Set Travel Tote – MICHAEL (Michael Kors, $300)

Customizable Laptop Bag (Etsy, QUALITYCovers, $38)

Lake Forest Laptop Case – McKlein USA (EBags, $117)

Gamma Ray Computer Commuter – Marc by Marc Jacobs (Nordstrom, $118)

Keep your laptop bag work-ready

If you leave the house for work more than a couple times a week, it makes sense to keep your laptop bag packed and ready to go. Think about what you really need when you’re going to work on your latest projects, and pack accordingly.

Keep these in your bag:

  • Slim notebook for ideas
  • Two or three of your favorite pens
  • Handful of your business cards
  • Chapstick
  • Hand sanitizer

Add to bag immediately before leaving the house:

  • Wallet
  • Small water bottle
  • Phone
  • Laptop
Do you work better in your office — home or corporate — or in a more public place?
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Is technology ruining your sex life?

With the internet buzzing on our nightstands and smartphones in our hands when we turn out the lights, technology might be driving a wedge between your and your spouse. TVs in the bedroom used to be a novelty, but now a whole slew of gadgets are littering nightstands. TV remotes, smartphones and tablets pile next to our beds, the glow of a blue screen taking the place of couple time. An expert weighs in on why you should keep your bedroom tech-free.

The connection between too-much-tech and not-enough-sex

Blaming a lack of sexual intimacy on a slim, sleek device that feels so perfect in your hand might seem far-fetched, but even the slimmest smartphone can interrupt a healthy sex life. Maybe you’re in bed, waiting for your spouse to brush his teeth, when you remember you haven’t checked Instagram to see if your friend posted pictures of her daughter’s first dance recital. Soon you’re scrolling through six hours of pictures, getting distracted by hashtags, and after a few minutes of staring at you with bedroom eyes, your husband grabs his own phone to check the score of a game on the opposite coast. He clicks on Facebook to heckle a friend about the game, you remember an email you’d meant to answer all day, and suddenly sex becomes something to put off for another night.

The concern with technology in the bedroom

Amanda Cherian, LPC is a marriage and family therapist who expresses concern about the number of gadgets couples are bringing into the bedroom. While working with couples, she says, “Excessive phone and iPad usage is a source of contention for a lot of couples.” The devices, designed to keep people connected, can drive a wedge between couples. Dinner table conversation tapers off as our phones call to us, and she adds, “Bringing them into the bedroom robs couples of precious alone time that could be used to communicate and focus on each other.”


 Tips for going tech-free in your bedroom
  • Set up a charging station somewhere other than your bedroom, like the kitchen or a home office. Plug in the cords in a way that makes it inconvenient to move them around, so that you really need to make an effort to charge your devices somewhere else. The Vintage Samsonite Train Case Custom Charging Station is available in your choice of colors (Etsy, $98).
  • Designate a time each night to retire phones and tablets to the charging station. Start with doing it right before bed, but consider doing it an hour or more before bedtime. Having time to unwind with your spouse is beneficial outside the bedroom as well.
  • Buy or dig out an actual alarm clock so you don’t have to rely on your phone’s alarm to wake up in the mornings.
  • If you or your spouse like to read before bed, start bringing physical books into the bedroom instead of a tablet or e-reader. If you’re dying to read your latest Kindle find, discuss guidelines before carrying the device to bed. Consider turning off Wi-Fi so you’re not tempted to check email or Facebook “just for a minute.”
Do you think checking your tech at the bedroom door would help recharge your sex life?
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Your Instagram feed tells a story

Whether you’re conscious of it at the time you upload your photos or not, your Instagram feed tells a unique story. Your feed contains different threads. You take photos of your kids having fun, so you don’t forget their laughter. You snap sunsets, so you remember the way the waves chilled your toes as the air cooled. You click on the glass of champagne that accompanied your first date night in… well, too long.


Sticky9 magnets ($15 for 9 mini-magnets)

Sticky9 lets you share your stories

With all of the different themes winding through your feed, your photos may seem haphazard. Even your closest followers may not immediately pick up on the way your preschooler went from clinging to your hand at drop off to running straight for his carpet square or how your date nights have expanded to date afternoons now that you can meet for lunches while the kids are in school. Sticky9 lets you comb through your Instagrams and choose the memories you want to share and gives you a physical way to share them.


Sticky9 iPhone case ($35)

Why Sticky9 is perfect for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate the love that makes your family strong. Sticky9 is a tool that lets you choose your favorite Instagrams to personalize magnets, phone cases, and iPad covers. They’re a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for someone who seems to have everything — they’re a love note in images, a way to say “I love you” without saying a single word.

Sticky9 offers custom magnets and cases for several phones and tablets. Android fans will love that Sticky9 isn’t only for Apple lovers — Galaxy S3 and S4 covers are also available. If you’re unsure about designing a cover, you can start smaller. Nine little magnets are a great way to add a bit of fun to a gift without the commitment of a tech cover.


Sticky9 Galaxy S4 case ($35)

Choosing your Sticky9s

Choosing the love story you want to highlight will depend on who will receive the gift. We know you have some fabulous Instagrams if you’re following The 10 Commandments of Instagram, so you might want to use Sticky9 to spread Valentine’s love to several people.

Let your kids pick out their nine favorite shots of themselves and send the mini-magnets to grandparents or a special aunt. Spending the time to select the photos will be a gift to you, too, as they talk about why they like the photos they do and what memories arise as you browse through your feed.


Sticky9 iPad cover ($45)

Designing an iPad cover for your spouse might involve finding date night photos, times you had fun together as a whole family, or a few favorite pictures of the kids he commented on when you posted. Try to find a combination of photos that tell him how much you love and appreciate him — it will be a Valentine’s Day gift that makes him smile all year.

Do you exchange Valentine’s Day gifts with your spouse?
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tech cases

Why you need tech cases

Laptops, phones and tablets are smaller, sleeker and more portable than ever before. We toss them into purses before we leave, crowd them next to snacks and makeup cases in tote bags, and plop them down on countless surfaces. Shiny, new tech devices are prone to scratches, dings and all of the germs they can pick up while being carted along on our busy days. Tech cases help keep our favorite gadgets in the best possible condition. They protect our devices, and they’re also a lot easier to wipe off than the delicate surfaces of things like touch screens and keyboards.

Stylish covers and cases

Sliding your sleekest, newest gadgets into cases and covers doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style. Options abound, in colors that range from the most streamlined silver to bright colors and patterns to match every mood. Check out the 12 savvy tech cases we found to protect your tech and add a pop of color to winter’s whitest days.

Do you have a favorite tech case?

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  1. Padded iPad Case (Etsy, Little Pigeon Crafts, $37)
  2. Cool Design Blue Roses Keyboard Cover (KB Covers, $30)
  3. X-Doria Exchange Form Case for Galaxy S4 (Amazon, $30)
  4. Warhol Protective Sleeve for 11″ MacBook Air (InCase, $60)
  5. Monogram Swivel Cover for iPad Mini (Lipstick Shades, $80)
  6. Belkin Mod Cover with Stand for Kindle Fire HD 7″ (Belkin, $40)
  7. Lilly Pulitzer iPad Case Bright Navy in the Groove (Lilly Pulitzer, $68)
  8. Brooke Boothe Refuse to Sink iPhone Bumper Case (Decal Girl, $40)
  9. Coral chevron laptop bag for 13″ MacBook (Etsy, Bertie’s Closet, $60)
  10. SeeThru SATIN for MacBook Pro in Bubblegum (Speck Products, $50)
  11. Monogrammed iPhone 5/5S OtterBox® Case, Custom Design (Lipstick Shades, $75)
  12. Otterbox® Defender Series Case for Kindle Paperwhite in Pink/Papaya (Amazon, $60)
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Lately all of the photos from my smartphone and camera get uploaded to Facebook and Instagram. I keep saying that I will get them printed for photo albums, but I keep forgetting to do it. With the new Kindred app I can create a printed photo booklet right from my cell phone for only $5!

Kindred Photo Booklet

Kindred photo booklets have a soft cover and are 6-inches square. I made great coffee table book featuring the best photos from my Bali trip. I made the grandparents a “brag booklet” of my daughter’s latest photos. I even created a nice keepsake for my friend of photos I took at her wedding.

Kindred is available for free on iTunes and Google Play. It is so simple to use once you download it to your smartphone and create an account.

STEP 1: Decide the theme of your photo booklet then choose where you want to pull your photos from.

Kindred step 1

STEP 2: Select up to 16 photos. Kindred will even feature photos from the last month to make it easier for you.
Kindred step 2

STEP 3: Rearrange the photos in your booklet. Personalize it with a note and captions on each photo.Kindred step 3

That’s it!

The creators of Kindred created this app because they wanted an easy way to keep their parents up to date with their lives. As a busy mom I totally appreciate what they have created — the simple interface, smart features and low cost. The app also sends monthly reminders. If you are sending booklets regularly to parents and friends you can save their shipping information. A booklet costs $11.95, but with a $4.95 monthly membership booklets are only $5 and your first booklet is free (including shipping and tax)!

The Savvy Sassy Moms love Kindred photo booklets so much that we are giving away a 1-year membership! To enter to win tell us one booklet you would love to create.


We are giving away a 1 year subscription to Kindred Prints, that’s 12 FREE books!
Please enter through the Rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Savvy Sassy Moms | Google Nexus 7 Drybar Event

Blowouts, champagne and Nexus 7… oh, my!

Being invited to your favorite girly hangout, Drybar, is always wonderful, but when you’re asked so you can celebrate the newly-launched Nexus 7 by Google, then let us eat cake! Or drink champagne, bite on hors d’ oeuvres and get fabulous hair because all are equally fantastic. LA’s most-elite fashion and lifestyle bloggers were on location at Drybar Santa Monica to diddle and take fab selfies with Google’s newest tablet. As an early gift from Santa, we even got to take one home with us!

Smart and gorgeous, just like you

The Nexus 7 is a tablet designed with the sophisticated woman in mind. Their partnership with Drybar is brilliant and only the beginning to why this is the must-have weapon for every Savvy Sassy Mom. During the event, we were encouraged to play around with the tablets so we could experience the weight, the feel and most of all the savvy sassy apps that Google conveniently downloaded. Hello, GILT!

Savvy Sassy Moms | Google Nexus 7 Drybar Event

A few of my favorite things…

Your new bestie

The 7-inch super high-res screen is better than any high-quality photo magazine your pretty little peeps have ever laid eyes on. It’s true. And it’s music to your ears with dual stereo speakers and surround sound. My personal fave? The Nexus 7 comes loaded with the Google apps you use most — Chrome, Gmail, YouTube and Hangouts to name a few — making it easier for you to stay connected on the go. Oh, and it has up to 9 hours of HD video playback and 10 hours of web browsing or e-reading, making it the ideal grab-and-go travel companion on those long flights. Dual-ban Wi-Fi allows you stay connected virtually anywhere.

Savvy Sassy Moms | Google Nexus 7 Drybar Event

Nexus 7 Drybar Event

Selfie this, selfie that

The front-facing camera not only allows you to capture your savvy self, but flip the lens around to capture moments with friends so you can instantly share the snapshot with followers on your favorite apps. The innovators at Google have also made this tablet very user-friendly, so you do not need to be tech-savvy (no pun intended,) in order to love this product.

‘Tis the season for blowouts

The event was truly a blast and very festive. I was thrilled to have been able to bring my friend, Lisa, along with me and I must say, she left looking amazing! Cheers to a Southern Comfort blowout for this Southern Belle.

Savvy Sassy Moms | Google Nexus 7 Drybar Event

Lisa Ray models her new Southern Comfort blowout.

Thank you, Google and the #Nexus7 team for the wonderful evening!

The end.

This Savvy Sassy Moms post has been brought to you by our friends over at Google. As a contributor on the Savvy Sassy Mom team, I was invited to enjoy a fun GNO event at Drybar and was gifted a Nexus 7 tablet which I am so in love with. And that is a fact. All opinions are my own.
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