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Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis
Meet Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’ baby girl

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about the oh-so-pregnant Mila Kunis, who is expected to give birth to her daughter, with boyfriend Ashton Kutcher, at any moment. While most of the chat is about how much yoga Mila is doing in the last days of her pregnancy and how hot her legs still look, we’re more excited about the impending, sure-to-be adorable bundle of joy!

Newborn celebrity baby style

We can’t imagine that Ashton and Mila are stocking up on all-things-pink as they prepare for their daughter’s arrival. Mila usually rocks a style that’s somewhere between L.A. boho-chic and casual sporty (red carpet glam moments aside, obviously) and Ashton can often be found in a vintage tee and baseball cap, so we’re thinking that their little girl’s style will follow suit.

Our favorite picks for the Kutcher-Kunis baby girl? Funky graphic tees. Cool tribal patterns. Pops of bright neon colors, even in pinks. Moccasins. Natural fabrics, like bamboo and organic cotton, for blankets and baby-wearing gear.

Get the look

Celebrity Baby Style

1. Best Day Ever Tee, Ezra + Eli, $25
This shirt is cool and funky, with a unisex-vibe, but also kind of sweet for a little girl. Her parents are crazy cool celebrities… of course she’s having the best day ever!

2. munsterkids Lil Love Tribal Cream Pants, BabySwag, $37
We love these pants that are a cozy alternative to traditional leggings for girls. And, the hearts give this tribal print a girly touch.

3. Bamboo Dream Blanket, aden+anais, $60
Every celebrity needs a go-to blanket for covering their newborn baby from the glare of paparazzi flashes and we expect that Ashton and Mila will realize this, quickly, with all of the media attention her pregnancy is gaining. While any of the blankets from aden+anais are a good choice, we love this super-soft bamboo version in a subtle pattern and color.

4. Cherry Moccasins, Freshly Picked, $60
Taking her style to the boho-chic side, we’re guessing that we’ll see at least a pair or two of celeb-favorite, Freshly Picked Moccasins, on Ashton and Mila’s baby girl.

5. Tucker + Tate Animal Socks, 6-Pack, Nordstrom, $20
Celebs are known for skipping the baby-esque fashions all together when they become parents, but we couldn’t resist these sweet baby socks from one of our favorite brands, Tucker + Tate, for their little girl.

 Are you on Ashton and Mila baby watch?
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Featuring handmade and handcrafted clothes and gifts for kids from artisans around the world, CultureBaby is one of our favorite new places to shop. The best part? No air travel required.

While some of these pieces are investments, we love that you can reach from your home all of the way to the other side of the world when you shop on CultureBaby, accessing dress designs from Africa and toys inspired by the ones that children in Asia are playing with.

Looking for more inspiration from around the world? Check out Globally inspired: Mixed Up Clothing

And, let us squelch your fears of products laden with lead. The team at CultureBaby only stocks products that are of the highest standards, including using non-toxic and organic materials, many of which were locally-sourced and sustainable. Plus, CultureBaby ships all of the products directly from their warehouse, so you know that they’ve been in the hands of the CultureBaby team before coming into your home.

CultureBaby favorites from Africa

CultureBaby Favorites from Africa

1. Global Print Cotton Dresses, Isossy Children, $50
2. Kenyan Pom Pom Garland, Toto Knits, $20
3. Moroccan Leather Baby Booties, Mes Premiers Souliers, $55
4. Handmade Baby Bird, Timo Handmade, $57

CultureBaby favorites from Asia

CultureBaby Favorites from Asia

1. Kimono Pajamas, Ode, $45
2. Wood and Chalk Cityscapes, Kiko, $45
3. Kyrgyz Three Little Pigs Set, Tumar Crafts, $80
4. Quilted Baby Blanket, Ketiketa, $108

CultureBaby favorites from Central and South America

CultureBaby Favorites from Central America

1. Chilean Wool Hats, Textil Austral, $20
2. Chilean Wool Mittens, Textil Austral, $20
3. Peruvian Alpaca Leg Warmers, Cabbages & Kings, $43
4. Mexican Embroidered Cushion, Yucu Ninu, $75

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Rain Boots for Kids

If you’re looking for rain boots for your kids for fall, we have them in every color of the rainbow to choose from. From red to pink and every color in between, if you have a kiddo who has a favorite shade, this will make shopping easier than spotting a rainbow on a rainy day!

Psst! Most of these rain boots for kids come in various colors and sizes, so if you see a pair you love, but they aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, click through to take a peek at the selection.

Red rain boots for kids
Red Rain Boots for Kids

Top row:
Toddler Girls’ Ladybug Rain Boots, Target, $23
Patterned Rain Boots, H&M, $25

Bottom row:
Baby Flac Rain Boots, Nordstrom, $58
Hunter Original Gloss Rain Boots, Nordstrom, $75

Yellow rain boots for kids

Yellow Rain Boots for Kids

Top row:
Chooka Girls’ Rain Boots, Sears, $45
Kids’ Handle It Rain Boots, Crocs, $30

Bottom row:
Kids’ Wellies, Zara, $46
Toddlers’ Puddle Stompers Rain Boots, L.L.Bean, $37

Blue rain boots for kids

Blue Rain Boots for Kids

Top row:
Sperry Top-Sider Pelican Rain Boots, Nordstrom, $45
Rubber Printed Rain Boots, H&M, $25

Bottom row:
Stonz Rain Boots, Zappos, $36
Western Chief Firechief Rain Boots for Kids, REI, $25

Pink rain boots for kids

Pink Rain Boots

Top row:
Rubber Boots, H&M, $25
Fantasy Rubber Boots, Zara, $36

Bottom row:
Bogs Classic Flower Stripe Rain Boots, REI, $78
Girls’ Bogs Buffalo Plaid Rain Boots,, $50

Which color would your kids pick?
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Meet Henry and George

Henry and George Street StyleIntroducing our coolest new kiddos who are showing us their kid street style, Henry and George. These brothers, who make their home in Seattle, have a love for super-soft clothes that have a kick of style. Plus, an addiction to Crocs that even mom, Sara, can’t deny.

Boy style 101

Kid Street Style

Henry, age 7, and George, age almost 4, have styles that are similar, but that mom, Sara, says that they each have a look that’s all their own. Henry is all about super comfy pants, like sweats, that Sara balances with fun shirts in soft fabrics and prints. George is a little more flexible, wearing mostly Henry’s hand-me-downs with ease, but also embracing the statement piece from time-to-time. “I splurged on this winter coat from GAP for him this year,” Sara tells us. “He loves it and calls himself a lion when he wears it.”

Where do their styles collide? With footwear. Henry and George both prefer to wear all Crocs, all of the time.

Where to shop

Sara shares that when it comes to dressing the boys (George still lets her… Henry prefers to style himself), she’s all about two elements — layers and stripes. “I’m a sucker for Tea Collection and Mini Boden,” she confesses, but, lucky for her, she tells us that she has an amazing consignment store in her neighborhood where she often snags both brands at half of the cost. Another brand Sara loves for when the boys’ closets are lacking basics is Cotton Caboodle. “The tees and pants are soft and well-fitting… they remind me of Splendid,” Sara shares.

Get the look of George and Henry

Let Henry and George inspire the style of your little guy with these favorites that will give you a similar look.

Kid Street Style for Boys

Shirt: Mariner T-Shirt, Mini Boden, $26
Pants: Jersey-Lined Gray Jeans, Old Navy, $22
Shoes: Crocs Electro 2 Clog, Nordstrom, $32

For more kid street style inspiration

Be sure to check out our other Kid Street Style features, highlighting real kiddos and their favorite styles, including Kid Street Style: Meet Nolie and Ever and Kid Street Style: Meet Beckem.

 Does your kid have style? We’d love to hear from you for upcoming features!
Leave a comment below!
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As the new school year kicks off and everyone is getting back on track with their routines we have a little bit of French homework for you! Jacadi, the children’s clothing line from France is sharing some creative French lessons for all of you parents that are globally inspired.

Do you ever wonder what a Mom in Australia packs her kids for lunch? What time does the school day start for kids in Chile? How do kids in Japan say good morning to their teachers?  We’re all parents at the core but what are some of the similarities and some of the differences between our hectic schedules around the world?

Jacadi Get Schooled

To celebrate our cultural differences Jacadi has launched a fun “Get Schooled” campaign giving parents some fun tools “to school” their kids on some of the differences and similarities between France and America. These fun lessons are available for parents to download and print and share with their children at home. This can make a really fun dinner conversation and teach your about France and even some vocabulary.  Check out some of these fun slides that teach you a little bit more about how families do things in France.

Get Schooled by Jacadi

LP-BTS_4_ferme (1)
Get Schooled by Jacadi

One of the easiest ways to start introducing your children to another language is to start with the traditional greetings and good-byes. This is something very universal and those words are pretty simple to repeat, memorize and say.  Another universal theme all around the world are the days of the week, all kids can relate to these days, and I found it very interesting that in France they treat Wednesday like a weekend day of play! I think I need to apply this to my life;)

Visit Jacadi’s website for more fun French lessons! We hope this inspires you to open up a conversation with your children about other families around the world!

Shop Jacadi

Jacadi Fall Collection
Jacadi is a luxury brand of children’s clothing from across the pond! Jacadis is known for it’s European flair and imppecable style. The Jacadi back to school girls collection Girls is sweet and subtle and the boys collection is classic and sporty and an a
dorable new shoe collection for boys and girls   They have also launched a 20% Off Essentiel Sale to help parents stock up on back to school basics for boys and girls. 

How do you teach your children about other people and places around the world?
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Your dress-loving girl loves playing hard at recess, but keeping her covered when she’s at school can be hard. The solution? Playground shorts! They’re perfect solution for every girl who loves to swing from the monkey bars or cartwheel through the grass, without needing to keep one hand on her dress the entire time. 

8 Playground shorts we love

Playground Shorts for Girls

1. Bon Bon Shorts, $22 each
Playground shorts with a touch of ruffle, the Bon Bon Short is made from super-soft bamboo-based rayon to make sure she is comfortable while she plays. Available in pink, aqua and blue in sizes 2T-5T.

2. Hide-ees, $16 each
Just because you’re trying to keep your undies covered while you play, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun doing it! These playground shorts are spunky, with various other colors and styles available as well. Plus, they even come in sizes for women!

3. Monkeybar Buddies, $16-18 each
Made of a stretchier material  — think closer to a bathing suit than underwear — Monkeybar Buddies come in some funky patterns and colors and are popular with tweens as well.

4. Old Navy Jersey Stretch Shorts, $5-8 each
If you aren’t sure your if your daughter will even wear playground shorts under her skirts and dresses, give a pair or two of these from Old Navy a try first. At about $5 each, they’re an inexpensive way to test them out!

5. UndieShorts, $13 each or $33 for three
For girls who need to or want to wear playground shorts, but who can’t stand doubling up on underwear and shorts, check out UndieShorts. With built-in underwear in each pair, they’re a one-and-done playground shorts solution.

6. UnderTwirl Shorts, $22 each
Maybe your girl is more of a twirler than a playground climber. These are the shorts for her! With bright, fun colors for their playground shorts, these are meant to be seen, so let her twirl her heart out.

7. GAP Knit Shorts, $17 for three (on sale)
Families who have to follow school uniform guidelines will want to grab a pack or two of these playground shorts from GAP. They’re plain and simple and with basic colors, they will work well for under nearly any color or pattern school uniform.

8. J.Crew Crewcut Girls’ Tumble Shorts, $15 each
A favorite short for girls of all ages (they go up to size 14), the Tumble Shorts go from the playground to gymnastics practice, where they can be worn without a dress or skirt covering them.

Does your daughter wear playground shorts to school?
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Le Top Back-to-School

Back-to-school isn’t just for the big kids. Preschoolers deserve just as much attention when it comes to picking styles for going back to school this fall and with Le Top on their side, shopping will be as easy as learning their ABCs.

Back-to-school preschool style for boys

Le Top Preschool Style for Boys

Pictured: Dino-mite! 3-D Stegosaurus Shirt with Raglan Sleeves, $29-30, Rookie of the Year #1 Applique Shirt, $28-29, Rock On! Drum Star Striped Raglan-Sleeve Shirt, $28-29, Rookie of the Year Washed Denim Jeans, $31-33.

One of the things we love most about shopping at Le Top for back-to-school is that they’ve done all of the thinking for us… especially when it comes to dressing the boys. Start with a pair of their comfy jeans, or elastic-waist pants for kiddos who are still working on potty training at school, and add a complimentary shirt to make it cool. The Back-to-School Collection from Le Top covers all of the bases for boys this year, from dinosaurs to athletics to rockers-in-the-making.

Back-to-school preschool style for girls

Le Top Back-to-School Preschool Style for Girls

Pictured: Twinkle Twinkle Flower Striped Swing Top & Jeggings, $54-58, Ballet Class Tulle Skirt Dress & Footless Ballet Tights, $52-56, Gigi’s Garden Floral Dress & Striped Footless Tights, $50.

With super sweet and playful ready-to-wear outfits that scream back-to-school preschool style, Le Top makes dressing even the most stylish girls easy. Choose from the adorable matching sets in their Back-to-School Collection or pick out individual pieces to create a look that is all her own. We adore that Le Top thinks of every girl when they create their collection, with styles that range from bright and bold to sweet and simple.

Tips on back-to-school shopping for preschoolers
  • Get the washing machine ready: Preschoolers (and all kids, really) are mess-makers by nature and at school, it can be a free-for-all. Moms know that school clothes get washed, a lot, and thankfully, the clothes from Le Top withstand the wear-and-tear of the washing machine with ease. So, go ahead, wash that paint-covered shirt he loves three times this week. It can handle it.
  • Buy what they’ll wear: Not what you think they’ll wear. There’s way too much fun to be had at school for your kids to be worrying about if their pants are bugging them or if the details on their shirt are scratching their skin. Le Top takes both style and comfort into consideration with every piece they design, making them instant favorites for even the pickiest of kids.
  • Think beyond the classroom: Buying clothes for back-to-school can be an investment, especially if you have more than one child headed to the classroom this fall. The clothes from Le Top do double-duty in their wardrobe, taking your kiddos from school to play dates to family dinners to the weekend without skipping a beat. With newborn through size 7, Le Top can check a lot of clothes off of your family’s fall clothing to-buy list.
Keeping up with Le Top

Le Top can be purchased online at, as well as in stores across the nation. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for more kids’ fashion inspiration.


One winner will receive two Le Top outfits of choice valued at $100.
Please enter through the Rafflecopter form below
Ends August 29th at 11:59pm PST

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Mac and Mia
Introducing Mac & Mia

Even if you love shopping for clothes for your kids, every mom can agree that it often becomes a chore… especially if you’re attempting to do it with your kids in tow. While we’ve seen other kids’ clothing subscription services come and go over the years, we’re certain that this one will be here to stay.

Introducing Mac & Mia, the newest way to discover new brands and styles for your kids’ closets, without even leaving your home.

How it works

You can sign up on the Mac & Mia website by entering some basic information, such as your email address and zip code. Once your invitation is ready, you’ll receive an email to get started on your profile, which you customize for each child you’d like to receive a Mac & Mia box for.

Marie Tillman, founder of Mac & Mia, tells us that the profile piece of the site is integral in making it a success. “Our goal is to create a very personalized experience for our customers,” she shares. “We collect information not only about what they like and don’t like, but how they live their life, and what types of items they need — casual play clothes, school clothes, special occasion, etc.” Mac & Mia also continues to use this information on your profile as you are a repeat customer, allowing you to leave valuable feedback about the items in your box to create future boxes that hit the mark.

Once you receive your box from Mac & Mia, which can be filled with a combination of clothes, shoes and accessories, based on what you specified in your profile, you have five days to decide which items to keep and which items to send back.

Keeping some of or all of the items? They’ll simply charge your credit card on file for what you’re keeping. No styling fees. No shipping costs. Just pay for what you buy.

Have some items to send back? Tuck them in the pre-paid shipping envelope that was included in your box from Mac & Mia and send them on their way. We love that if you choose to send everything back, you won’t be charged a fee for trying, making it a risk-free way to shop for your kids.

What comes in my box?

Mac and Mia

Each box comes filled with a handful of items that have been hand-selected by the team at Mac & Mia. The number of items and the price of each item varies from box-to-box, based on how it’s packed and what you’ve requested in your profile.

Curious as to the brands that you’ll receive from Mac & Mia? Think boutique! We adore that Mac & Mia will expose us to brands that aren’t stocked at our local department stores, including gems such as Go Gently Baby, Kallio NYC (who we’ve featured right here on Savvy Sassy Moms!), Misha + Puff, Charlie Rocket, Tane Organics, Nui, and Paige Lauren, just to name a few.

Stitch Fix fans, read this

If you’re already a fan of similar clothing subscription services, such as the ever popular Stitch Fix, the comparison is undeniable and if you’re familiar with how those services work, you’ll jump on board with Mac & Mia with ease.

However, there are a couple of things that set Mac & Mia apart from the rest and they’re reasons to fall in love with this new kids’ clothing subscription — first, like we mentioned above, there is no fee for using Mac & Mia. You only pay for what you keep from your box.

Second,  the way that Mac & Mia picks the brands they feature in each box sets them apart from other clothing subscription services, in a big way. Founder, Marie Tillman, shares, “We try to be thoughtful about the brands we carry, and consider how they are made and the lives touched along the way.”

Getting started

Just getting started in their soft launch phase, Mac & Mia is still accepting sign-ups and the first round of boxes from newborn to size 2T will be shipping soon, with limited spaces still available in this size range. Looking for bigger sizes? Mac & Mia will carry through size 6 for kids, with the bigger sizes being launched this fall and spring.

If you’re interested in joining Mac & Mia, now or in the future, we recommend visiting the Mac & Mia website, where you can request an invite. They will get in touch as soon as a spot in your requested size is available!

In the meantime, you can keep an eye on Mac & Mia on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. The Mac & Mia blog also has some pretty sweet kids’ clothing inspiration to peek in on.

Have you already signed up for Mac & Mia?
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We know that technically it’s still summer, but with fall right around the corner, stocking up on back-to-school essentials for kids now is a must. Grab these fall favorites while they’re still in stock.

Back-to-school essentials for girls

Back to School Essentials for Girls

1. Girls’ Scrunch Down Vest, L.L. Bean, $50
A great layering piece for girls of all ages, sometimes getting her to wear a vest is easier than getting her to wear a coat as you’re running out of the door for school in the morning. This one from L.L. Bean will keep her warm and has a girly touch with its detailed ruching.

2. REI Jaya Fleece Hoodie Jacket for Girls, REI, $50
Cold weather is just around the corner and we hear that the dreaded polar vortex is due back this year. Yikes. Don’t leave buying her a warm coat until the last minute… you’ll save time and money by picking one up as you back-to-school shop.

3. Rain Jacket, GAP, $50
If you live in a spot where fall means rain, you’ll need at least one rain jacket to get her through the school year. This one from GAP is basic and simple… and will keep her dry waiting for the bus in the morning. Big points from moms for the bright color, making it easy to spot in the school’s lost and found!

4. Girls’ Pattern Ankle Length Leggings, Lands’ End, $18
If your girls are like ours, fashion is all about the leggings. Stock up on them now and save — most stores give you a deep discount for purchasing leggings in bulk, like at Lands’ End, where you’ll save $3 on each pair if you buy two or more. Grab a bunch now and stash them in her closet.

5. Girls Stripped Knee-High Socks, Old Navy, $5
Another one of those fall essentials that seems to be hard to find the moment back-to-school is over… fun, funky knee-high socks. They’re great under boots or as an extra layer under her jeans on cold days.

6. Girls’ Bogs Rainboot Stripe,, $50
It’s hard to imagine buying boots when our air conditioners are still blasting, but trust us on this one… if you wait much longer to buy boots for fall, you’ll be too late. Grab her favorite pair now and tuck them in the back of the closet, if you need to. She’ll be thrilled when you pull them out on that first rainy day!

Back-to-school essentials for boys

Back to School Essentials for Boys

1. Aigle Kids Flac Boots,, $49
He may only wear them to tromp to school and back, changing into his much cooler, beloved sneakers as soon as he gets inside, but making sure he has some rain boots to keep his feet dry will set your mind at ease. These are simple and fuss-free, just like him… sometimes.

2. Boys’ Pattern Knit Hat, Lands’ End, $20
Boys and their hats. He probably has dozens strewn around the house, but he’s still sure to appreciate a fresh one for back-to-school.

3. Stripe Days-of-the-Week Socks, Pack of 7, GAP, $20
They’re going to stink the minute he puts them on, but at least with the days-of-the-week feature of this pack from GAP, he’ll know whether or not they’re clean… without having to do the sniff-test.

4. REI Myka Sweater Fleece Jacket for Boys, REI, $70
Something super cozy and soft is always a priority for fall. If he’s grown out of his fleece from last year, this one from REI is a nice option. The puff in front keeps the wind away and the sweater-look means it is a little fancier than your average fleece jacket.

5. Boys’ Bean’s Down Vest, L.L. Bean, $54
Vests are cool… but they are also fleeting. Grab one now or else you’ll be left with the crazy colors and sizes by the time fall weather actually hits later in the school year.

What are your kids’ back-to-school essentials for fall?
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Kid Street Style- Nolie and Ever Closeup

Meet Nolie and Ever

When it comes to kids street style, these girls are the real deal. With a mama who takes a backseat, letting them take the lead in all things fashion-related, Nolie and Ever are our kid street style inspiration this month and we’re loving every single stripe, polka-dot and spirited pattern.

A style of their own

Kid Street Style

“My two ladies choose their outfits on their own, 100 percent,” shares Nolie and Ever’s mom, Autumn. “And, it outdoes anything that I could drum up on my own for them!” While Autumn does let her girls hit the closet themselves, giving them the freedom to make their own choices about what they wear, she does fill it with the goodies to make these stylish outfits exist. “I keep it stocked with soft, cozy cotton in bright, bright colors and loud prints. You’re only young once! Why not wear all the neon tops with all the flowered leggings?”

Where to shop

Kid Street Style for Girls

Autumn shares that the girls’ closet is mostly filled with pre-loved hand-me-downs and gifts from grandparents, the perfect combination for creating a stylish wardrobe for Nolie and Ever. When Autumn keeps her eye on some of her favorite brands for her girls  — who share a closet, by the way — she sticks with the brands she loves, including Peek (Instagram: @peekkids) for graphic tees (“They always happen to have the right sayings written on them… never classless or weird,” she dishes.), Hanna Andersson (Instagram: @happyhannas) for basics, and those can’t-live-without-them sales at Old Navy (Instagram: @oldnavy) to fill in the blanks, when necessary.

Get the look of Nolie and Ever

Kid Street Style

Let your own girls recreate the look of Nolie and Ever by filling their closet with some of these favorites. Although, if there’s anything that these girls have taught us about style, it’s that everyone has their own. Loni Top, Peek Kids, $38, Fashion Leggings, Old Navy, $9, Pretty Printed Skirt, Mini Boden, $42, Ballet Slippers, Made with Love NZ via Etsy, $13

For more kid street style inspiration

Keep up on Nolie and Ever’s style via their mama’s blog, Playing House Full Time. You can also find them on Facebook.

Do you have a kiddo with style? Let us know!

Photo credits: Autumn Meyer

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