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Maybe you’re a coupon-cutting penny pincher or you’ve ever done a double take at the total of your Sephora cart. We all want to get the most beauty bang for our buck on the makeup and skincare products we buy. We want them to work miracles on our skin, of course, but we also don’t want to toss them before we’ve used them up. And we feel the same way whether we’re tossing a $2 lip gloss or a $200 face serum. Today we’re sharing four easy tips for getting the most out of your makeup and skincare.

4 Ways to Make Your Beauty Products Last

Tip #1: Store them right

Is your makeup drawer a jumble of bottles, compacts and palettes? If you find yourself constantly digging through mountains of makeup to find the product you need, your makeup won’t last as long as it should. Tossed-around compacts lead to broken blushes and eye shadows. Tilted, jumbled bottles create cracked lids and leaks. Two other big culprits — light and heat — make the bathroom one of the worst places to store your priciest skincare products. Separate your makeup based on those products you use most often and those you only pull out for special occasions. Consider keeping certain products like eye creams, perfume and skincare with vitamin C in the refrigerator. The cooler temperature helps boost its performance (cool eye cream does double duty to deflate puffy, tired eyes) and preserves its ingredients.

Make beauty products last

Tip #2: Use them right

How you use your beauty products can also cause them to go bad sooner than they should. Raise your hand if you’re a mascara wand pumper. (Guilty!) Pumping the wand in and out of the tube forces air inside and dries out the mascara. Instead, twist the wand inside the tube to load it up with mascara. Other usage mistakes? Dipping your finger directly into wide mouth cream and lotion jars and not shaking foundation before applying.

Making beauty products last

Tip #3: Get every last drop

Beauty product packaging often foils your best attempts to get the most out of a product. I get so irritated when the dropper of my favorite serum no longer reaches the very last drops at the bottom of the bottle. Or when I just know more foundation remains in that container but refuses to come out, despite all my shaking and squeezing.

Luckily, with a little gadget called the BEAUTISCOOP, you can ensure that your favorite products are good to the last drop. Use it for lotion and lip gloss, makeup and moisturizer, serum and shampoo. The dual-sided scoop has two sizes that fit into just about any container to capture every ounce of product hiding down at the bottom. The wand is easy to use, fits into every bottle, tube and container I’ve tried it in, and makes me feel good knowing that I’m no longer wasting product.

Tip #4: Buy a mini

How to make beauty products last

Anyone else have trouble controlling yourself as you wait in line at Sephora? Those sample-sized tempters often try to jump right into my basket! Thanks to the rise of travel-friendly mini products, you don’t have to just enjoy sample sizes as free gifts with your order. While there are dozens to swoon over, there’s actually one sample-size cosmetic you really should consider using consistently — mascara.

Most mascaras have a 3-month shelf life, but I’ve never finished a tube in 3 months, ever. That means I’m left with tossing a tube before it’s done (not usually) or going beyond the 3 month mark which raises my risk of eye infection. One 2008 study found that nearly 40% of the mascaras surveyed were contaminated with either a bacteria or fungus after three months of use. Ewwww.

Luckily, with mini-sized mascaras, you will likely use them up before they get gross, and they are less likely to dry out or get clumpy. Plus you have an legit excuse to try all the different travel-sized mascaras that places like Sephora and Ulta offer. #winwin

How do you make your favorite beauty products last?
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Keeping up with current fashion trends can be very expensive. As moms, we love our leggings and yoga pants for around the house. Still, we want to look good when we have the opportunity to get out and interact with other adults. Working parents have the added challenge of creating a fashionable wardrobe for the office without breaking the bank. Finding online deals takes stress out of shopping for fashionable clothes.

Best online deals for clothes

Consider buying used items

People without children can probably find time to search through items at consignment stores. However, parents often find the only time they can shop online is after the kids go to bed. The good news is just because we’re shopping with our devices instead of our feet, we can still find great deals on gently used items.

There are many options for finding used clothing online. One of the most well-known sites to use for buying all sorts of things is eBay, and they have listings for pretty much anything. Their site provides a variety of ways to limit your search, so you can find the size, brand, or even color that you want. The downside to eBay is that the listings will include many outdated items.

Online shoppers can find more recent clothing items for sale on sites like thredUP. If you’re looking for something like a special occasion dress, you can also save money by renting designer dresses through sites like Rent the Runway.

best online deals


Search for coupon codes

You will be amazed at how many coupon codes are available for pretty much every website out there. Before you finalize your transactions, check to make sure that you do not forget to apply discount codes. A simple search for “discount codes” and the name of the site should yield a couple of different options for you to try.

Try to apply several codes to your transaction, because you may be able to combine a couple of different offers. If you’re having trouble finding a coupon code that works, always check out the homepage for the site. Deals are often highlighted there to entice shoppers to venture further into the site.

Search for trendy, off-brand clothing

We all have our favorite brands, but branching out and trying alternatives can give you the look without the high price. Be honest; no one really looks at the tags on your clothing. I’ve been pretty impressed with the affordable clothing offered on Amazon. They have trendy-looking items for really low prices.

Plenty of other sites offer cheaper versions of your favorite styles. They might not be heirloom quality, but if you’re someone who is continually updating their closet, it may be a good option.

best online deals
Take advantage of rewards programs and sales

If you are hopelessly devoted to any specific stores or brands, make sure to earn some rewards for your loyalty. Sign up for email newsletters, and you can receive coupons and learn about upcoming sales. Don’t forget about planning ahead to make purchases during yearly sales or special holiday promotions. Some brands and sites that reward repeat customers with discounts you can apply towards future purchases.

Some sites and brands that only offer special pricing on special occasions. You can still save some of the cost by using a credit card with a cash-back or another type of reward program. Any easy way to find these reward programs is by going to Google and typing the name of your favorite online store followed by rewards or loyalty program. Just make sure to pay off your balances in full, or else the interest charges will cancel out your rewards.

Inline image 6

Look for free shipping — and shop strategically

Finally, shipping charges are a sneaky way to end up paying even more for your online purchases. Most sites offer free shipping once your purchase adds up to a certain amount. Make sure you’re not paying $15 for shipping, when you could add on a small item and get everything sent to you without any extra charges.

Staying up to date with current trends is going to be expensive if you are an impulse shopper. By being more strategic with your spending, it is possible to save quite a bit of money. The keys are planning ahead and thinking a little outside the box. A little extra effort can help you be both fashionable and frugal.

What are your favorite sources for the best online deals?

Jenny Silverstone is just another mom trying to do her best. She loves making lists and helping others find what they are looking for. When she’s not trying to find the best bargains online, you can find her blogging about all things related to feeding your baby at and join her on Pinterest.

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Spring is full of color and life, so why not let your new favorite cocktail share that same vigor? Inviting with their crisp bubbly taste. Enticing with just the right amount of fun sparkle. Then wowing with a whole lot of color. The one promise we can make is that these Rock Candy Cocktails won’t last long at your next soiree.

Rock Candy Champagne Cocktail

Rock Candy Cocktails are a colorful feast for both your eyes and your tastebuds. Don’t let all that pop and fizz fool you, though. The Rock Candy Cocktails are super simple to put together (hint: it’s all about the candy), and within seconds you can enjoy these delightfully sweet drinks as you entertain this spring!

Easy Rock Candy champagne cocktail recipe
Rock Candy Champagne Cocktail

Serving size: 1
Total Time: < 1 minute



  • 1 Rock Candy stick
  • 3-4 ounces of champagne



  1. Pour chilled champagne into individual champagne flutes.
  2. Place one Rock Candy stick into each flute. Let settle for a few seconds.
  3. Serve and enjoy!

Rock Candy champagne cocktail recipe

Now here is where you can take the Rock Candy Cocktail to the next level with a little more “oomph”. Our second version of this delicious drink still has all that bubbly and colors, but packs a little more punch (pun intended).

Rock Candy Champagne Punch cocktail recipe
Rock Candy Champagne Punch

Serving size: 1
Total Time: 2 minutes


  • 1 tbsp of granulated sugar
  • 1 oz of vodka
  • 3 oz of lemonade
  • 1 oz of pineapple juice
  • 3 oz of champagne
  • 1/2 oz of St. Germaine
  • 1 cup of ice
  • 1 lime
  • 1 Rock Candy stick


  1. Cut lime in half and rub lime juice on the rim of your glass. Dip glass in granulated sugar on a plate to garnish.
  2. Place ice in glass.
  3. Pour champagne, vodka, lemonade, pineapple juice, and st. germaine directly over the ice.
  4. Place Rock Candy stick in the champagne mixture and let settle for one minute.
  5. Serve and enjoy!

Rock Candy Cocktail Recipes

What crafty way do you use candy in cocktails? Share with us!

Rock Candy Cocktail recipes for spring

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This post is sponsored by Mox shoes. All opinions are my own. 

Mox shoes call themselves “the anywhere shoes.” Secretly, I wasn’t sure about that before I slid my feet into them. I’m more of a “go with the heels” type of shoe wearer most of the time, but I loved the idea of snagging a pair of Mox shoes for times when heels don’t seem quite right.

Mox shoes

Mox shoes made a fantastic first impression

Gold flats landed on my wish list last fall, but I hadn’t yet added a pair to my closet. A pair of Mox felt like the perfect chance to try metallic shoes. They arrived in a reusable cotton bag, which made me smile. Cute packaging goes a long way! Unwrapping them felt special from the moment I opened the box. I liked that the color was rich and warm without feeling too yellow.

Lighter nail polish and sunglasses move into constant rotation when warmer weather arrives. Plus, I finally get to retire boots until the leaves start to change colors in the fall.

Convenient and comfortable choice for walking to school

We’re lucky enough to live within walking distance to school. My kids think they want to experience the carpool lane, but I appreciate being able to walk with them — no matter what the weather. Our neighborhood doesn’t have sidewalks, which means I spend part of our walk traipsing across the lawn. During winter months and early spring, I know I’ll turn to snow boots or my favorite wellies, depending on the weather.

As the weather gets warmer, I don’t always know what to wear. Flip flops just aren’t my favorite, and my sky-high wedges seem a little silly when I might end up spending time at the playground once that final bell rings. Mox shoes turned out to be the perfect choice for my twice-daily walks. Since light and breathable Mox are made from 100% man made rubber, I don’t have to worry about early morning dew soaking my running shoes. My feet look cute, and I’m able to stay comfortable even if my kids try to cajole me into a game of tag after school.

Moving Mox shoes into my wardrobe rotation

After wearing Mox to school for a couple of days, I started to think about how true it was that they could be a true “anywhere” shoe. Lightweight and flexible, I can’t think of a better shoe to toss into a carryon while traveling. They wear comfortably, which matters during travel, and they’re sleek enough to pair with shorts, jeans, or sundresses. Even a heel die-hard like me might tuck them into a clutch the next time I go to a wedding or formal event. Dancing the night away sometimes requires changing into a more comfortable, yet still stylish, pair of shoes.

I’ll definitely wear them almost daily this summer. My kids and I spend as many waking hours as possible at the pool. My time there mostly involves keeping an eye on them from the side of the water. They’re getting much too mature to want their mom in the water with them when they’re with friends. A pair of cute, waterproof shoes will make it easy to choose what to put on in the morning.

Try a pair of Mox shoes — and get 10% off

We’re excited to offer our Savvy Sassy readers a promo code good through April 21st for 10% off. Pick your favorite Mox shoes, and use the code SASSY10 at checkout. (I found them to be true to size. I wear either a 6 or 6 1/2 in most shoes, and the 36 fit perfectly.)

Keep up with Mox online
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As the weather gets warmer, the sleeves get shorter, and its time to retreat to your closet to break in an old friend, your favourite plain white tee. In fact, you probably have plenty favourite white tees, and you’ll continue to buy more and more over the spring and summer. This year, a small update with a buzzword tee or accessory will add some “oomph” to my outfits.

Buzzword Tees and Accessories

My white tee, can now simply state, “I’m funny and progressive, I’m still a cool mom. Read my t-shirt,” but also says “not for too long.” This year, I’m embracing the power of suggestion with these cute Buzzword Tees. These quick, quirky tees attract just enough attention to stand out in a crowd of plain white tees, but are simple enough to be durable, and quickly transition from casual, to dressy, and back again. You can find a graphic tee with almost any phrase so that they make great personality descriptors, and gifts. For example, for my older daughter, I would choose a tee that reads “dream,” and for my middle daughter, I would choose “sunny.”

Here are some buzzword tee’s AND accessories we have our eye on!

buzzword tee

How will you express yourself with a graphic tee this summer?
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Thank you Mirum for sponsoring this post.  All opinions are our own.    

Easter is right around the corner and that means moms everywhere are busy preparing. We are pulling together everyone’s adorable Easter outfits and managing the mess that comes along with dying Easter eggs. Another thing to check off the list is shopping for goodies to fill everyone’s Easter baskets. This year we didn’t want to leave out the guys in our lives. We made our way to Walmart to stock up on all sorts of guy-approved items.  


Baseball bold basket

Our guys, both big and small, are big baseball fans! Walmart had everything we needed for a baseball themed bold basket. We skipped the candy and went straight for the meaty treat in the snack aisle, Slim Jim 26-Pack Original and Mild.


Playing and watching the big games help work up an appetite, so Slim Jim and these other snacks will be sure to help satisfy and win them over. Since we found everything we needed at Walmart, it was an easy one-stop shopping day.  The added bonus was that we got it all at everyday low prices.


Create and share your own Slim Jim Bold Basket

Guys everywhere love snapping into a Slim Jim. Whether it be for your husband, significant other or even teenage sons, head to Walmart and create a guy-approved, bold basket this Easter. Be sure to share your own Slim Jim Bold Basket for a chance to will a $100 Walmart gift card!



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We love fudge and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?! With spring temperatures arriving and flowers in full bloom we decided to put a lighter and spring twist on traditional chocolate fudge. We took a white chocolate fudge recipe and created a delicious spring treat by adding lemon flavoring and sprinkles. It’s perfect for nibbling at home or wrapping up and using as gifts this spring. One of the best things about this white chocolate lemon fudge recipe is that it only takes a few ingredients and can be made in your microwave!


White chocolate lemon fudge

Prep time: 5 minutes
Cook time: 1 minute
Hardening time: 2 hours in the refrigerator


3 cups white chocolate chips
1 14 ounce can sweetened condensed milk
2 tablespoons butter, softened
2 tablespoons lemon extract
(optional: yellow food coloring and sprinkles)

1. Line an 8×8 baking dish with foil and spray with non-stick cooking spray.
2. In a microwave safe dish, combine chocolate chips, condensed milk and butter.
3. Microwave for 30 seconds and stir. Continue microwaving in 30 second increments and stirring until chips are almost melted.
4. Add lemon extract and yellow food coloring (if desired) and mix well.
5. Pour mixture into prepared pan and top with sprinkles.
6. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours to allow fudge to harden before cutting.

Share the spring sweetness

If you can resist eating all of this white chocolate lemon fudge yourself, it also makes great gifts. There is no better way to say happy spring than with a sweet treat. We packaged ours in miniature mason jars and tied with colorful ribbon for a fun touch. Stick some in your neighbor’s mailbox, send some in to school to wish teachers a happy spring break or brighten a co-worker’s day by dropping some by their desk.

What is your favorite spring treat?
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In our humble opinion, we think Netflix is God’s gift to moms.

As the veteran mom, when we first purchased a Netflix subscription, I avoided it like the plague. I didn’t have time for TV. I was working, and after hours, I was dropping off carpool for my three kids during the dinner rush, which is another full-time job in itself. My eyes would practically close as my head hit the pillow.

But, on my flight to Vietnam, my eyes were opened. My kids taught me that you can SAVE TV shows and movies onto your phone, and watch them offline WITHOUT data. On our Savvy Sassy Mom’s trip to Vietnam, I watched eight episodes of “Stranger Things” consecutively. Now, my family refers to me as “The Binge Watcher.” I can watch a full season of a TV show in under a week, and now that I have Netflix downloaded on my devices, I can take my shows to bed with me.

As the millennial mom, I am always on the go. I have no time for TV, but at the same time, I need to watch all of the latest shows! Between PTA meeting, hockey, dinners with friends and work events, I can’t let the TV guide dictate when I watch. So, while I would do my best to record the shows I wanted to watch, most of the time I would forget to record the show or I would record too many and my box wouldn’t be able to hold them all. Needless to say, I’ve been missing out! We originally started with Netflix for the kids. I’m pretty picky about what I let the kids watch, so it seemed like a good idea. Then, one night, when I couldn’t find anything to watch on TV, I turned on Netflix and the rest is history…and by history, I mean I stay up all night, every night binge watching show after show!

Here are our favorites that you need to be watching!


Don’t tell, but country music is our guilty pleasure. Nashville features musical legends such as Christina A and Elton John, among others. Nashville also showcases natural talents and rising stars. Nashville depicts working moms juggling family life while have strong careers in music. You will fall in love with Deacon Clayborne and want to be best friend with Rayna James. We could listen to them sing all day and the storylines will have you watching show after show…trust us!



Suits: Making the impossible happen since 2011. Suits is what you imagine law firms in NYC to be like. Harvey Specter and Mike Ross make an unmatched duo doing whatever it takes to win it all. Suits will have you on the edge of your seat until you’ve watched them all!

The Crown

The crown
History fans will love The Crown, a historical fiction following the intricacies of Queen’s Elizabeth’s life and role as a matriarch. I liked the historical aspect of the show which was very accurate. As well, the acting was outstanding. It should continue to present day!

House of Cards

House of Cards
I consider House of Cards one of the most addictive shows on Netflix. Kevin Spacey was built for the leading role in this tense, manipulative — and sometimes terrifying — political drama, and he makes the show believable.


This series is nothing like the Archie Comics I grew up with. Archie has a six-pack, and Riverdale is shaken by a recent murder. The revamped series, based on the Archie Comics, is jam-packed with the teen drama you crave, like scandalous trysts between a teacher and a student, mean girls, and the mystery shrouding Jason Blossom’s death.


This show is about secrets ad scandals you can’t begin to imagine. Olivia Pope is the woman behind the scenes who takes care of it all. She is the one you want on your side. This how has just about all of the passion, secrets, and torture you can handle…and you won’t be able to turn it off

Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights

An award winning drama set in a fictional town of Dillon, Texas, Friday Night Lights centers around the small town high school football coach and his family. (The show is based on a movie that was based on a book about a real high school football team in Odessa, Texas.) Tackling topics like coming of age, American culture, economics, and racism, you will find yourself fully invested in the lives of these families. Friday Night Lights stars Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton.


There is no one size fits all parenting. Parenthood is a multi-generational show about parenting and families. From parenting to grandparent-ing to keeping secrets for your siblings, you are sure to identify with one or some of the characters in this show.

Frankie and Grace

Frankie and Grace

Everyone needs a friend to lean on, especially if you are Frankie and Grace.  When these women find out that their husbands are gay and leaving them for one another, they need to learn how to navigate their new normal. Tune in to see how they do!

Grey’s Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy

If you watched ER or Chicago Hope (way back when) then you will love the medical drama of Grey’s Anatomy. If nothing else, McDreamy and McSteamy will have you coming back for more each episode!

Now, go log on to Netflix or get a subscription stat!

What are you watching on Netflix? Share below!
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We all search high and low for the best baby products on the market. But — confession time — my baby is running off to school and those products stay in my home. Find out which products I transitioned from “for baby” to “for mama”.

baby products moms love

Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment Advanced Therapy Skin Protectant

Until we diagnosed her milk protein allergy, one of my sweet babies dealt with some serious diaper rash. I kept it at bay with Aquaphor. It quickly soothed and protected her skin, even after so many other recommended creams didn’t work for us. With the amount of hand-washing that comes with frequent diaper changes, I’d grab that blue topped tub and smear the ointment on my hands. I soon noticed Aquaphor kept my hands moisturized far longer than my other favorite lotions — and the lack of scent meant it wasn’t irritating my baby’s skin when we cuddled. That “baby” is now nine years old, and I’m still buying Aquaphor.

baby products moms love

The Honest Company baby wipes

I thought I’d ditch the baby wipes once we said goodbye to potty training. I was wrong. I keep them stashed in the car for quick hand and face wipes when we’re rushing between extracurricular activities. My favorite use for them, however, happens when I’m in a hurry and realize I’ve gotten deodorant on one of my many black or gray shirts. A quick blot and rub with baby wipes gets rid of the telltale white marks. I like The Honest Company wipes, because I don’t notice leftover lint you get from other wipes.

Baby products moms love

A diaper clutch

I adored my diaper bag — a Petunia Picklebottom Boxy Backpack — but I never looked back when my kids grew old enough for me to carry a regular purse again. However, I’m never giving up this Petunia Picklebottom Convertible Clutch. When my kids were little, I used the diaper clutch for short walks and visits to grandma’s, where my mom kept all sorts of snacks and entertainment for her beloved grandchildren. I thought I’d retire it as they grew out of diapers, but I’m holding onto this beauty for a while. I’ve taken out the foldout changing pad, of course, but the easily cleaned exterior makes perfect sense for nights out or sporting events. I never have to worry about spills.

baby products moms love

A travel humidifier

I’ve lost track of the number of hotels where I’ve woken up with a headache and a stuffy nose. Whether an overzealous heating and cooling system or just bad luck, I hate feeling less than stellar on vacation. A travel humidifier, like this one from Crane, saves my sinuses every time. Small enough to tuck into a suitcase, even for air travel, I can see myself keeping this in rotation even when the kids aren’t traveling with us.

Baby products moms love

A Wet Brush

My always-opinionated daughter never wanted her hair cut, but she dug in her heels each time I brushed it. Unluckily for me — and luckily for her! — her hair grew in beautifully thick, which meant lots of brushing to keep it tamed. My own hairdresser recommended a Wet Brush, and I brushed her hair religiously with the detangling brush for years. It eliminated arguments and tears — maybe for both of us. She’s older now and prefers a different brush, but she does her own hair, so I don’t mind. The Wet Brush lives in our pool bag all summer, though. We all use it after swimming, and it works just as well as it did on her tender toddler head.

baby products moms love

Do you still use any of your “baby” products?
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I’m in my mid-30s… my, erm, later-middle-30s, which means skincare needs to be serious. No more “Oh that smells nice!” or “Oh, I like that packaging!” or “It was on sale!” Late-mid-30s means I need ingredients I know will help me protect and preserve what I still have and help repair what has started to slip. We’re talking the big guns: retinol, collagen, hyaluronic acid.

Advanced Clinicals: A secret skin-care weapon

While you know I love a good trip to Sephora, skincare doesn’t have to be outrageously expensive to be effective, which is one of the reasons I’ve been loving trying out some of the products from Advanced Clinicals. I hadn’t heard of the brand, but I learned a team of cosmetic chemists developed Advanced Clinicals to create affordable and effective formulations using the most advanced technology available. I found all of the things I’m looking for in this collection of skin and body care products: proven skincare ingredients + simple no-frills packaging + a wallet-friendly price.

Advanced Clinicals - affordable anti-aging skin care products

Incorporating Advanced Clinicals products into a skin care routine

I’ll admit it. I felt a little skeptical when I first heard about the brand. How could they have these big name skincare boosters like retinol and AHA and cost only $10-$25? Then I tried them out. I’ve integrated a few Advanced Clinicals products into my beauty routine for the last few weeks, and I’m impressed.

The benefits of Advanced Clinicals serums

Two of my favorite products turned out to be serums: the CoQ10 Wrinkle Defense Serum and the Collagen Instant Plumping Serum. I love how serum tends to absorb quickly and lets you layer on skin-boosting benefits. I’ve been mixing a dropper-full of the CoQ10 and Collagen together and patting them into my skin morning and night. The serums haven’t irritated my skin in any way and have made my skin feel more moisturized and firmer. (Check out all their serums here.)

Advanced Clinicals - affordable anti-aging skin care products

I’ve also been intrigued by their spa-size bottles of powerhouse-ingredients lotions like Hyaluronic Acid Skin Hydrator or Vitamin C Advanced Brighten Cream or Retinol Advanced Firming Cream. To be fair, these key ingredients are not at the top of the product’s ingredient list. But here’s why I still like them: they cost $15 for a whopping 16 ounces of product.

I’m not one to rub a $75 retinol cream onto my chest or the back of my hands. I’m just not going to use it in that way. But a $15 lotion that contains retinol, collagen or vitamin C? No problem! Even if it does have a lower percentage of the product, I’m now putting it on body parts that never dreamed of getting a luxury ingredient like that! (Sorry, back of hands.)


And wait, wait, wait… I just looked and these 16-oz spa sizes are also available at Walmart for — wait for it — $5.99! I’m not surprised to see that some of the varieties are sold out!

From masks and oils, to serums and creams, check all the entire line of Advanced Clinicals products at Now, please excuse me while I go slather my neck with vitamin C.

Win an Advanced Clinicals giveaway

We’re giving away the following to one lucky reader!

1x Retinol Advanced Firming Cream
1x Collagen Skin Rescue Lotion
1x Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Serum
1x Collagen Instant Plumping Serum

You must be at least 18 years old and a U.S. resident to enter and win. All entries will be verified. Winner will be contacted by email via Rafflecopter and must respond within 24 hours.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Advanced Clinicals. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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