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Why should moms be the only ones having fun with their accessories? While in the past the words “kids jewelry” usually meant something monogrammed or a heart locket-esque trinket, nowadays, there’s a variety of chic and posh accessories for little girls that will have moms wanting to raid their daughters’ jewelry boxes. Seriously. Here are three of our favorite savvy sassy sources for to-die-for stylish girls’ jewelry.

Bauble Bar  (#1 and #4 above) — This wildly popular accessories site for women has recently launched Bauble Bar Mini, a one-stop jewelry shop for any little miss in your life. From this sophisticated yet whimsical Mini Butterfly Bangle ($35) to an adorable Pink Polka Heart Necklace ($28), Bauble Bar has enough… well bauble, to make any little girl (or grown woman) feel like they’ve gone to jewelry heaven. Bauble Bar Mini has become so popular that items regularly sell-out, so just keep checking back for new goodies!

Stella & Dot (#2 and #3 above) — You’ve probably heard of Stella & Dot by now (imagine a trendier, cooler Avon for the new generation of women,) or know someone who sells the line. Well, now they have an awesome girls’ collection. If you’ve got a daughter who’s into dressing up to the nines, she’ll flip over this girly and regal Pearl Bib Necklace and Bracelet Set ($34). Or, how about this Paris Trio Earring Set ($22) for the mini traveller in your life? These are so cute, that I want some for myself!

J. Crew (#5 and #6 above) — Much like their kids’ clothing line, J .Crew’s kids’ accessories do not disappoint. Imagine their signature bright, bold and eye-catching jewelry for women miniaturized. Some favorite picks include a hippie-glam chic Corded Flower Jewel Bracelet ($15) that can be dressed up or down depending on the outfit, to a lovely Scalloped Gem Necklace ($40) that Mom will only be happy to “borrow.”

And with the holidays right around the corner, any of these gorgeous finds would make a squeal-worthy stocking stuffer. Which one is your favorite?

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We love scouting for the coolest baby gear, kids clothing, toys and room decor, so this week we are bringing you our seven savvy sassy kids picks. We know all moms love to score a savvy deal on cute items but sometimes we let ourselves splurge on some of those hard to resist items too. We can always find a way to justify things for our kids!  Here are a few items that caught our eye this week…

7 Kids Picks

1.  Juicy Leopard Print Bootie, $68 These booties are to die for. Yes we know they are a splurge but imagine the pictures of your little fashionista in these booties and the comments you’ll get from strangers ;)

2.  babyGap Blue Leggings $8 {sale)  Every baby needs some comfortable lounge pants and we’d stock up on these in every color and size.  A perfect daily playdate pant.

3. Beaba babycook Pro, $150 Making your own baby food is not just a fad or trend, it’s the healthy and natural choice for many parents.  Starting your baby off with only the best is a no brainer.

4. Carter’s Heart Dress, $13 We cannot believe the price on this adorable heart dress by Carter’s. In fact, the carters brand has definitely stepped it up a notch in the style department and we’ve taken notice.

5. Gold Glitter Shoes $100  Now these might just look like play shoes, but these fashionable shoes go well beyond the the princess gowns. Trendy tots can pull off glitter shoes year round and look adorable no matter what they are wearing.

6. Gap Raincoat $36 {sale}  Every kid needs a rain coat and we love the classic yellow raincoat especially with navy accents.  Nothing is cuter than kids splashing in rain puddles.

7. Heart Pillow $38 {sale} When they graduate to a big kid bed, they’ll need lots of fun pillows to decorate with.  Remember to mix and match different patterns, shapes and sizes for a fun playful look.

Which is your favorite kids pick?
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Occasionally I run across a brand or product that literally makes my mouth drop open and after discovering WUNWAY over a month ago, my mouth is still on the floor. You guys, these clothes are ahhmazing.

WUNWAY is the incredibly stylish brand for little girls that literally looks like it just walked right off the runway. This posh children’s clothing line is ridiculously cute with a fashion forward edge, but not so fashion forward kids won’t wear it. In fact all the items are very free flowing and non restrictive. The dresses twirl, the pants are made to move and many of the tops swing. This line is very playful and creative without losing it’s coolness. The prices will shock you, but in a good way.  I’ve seen mini designer duds that are three times the price and not nearly as adorable, unique or stylish.  I honestly can say I have not seen a brand of kids clothing that has surprised me the way WUNWAY has.

If the clothing wasn’t enough wait until you see the shoes. To. Die. For.


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This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the fabulous 2013 PLUSH Show, which is a baby and toddler show featuring products and vendors geared towards eco-conscious trend-setting parents. And it wasn’t just fun and games for the parents in attendance. Disney was a Platinum sponsor this year, so there were tons of fun Disney activities for the kids all themed around Winnie the Pooh, including several storytimes, coloring stations, and the most adorable Winnie the Pooh Lego station (my daughter’s particular favorite.) Celebs at the event included hosts Lisa Rinna and Jason Kennedy (E! News), Garcelle Beauvais (“Franklin & Bash”) and Kathryn Morris (“Cold Case”), just to name a few.

There were too many vendors at the event to list all of them here. But I loved that it ranged from big name brands I was already familiar with like Britax and Ergo, to smaller family-owned businesses that I was thrilled to be able to discover like LadyBim and Kira. So here’s a quick roundup of some of my favorite products I saw at the show.

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Green Point Brands teethers – You might have seen these in your local Whole Foods or baby boutique, but Green Point Brands just released a new collection of adorable, organic, and natural teethers that can be frozen, knawed on, and played with . They’re all BPA, phtalate-free and super adorable. And I got a sneak peek at a new product they’re still tinkering with – and I can’t wait!

Bump Nest maternity pillow – Move over Snoogles and Boppys (seriously, neither of these helped me at all the last pregnancy,) there’s a new maternity pillow in town and it’s as stylish as it is comfortable. Bump Nest, a brand spankin’ new company has just released this most awesome pillow, which unlike the other popular ones on the market is filled with individual beads so that the pillow molds to your body (I always got neck cricks with my Snoogle). Not to mention the non-kiddie like cover options they have that I just loved! It’s currently so new, it’s only sold on Amazon or through their site.

I Am Mixed book – Actress Garcelle Beauvais is also an author! She wrote this amazing children’s book, “I Am Mixed” which is the story of two multi-ethnic children who learn to appreciate and enjoy the best of both worlds. I love this especially since my daughter is mixed race and there’s not very many books that address this.

MD Moms sunscreen towelettes – Hate smearing sunscreen all over your kids and attempting to blend it in before they wiggle away? Well stress no more, with these awesome sunscreen towelettes. You just wipe them on your child (or yourself) just as your would a wipe, and voila, sun protection galore! Definitely one of those “why didn’t I think of that” products.

Pearhead – We all know Pearhead for their adorable albums, frames, and belly molding kits, but this too-cute-for-words 12-month frame had me drooling with desire.

Glob natural paints – I’m always on the lookout for more natural alternatives for common children’s products, and this paint made entirely from fruits and vegetables did not disappoint. It was such a hit that my daughter couldn’t stop painting with it and literally had to be dragged away.

Diono Radian RXT – I’d heard about that this Diono convertible carseat was one that was good for cars with limited space, and I was even more impressed when I learned that you can use it from infancy to booster, making it the only car seat you would ever need! Once your child hits the appropriate weight/height limits, it converts to a booster seat – genius!  It’s so space saving that you can fit three side-by-side in the back row with no problems. It’s also the only car seat on the market with a steel frame, making it extra sturdy.

Bloom Angel clothes/accessories – This is another brand brand new start-up run out of SoCal that I was so excited to find. They make the most incredible vintage-looking clothes for baby and toddler girls, not to mention gorgeous satin boys and other hair accessories that I just couldn’t resist getting for Little Miss. I really hope this company makes it so I still have access to their delicious goodies!

Simple Wishes pumping bra – We all know the old Simple Wishes hands-free pumping bra – it’s a lifesaver, but not exactly the cutest thing around. Well they’ve heard all our pleas. and just come out with this functional yet stylish bra that can be worn under clothes, and still has the openings (hidden away of course) to hold the flanges in place while pumping. It’s ideal for working moms who have to pump at the office, but don’t want to drag along the giant velcro contraption. It also has extra extended hooks, so that it can double as a maternity bra beforehand! So handy! It’s so new it’s not yet on the market, but keep an eye out mamas!

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Mommy & Me Traveling in Style



Traveling with tots is always an adventure, whether you are hitting up the local zoo, children’s museum or just shopping your favorite boutiques.  However, you can still travel with tots in style. This J J Cole vIntage poppy diaper bag totally caught my eye and was actually the inspiration for this entire mommy and me style board. The best thing about stylish diaper bags, is that even if you feel like a hot mess – at least have a beautiful bag on your shoulder. The $70.00 price tag is also why it is a savvy pick.

I am also loving this Mamas and Papas Tour Lightweight Stroller with the purple stripes. This lightweight stroller is super compact, easy to fold and includes a shoulder strap for carrying. A perfectly practical, yet stylish choice for taking on vacation or throwing in the trunk of your car for trips around town.

Every traveling toddler needs to have some quality walking shoes. Primigi is one of the best brands in the business.  They have been making high quality shoes for babies, toddlers and kids for over 35 years.  Sure, they are a bit more high-end but the innovative design, construction of the shoe and their styles really cannot be beat.

Have fun this summer traveling around town with your trendy little tot!

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Have you ever found a website and then spent the next few days clicking around, dreaming of everything you’ve seen, and wanting to buy almost every item on it?


Well this happened to me  a few weeks ago. I found the site French Blossom via a link I saw on twitter, and now I want absolutely everything on the site.

French Blossom carries items that are all from French Designers – from baby gear, clothing, accessories, room decor, home, design, for both girls and boys. The colors are soft, the styles are simple and luscious and every thoughtfully chosen item is just well..oh so French.

Trust me on this – you too will want to travel to the land of of Eiffel Tour, fine fabrics, amazing food, clean lines, and classic styling when you visit French Blossom. Your Parisian baby will thank you.


French Kids Accessories


I love their selections of art supplies and papers. My girls will go crazy over all of this.

French kids decor


Even though we just redecorated our kid’s rooms – I now have the urge to go with a French motif and start all over again. How dreamy are these home decor items?


French designer clothing for kids


French fashion is clean and elegant and I think I need all of these items in our closet today.


French Toys


Whimsical, fresh, classic and fun can only describe these lovely toys that will become heirlooms one day.

How about you, doesn’t French Blossom give you some French inspiration?

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Shoes tend to be my favourite part of an outfit, whether I am dressing myself or my daughter. I don’t normally budget shop when it comes to shoes, because I think a good quality pair is essential not only for style but for the comfort of our feet. Especially when it comes to little ones — I think their feet need extra special attention. Even though I am not one to buy inexpensive shoes for my family, I still have a price range in mind when we go shoe shopping, and don’t normally go over that (unless it’s a REALLY amazing pair of shoes!). Imagine my surprise when I was looking around for some spring shoes for Tatum and found a pair of Dolce & Gabbana girls sandals for over $600! I’m all for quality footwear…but that makes my wallet (and my logical brain) cry.

Of course, once I saw those outrageously priced sandals, I had to peek around and see what other crazily priced shoes I could find. If there are parents buying these shoes for their kids, there are some stylish children walking around out there! Take a look at some of the high-end footwear I found for kids, as well as a few moderately priced pairs that appear to be super-posh, but are only a fraction of the price of some of the luxe shoes I included ;).

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1. Gucci Infant Leather Shoes – $200.08
2. Dolce & Gabbana Jewel Detail Flip Flop – $634.00
3. Petite Maloles Woven Pearly Leather Sandals – $194.00
4. Chooze Shoes Dance Slip Ons in Behave Fabric – $45.00-$49.00
5. Serafini Junior Washed Leather Velcro Sneakers – $228.00
6. Gucci Patent Tuxedo Shoe – $232.00
7. Livie & Luca Carta – $55.00
8. Dolce & Gabbana Striped Canvas Mary Janes – $380.00
9. Michael Kors ‘Meg’ Flat – $51.59
10. Mini Melissa Slip-On – $53.75
11. Michael Kors Espadrille Slip-On – $79.57

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“Welcome to Oilily’s ‘World of Wonders’ where looks can be deceiving. What at first glance appears to be a brightly colored island is in fact a giant fish or turtle with a complete biotope on its back where there’s a lot to see. In Oilily’s World of Wonders everything is possible, and nothing is logical. Everywhere you look, fresh bright colors and positive energy seep from every flower. Welcome to this remarkable world. It will grow on you.”


The new summer collection of Oilily is full of wondrous contrasts that can deceive your eyes. You must look carefully at the detailed prints in each particular design. The World of Wonders comes to us this Spring with bright bold colors as well as soft pastels – in perfect classic Oilily style. There are gorgeous and classic girly dresses and fun and bright sweatshirts for play. There are fine embroidered trims and soft cotton prints. Clothing with such amazing and wondrous touches like rainbow ribbons and animal appliques.


Oilily’s World of Wonders is all about prints. From the fierce jungles, to country maps, animals, and printed candy necklaces. Your little ones will be living in a fantasy of wonders just wearing some of the fabulous pieces from one of my favorite Oilily collections yet.

Some favorites for the girls in your life…


Girls Teske Dress in a fabulous soft cotton print, A classic gingham party dress for your little girls in the Doris Dress in Yellow, Trust Dress in the Cities Print is classic Oilily styling, Fabulous animal prints on the Cerise Rain Jacket, every girl will want the comfy Hea Hoodie in Pink, the Baby Girl Droom Dress in White will be exquisite for a Summer party.

And a fabulous outfit for your boys…


His World of Wonders sporty look with be complete with the fun print To Tee for boys, fabulous global thinking Hunk Hoodie, and plaid Prat Shorts

Enjoy this fun and wondrous film about the collection…

Oilily World Of Wonders is now available for pre-0rder from Oilily USA.

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Here’s a stroller that every sporty parent is going to love pushing around the neighborhood because it’s all about BMW. That’s right, the sleek German-engineered auto manufacturer has teamed up with Maclaren to bring you a first-class strolling experience. The new Maclaren BMW combines contoured design with engineering excellence.

What I like about this product is the understatement; you know that phrase, “less is more”? Key elements of a Maclaren stroller are redesigned exclusively for BMW and then the logo is added in tastefully selected areas that incorporate well into the overall look. Let me give you a brief tour.


The stain-resistant removable seat liner has been reworked to look and feel like the bucket seat of a BMW. It is a really sleek looking. The padded 5-point safety harness has the signature Maclaren heavy-duty buckle with the BMW insignia. While the seat has multiple recline positions, it does not lie completely flat, and is suitable only for babies six months and older.

Performance Features

This is, no question, a city stroller, but it is equipped with 4-wheel suspension to smooth out the ride. Five-inch hard wheels have the BMW look. The aluminum frame is sturdy, with a 55-pound carrying capacity, yet the stroller weighs just over 12 pounds. Reflective piping and red reflectors on the rear frame provide low light safety.

Weather Protection

I love the contoured sun hood with its sleek look. Tinted peek-a-boo windows on each side keep the sun out your child’s eyes. A zip-out mesh panel provides another peek-a-boo window and allows for air circulation. A rain shield is included with purchase.

Parent Amenities

A small storage pocket behind the seat provides a space for your wallet, keys or phone. The storage basket beneath the seat is standard Maclaren. It doesn’t hold much; you could fit a small diaper bag and a few essentials. The ergonomic handle bars are comfortable for adults with different heights at 41 inches from the ground.

Maclaren BMW Strollers

Maclaren BMW strollers come in blue, black or silver.

Customer Feedback

While new on the market, the Maclaren BMW has gotten 5-star reviews so far for sleek design and smooth handling. This is a luxury product, and a price that reflects that. This buggy retails for $385 and is not available in stores. If you like Limited Edition products, especially from Maclaren’s Object of Design series, you will love the BMW.

What do you think of the Maclaren and BMW collaboration?

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