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project nursery-logoSurprise! Melisa, co-owner of Project Nursery, the ultimate children’s design resource website, is having a baby girl. Project Nursery was launched in 2008, and has grown significantly these past few years. They have an engaging and informative community using the Project Nursery platform to solve the challenges of nursery design. Melisa’s surprise baby shower took place in the penthouse of the trendy Mondrian SoHo hotel, on Monday, October 20, 2014. The guest list included seasoned bloggers, magazine editors and top children’s brands.

Project Nursery, Project Baby Girl

Melisa and Pam Project Nursery Baby ShowerRosie Pope, parenting and maternity guru, was the sweetest host, giving Melisa hilarious real life advice on having a third child, and her first baby girl. Her best tip was, learn the art of dip and dry, your third child rarely gets a full bath, just a fast dip in the tub. Melisa even wore one of Rosie’s must have maternity dresses, and looked as beautiful as ever.

Rosie Pope was a perfect baby shower host

Rosie Pope Host Project Nursery Baby ShowerMelisa’s baby shower was styled by Natasha Lawler from Minted and Rock Paper Scissors Events, every detail was thoroughly thought out. From pink tinted water glasses to chic spotted fabric runners to glittery garlands and baby bottles holding drink straws. The decore was pure perfection with icon New York City as the backdrop.

It is all about the details with Project Nursery

Beautiful Baby Shower Project NurseryThe baby shower game was totally what you would expect from Project Nursery. Magnetic boards were passed out, and each team designed a nursery using magnet photos of products from Amazon, Minted and The Project Nursery Shop to create a dream baby girl nursery.
Baby Shower Games Project NurseryMelisa’s “must-have” Amazon Baby Registry was also on display. She is an experienced soon-to-be third time mom, and her registry clearly reflects that, no tutu’s or wipe warmers in sight. If Melisa’s baby shower was not perfect enough already, she was then gifted everything on her registry from Amazon and top children brand sponsors. The guests also walked away with a gorgeous Skip Hop diaper filled with products from the sponsors.

All of your baby registry needs can be bought on Amazon

Baby Registry Project Nursery

Thank you Project Nursery for including Savvy Sassy Moms in your special celebration. You can find Project Nursery’s recap from Melisa’s perspective here.

Photography Credit: Charlie Juliet Photography

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I have been wielding a blow dryer since middle school, but I have never been able to achieve that bouncy blow out perfection that I receive at the salon. Lucky for me, my favorite salon — Hypnotic Salon and Spa in Olney, Maryland, just outside of Washington, DC — hosted a Blow Dry Boot Camp.

What’s a blow dry boot camp?

Participants were invited to learn from their stylists exactly how to re-create that professional blow out ‘do that looks like a million bucks and lasts three days. We were told to bring with us our hair appliances, brushes and products for evaluation, and if the items were deemed less than awesome for our strands we could donate them to a women’s shelter and receive a 25 percent discount on improved tools and products at the salon.

I thought this was such a fabulous idea that I immediately booked my boot camp slot with my stylist and Hypnotic Salon and Spa owner Chrissy Mayo. Chrissy gives me great cuts, highlights and unbelievably bouncy blow outs, and she was game for me creating an online tutorial so YOU can learn from her mastery, too.

before .jpg


There on the left is beautiful Chrissy with her full, sleek, glossy mane…and me on the right with my home-dried, no-producted, ponytail-marked, frazzled mess. Chrissy had just given me a cut a couple weeks prior, so the hair itself is looking pretty fly. But there is not much savviness to how I styled my strands.



Chrissy’s face says it all…I was using some sub-par products that were not doing my home blow dry routine any favors. The first items to go were the ones laden with alcohol, which would dry out my hair and strip the color. The next items for the donation box were products too heavy for my hair texture; thick gels and mega-hold hairsprays will only weigh down and clump fine, thin hair like mine.


Chrissy recommended for me the Redken Blonde Idol BBB Spray to use when my hair is wet after washing and conditioning. It is a lightweight treatment for my ends to give my hair a soft feel without weighing down my thin hair. It will also help boost my highlights and protect my hair before heat styling. Another good protection before blow drying product is the Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer with Heat Protection.


Next I needed a product to plump up my roots and give my entire head volume while blow drying. Chrissy is a fan of the Redken Guts 10 Volume Spray Foam. This stuff is so cool — it is a mousse that is not sticky and you can accurately spray right into your roots. It provides a brushable, soft volume.


The Dryer

The most important tool is an ionic hair dryer to promote shine and cause the least amount of damage to the hair. I already owned the Turbo Power Superturbo Lite 3300 Ionic & Ceramic Nano Hair Dryer and Chrissy was impressed (of course, I was not using it correctly.) Chrissy uses a salon-level BaBylssPRO dryer that is even lighter and more powerful (and pricier.)

Attach the Diffuser

Next up in importance is the act of actually attaching the diffuser nozzle that comes with your dryer. This will help your hair cuticles — layers on each hair strand which overlap one another like roof shingles — to smooth, rather than spiking up with flyaways and splitty-looking ends.


When your hair is wet from the shower, the only brush you should use on it is a Wet Brush, which will not break your hair when it is at its most delicate. You can also use a wide-toothed comb. While you blow dry, Chrissy recommends the Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ionic Flat Brush for a poker-straight look and the Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ionic Thermal Round Brushes for a full, bouncy, tucked-under-ends blow out.

For round brushes, the longer your hair, the larger the circumference of your round brush should be. I was using a pretty small round brush, which was tangling my hair when it wrapped around. The size I was using (pictured below in the Rough Dry photo) was a better match when my hair was chin-length. I upgraded to the largest size.

rough dry.jpg

Rough Dry

Comb or Wet-Brush your hair, starting at your ends and working your way up to eliminate tangles. Then squeeze out all the water — do not scrub it with a bath towel, which can exacerbate frizz. Part your hair and then add your product.

Now you can begin the casual, easy, anyone-can-do-it portion of your blow dry: the rough dry. This means you just dry it using your hands and your dryer in an inexact manner to zap the majority of the moisture. While you rough dry, do not worry too much about your technique, other than always pointing the dryer nozzle towards the floor to coax your cuticles to lay smoothly against the hair strands for the healthiest hair look possible.

(Chrissy used my own dryer during the tutorial so I could really get a sense of how to recreate her art at home.)



Once your hair is 75 percent dry (or more wet if you have a wavier texture), section it with clips. I had some professional-style crocodile hair clips that came with my flat iron, but you can use claw clips, butterfly clips — whatever you have as long as it will hold your hair in sections without leaving a deep mark.

I have pretty thin hair so I can get away with clipping the top layers of my hair on both sides to the top of my head, and then drying the bottom layer on each side (four sections, two clips.) If you have thicker hair, clip up and section off more. You will be drying the bottom layers first, then working your way up, spending the most and final time on the sections at the front of your head and near your face.


The Hold

I always though stylists possessed magical powers (and of course, two arms not attached to the hair owner’s body) that allowed them achieve blow dry perfection. But Chrissy’s technique makes the entire process so much easier! Here is her secret: hold the dryer by the nozzle, not the handle! It gives you more control and is less fatiguing. It is kind of like holding a pencil — why hold up at the top when you can grip it better by the point?

Dryer/Brush Combo

Once you have nice control of your dryer in your non-dominant hand, it makes introducing your brush of choice into your dominant hand a zillion times easier. Brush your hair from beneath near the root and then use the nozzle of the dryer to follow your hair down to the ends. If you are using a flat brush, keep it moving to smooth. If you are rolling under with a round brush, you can hold the hair in a tucked-under position to get more of a bend at the end, but keep the dryer nozzle moving so as not to burn your hair.

Start with the bottom-most sections and then work your way up, leaving the top-most layer and your bangs or face-framing hair for last.


Top Section = Extra Attention

By now your final sections of hair will be almost dry, and that is totally fine. Your dryer and brush will be coaxing them into glossy, bouncy submission. Get a close grip with your brush at the root and pull up above your head for maximum volume. Insert slightly less hair into the brush than you did on the bottom sections, and spend a little more time with each pass of the brush. Think of it as icing your almost-completed cake.

If you would like more volume at the crown of your head (think of the location where you would insert a Bump-It, back in the old Snooki days), use a fine-toothed rat tail comb to accurately section off a piece at your crown near your part. Tease several inches above your root and then smooth again with your brush. Chrissy says that teasing right at the root will do nothing — the key is to move up several inches to really pump up the volume.


When you are done, spray with a lightweight hairspray that you can brush through and allows for movement, but will protect your hair from weather and extend the life of your hard work. Chrissy recommends the L’Anza Healing Style line of finishing mists — you can choose the level of hold that works best for your hair texture and needs.


If you would like to give your blow out a boost the next day, even after sleep, just add a little more Redken Guts 10 to reactivate volume. Then spray a dry shampoo like TIGI Bed Head Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo or Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Two Day Extender to absorb oil at the roots.



Here I am on the left, grinning like a fool because I am having a great hair day that I know will extend into tomorrow. Actually, that hair lasted through two sleeps, one workout, a thunderstorm and volunteering at a swim meet in 90 percent humidity. I hope this tutorial helps you too to achieve great results.

Thank you Chrissy Mayo of Hypnotic Salon and Spa for a bodacious blow dry boot camp, and happy home blow drying friends!

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bromstad for naturalizer spring collectionWhen David Bromstad teamed up with Naturalizer to create artwork for a spring line, he was delighted. “I loved the challenge of it,” he said to a roomful of media personnel last week at the chic Cecconi’s restaurant in West Hollywood. Naturalizer asked him to do with shoes and accessories what he does in his design work as well as on his show Color Splash on HGTV — create with color.

david bromstad for naturalizer media luncheonSharing his art for spring shoe collection

The artwork he designed — large floral patterns brought to life with colors like turquoise and coral — livens up the collection of flats, wedges, sandals, flip flops, and handbags for spring. Color is everything. It makes the world go around,” Bromstad says. “A pop of color can change your mood and the kind of day you are having. The colors used in this collection are bright, happy, fun and whimsical.”

The shoe designs have Naturalizer’s trademark comfortable fit (after all, beauty doesn’t have to  mean pain) and paired with Bromstad’s colorful artwork, they add that “pop of color” to any spring wardrobe. Just look at the heels on these wedges:

neila by bromstad for naturalizer wedgeNaturalizer was thrilled to partner with Bromstad because of his work with color and also because he brings in a strong fan base among women who are familiar with his work on HGTV. Not to mention his charming personality. I’m not gonna lie — he’s also pretty dreamy. Tall, dark and handsome, the way I like my shoes. Wait… that’s not quite right…

kim and david(Looks like we’re having a moment here but that’s probably just my magic photo editing.)

The Bromstad for Naturalizer shoe collection is available at Naturalizer stores, and select retail partners.  The accessories collection are available at Naturalizer retail stores and, including totes, cell phone cases, and handbags. My favorite was this white dome satchel, the “Vida,” which looks so calm and understated on the outside, but inside it has a secret burst of springtime:

bromstad for naturalizer vida handbag exterior and interiorNow through May 3, you can enter to win a day with David and other prizes. I can tell you from spending just a few hours with him that a whole day would be a lovely prize indeed.

some luncheon photos: Andrew Aronsohn

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Style Suite Laguna Niguel 2013

Last week was an exciting week, not only did I attend the Mom 2.0 Conference and see so many fabulous online women, but my stylish partner in crime, Nicole Feliciano of MomTrends and I hosted another Style Suite. This time is was a much smaller and more intimate affair for about 30 bloggers. I mean, if NIcole was going to fly across country to sunny southern California, then naturally we wanted to gather some of our online friends and some of our favorite brands to co-mingle, network and support one another.

Rivet & Sway Style Suite
Rivet & Sway, my latest obsession, brought the eye candy. Literally. The ladies got to play dress up with these fashionable glasses all night long. The lovely Britt and Emily from Rivet & Sway taught all the attendee’s how to find the right fit for their face, hair and own personal style. This is a fashion brand to watch ladies, get ’em while their hot!  Read my Rivet & Sway complete review and see how exceptional the ordering process is front start to finish.  I was highly impressed.

The Mother Company

Abbie Schiller and Samantha Curtzman-Counter fromThe Mother Company were in the Style Suite and I have to say, these two women are wicked smart, passionate and powerful.  Their goal is simple; to help parents raise good people. Through their website, books, dvd’s, and award winning shows they are some of today’s most influential women. Their mission goes deep and not only are these ladies producing exceptional educational products for kids, they also understand the importance and power of women in media.

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 11.46.44 PM

The ladies from Mama Mio are amazing.  They always swoop in and set up a pamper me spot that is like a little slice of spa heaven. They gave all the women 10 minute hand and arm massages leaving our skin soft, silky and smooth. That 10 minutes of exfoliation and gentle massaging was just enough to make me feel relaxed yet re-energized.

Ergo Baby
Ergo Baby, not only one of the most stylish baby carriers but was also named the product of the year by BabyCenter in 2012. The Ergo Baby community is a loyal and passionate one that has even begun to cross boarders by collaborating with Every Mother Counts to support even more moms all around the world.  Ergo Baby is a brand that has a strong foundation in supporting women and children which is why we proudly support them.

The entire night was a fusion of smart women celebrating, collaborating and supporting one another and of course, keeping it stylish!

Style Suite Friends

Thank you to London Times Fashion for our fabulous dresses, Coolibar for gifting our guests some stylish hats and Tide for giving us a little gift for on the go!

Disclosure:  This event was sponsored and these sponsorships help to support my business and travel expenses.  As a small, unique independent publisher these brand partnerships and collaborations are essential to the success of many women in the online creative space. I choose to work with brands that understand and respect this.


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300x250 ad everyday icing

Imagine on trend accessories in the $10-$30 range that are as easy to buy as going on Facebook and commenting. No need to imagine it because it actually happens every Monday at 6 PM PST through the Everyday Icing Accessory Auction. Beautiful accessories that are on trend, and make your PayPal happy with super fast shipping is what you get when you buy accessories from Everyday Icing.

Here’s how it works:
1. you go to their Facebook Page and “Like” them.
2. Register through their Facebook Page (it’s super easy and is done in 20 secs)
3. go to their Facebook Page on Mondays at 6 PM PST, and look at the photos
4. find something you like and comment “sold”
5. pay the invoice [using PayPal] sent to you via your e-mail
6. open your mailbox with a new goody inside.

Now I’ll be perfectly honest. I’m obsessed with Everyday Icing. I have a few items from them, and have it set on my calendar to remind me to go look at the sale every Monday. I get a ton of compliments when I wear my scarves, necklaces, watch etc.

Special Sale this Thursday

EIAA Collage500a

Savvy Sassy Moms and Everyday Icing are putting on a very special sale for you on March 14th at 9 PM EST/6 PM PST. We have curated our favorite Everyday Icing items to put together a fantastic sale you don’t want to miss. This is just a sneak peak at some of the items you’ll be seeing in our special Savvy Sassy-Everyday Icing Accessory Sale. You don’t want to miss this one so follow the steps above and get yourself some amazing accessories at prices you don’t want to miss out on.

Wait there’s more….

Everyday Icing Accessory Auction is giving one Savvy Sassy reader a beautiful nautical gift. Just enter below before March 22, 6 PM PST.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: This is a paid sponsored post. The above opinion is my own.

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Pantone’s color of the year might be emerald, but for the 2013 Oscars, pale was absolutely the color (or lack of color) of the year!!  The pales ranged from silvers to beige to pink undertone and all kinds of beautiful in between.  The other trend that hit the red carpet in a big way was the metallics.  Statements were being made with blacks with pewter, blacks and  silvers, golds, and so much more. There were a few who went with the bold colors but for those that did their presence was commanded!

The Academy Awards are a time to showcase the work of Hollywood’s actors and actresses.  More importantly, its a time to shine a light on the true glitz and glamour of Hollywood and this years Oscars were certainly no exception.  We saw dresses that sizzled the red carpet and those that may have been better off swept under it!

Here are SSM’s Picks for Oscars 2013 Best and Worst Dressed:


85th Annual Academy Awards - Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington when against the trend this year and came in the oh so hot color of spring, coral Miu Miu Gown.  We love the simple belt and embellished bust and cannot get enough of  the darker colored coral/orange clutch and shoes!

85th Annual Academy Awards - Stacy Keibler

We loved George’s arm candy, Stacy Keibler, who marveled in metallic wearing Naeem Khan!

 85th Annual Academy Awards - Sandra Bullock

Sandra stunned in this lacy sheath dress by Elie Saab

85th Annual Academy Awards - Jennifer Gardner

Jennifer Garner in wine colored Gucci was simple and elegant and the necklace made the look.

85th Annual Academy Awards - Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts magnified the metallics in this cutout form fitting Giorgio Armani.


85th Annual Academy Awards - Daryl Hannah

We think Daryl Hannah was channeling her 1984 mermaid character in Splash with this coral “mermaid” shaped gown.  Its more of a sink than a swim!

 Oscars 2013 - Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland in the A-symetrical Donna Karan Atelier was a bit too choppy of a look and the top looked like it may have a wardrobe malfunction.

85th Annual Academy Awards - Anne Hathaway

The typical best dressed Anne Hathaway disappointed in this pale pink Prada.  Questioning A.) what’s going on with the bust area(rhymes with ripples)? B.) why the necklace with such a high neckline?

85th Annual Academy Awards - Fan Bingbing

And then there is Fan Bingbing!  Beautiful shade of pink, but there is a whole lot of pink for not a whole lot of lady.

85th Annual Academy Awards - Salma Hayek

Lastly, there appears to be just a bit too much going on in the neck area of Salma Hayak’s dress and leaves us distracted!

Who were some of your favorites of the night?

Photo Credit all images: Andrew Evans  / PR Photos

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