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Show gratitude with Thanksgiving crafts

Holiday crafts are a wonderful way to keep little hands busy and to let kids be involved in a holiday they might not completely understand. While your tot is fingerpainting, take a little time of your own to create Thanksgiving decor for your home. Gather your craft supplies for a little mom and tot craft time.

gratitude crafts

Kids’ Thanksgiving crafts

Heidi from One Creative Mommy shared her Pinecone Turkey Craft for Kids with Juggling Act Mama.  Pipe cleaners and beads are a great combination for helping kids improve their fine motor skills. Even young tots can help by collecting pinecones and sorting colors. Just be sure you supervise the hot-glue gun portion of the craft.

The Thanksgiving Napkin Rings from Crafts by Amanda are the perfect Thanksgiving craft for unexpected down time. The materials are generally things moms have on hand, so you won’t need to run out to the store to pick up anything for these adorable napkin rings.

Little ones can practice their cutting skills with the Turkey Puppet from Dream {a Little} Bigger. The greatest thing about this craft? Once the kids finish, they can play with it while you’re putting together Thanksgiving dinner.

Adventures in Making has Cornucopia Candy Favors that will look adorable on your Thanksgiving table or in a rustic basket on a foyer table. Kids can don plastic gloves and help dispense candy for the favors.

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Pinecone turkey craft
Thanksgiving napkin rings
Turkey puppet
Cornucopia candy favors
Rhinestone gourds
Rustic table setting
Glittered feather place card
Mason Jar Leaf Candle Holders
Thankful Tree
Give Thanks Banner
Gratitude Sphere
Thanksgiving crafts and decor for moms

Aunt Peaches invites you to delve into Rhinestone Gourds to decorate for the holidays. She has several tips for where to buy the best decorative gems — and you’ll love her ultra-glittery, must-have crafting supply.

The Simple Rustic Table Setting from Love Grows Wild will make your Thanksgiving table spectacular. While it’s an easy, inexpensive place setting, the simplicity brings an easy elegance to any Thanksgiving dinner.

If you want a little more sparkle on your table, try the Gold Glittered Feather Thanksgiving Name Cards from Make Life Lovely. Gold is the perfect way to combine the warm colors of fall with the celebratory feel of the holidays. She even has an invaluable tip to help keep the glitter fallout minimal.

Autumn Leaf Mason Jar Candle Holders from Spark and Chemistry add warmth and light to the room. Real or artificial leaves work for this project, and mason jars can be found inexpensively, making this DIY decor extremely budget-friendly.

Get the entire family to express their gratitude

The Thankful Tree from Domestically Blissful can be an adult craft or a family project, depending on your level of perfectionism. Even if you decide not to let the kids in on the crafting part of the project, be sure to ask them to help fill the tree — their answers will make you smile.

The Give Thanks Printable Banner from The Tomkat Studio will add style to your Thanksgiving decor. The banner is only the beginning of the Thanksgiving printables offered — for free! — this season. I’m not hosting Thanksgiving, but these are adorable enough to (almost) make me wish I was.

A Rustic Thanksgiving Sphere is a unique way to show your gratitude this Thanksgiving season. With burlap, branches, and gold accents, you might want to keep this craft from hello, Wonderful hanging in your home until you ring in the new year.

What is your favorite seasonal kids’ craft?
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My kids love Halloween and all things associated with it. Of course the thing they love the most is the copious amounts of candy. I would stay they would probably rather the phrase be “Treat or Trick” instead of the other way around. Then they could just say “the first one please!” and go on their merry way.

Another thing they love about the sugar-filled holiday is the decorations. Black and orange suddenly become their favorite colors and fake, fuzzy spiders along with breezy, hanging ghosts are in their favor for about a month. I admit that I am not as much of a fan (of the décor, the candy is a different story) but because the children like it so much I thought I would appease them and create an easy and cute wreath to hang by our door.

Here’s how you can make your own Trick or Treat Halloween wreath!

Step one:  Assemble your supplies. I purchased a grapevine wreath but you can also buy a Styrofoam one. You will also need pins, scissors (preferably those that will cute wire as well), burlap or mesh ribbon, decorative ribbon, and any other accessories you would like to put on the wreath.



Step two: Cover one side of the wreath with the burlap, making this the front. Do this by gathering a section of it in your hand, and then pinning that section to the wreath with the floral pins. Continue to do this all the way around until it is covered.




Step three: Add a section of burlap ribbon or other ribbon around the wreath and pin that in several places as well. Once that is secure, cut sections of decorative ribbon and tie them to the burlap ribbon to cover the pins. Next you can add any accessories. For my wreath I have little wooden ghosts and actual lollipops to add some actual “treats” to it.



Step four: Create a small bow with extra burlap ribbon then secured the sign with the ribbon that was attached to it, so that it would hang near the top.

Halloween Wreath

This wreath took only about 10 minutes to put together and it was a fun little project. Plus the kids love the real candy, of course!

Happy Creating!

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Another holiday, another craft. Amiright, moms? But these easy Easter crafts are going to make you rethink your love hate relationship with the glue gun. These six ideas are fast, and fun. Plus your kids are going to have blast. Check them out!


Potato Stamps

Chances are you already have everything you need for this easy craft. Parents, you wash and cut the potatoes. Kids, you dip the potatoes into the paint and go crazy on some construction paper. The design ideas are endless. Grandma’s gonna love this one hanging on her refrigerator.

Photo and craft courtesy of


Carrot Place Settings

Look, you’re gonna need help dressing up the table for Easter. Might as well put the kids to work. Grab some orange napkins, green pipe cleaners, and green plastic silverware. Wrap it all together to look like a carrot. Easy, peasy.

Photo and craft courtesy of

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 8.59.52 PM

Minion Easter Eggs

Can we just say that 2013 was officially the year of the minion? These Despicable Me 2 Easter Eggs are a cinch to make and are a great way to keep small hands busy.

Photo and craft courtesy of


A Little Something for Your Peeps

Wondering what to do with all those peeps laying around your house? Give them away! This craft makes for colorful giveaways either for your child’s classmates or your guests.

Photo and craft courtesy of


Bunny Prints

Small hands make for cute art. Try your luck at these smile-worthy bunny prints. White and pink paint is really all you need. You can do it on construction paper, or if you really want to get fancy you can make it into an ornament with felt.

Photo and craft courtesy of


Rabbit Rolls

Upcycle those toilet paper rolls and use them to make this cute bunny craft. Construction paper, google eyes, and a sense of humor required.
Photo and craft courtesy of

Moms, what are your favorite springtime crafts?
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glitter crafts
Get ready for glitter crafts

National Craft Month means it’s time to bring out your favorite craft supplies and get crafty with your kids. Make their month by bringing out the glitter. Even if you normally avoid those sparkly particles that never, ever seem to disappear once they arrive, adding glitter to simple crafts will make every craft project seem magical. Try one of the crafts in our craft roundup, and you won’t even notice the 14 extra times you have to vacuum the floor.

Glitter adds another element to sensory activities

Little hands will love playing with the Glitter Play Doh. The sparkles within the soft colors make their creative rolling and pulling just a little more fun. When your little ones need to slow down, try the Glitter Calming Jars. They’re a soothing way for children to spend a few minutes refocusing, and they can be more calming than a typical, protested time-out — for both parents and children.

Crafting with kids doesn’t mean glitter messes

Using glitter for kids’ activities sounds like a giant mess waiting to happen. Younger children don’t always have the fine motor control to keep glitter contained, so try one of the glitter crafts that keeps the mess encased, like the Pipe Cleaner Crown or Golden Glitter Slime. Kids get the fun of the sparkle without trailing tiny sparkles throughout the house. Older children will want to use the glitter themselves, and the best way to minimize the mess is to prep your craft area. Covering the area with a giant tablecloth is one way to keep your furniture from becoming bedazzled. It’s tempting to use a disposable plastic cloth, but the disposable paper ones can be — slightly — less messy because plastic ones can carry a lot of static.

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Like our glitter craft gurus on Facebook

1. The Craftinomicon, 2. The Chronicles of Home, 3. Confetti Pop, 4. Design Improvised, 5. Doodlecraft, 6. Fun at Home with Kids, 7. Blythe Ponytail Parades, 8. Dream {a little} Bigger, 9. Madigan Made

Do you craft with glitter? (We’re a glitter family, and I have sparkling remnants all over the house to prove it.)
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Easy wire heart craft for kidsFun heart craft for kids!

Hearts are great all year long but they are the best at Valentine’s Day. This easy heart kid craft is the perfect thing for you to make with your family this holiday. These do require a small amount of adult help making it a great family bonding experience. My family likes to craft with a little music on in the background so put together a love themed playlist and get crafting!

Supplies for wire and straw heartsDirections

Grab a package of colorful straws (this package was from Ikea and very inexpensive), adult and kid-sized scissors and some craft or floral wire. You will also need string if you decide you want to hang these hearts.

Cut straws for easy heart kid craftStart by having your child cut straws in to small pieces. I found that if I held the straw, it was a bit easier for him to cut through with his kid scissors. But be warned: The straw pieces like to fly once the blade cuts through the second side. It causes giggles from kids AND adults. You can cut all different sizes of the straws to vary the look (just make sure they aren’t too long or they won’t be able to make the curve shape of the top of the heart).

Cut wire to shape in to heartCut a piece of wire that will be shaped in to the heart. I tried these out with various thicknesses of wire. A thin craft wire works just fine. It will hold its shape and be easy to work with. It is easy to find at the craft stores and comes in a lot of different colors.

Shape wire in to heart shape for kid craftShape the wire in to a heart and pinch the bottom to form the “v.”  I found this helped to space the straws. It also helps to keep the straw pieces from sliding right off the other side.

Sting cut straws on to wire to add colorHave your kids thread the cut straw pieces on to the wire. This is fun because they can group like colors or create their own patterns.

Add cut straws for a colorful heartKeep adding the straws until almost all of the wire is full. You want to leave about 1 inch on each side of the top of the heart in order to close the heart and make an easy place to attach string to.

twist wire to close straw heartsTwist the wire from each side of the heart together. Twist it a few times to make sure it stays together. I left some extra to attach string to but you can easily trim it down if you don’t want to see the wire as much. Finish shaping the wire to make it look like a heart.

Easy wire hearts for Valentine's DayAnd there you have it. Super easy wire straw hearts for your kid’s to make for Valentine’s Day. You can use these as decor around the house or even as a super cute place setting for your holiday meals. If you made them smaller, they could be cute toppers for cupcakes or would make an excellent napkin ring.

Happy crafting!


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Winter crafts Winter weather means a little more time indoors, and crafts are a perfect way to fill a snowy afternoon. Holiday crafts can be used to decorate your own house or given to family and friends as gifts. Kid-friendly crafts can even be made in bulk and used as gift tags for a personalized, creative wrapping idea this holiday season. Crafting with kids doesn’t have to require sacrificing every surface of your home to glitter. We’ve gathered 10 holiday crafts for kids that won’t fill your vacuum with teeny sparkles — there are other ways to shine!

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  1. Joy String Art
  2. Clay Snowmen
  3. DIY Advent Tree
  4. Gum Drop Wreath
  5. Milk Bottle Scarves
  6. Felt Mini Christmas Tree
  7. Epsom Salt Snowman Vase
  8. Bottle Cap Snowmen Ornaments
  9. Pom Pom Snowman Desk Buddy
  10. DIY Christmas Wreath Holiday Card

Thank you to all of the fabulous craft bloggers for their creative inspiration. Like them on Facebook for even more ideas.

1. Suburble, 2. Say Yes to Hoboken, 3. Clones N Clowns, 4. Dream a Little Bigger, 5. Oleander and Palm, 6. Crafting Experiments, 7. Madigan Made, 8. One Artsy Mama, 9. Crafts by Amanda, 10. Hopeful Honey

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Apple Craft for Kids

Is there any other fruit on Earth as wholesome as an apple? In season all year long, apples can be baked into pies, tarts, strudels, stewed, steamed, made into juice, or apple sauce, eaten raw and so much more.

One of my favorite things to craft with are everyday objects, ones that everyone can recognize and doing something different with them. Take these apple stamps for example. They’re super easy, super adorable and can be used with any kind of paint to match the material you’ll be stamping on.

I chose to apple stamp some plain brown craft paper bags. Perfect for gifts, school lunches or for going apple picking in the orchard, these apple stamped bags are to die for.

Apple Craft for Kids

Creating these apple-stamped paper gift bags is simple. In fact, you can do it in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Cut the apple in half length wise.

Apple Craft for Kids

I chose an apple that wasn’t perfectly round, I loved the slight heart shape of this one.

Step 2: Apply the Paint. Liberally. 

halved apple painted, apple craft

I used a sponge brush and slathered on the paint, covered the entire surface of the apple, including the stem but not the whole in the core.

Step 3: Stamp onto the bag

apple stamp, apple craft

As you might see in the photo’s background, I practiced stamping on a plain white sheet of paper in the background.

apple stamped bag, apple craft

The key to this apple stamping craft is imperfection. Seriously. The less perfect your apple stamp comes out, the cuter it will be with more character. So relax, and have fun with it!

painted heart apple, apple craft

For a little extra pizzazz I cut a heart shape out in the core of the apple and applied paint liberally to the apple in hopes that the apple shape would be visible. Once again, I made sure the heart shape wasn’t perfect and wasn’t symmetrical. I love simple, unsymmetrical crafts with whimsy!

apple stamped bags

I can envision these apple stamps on gift cards, tote bags, t-shirts and more. Just use the correct paint to match the material you’re stamping on and stamp away! Get the kids involved too, and make something for their favorite teacher!

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craftsforkids (2)

Okay moms.  Hang in there. There’s just a few more weeks of summer vacation left to go. So, if you’ve run out of ideas on how to entertain the kids, we have a few super arts and crafts from Martha Stewart that will do the trick.  Her new book, “Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for Kids: 175 Fun Projects to Create, Build, Design, Explore, and Share” is chock full of creative ideas that will entertain kids through the ages of 3-12.
Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 12.43.46 AM

Projects include Pipe Cleaner Pals and Paper Bag Puppets (for animal lovers), Water Fireworks and Solar System Bedroom (for little scientists), Elephant Stilts and Carpet-Tile Hopscotch (for the most energetic kiddos), and Schoolwork Scrapbooks and Cereal Box Organizers (to keep all ducks in a row).
Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 12.44.04 AM
In true Martha form, the book is full color with detailed, photograph instructions. There is also a photo glossary of items needed for a well-stocked craft shelf and a section on basic craft skills like a simple running stitch and paper mache. She literally thinks of everything.

A few of our favorite projects? Farm animal balloons, jungle creatures made of pipe cleaners, origami for beginners and felted finger puppets. The best part is that you don’t have to be like the domestic goddess herself to pull of these crafts. The directions are easy to follow and the materials are easy to come by.

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 12.45.04 AMGIVEAWAY

Want to give the book a try with your kids?

One reader will receive a copy of the book along with a Martha Stewart prize pack complete with essential items you’ll need to complete many of the crafting projects in the book!

Winner will receive:

Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts For Kids Book
Martha Stewart Crafts satin paint set
Martha Stewart Crafts essentials paper pad
Martha Stewart Crafts basic brush set
Martha Stewart Crafts crafter’s clay nature starter kit
Martha Stewart Crafts craft glue.

Please enter through the Rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Father’s day is right around the corner and I have rounded up the best, most adorable crafts from around the web just for you. From hand prints (which we all know are my absolute fav) to fun crafts like golf cover sock puppets and “beer” mugs. Each and every one of these crafts are something that dad will surely love!

This watercolor hand print from Cobwebs, Cupcakes & Crayons is precious. Her easy instructions and clear pictures make this craft super easy to recreate.

Father's Day crafts

This super simply DIY father’s day card from A Day In My LIfe uses materials you probably already have at home.

Father's Day crafts

I love these candy filled father’s day pots from Make It & Love It. You can fill them with dad’s favorite candy and he can put it on his desk at work.

Father's Day crafts

If dad is a golfer then he’ll love these adorable golf cover sock puppets from Alpha Mom.

Father's Day crafts

 The tree truck printable is free from Anna & Co, just add hand prints and frame, this is such an endearing, adorable gift idea.

Father's Day crafts

This father’s day photo collage from Positively Splendid is taking up Pinterest by storm. I love the idea of adding what the kids love best about their dad.

fathers day photo collage

This ingenious idea from Motherhood On A Dime has me inspired to do the same thing with my kids. fathers day dad photo

This last craft if for pure fun. It is a “beer” mug from Thrifty Fun filled with foil wrapped butterscotch candies and marshmallows. Super funny.

father's day beer mug

Do you have any great Father’s Day crafts to share? What are you/your kids making for the special dad in your/their life/lives?

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Spring is here! Finally. And that means it’s time to start planting your gardens. It’s a great family activity and a great excuse for the little ones to get their hands (and whole bodies) dirty. Here’s how to get started.

spring garden planting, strawberries

Strawberries in a big ol’ pot.

Get Your Plot On

Start with a good plot of tilled soil. For our garden, we bricked off a bit of land to keep it separate from the rest of the yard. You really don’t need much space to grow a good crop. You can also use large planters, like the one above, for things like tomatoes and other vine growing plants. If your soil is not good quality, you can buy planting soil at the hardware store that already has fertilizer in it – a good choice for lazy gardeners who might skip a few watering sessions here and there.


spring garden planting

Grab Some Supplies

You’re gonna need a few supplies – gloves, sprayer, mulch (helps keep the moisture in the soil in between waterings), spade and a shovel, vegetable/fruit feed. While this might seem daunting, all of it is on sale – like right now – at your local hardware supply store.


Thai Basil in the forefront, Anaheim chilies in the background.

Choose Your Weapon

Now you can get down to the fun stuff. What are you going to plant? Since I live in sunny Los Angeles, we can grow quite a few different things that need full sunlight. We chose tomatoes, corn, pumpkins, belly peppers, Anaheim chilies, carrots, strawberries, Thai basil and cucumbers. I know, I know. That sounds like a lot! But really, it’s a great mix of veggies that will yield a tasty crop. A simple online search will help you figure out what grows best in your neighborhood.


Corn and sweet bell peppers.

Plant It

Follow the directions for each given plant. Make sure you space them correctly, so that you can anticipate for growth. You can use stakes and twine to section off rows, but I found it easier to just mound dirt so that each row of plants is a bit elevated. Some things grow well together like beans and bell peppers, tomatoes and basil, cucumbers and peas, and more. You’ll actually have a bigger yield by paring things together like this. Another quick search can help you come up with some great veggie combos for your garden.


Tomatoes – heirlooms and beefsteak.

Water, Watch, Wait

Keep things hydrated by watering every other day. Be sure to feed your plants with plant food. Keep watch for weeds and bugs. Wait, for the fruits (or veggies) of your labor to show. Enjoy!

Moms, what are you growing in your garden this Spring?

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