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Print photos you love

Don’t let all those adorable photos sit in the black holes of your camera’s memory or your computer’s hard drive. With so many places to print photos, you can keep your current favorites displayed in your home all the time. Printing Instagram photos may quickly become your home decorating guilty pleasure.

print photos
Printstagram brings your Instagrams to life

If you like Instagram, you’ll love Printstagram. Prinstagram takes your most-obsessed over Instagrams and delivers them to your house without sacrificing anything you love about the app. Their square prints are their hottest item, but there’s so much to love about Prinstagram you won’t want to stop there (Printstagram, $12 for a set of 24 prints). You can order your prints pre-framed to hang in your home, and your kids will swoon over a Tinybook filled with 24 photos of their favorite people and adventures (Printstagram, 3 for $10).

print photos

Costco Photo Center provides quick, quality print photos

You’ll want to print your photos in bulk at Costco after you see their quality prints! With overnight delivery available to their warehouse locations, Costco is a fabulous option, especially for those of us who suddenly realize we need seventy-million photos printed, because we haven’t done it in almost a year. (Costco Photo Center, prints start at $0.13). Costco even has an app available that lets you upload and print your photos from everywhere, which means your vacation photos can be waiting for you by the time you get home.

Speaking of Instagram, are you following these crush-worthy Instagrammers? Their photos will inspire you to take even more fabulous shots.

print photos

Use Kindred for photo books

If you love adding a personalized touch to gifts, try the Kindred Photo Books app for inexpensive, high-quality photo books. Each book is a six-inch square and contains up to 20 of your favorite photos. The adorable books are only $5 each, with a monthly app subscription of $6. Kindred Photo Books are a thoughtful — but easy — gift for grandparents and anyone else who can’t get enough of your little ones! (Available for iOS and Android, $6 a month.)

print photos
Print photos you adore on canvas

We all capture them, occasionally, the sort of photos we know we want to display in our homes for more than a few weeks. Have your most-loved moments printed on canvas for wall decor that looks neat and professional. Canvas Champ prints your photos with a 100% quality guarantee, and one of the best things about their service is each canvas is printed and ready to ship within 48 hours (, starting at $10). That’s quick enough for even the most impatient decorators!

Little changes can make a giant difference in your home. For more decorating inspiration, check out these 10 ways to brighten your home decor.

Do you print your photos regularly?
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Who to follow on Instagram

Ahhhh…my favorite topic: Instagram

I love Instagram. It’s my favorite social media platform. Everyone who is anyone has an Instagram account, but which savvy Instagrammers tell the best visual story? Which photo storyboards are the most compelling? Which Instagram photographers make you want to double tap whenever they share a special moment of their life? Most importantly, which IG’ers avoid jamming up your precious feed with in-your-face spammy content and actually post rad snapshots? Whether they are strategically staged or on-the-fly, the best Instagram accounts are the ones that inspire and make us smile.

Superstar Instagrammers have a very special skill when it comes to visually laying out their photo stream. They have transformed their Instagram feed into their very own media channel or lifestyle network complete with video and they are not afraid to edit. See, even you can have an OWN, GOOP or Food Channel network courtesy of Instagram without even realizing it.


Instagram | Blog

Meet Sarah. She’s got style, grace and a fantastic story. From her OOTD and trendsetting fashion finds, to her family travels, home decorating and soirees, she takes and posts fantastic Instagrams with real zest for life. She calls it chaos, we call it sassy.

Who to Follow on Instagram


Instagram | Blog

Remember my bestie, Drew? Well, she’s a mom just like us. But the thing most don’t know about America’s sweetheart, Drew Barrymore, is her Instagrams ROCKS. Between sweet mommy pics, and BFF weekends away with Cameron and Reese (Obvs, my invite must have been stuck in my SPAM folder,) her IG’s always put a big smile on our face.

Who to follow on Instagram


Instagram | Blog

She probably doesn’t know it, but I have quite the girl crush on our next Instagrammer. The blogger responsible for Homebody In Motion has beautifully designed an Instagram feed for her followers to join her on life’s big adventures: A new home, traveling the world and now? Mom to newborn twins!

Who to follow on Instagram


Instagram | Blog

It has been proven by Laura, the curator behind Hollywood Housewife, that a little bit of this, plus a little bit of that, equals a whole lot of awesome. Laura is one of the few IG talents that has successfully created a platform that feels like an on-going novel you secretly hope never ends. If a picture is worth a thousand words, Laura’s are worth a million.

Who to follow on Instagram


Instagram | Blog

Her IG bio states she is a “Blogger. Wife. Dog Mom. Food Addict”. I’ll be honest, I’m obsessed with Leigh Ann Chatagnier’s food styling. She takes foodstagraming to a whole new level and makes me oh, so very happy. Her blog is quite delightful as well and so are the photographs!

Who to follow on Instagram



Embark on an exciting wellness journey around the world, as stylish ex-pat and designer of, Michelle Nocera, shares her favorite destinations, explores new cultures and embraces different traditions as she discovers new people, places and things throughout her travels and adventures. Next stop…Paris.

Who to follow on Instagram

So whether you are looking to follow a traveler, fashionista, foodie or life stylist, this list should help you find the exact vibe to fill your Instagram feed.

Find us on Instagram: Savvy Sassy Moms | Nicole Standley


What’s your Instagram style? 

Header photograph courtesy of Shawn Ahmed
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Fall in love with fashion each fall

Fall fashion magazines are the style lover’s version of a Christmas toy catalog for kids. Fashion mags are crammed with fall fashion, the hottest designer ads, and the trendiest accessories and must-have wardrobe updates. They’re the perfect eye candy for a day at the beach, the long hours of a road trip, or the time between arriving at the airport and boarding your plane — but they’re heavy.


The Next Issue app lightens your load

With the Next Issue app, you don’t need to drag anything along with you except for an electronic device. You can install the app on iPads, iPhones, Android devices, and Windows devices. Let’s be completely honest — most of us don’t leave home without one of those things tucked into our bags already. The app is a subscription-based way to carry any fashion magazine you want, anywhere you want. Next Issue doesn’t only let you dream-shop your ultimate wardrobe.

Next Issue gives you options

The Next Issue app has two subscription options  — and they’re both killer deals. For under $10 a month you can access 131 magazine, and for an extra $5 you can add 11 weeklies for a total of 142 magazine. With all those options, you don’t need to only lust after the latest Marc Jacobs bag. See a beach house across the water you adore? Flip through a design magazine or architectural selection. Recipes, fitness inspiration and entertainment news are all at your fingertips — Next Issue even has kids’ selections.

Additional benefits of Next Issue

You create a library with Next Issue, and once you add a title to your library, your choices expand. Back issues are available to read. The app even alerts you when a new issue of one of your library’s magazines is available to read. The magazines themselves are more in-depth than the ones on the newsstand, with many of the selections offering digital-only content. You can try a 30-day subscription for free, and this is a fantastic time of year to do just that. From your last days at the beach to waiting in line in the school pick-up lane, you’ll have lots of time to read at your leisure.  You can try the Next Issue app 30 -day trail for FREE.

Would you want to try a magazine app?


Disclosure:  Savvy Sassy Moms was given a 6 month subscription to check out this App and nothing more. We do it all for you!

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Meet TotSpot

With seemingly countless ways to buy and sell clothes for kids these days, it’s hard to wade through which ones are worth your time and which ones are duds. We’ve put on our savviest wading boots and done the work for you on this one — introducing the TotSpot app, the sassiest new way to handle all of your kids’ clothes shopping.

Using a mom-to-mom platform via an app you can download to your phone for free, TotSpot allows you to buy and sell gently used — and often brand new — clothes, shoes, accessories, outerwear and gear for kids of all ages. What makes it unique is the ease of its design — in less than a minute, you can be on the TotSpot app browsing for the exact clothes your kids need, or taking and uploading pictures to sell the items they’ve grown out of.

Give TotSpot a try! We’ll walk you through every little step along the way!

Step 1: Create a profile

TotSpot Profile
Once you’ve downloaded the TotSpot app on your phone choose to create your account using your email address or your Facebook profile, then simply pick your username and password to get started in TotSpot. It’s as simple as that. You can also upload a picture to use as your profile. Before you start shopping, take a moment to click over to the “Me” tab and input your information under “Payment Method” and “Shipping Address” to make your sales and purchases go even quicker!

Step 2: Add your kids

TotSpot Add Your Kids


This is one of our favorite features in the TotSpot app — creating the “Tot Profile” for each of our kids. Go to “Me” then to “Tots Profile” to get started. You can enter a new profile for each of your children, which includes their name, gender, age, clothes size and shoe size. Click back over to the “Shop” screen and you’ll see each of their profiles along the top, where TotSpot has already curated items to buy, based on their information. Hello, major time and sanity saver!

Step 3: Browse and buy

TotSpot App


When you find something you can’t live without, buying is as easy as clicking the “Buy Now” button. It will use the credit card you’ve previously registered in your profile to complete your sale, or you can enter it on the spot. Shipping costs are predetermined, based on the price of the item you’re buying and TotSpot always guarantees every purchase on the app, which means that you always feel safe buying from the other moms.

Step 4: Save by selling

TotSpot App


If you’ve sold clothes online before, you know that it can be more trouble than it’s worth. The selling portion of the TotSpot app makes it easier than putting your 2-year-old down for a morning nap. Click on the “Sell” tab, take a picture of the item you want to sell, and fill out the categories to create your listing. When your item sells, you are notified via the TotSpot “Alert” system (it connects back to your email, as well) and you can get it in the mail to your buyer. TotSpot credits your account in the app, which you can use to purchase other items, or cash out into your linked bank account.

Our favorite features

There are countless other features in TotSpot that you’ll love discovering as you explore. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Share what you love: Looking at an item that you know your friend has been searching for? You can easily share it via email or social media.
  • More friends, more credit: TotSpot has a great referral program, allowing you to share your account via social media. Each friend gets $2 in store credit and you get $2 in store credit when they make their first purchase.
  • Save your faves: That little heart on the corner of items makes saving them to your favorites list easy… and it’s essential for coming back to the items you want to purchase later. You’ll find them saved under the “Me” tab, under “My Favorites.”
  • Watch for deals: Before you buy from a seller, check to see if they have any other items you’re interested in. Many sellers offer deals on bundles!

Be sure to follow TotSpot on Facebook and Twitter, where they regularly feature their favorite finds of the week.

Have you tried TotSpot yet? What did you think?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post and Savvy Sassy Moms is working as a brand ambassador for this sassy new app. We share this with you because it is a super savvy app that is helpful and stylish!

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best fitness apps
Fitness apps keep goal setting fun

Health goals are easier to meet if you use tools to track your progress. Fitness apps make it possible to keep your fitness at your fingertips. Meals, workouts and even sleep can be tracked, logged and referenced while you’re on the move this summer.

fitness apps

My Fitness Pal

Tracking what you eat has never been so simple. With an extensive database of food, plus the ability to scan package bar codes for nutrition information, My Fitness Pal is an easy, user-friendly way to track your food intake. Though the app bases its overall input on calories, it also tracks carbs, fat, protein, sodium, and sugar, so you can tailor your diet to specific health goals and plans. Your account can be used on the website or the app, so you can track everywhere — there’s even an option to input recipes directly from a URL, making it much easier to gauge homemade dishes. (Available for iOS and Android devices, free)

fitness apps

Couch to 5K

Beginning runners, or those who want to be beginning runnings, will love the Couch to 5K app. One of the most iconic programs for building fitness from sedentary to 5K ready, the app has features that help runners follow the program. The program takes beginners to the finish line of a 5K in 20-30 minutes a day, 3 days a week, for nine weeks. (iTunes store, $2)

fitness apps

Sleep Cycle

Sleep is an underrated — but crucial — fitness component. Too little sleep will encourage your body to secrete hormones that make it more difficult to lose weight — not to mention how much more difficult it is to get up in the morning for your workout if you’re always exhausted. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock app works in two ways. It analyzes sleep patterns, which can help you determine if your sleep is being interrupted during the night, even if you’re not fully waking. By analyzing your sleep cycle, it determines the ideal take to wake you — during a 30 minute, pre-determined window so you don’t miss your morning meeting. Waking at the right point during your sleep cycle will help you feel more alert and more ready to tackle your fitness plan. (iTunes store, $1)

fitness apps


RunKeeper is a powerhouse of a fitness app. It’s a GPS tracker, activity logger and personal trainer. RunKeeper integrates with your phone’s music to play in-app, so you can continue to receive real-time training updates about pace and timing. The app collects a bunch of data from your runs — and other activities like cycling and walking. You can also log workouts after the fact, follow training plans or design your own. Any level of fitness will benefit from this user-friendly, data-happy app. (iTunes store, free)

fitness apps
Hot5 Fitness

Toning up can happen at home, not just at the gym. Hot5 Fitness is a library of quick, effective toning workouts that you can customize to what you need from a fitness app. You can do a 5-minute workout every morning to work your abs or a 45-minute yoga routine to increase flexibility. All workouts are synchronized to music that will motivate you — and you can even have friendly competitions within the app to push you even harder. (iTunes store, free)

fitness apps
Gym Pact

If competition keeps you on your toes, Pact: Earn Cash for Living Healthy is the app for you. The app itself is free, and the premise is that a group of people pledges a certain amount of money toward a goal each week. If every person hits their goal, everyone gets her money back. Unmet goals means forfeiting your pledge, with the money split between the people who did meet their goals. (iTunes store, free)

Do you have a favorite fitness app?


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iphone, tech etiquette

Handing over a smartphone to your tween is like driving down a country road at night with no lights. You have no idea what might lurk around the corner, so you start out slow and keep a watchful eye.

Not just rules, but smartphone manners

But eventually her curiosity widens – and so does her network. Your once-present tween is suddenly amped up on apps, poking around on Pinterest and fiddling with Facebook way more than the two of you agreed. With all the swooshing, beeping and flashing going on it’s now more difficult than ever to get your tween to look at you when talking. One reason could be because when you initially handed over the smartphone, you talked more about minutes than manners. You need to have the discussion about smartphone manners. Sure, you need to know how long your tween is talking on the phone and what she’s slinging on Instagram. But equally important is her smartphone etiquette. Because when it comes right down to it, the best cell phone plan comes from mom.

Protect the playdate

Bringing a phone to a friend’s house should not be automatic. If one person dashes to the phone every time it dings, it sends the message that someone else is more important. Teach your tween to focus on the face in front of them – not the friend on Face Time – when visiting with peers.

Ditch it when dining

Insist that your tween keep her smartphone in the car when eating out. Set the expectation that meals are a time to connect and unwind – without any digital distractions. And make sure your own smartphone is tucked inside your purse, not resting on the table.

Lead by example

Let your tween see you engaged in real time. Yes, your son’s double-header baseball game can be l-o-n-g. But if you whip out your phone at the first sign of boredom, your tween will, too. Teach her that being present in public is important when it comes to others’ feeling (ahem, her brother) and her own safety.

Turn it off

Give your tween examples of when the phone should go silent. According to parenting educator and author Jan Faull, cell phones are off limits in places like the library, a waiting room and theater. Tell your tween that carrying on a phone conversation while others are within 10 feet is disrespectful, and can make people feel invisible and alienated.

Converse with class

Role play on how your tween should make a phone call with her smartphone – especially when calling a friend’s home line. Saying, “Hi, Mrs. Smith, this is Kate. May I please speak with Sophie?” goes much further with parents than “Is Sophie there?” Never make someone – especially a friend’s parent – go on an archeological dig to find out information about why you’re calling.

Now it’s your turn. How have you taught your tween to keep her tweets in the wings and her manners front and center?

Lisa FinnSouthern California-born and raised Lisa Finn has more than 15 years of experience writing for print and online. Her writing can be found on the pages of L.A. Parent,, ModernMom, California Apparel News and Spa magazine. She primarily writes beauty, fashion and lifestyle articles, but also writes copy for mompreneurs who need help with their editorial needs. Her ghostwriting clients make regular appearances on shows such as The Doctors, Today, HGTV and CNN. She lives with her husband, three children under 11 years old, and a big, fluffy Labradoodle who keeps her company while she writes. Connect with Lisa at or on Twitter @LisaFinn17.

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FASHION-AND-BEAUTY-WEBSITES.jpg In a cluttered sea of fashion and beauty blogs, here are the absolute best websites for up-to-the-minute fashion and beauty news, outfit inspo, tutorials, shopping recs and more. Bookmark these pages and heed their editors’ advice and you will be the savviest style maven in the land.



who what wear

photo credit: Ring My Bell While other fashion websites report on designers and collections, WhoWhatWear has the 4-1-1 on trends and looks worn by favorite fashion bloggers, celebs and chic chicks on the street. Too busy to keep up with all of your fav #OOTD bloggers on Instagram and their blogs? Head to WhoWhatWear and catch their daily slideshows of au courant ways of putting together outfits. The site’s speciality is bringing the reader real fashion inspo for putting together on-point looks from items in your own closet. Favorite articles: 13 Bloggers with the Best Minimal Style, 50 Inspiring Street Style Looks to Try for Summer, The Secret to Looking Taller Without Wearing Heels download

the cut

photo credit: Ohh Couture

New York Magazine’s online style section has grown beyond the masthead to become one of the most important fashion websites. TheCut is a mashup of interviews with designers, slideshows of bloggers and the fantastically chic and industry news that is actually interesting. Favorite articles: 35 Extraordinary Details from the Fall Runways, Jenna Lyons Doesn’t Care What You Wear to Work, Paris Street Style



photo credit:

If you are a fashion blogger, this is the social media platform for you. Upload your photos and they could be viewed in the Chictopia style galleries, which are viewed by fashion-obsessed eyes everywhere, including editors. If you simply love looking at others’ daily looks for inspo, you will find all the #ootd peeps all in one place. Favorite features: Top Style Galleries of the Week, Most Discussed Style Pics, Chictopia Blog


violet-grey-social.jpg violet grey

Violet Grey

The word “curated” is a bit overplayed, but the word works perfectly for VioletGrey. Billing itself “The industry’s beauty edit,” the site is half style mag, half luxury shop. Each month VioletGrey publishes an unconventional interview and photo spread of an intriguing female celebrity (recents include Vanessa Paradis and January Jones). The site also features beauty tutorials and carefully curated (there’s that word again!) lists of only the very best, innovative products and you can shop directly from the VioletGrey shelves. Favorite articles: 29 Summer Essentials, 10 Beauty Travel Musts, Julie Delpy interview download (1)


photo credit: Katja Rahlwes

The leading multi-editor beauty website has built its massive following by publishing online content that is as professional and high gloss as the stuff you will find in print. Into the Gloss provides the very best reviews of new hair, body, makeup and nail products, often with high-end photo shoots accompanying. However, the site loads new content several times a day, and also provide top-rate interviews with style leaders and celebs. Favorite features: Emily’s Essentials, Interviews, Hair section


photo credit: ThandieKay


Founded by actor Thandie Newton and makeup artist Kay Montano, ThandieKay is a beauty blog that celebrates diverse women, an array of cultures and unique beauty. Newton told Refinery29, “We hope that when you log on to ThandieKay you’ll very quickly know that however you look and whoever you are, you’re invited to the party.” Favorite articles: The Low Down on Natural Beauty Products, Anika and Thandie Talk Braiding Botox Relaxers and Zits, Tutorials section 

What are YOUR favorite fashion and style sites? Share so we can surf!

Intro image photo credit: Jerine Lay via a Creative Commons license 

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Beach Ready Tech Accessories

Summer is here, hooray!  New beach bag, check. New wedges, check. New swimsuit, check. But let’s not forget about the things that can never leave our sight for even a moment, no not the kids! Your iphone and ipad, duh. Finding stylish iphone cases and cute ipad cases is not that difficult anymore, thanks to Kate Spade and Lily Pulitzer. Both of their latest summer collections of tech accessories are sure to go perfectly with your summer mani & pedi.

I honestly think I could changing my iphone and ipad case just as much as my manicure and pedicure.  It’s fun to change it up and switch your tech accessories with each new season.  Who knew that being so geek could be so chic.  I like to think that a new stylish laptop case will help me want to open it up and actually get some work done.

1. Kate Spade ipad Mini Folio Beach Stripe $65
2. Nasty Gal Sweet Berry iphone case $20
3. Lily Pulitzer Phone Wristlet $58
4. Kate Spade Toucan ipad Air case $85
5. Kate Spade Toucan iphone 5/5s case $40
6. Lily Pulitzer Lobster Phone Case $32
7. Casetify Rainbow Triangles $40
8. Lily Pulitzer Ipad Tech Case $78
9.  Large Envelope Clutch $45
10. Marc by Marc Jacobs Canvas Paradise Print 13′ Laptop Case $138

Do you change your phone case with each season? (You can tell us, we won’t judge)
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If you’re a Mom you probably like to shop, but you also like to save money!  Summer is just around the corner and I know I am excited to shop some of the latest summer trends not only for myself but for my kids and husband too!  Shopping for summer does not have to break the bank, in fact you should not be paying full price for anything anymore!  I trust you are savvier than that;)  If you shop at retailers like Macy’s, Kohl’s and Bloomingdales then you should really look at they are the online place to score coupon codes for all your favorite retailers!

Now, I would not call myself a a couponing queen at all, but I certainly enjoy saving money just like anyone else and it seems silly not to simply download a coupon to save some money.  The way I see it, that money can be spent on summer travel!

To help celebrate the start of summer we are hosting a fun giveaway with our friends over at  One lucky winner will get this fabulous bag full of goodies! Valued at $623.99

Spring into Summer PRIZE Package

Here Comes Summer  Giveaway

Dell – Venue 8 Pro Black 32 GB Tablet ($299.99) 

Take the full power of Windows 8.1 and Office Home & Student 2013 wherever you go with an 8” HD screen, a quad-core Intel® Atom™ processor and dual cameras. Great for summer beach reading!

House of Harlow 1960 – Sunglasses ($125)

House of Harlow 1960 has evolved into offering full-fledged collections, including ready-to-wear, jewelry, eyewear, footwear, and handbags. Since its inception, the brand has received rave reviews and a tremendous celebrity following.

Vera Bradley – Pleated Tote ($68)

This VeraBradley pleated tote in plum crazy is full of summer essentials!

1 GlossyBox – ($21)

GLOSSYBOX is the perfect beauty surprise – for friends, loved ones, even yourself! You’ll get a beautifully wrapped box containing five deluxe-sized beauty products delivered directly to your doorstep.

Total Beauty Mother’s Day Collection- $110

The Mother’s Day Collection by – a range of luxe skin care andbody essentials to experience spa-quality treatments in the comfort of yourhome. And the best part? They won’t wither away once you’re back to the real world.

Enter the Spring into Summer Giveaway

Please enter through the rafflecopter widget below.

*This post is part of a sponsored campaign with and

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Tech & Nails

With phone cases and nail art currently being the easiest and most budget-friendly ways to show your personal sense of style and incorporate the latest trends into your life, what better way to show off your chic-ness by matching your nails and your phone case? I personally am not a fan of things that are too matchy-matchy, but phone cases to match your nails can be a subtle yet fun way to tie a look together.

Spring is a great season to showcase your nails because of the beautiful and cheery colours. Add in a pretty pastel or vibrantly-hued phone case and you’ll have a nice punch of colour to add to your spring wardrobe. Get your nails in tip top shape and check out some of these fun pairings!

Navy blue nails and case

     Nails: “Autum Nights” by China Glaze Phone case from Etsy shop Hello Nutcase

Fuscia case and nails

                                         Nails: “Flora” by Julep Phone case from DANNIJO

Turquoise and chevron nails and case

             Nails: “Turquoise and Caicos” by Essie and Jamberry wrap in Mint Chevron.
Phone case from Amazon

Purple nails and case

   Nails: “”You’re Such a Budapest” by O.P.I.  Phone case from Boticca

Ikat and lime green nails and case

Nails: “Jaded Jack” by butterLONDON  Phone case from society6

black and glitter nails and phone case
                                 Nails: “Boom Pow” Nail Lacquer by Deborah Lippman
                                 Phone case is Juicy Couture from Amazon
Watermelon nails and phone case

                                       Nails: “Tart Deco” by Essie  Phone case from society6

Black and white nails and phone

                                    Nails “Bullock Bold” by Julep  Phone case from ASOS

What does your phone case and nails say about you?
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