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Flower essential oils

How can natural solutions like essential oils enhance the lives of both you and your family? There are a number of ways. And, more and more, parents are finding how effective they can be at helping their children in numerous ways — both at school and at home.

For instance, lavender is an essential oil that delivers calming benefits, making it an ideal fix for those children that struggle with finding quality sleep. It can also help relieve stress. So if your child is fretting about homework or the various social activities during the school hour, essential oils provide a solution that is both safe and natural.

Which oils to use?

When it comes to the world of essential oils, at first it can seem a little overwhelming. After all, there are dozens of oils to choose from and determining which one to use for which purpose can be a daunting endeavor. For starters, consider these issues and the oils that can work to resolve them.

  • Calming effect: Dilute a drop of lavender with a carrier oil and apply to the bottom of the feet for relaxation.

  • Digestive support: Dilute a drop of lavender and orange with a carrier oil and rub on your child’s tummy in a clockwise motion.

  • Improved respiratory health: Dilute lemon and apply to the chest and feet. Also combine with frankincense for improved support.

  • Stomach ache: Combine a drop of orange and roman chamomile with a carrier oil and mix in warm bath water.cloves and oil

How to apply essential oils

Two of the most popular methods for applying essential oils are:

  • Topically: Apply directly to the skin, with a “carrier oil.”

  • Diffusion: Mix with water and run through a diffuser.

To be clear, applications depend largely on the type of oil, the brand of the oil, and at what age the oil will be applied. While there are oils that can be applied “neat” (meaning, no dilution), for children it is always recommended to use a carrier oil, such as coconut oil, jojoba oil or grape-seed oil.

Remember that quality matters

When applying essential oils, whether it be for you or your children, the quality of the product cannot be overlooked. Not only will you gain more potent benefits from a higher-grade oil, you’ll be able to ensure the safety of the application.

There is a wide range of quality when it comes to these life-changing products. For starters, some oils are therapeutic grade, while others are not. Moreover, some manufacturers produce 100% pure oils, while other brands contain additives.

Consider this general list of guidelines:

  • Where the plants are sourced and whether they’re sourced from the regions they’re indigenous to.

  • Quality control measures taken by the distiller, along with adequate labeling standards.

  • If ingredients are manufactured appropriately by experienced workers.

Simply put, you want safe and effective oils that will deliver the benefits you and your child need.

Think about essential oil safety

To ensure safety, don’t stop with the quality of the brand. Essential oils can be very potent (particularly therapeutic-grade products), so applying them with the right measures is important to prevent skin irritation or other side effects.

Essential oils are highly concentrated, and therefore, can cause allergic reactions. While oils like lavender and chamomile are among the safest, it is still recommended that they are used sparingly and diluted with a carrier oil. This is particularly important when applying essential oils to children, because their skin is generally more sensitive than adults.

Incorporating essential oils into your daily routine harbors the benefits of enhancing both you and your children’s lives. Simply find the symptom you’re looking to address and be sure to find the oil and brand that is right for you.

A teacher and natural health guru, Heather Koenig has a passion for all things natural. In addition to living a natural lifestyle herself, Heather loves sharing her expertise with others on her blog, Natural Remedies.

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Ripped black skinny jeans are popping up on your Pinterest feeds, your friends’ style boards and in your favorite places to shop, but how do you wear them so that you look stylish, not scrubby? Give these looks a try.

Ripped black skinny jeans: Casual

How to wear ripped black skinny jeans- casual

It’s easy to make jeans like these look far too casual, so be sure to add some stylish touches to bring the outfit up a notch. We love adding sneakers with a pop of a bright color to help keep things casual. While adding a gorgeous purse in a classic style will help keep the style elevated.

Super Stretch Jegging, American Eagle Outfitters, $40 (on sale!)
Weekend Eco Sweatshirt, ILY Couture, $58
Under One Sky Convertible Reversible Crossbody Backpack Handbag, Target, $50
Pink Converse Chuck Taylor All Star, Zappos, $50

Ripped black skinny jeans: Dressy

How to Wear Ripped Black Skinny Jeans- Dressy

Just because these black jeans are destroyed doesn’t mean they can’t also be dressy! We love keeping the rest of the outfit simple, letting the jeans be the focus. Go with a soft black blouse and an edgy cropped jacket or blazer, then add a super-trendy pair of heels.

Frame Denim Le Color Rip Skinny Jeans, Nordstrom, $199
Quilted Moto Knit Jacket, Gap, $90
Talula Koto Blouse, Aritzia, $40
TOMS Majorca Suede Bootie, Nordstrom, $98

How do you wear ripped black skinny jeans?
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Home office inspiration makes working at home look gorgeous

Working from home can be a dream come true for many moms, but sitting at the kitchen table is hardly inspiring. A home office doesn’t have to be a dedicated room — even carving out a small space in a room used by the whole family can help your productivity. Browse home office inspiration and add personal style and touches to carve out a workspace that works for you.

chic home offices

Let your workspace inspire you

In her Office Reveal on Avery Street Designs, Laura walks readers through her beautiful — and inspiring — desk area. Laura confesses that the office is visible from many areas of her home, and we think the clean, modern desk is such a stylish addition to her home. You’ll notice the visible quotes and inspiring phrases around her desk — a fabulous way to stay motivated and inspired in your office.

home office inspiration

A beautiful workspace brightens your day

Working from home has advantages, but it can be difficult to transition into “work” mode at the start of your day. A gorgeous home office or workspace welcomes you to begin your day refreshed and inspired. Megan, from Lush to Blush, has Desk Styling Tips to help bring your personal style aesthetic to your office space.

home office inspiration

Share your space with your little ones

We adore the space Gemma from The Sweetest Digs designed when transitioning her guest room/home office into a nursery/home office in Project Nursery: Before + After. The nursery is functional, bright and airy, and the workspace is tucked into a corner without feeling crowded. Work materials are on shelves, away from little hands, which will help with the transition when her little one becomes mobile.

home office inspiration

Make the most of the room you have

Your home “office” doesn’t have to be a dedicated space for it to be functional. The Craft + Printing Space from Delineate Your Dwelling has transformed her guest room into a multi-purpose room. Amy spend a lot of time at her craft table — you can’t beat the light coming through her window — but the rest of the room is beautiful and functional, too.

home office inspiration

Work with the furniture you have

Creating your ideal office space doesn’t mean re-mortgaging your home to completely refurnish your workspace. Liz, from Love Grows Wild, took an old desk from glum to glam in a Mint Desk Makeover.   Refinishing wood furniture isn’t nearly as intimidating as it seems, and the steps Liz describes are clear — and so is the gorgeous, updated desk.

home office inspiration

An organized desk increases productivity

Keeping your workspace organized helps improve your productivity. Lots of people work better in an organized space, and you won’t waste time digging around for the paperwork or materials you need. The Desk Organization tips — and gorgeous examples — from Kristin at Modish and Main are especially helpful if you’re having a hard time deciding where to put all of the things you need for your work day.

home office organization
Organize your desk with pops of color

Desk accessories are the perfect place to showcase your personality in your home office space. Melissa, from A Prudent Life, organizes her desk with gorgeous accessories in Desk Organization Reveal. We love the metallic touches mixed with the colors she’s chosen — it feels whimsical and chic while keeping her desk neat and streamlined.

home office inspiration

Personalize your desk accessories

Styling your home office means you can add personal touches to your desk accessories to fit your personal style. With just a few materials, Home Made by Carmona‘s Ursula turns a basic acrylic file box into a chic, eye-catching feature on her desk. Check out Stylized Office Accessories for instructions on how to transform your home office accessories — it’s not the first thing she’s glamorized on her desk!

home office inspiration


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DIY beauty

Pamper yourself with DIY face masks

Keep your skin smooth and keep blemishes at bay with DIY face masks at home. As lovely as they are, regular facials don’t fit into everyone’s schedule — or budget. However, you might be surprised what you can create with ingredients you already have in your home. We’ve rounded up some must-try face masks, complete with lush ingredients that can improve the look of your skin from the comfort of your couch.

NextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnail
DIY Honey Lemon Face Mask
DIY Champagne Detox Face Mask
Vitamin C rich face mask
Chocolate Oatmeal Face Mask
Clay face mask
Detox Your Face Mask
DIY Blueberry Face Exfoliator
DIY Honey & Oatmeal Face Mask
DIY Face Mask for Wrinkles

The Homemade Honey & Lemon Face Mask contains two of the most powerful natural ingredients you can find in your home. Lemon alone can help clear up acne, blackheads, and skin discoloration. The mask, from Hot Beauty Health, is simple but remarkably effective.

Hello Natural brings you a Champagne Detox Face Mask. You only need three ingredients and twenty minutes to get the benefits of this mask. Whether you decide to use leftover champagne the morning after a late night or sip from a new bottle while applying the mask, the antioxidants in the bubbly beverage help soothe your skin.

JJ Begonia knows what it’s like to see your favorite produce start to go bad by the middle of the week. Thanks to her savvy beauty skills, she can help you salvage those deteriorating fruits and veggies into something for your skin — like the Vitamin C-Rich Face Mask. The sweet-smelling mask will exfoliate and brighten your skin.

The Chocolate Oatmeal Face Mask proves cocoa can be a treat for your skin, too. This mask, from Gourmande in the Kitchen, is bursting with skin-improving ingredients. It helps combat free radicals, exfoliates, soothes, moisturizes, and opens up clogged pores.

The Clay Face Mask from Sprinkle of Cinnamon looks simple, but one of the ingredients completely shocked me. Especially with consistent use, this mask keeps your skin free of blemishes, and you might be surprised to see which of the ingredients you have in your kitchen right now contains antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties.

Oatmeal With a Fork concocted a homemade mask that gives you immediate results. The ‘Detox Your Face’ Mask is packed with natural ingredients that truly deliver a nutritional punch to your skin. The ingredients combine into a gorgeous, rich green color, and after 20 to 30 minutes, you’ll already notice a difference in your skin tone.

Smooth and moisturize your skin with the DIY Blueberry Exfoliating Mask from Alyssa & Carla. If you pick up a pint of blueberries during your next shopping trip, it’s likely you’ll already have the other three ingredients in this mask in your kitchen. The mask makes enough for two applications, and we know you’ll love it enough to use it several more times!

Hairspray & High Heels teaches you how to use three common — and budget-friendly — kitchen ingredients for a fabulous facial scrub. The DIY Honey & Oatmeal Facial Scrub will help your skin look younger and fresher without exotic and expensive ingredients, and the extra few minutes you spend on your skin will give you a few minutes to relax and recharge.

Try the Best Eye Mask for Wrinkles from Hello Glow for an instant face lift. The mask is gorgeous, and it will tighten your skin and help regenerate your skin’s cells. You’ll love how smooth your skin feels after a single application.

What is your favorite tip for an at-home spa day?
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Get Your Follow Finger Ready

50 Instagram Accounts to follow

In honor of Valentine’s Day being less than a week away, we’re sharing 50 Instagram accounts we LOVE to follow. From moms who post pictures that make our hearts skip a beat to party planners who make everyday feel like a celebration to families who give us pangs of wanderlust with their gorgeous #nofilter travel shots, get ready to follow, follow, follow. Times 50.

Before you peek at these Instagram accounts, be sure you’re following Savvy Sassy Moms on Instagram, too!

50 Instagram Accounts We LOVE
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@bellatheblog Instagram
@bestfriendsforfrosting Instagram
@cakeandconfetti Instagram
@christinedovey Instagram
@clairebidwell Instagram
@crazyforcrust Instagram
@designeatrepeat Instagram
@emilyley Instagram
@hesterandcook Instagram
@homelycreatures Instagram
@honeyandfizz Instagram
@jamiesmoore Instagram
@jenniferbuske Instagram
@jennycookies Instagram
@kaelahbee Instagram
@kaitlinkkeegan Instagram
@_kayleedaily Instagram
@laurenlefevre Instagram
@littledovie Instagram
@lovelyindeed Instagram
@mandychiappini Instagram
@mindy_creativejuice Instagram
@mrskalso Instagram
@msrachelhollis Instagram
@mulberrypressco Instagram
@northwestmommy Instagram
@onelittlemomma Instagram
@ourvintagefarmhouse Instagram
@persnicketyprints Instagram
@projectnursery Instagram
@raisingmatildajane Instagram
@ritzyreba Instagram
@rubensshoes Instagram
@sarahholstrom Instagram
@simplyshe_ic Instagram
@spearmintbaby Instagram
@spicyperspectiv Instagram
@strollerinthecity Instagram
@subsidyshades Instagram
@sugarandcloth Instagram
@sugarbylindsay Instagram
@taylorjoelledesigns Instagram
@teachinspirechange Instagram
@the_handmade_home Instagram
@thetrendysparrow Instagram
@tribeisalive Instagram
@wannabefashionblogger Instagram
@whitneyenglish Instagram
@whitneyharms Instagram
@yourcupofcake Instagram

1. @bellatheblog
New mom Elisabeth shares the sweetest pictures of life with her sweet little baby in her Instagram feed, which links back to her blog, Bella.

2. @bestfriendsforfrosting
You don’t have to love frosting to love everything about this Instagram account, but let’s face it… everyone loves frosting.

3. @cakeandconfetti
Straight out of Houston, we love this Instagram account for the best party and craft inspiration.

4. @christinedovey
A little bit of chic design, a little bit of fun with kids (all FOUR of them!), a little bit of fashion and a whole lot of style in this pretty Instagram account.

5. @clairebidwell
Life in LA with her girls is looking sweet on author, Claire Bidwell Smith’s Instagram account. If nothing else, you absolutely must follow her for the priceless Ballet Wednesday photos.

6. @crazyforcrust
Dorothy, a dessert blogger and cookbook author is crazy for crusts and we’re crazy for her delicious Instagram account.

7. @designeatrepeat
There’s something so irresistible about an Instagram account that is light and bright and this one is absolutely one of our favorites.

8. @emilyley
If her Instagram account wasn’t follow-worthy enough before (and, it was!), it sure is now that her feed is filled with pictures of her newborn twins.

9. @hesterandcook
Looking for a bit of modern chic inspiration? Head straight to this Instagram account and don’t look back.

10. @homelycreatures
We can’t help but wonder… does every kid-friendly house in Australia look like this? It does in our dreams.

11. @honeyandfizz
Another Instagram account from Down Under, we love following this mum of three. And, psst! She has an Etsy shop!

12. @jamiesmoore
Half of a very talented wedding planning duo (the other half is her husband!) and new mom, we can’t help but click LIKE on every single picture.

13. @jenniferbuske
Where kid and baby gear reviews meets life with four kids under the age of four, we adore every moment she captures and every hilarious and heartwarming word.

14. @jennycookies
Dessert-maker to some of our favorite celebrities, we think that her Instagram account is star-worthy all on its own. Also, yum.

15. @kaelahbee
Okay, that’s it. We’re all moving to Nashville.

16. @kaitlinkkeegan
If you’re on Instagram for outfit inspiration, there’s nobody better to follow. We’ll take one of everything in her wardrobe, if you don’t mind.

17. @_kayleedaily
For everything bright, and pink, and full of fun, and purple hair, we adore this Instagram account.

18. @laurenlefevre
When a wardrobe stylist has an Instagram account, good things are bound to happen. Don’t you agree?

19. @littledovie
All the party inspiration you’ll ever need is wrapped up (with a pretty bow, of course) in this Instagram account.

20. @lovelyindeed
Lovely Indeed, indeed. And, hold on to your ovaries, mamas. There’s a new little one to swoon over on this account.

21. @mandychiappini
There’s nothing better than when photographers have Instagram accounts to capture their everyday moments, just like this one does so very well.

22. @mindy_creativejuice
You guys. She makes macarons for a living. Of course her Instagram account is going to be amazing.

23. @mrskalso
We can’t resist the hilarious captions from this mom of two. Oh, and did we mention that her toddler has an Instagram account, too?

24. @msrachelhollis
There’s more chic on this Instagram account than we have in our pinky finger. Make that in both of our pinky fingers.

25. @mulberrypressco
You already know them for their awesome Hustlin Mama tees and now you need to know them for their super cool Instagram account.

26. @northwestmommy
Life in the woods has never looked so appealing. Especially when you add a sweet little boy, two of the biggest dogs we’ve ever seen and an occasional guest appearance from a horse.

27. @onelittlemomma
Thank goodness for this Instagram account that keeps our daily style ideas flowing with her cute, thrifty outfit posts.

28. @ourvintagefarmhouse
Even if you’ve never, ever considered packing up your life and moving to a farm, you might after you start following this Instagram account. You’ve been warned.

29. @persnicketyprints
You know all of those Instagram photos you’re taking? This Instagram account will inspire you to do something other than let them collect data on your phone.

30. @projectnursery
Your go-to Instagram account for all things nursery, this is also the home of Project Junior on Instagram and we love every review, design and gratuitous crib-shot.

31. @raisingmissmatilda
San Diego by way of Australia we love the moments captured raising her sweet daughter, Matilda… and now her newest daughter, Lucy, who just arrived last month.

32. @ritzyreba
Photographers on Instagram are one thing, but graphic designers on Instagram take things to an entirely new level of swoon.

33. @rubensshoes
An Instagram account that is sharing amazing pictures while they do amazing work in this world, this one is a must-follow.

34. @sarahholstrom
We spy palm trees. And cute kids with hair for days. And cool tees. And sunshine. And adventures.

35. @simplyshe_ic
Sharing everything that’s stylish about life (and there is so much to share!), we devour every picture of this gorgeous Instagram account.

36. @spearmintbaby
If you’re on the hunt for the latest trends in all things baby and kids, this is the Instagram account we insist you follow because you’re going to see them here first. Always.

37. @spicyperspectiv
Are you ready for an Instagram account that will make your tummy growl?

38. @strollerinthecity
She makes life in the city with three kids look easy and chic and with every stroller you’ve been swooning over in tow.

39. @subsidyshades
An Instagram account that will pull at your heartstrings and have you clicking LIKE over and over again, this clothing brand benefits families adopting children from around the world.

40. @sugarandcloth
Can we get another shout-out for Houston, please? We’re loving this DIY Instagram account that’s filled with sparkle for days.

41. @sugarbylindsay
She dreams in gold and pink and we’re pretty sure that she must have her own custom gold and pink Instagram filter, too!

42. @taylorjoelledesigns
We’ve talked about Instagram accounts featuring styles for moms, but this one is all about the stylish little ones.

43. @teachinspirechange
These daily outfit inspirations via Instagram are kid-friendly. She should know… she’s a teacher!

44. @the_handmade_home
It’s like all of those pins we pinned on Pinterest came to life in one Instagram account.

45. @thetrendysparrow
Where Etsy shop meets lifestyle meets Chicago style, you’ll find this pretty Instagram account.

46. @tribeisalive
We can hardly stand all of the cute kid tee designs from Tribe is Alive and their Instagram account is icing on the cupcake.

47. @wannabeefashionblogger
Style that comes straight out of the West Coast with a fashion-based Instagram account from San Francisco.

48. @whitneyenglish
Her Instagram account is just as amazing as the insanely popular planners she design.

49. @whitneyharms
Filled with fun adventures with their little ones and gorgeous, inspired pictures, we love seeing life as a mom through the eyes of a professional photographer.

50. @yourcupofcake
Let us warn you… If you’re on any kind of diet, stay away. Because the dessert overload on this Instagram account will make you cry.

What are some of your must-follow Instagram accounts?
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Valentine day breakfasts
Make these Valentine’s Day recipes ahead of time

Sweetheart Strawberry Scones from On Sugar Mountain are a quick and easy Valentine’s Day treat. The filled scones can be made a few days before Valentine’s Day, so you don’t have to worry about rushing to get breakfast ready that morning. Adults will love them with coffee, and little ones can try dunking theirs in hot chocolate for a special treat.

Dessert Now, Dinner Later urges you to prep the Vanilla Strawberry Monkey Bread from the night before Valentine’s Day, and enjoy a sticky, delicious breakfast with your valentines. With only six ingredients, the prep is simple, making it the perfect recipe for a busy mom.

The Overnight Pecan Praline French Toast from Carlsbad Cravings is designed to be prepared the night before you serve it, so you can relax while it bakes. The recipe is more simple than it sounds, and your mouth will thank you for the sweet, sugary, caramelized nuts.

Not only can the Chocolate Loaf with Cream Cheese Glaze be made the day before Valentine’s Day, it can be enjoyed with afternoon tea if your family doesn’t finish the entire loaf at breakfast. The rich bread, from Family Food and Travel, doesn’t take long to prep, though it definitely tastes like a special treat.

NextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnail
Sweetheart Strawberry Scones
Vanilla Strawberry Monkey bread
Pecan Praline Overnight French Toast
Chocolate Loaf with Cream Cheese Glaze
Red Velvet Doughnuts
Jelly Filled Donut Holes
Chocolate doughnuts with strawberries
Berry cream cheese pancakes
Cast Iron Skillet Pancake
White chocolate crepes
Strawberry sweet rolls
Strawberry cinnamon rolls
Red Velvet Waffles
Valentine breakfast ideas for donut-loving families

Red Velvet Doughnuts with Cream Cheese Frosting are Annie’s Noms’ sweet treat for your special valentines. The batter is the perfect consistency for your donut mold, and popping the baked doughnuts into the oven is simpler that frying them.

Deliciously Yum brings Jelly Filled Donut Holes to your Valentine’s Day breakfast table, and you won’t be disappointed. Filled with sweet jelly and rolled in sugar, donut holes are a sweet treat best enjoyed the day you make them — once you try them, you’ll see that won’t be a problem!

Chocolate and champagne are Valentine’s Day staples, and Boxwood Avenue combines the flavors beautifully in her Chocolate Doughnuts with Strawberry Champagne Glaze. Topped with festive sprinkles, these doughnuts are as adorable as they are delicious, and the recipe results in leftover champagne.

Valentine’s Day breakfast classics with a twist

The Well Floured Kitchen suggests trying her adorable Berry Cream Cheese Pancake Sandwiches with whipped cream and a sweet berry sauce. However, if your house is anything like ours in the morning, you’ll love that your kids can grab these and go, leaving the delectable dippers for you and your spouse.

You’ll never love your cast iron skillet more after trying the Cast Iron Skillet Pancake with Fresh Blackberry Champagne Compote. Goodie Godmother offers a recipe that’s simple enough for even “non-bakers” to master, and the blackberry champagne compote gives the fluffy pancake a special occasion flair.

If you’re stealing a few hours for a romantic breakfast this Valentine’s Day, The Gold Lining Girl has a decadent idea for you. The White Chocolate, Strawberries and Champagne Crepes only use a little bit of champagne to bring out the juices in the berry sauce — which means there will be plenty of bubbles left for you to sip with breakfast.

Dietary restrictions don’t mean boring breakfasts

Strawberry Sweet Rolls with Dark Chocolate Drizzle are a bit like eating chocolate dipped berries for breakfast. Amy’s Healthy Baking crafted these delicious rolls with whole wheat flour, and they’re dairy-free, so you don’t have to feel guilty about reaching for seconds.

The Veg Life offers her vegan-friendly Strawberry Cinnamon Rolls with Lemon Glaze in a heart-shaped package. Warm, gooey, homemade cinnamon rolls are a lovely way to start your winter morning, and even non-vegans will adore the bursts of strawberry and lemon flavors.

The Red Velvet Waffles from What the Fork are gluten-free — though they can be adapted to use regular baking flour if you’re not cooking for someone sensitive to gluten. Not only are the waffles delicious, but with a sprinkle of powdered sugar, they’re perfectly coordinated for the holiday.

If you feel the need to jump start your healthy eating after these breakfast treats, try one of the twelve healthy smoothies we love.

Do you do special holiday breakfasts for your family?
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New month, new favorites

Hello there, February! We’re not sure where January went, but now that it’s long gone, we’re focused on surviving the depths of winter with a few of our latest favorites. What’s on your February favorites list?

5 February favorites we’re loving right now

5 Favorite Picks for February

Happy Plugs Earbuds in Gold, Nordstrom, $30
How fancy are these gold earbuds? Even though we will likely lose them in the bottom of our purse for weeks on end, we still love that they will upgrade our work sessions with touch of bling.

Home-Gym-Home Bag in Houndstooth, Fivesse, $99
There’s a lot to love about Fiveses’ Home-Gym-Home bags because they literally do a little bit of everything, taking you from home to the gym to work and back again, all in one bag. All of the fantastic pockets on this bag would make it a great diaper bag contender, too!

True Love Felt Balls, Pippin Pops via Etsy, $16 for a set of 45
There are a handful of things that we will attempt to DIY, but we think leaving felt ball garlands to the experts is a lovely idea. Pippin Pops is a new shop on Etsy and they will even string your felt balls for you for an extra $2.

Room Essentials Easy-Care Sheet Sets, Target, $16 and up
We spied these cute sheets via @_melissarohr and we’ve been obsessed ever since. And, for at under $20 for a twin-sized set, they’re a February favorite that won’t break the bank. Even if we happen to buy them for every bed in the house.

Blooming Garland Dress, 435 Collection from Matilda Jane Clothing, $62
Good news, moms of tweens! Matilda Jane Clothing just launched their 435 Collection, designed specifically with tween girls in mind.

What are you February favorites? 
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date night ideas

Date nights add sparkle to your marriage

Many new year’s resolutions involve spending time nurturing your relationship with your significant other, and date nights are the perfect opportunities to reconnect with your spouse. Since Valentines Day is just around the corner, we thought we’d share some creative date night ideas to spice things up a bit! You don;t have to spend a lot of money or take off on an expensive weekend either, many of these ideas you can do right from home.

Five date night ideas if you’re going out
Find a drive-in movie theater

Drive-in movies are about more than nostalgia. Sitting in close contact with your spouse, with a movie on the big screen, creates intimacy not found at the movie theater. You can chat, hold hands and ignore the move if that’s the direction the evening takes.

Discover your outdoor style

Where you live will put limits on an outdoor date, but take advantage of your geography and the weather to find your perfect date night in the outdoors. Try an outdoor concert, bring a picnic to the beach or find an outdoor skating rink and hold hands so you don’t fall all over the ice.

Get a room

If you have the ability to do an overnight away, book a hotel room in town and become a tourist — a tourist who can sleep in instead of getting up at the crack of dawn with a little one. Eat at a decidedly not-family-friendly restaurant and stay out way too late dancing — or go back to your room early and curl up for the most blissful night of sleep you’ve had in months. You might love it so much you recreate the bed at home.

Paint the town

Nights out at local painting studios are quickly becoming a go-to for groups of girlfriends, but it can be a novel way to reconnect with your spouse, too. Bring a bottle of wine, and agree to laugh at each other when your painting turns out more like something your four-year-old would bring home than something you’d find in a museum. Doing something outside of your comfort zone can be more intimate that sharing a candlelit dinner.

Rock out and dance

It doesn’t leave much quiet time for talking, but seeing a favorite band — or at least one you don’t hate — gives you the opportunity to let loose with your spouse. Stand up and dance, yell your favorite lyrics and drink cheap beer that’s warm by the time you find your seats. Besides, a concert is the perfect place to wear your {faux} leather pants.

Five date night ideas if you’re staying in

Game night

Playing games with your spouse takes on a whole new dynamic when you’re playing one-on-one. Wager something to amp up the good-natured competition — maybe the loser cleans the bathroom for the entire month or the winner gets to sleep in every weekend morning for six weeks. If board games aren’t your thing, try teaming up for online trivia.

Travel without leaving the house

Choose an area of the world and challenge each other to recreate the culture in your house. Whether you’re channeling Spanish culture with paella and a Pedro Almodóvar film or dreaming of France over brie, macarons and a photo tour of Paris, taking your focus outside of your home can be surprisingly freeing.

Throw a carpet picnic

Candles, a soft blanket and stemless wine glasses that won’t tip are ingredients for a carpet picnic. Stretching out on the floor is cozy, comfortable and gives you and your spouse a different perspective. It’s like a drive-in movie in your living room.

Wedding redux

Hear us out on this one! Select a couple of your favorite wedding details: your first dance song, your favorite passed appetizer, a cocktail you drank that day, the perfume you wore. Dress up a little bit and have a special night that allows you to reminisce about your past while dreaming about your future.

Focus on adult conversation

Talking with your spouse seems like a natural part of a date night, but when you’re dealing with kids and other family obligations, date nights can seem more like a conference call or weekly project wrap-up. Set aside fifteen minutes at the top of your date to get any pressing concerns about the kids out of the way, and then ban mommy-daddy conversation for the rest of the night. Having a tough time with it? Pull out the Taboo buzzer from game night and buzz each other if conversation strays.

What’s your favorite date night idea?
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5 looks from head to toe

We teamed with one of our favorite moms Venessa Kaufman, founder of We The Classy to show our busy moms 5 Ultra-Stylish Day-to-Day looks with sneakers. Venessa is a mother of two toddlers, blogger, model, and a registered financial broker who is always on the go. All of us can relate to Venessa’s journey, finding a way to feel like yourself and be a mom. “I found that being stylish like my pre-baby self, while dressing functionally for my post-baby self has been a key component in determining how my day is going to go” says Venessa.

I think we can all agree with V when she says “that handling a tantrum on a staircase in stilettos is a hazard to anyone’s safety!” So for all of you girls who (pre-baby) were constantly running around in heels, this is for you! Using the same pair of New Balance sneakers we created 5 looks that are free of those traditional black yoga pants. If you don’t already own a pair, we strongly advises you to purchase a pair of neutral or monochromatic “sneakers” to accomplish these looks.

1. The Cool T-shirt Trend
Hot to rock a t-shirt, jeans and tennis shoes for a casuel look

(Pictured: Old Navy Necklace, Skinny Jeans, H&M, $9-49.95)
V-neck Tee, ZARA)

2. Moto jacket paired with printed active pants
Moto jacket with printed leggings and tennis shoes for a sporty look

(Pictured: Moto Jacket ,GAP $25.99, Printed Active Pants OLD NAVY $29.94)

3. Knit long sleeve tee with leatherette pants
5 ways to wear dress up your tennis shoes

(Pictured: Knit Long Sleeve OLD NAVY $16.94, Leatherette Pants H&M $17)

4. Fine-knit dress paired with a bright colored clutch
A dress and tennis shoes it can be done!

(Pictured: Fine-Knit Dress H&M $24.95, Pink Clutch H&M)

5. Leather jacket paired with v-neck tee and jersey skirt
5 ways to style trendy tennis shoes

(Pictured: Vegan Leather Moto Jacket AMERICAN EAGLE $89.99, Jersey V-Neck Top OLD NAVY, $14.94), Zara Mini Jersey Skirt)

Secret Beauty Tip From Venessa:

Another obstacle I’ve encountered is having pretty manicured nails between giving baths and making dinners. Through trial and lots of error I have discovered two Essie nail colors that are both lovely and extremely fast drying. So fast that if you need to have your nails done for a night out you can throw on a coat as you step out the door with no fear, or even while sitting in the playroom with the kiddos.

IMG_5182The two colors are called Haute As Hello and Good As Gold. Both are worth their weight in gold to a busy stylish mama.

I strongly believe that part of being a good mom is being good to one’s self. Our kids learn from our actions. If we are kind to ourselves and are confident about our images as mothers, then they will learn how to be confident as well. You are someone’s idol.

We loved working with Venessa aka VNK. She is the sweetest! Thank you for having so much fun with us and sharing some of your tips. For more with VNK follow @wetheclassy

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Because moms love their jeans

How many days of the week do you wear jeans? Three days? Five? All seven? Moms and jeans go together like, well, moms and jeans. Moms love jeans so much that they even have an entire jean category named after them (no, we aren’t suggesting you need actual mom jeans!). These jeans for moms are staples that you should have in your closet, no matter what your size, shape or style.

5 Pairs of jeans every mom needs in her closet
 5 Pairs of Jeans Every Mom Needs in Her Closet
1. Boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans are a casual style of jeans that are more than just a passing trend. They’re often a bit bigger and baggier than the jeans you typically wear and sometimes they even have that pre-loved look with strategically placed rips in just the right places.

Jeans for Moms- Boyfriend Jeans

But, just because they are casual, doesn’t mean that you should dress boyfriend jeans down. Pair them with some feminine flats and a pretty floral top to balance the style of the jeans or take it one step further, throwing them on with your sassiest heels!

(Pictured: 1969 Sexy Boyfriend Jeans, GAP, $70)

2. Colored jeans

These will likely be the trendiest pair of jeans in your closet because the color you choose can be seasonal — pastel colored jeans for spring, brighter colors and even neons for summer, rich jewel tones for fall and soft neutrals for winter.

Jeans for Moms- Colored Jeans

Colored jeans are such a fun way to add a pop of seasonal color to your wardrobe or to try out a color-of-the-moment (maybe in the latest Pantone Color of the Year?). Wear them with bold patterned tops for an outfit that makes a statement, or color block them with other solid pieces or pieces in the same color family to give a new look a try.

(Pictured: Women’s The Rockstar Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans, Old Navy, $35) 

3. Skinny jeans

Let us make ourselves perfectly clear — skinny jeans mean different things to different moms and we embrace that. When we suggest that every mom should have skinny jeans in her closet, we mean that every mom needs a pair of jeans that is slim-fitting on her body. Find a pair that is slim-fitting through the entire leg of the jean and most importantly at the ankle — the signature piece of what makes a skinny jean a skinny jean.

Jeans for Moms- Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are incredibly versatile, especially if you buy them in a dark wash that will go with practically anything in your closet. Wear them with your favorite shoes  — from flats to wedges to those retro sneakers you adore — then pick a top shape that is flattering to go with them.

(Pictured: Charlie Skinny Jeans, Lucky Brand, $99)

4. Black jeans

If you’re going to invest in a pair of jeans, put your money into a pair of black jeans. Not only will you have them for years, but the more you spend on a pair of black jeans, the longer they will last and the less their color will fade. Buy them in whatever your favorite jean style may be, but we strongly suggest a simple, classic fit and style that will be timeless.

Jeans for Moms- Black Jeans

You can obviously dress up a pair of black jeans with a pair of heels and a cute blazer, but try taking them to the next level, too. Add some ankle boots and a casual v-neck tee for a completely different look. Or, use them as a base in your outfit for those animal prints that you can’t resist or for a pop of color that’s on-trend.

(Pictured: Paige Denim Skyline Skinny Jeans in Black Shadow, Nordstrom, $169)

5. Wide leg jeans

Wide leg jeans can be controversial, but we think they’re a must-have. Not only are they the perfect jean to wear with those espadrille wedges that you love, but they are actually quite flattering on all body types, especially if you pair them with the pieces that are right for you.

Jeans for Moms- Wide Leg Jeans

For moms who are short or petite, wearing wide leg jeans with wedges are a must to give you enough height to keep them from dragging on the ground. Moms who have more length to play with can pair them with flats for a soft, feminine look. All moms should consider what they wear as a top with wide leg jeans — try one that is more fitted to balance the wider shape of the bottom half of your outfit, which will make your waist look small.

(Pictured: Wideleg Jeans, Boden, $78)

What is your favorite pair of jeans?
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