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Desigual Kids Collection Fall 2015 Savvy Sassy Moms
This summer, our family traveled to Spain for five weeks. If you are following Savvy Sassy Moms on Instagram, you probably saw that I shared some of our adventures in each of the five cities we visited — as well as some of our shopping trips. One of the most popular stores in Spain is Desigual. If you have not heard of them before, you are in for a treat! The company started in Barcelona, Spain in 1985 and has since grown into one of the largest retailers in Europe.

We saw Desigual stores everywhere during our trip. They’re like the Starbucks of Spain — there’s one on every corner! Known for their signature bold prints and colorful designs, Desigual designs clothing for women and men, as well as a full kids’ collection and a coming-soon collection of clothes for infants. You’ll love their shoes, handbags and accessories.

I first discovered Desigual when I was in Barcelona 7 years ago and have been a fan for years. I’ve loved seeing their stores pop up in the United States, While we were in Barcelona, I received an invitation to visit the Desigual flagship store to see the new fall kids’ collection for back-to-school.

To say my daughter was excited would be an understatement!

Desigual Kids Fall Collection
Desigual Girls Fall Collection
POP Princess

Desigual has a clear theme for this latest collection, and it’s all about the ’80s. In fact, they took inspiration from the most famous pop star of all — Madonna, the Material Girl herself.

“Bubblegum pink, black and grey were her favorite colors to wear in those first music videos. Her denim jacket will be the next hit at school with a patchwork of knitted cut-offs and bright colours. The ’80s were characterized by the freedom of mix & match.

Create the effect of volume just like the queen of pop by wearing a down jacket over a glittery skull top. Anything is possible. Flowers with song lyrics, touches of glittery lace and denim… that’s the essence of a Material Girl.”

Desigual Boys Fall Collection

SCI-Fi Super Heros

The boys’ fall collection is a little bit comic book, science fiction and the futuristic all in one! The wild colors and bold prints for boys are certainly just as creative and fun as the girls collection.

“2015 is the year of the ’80s science fiction revival. The universe of George Lucas is back with a new edition of Star Wars. This autumn, Desigual once again brings you its characters Han Solo, Darth Vader, R2-D2 and C-3PO on layered T-shirts and two-tone sweatshirts. They’ve even been turned into comic book characters using the retro design of the time.

It’s also the anniversary of Back to the Future. In 1985, Robert Zemeckis set the film in 2015. What are the similarities between film in 2015. What are the similarities between those two worlds? The famous anorak! The famous anorak worn by Marty McFly is now a reality thanks to Desigual. It’s been modernized with felt cut-offs and sporty letters.”

Desigual Fall Kids Collection
My daughter was totally smitten with Desigual and wanted everything! Our favorite was the reversible sequin shirts. We posted a video on Instagram of this amazing shirt, so you can see the full effect. We had a blast spending the morning in the colorful world of Desigual.
Desigual Store barcelona Spain McKenna


What do you think of Desigual Kids?  Have you shopped Desigual?
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Back-to-School with Minted

Our favorite back-to-school Minted picks

There are so, so many good things from Minted for back-to-school this year. With the addition of a brand-new collection of kids’ name labels (they’re waterproof and non-toxic!) alongside all of the classic favorites, such as stationery and personalized notebooks, Minted really is the best of back-to-school shopping destinations.

Here are few favorites we can’t resist for back-to-school:

Minted Back-to-School Essentials for Kids


See the entire Minted Kid Essentials Collection to pick your own favorites for back-to-school and be sure to enter our #2Cool4School giveaway to win a $150 Minted Shopping Spree.

Pictured at top:
Gem Custom Name Labels, $12 for 24 labels
Out of Line Custom Name Labels, $12 for 32 labels

Make sure you pop by our #2Cool4School Twitter Party tonight at 6 p.m. PST to chat more about Minted and win a gift certificate to spend on their new collection of back-to-school products.

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Kid-Friendly Lunch Ideas and Free Lunchbox PrintableAt our house, my kids are responsible for making their own lunches. They think I am the worst mother in the world for making them do it, but I think kids need some kind of responsibility. I am there to help them if they need it, but I make them do the majority of the work. At the beginning of the year, I sit down with them and ask them what they would like to eat for lunch so that I can buy those things. Honestly, they would eat the same thing every single day, which is fine with me as long as they follow our lunchbox rules.

Teaching Kids to Make Their Own Lunches (Free Lunchbox Printable!)Our lunchbox rules for packing school lunches

While we have our kids pack their own lunches, they do have to follow a few guidelines. Can you imagine what they’re lunches would look like if we didn’t?

Here’s what they need to include in their lunch:

1 Fruit or vegetable
1 Protein
1 Treat
1 Drink

They have to eat their fruit or vegetable every day. If they don’t, they aren’t allowed to have a treat the next day. They are generally really good about doing this!

Our “rules” are very simple and very easy and I’ve found that it’s the right amount of food for them, too. They don’t get a lot of time to eat at school, so overwhelming them with a bunch of options in their lunchboxes doesn’t help.

Filling their lunchboxes with good eats

I like to keep lots of fruit and other snacks on-hand so that each they can switch it up each day. Annie’s Organic Cheddar Bunnies are a huge hit in our house! I love that they are organic and made with 100% real cheese. I also buy the Bunny Grahams and love them so much that I have a hard time sharing them with my kids!

This year they choose four different meals:

PB&J: Always a classic, it’s easy for them to make themselves and they can customize it with their favorite kind of jelly!



Meat, cheese and crackers: Kids love that this is a DIY lunch when they’re at school! They can build their own stacked combos or eat everything on its own. My kids love these Mash-ups by Plum Organics and I love that they are getting fruit and vegetables at the same time and they don’t know it!

Apple, pretzels, peanut butter and string cheese: There’s something about this combo that goes so well together!

Quesadillas: If you don’t have a quesadilla maker you need to get one right now. The kids can just throw a tortilla on there with some cheese and in two-minutes they have a quesadilla! Best invention ever!

Add a little love to their lunchbox

Even though they make their lunch, I want them to know I am thinking about them while they are gone away at school, so I sneak in a cute note into their lunchboxes after they go to bed. I don’t do this everyday, but when I do they always says something about it after school, so I know that they love it and are excited to discover that little note

Click below to print out these cute free lunchbox printables that you can tuck in your kids’ lunchboxes, whether they pack their own lunches or if you’re still on lunch-making duty!


This post was contributed as part of the Savvy Sassy Moms Product Scouts Program. Find more from Krystal on her blog, Simply Girly

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Back-to-School Style from Rack Room Shoes

It’s that time of year again! Back-to-school prep is here and the frenzy to get all the necessary items on your list seems endless — supplies for school, backpacks, lunch boxes, books, sports gear, clothes and shoes. Some of these tasks are quite daunting (ahem, perhaps locating 75 purple glue sticks?), while others are a bit more fun… like shopping for new clothes and shoes! I remember being so excited shopping and picking out my own first day of school outfits and getting my mini-fashionista-self prepped for the new school year in style. These days, I still get excited, but for getting my own little ones ready for back-to-school. I love taking them shopping and seeing what they choose to kick off the new school year!

Back-to-school with Rack Room Shoes

For back-to-school shoe prep, my go-to spot to shop online is Rack Room Shoes. Not only do they offer a great selection of on-trend footwear for the entire family from everyone’s favorite brands (Sketchers, Nike, Converse and Vans, to name a few!), but the pricing at Rack Room Shoes simply cannot be beat. Rack Room has a great “Buy One, Get One 50% Off” promotion that allows you to buy any pair of shoes and get any second pair half off. Combine that with their rewards program where for every $200 you spend you receive a $15 gift certificate to use on your your next purchase and you have quite possibly found back-to-school shopping heaven.

All about style

My son is still young enough that he isn’t really locked into one specific style yet. Some days he is sporty, some days he is preppy, some days he is everyday casual and some days he fashions what I like to call “I dressed myself while I was still asleep in the dark.” With the many options available at Rack Room Shoes we try to find a pair that will suit all his styles, as well as meet the requirements for all his activities during school hours.

Converse from Rack Room Shoes

After checking out all the fabulous styles, for this school year he decided on the super-trendy Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars. With their classic style, great support and rubber closed-toe comfort, he couldn’t have picked a better option for going back to school. After surveying the selection of colors he ultimately landed on the navy, which perfectly matches all his style needs.

Get the look

Back-to-School Style for Boys

Everyday Casual: Shirt | Shorts | Shoes

First Day of School Style for Boys

Preppy: Shirt | Pullover | Pants | Shoes

Back-to-School 2015 Styles for Boys

Sporty: Tee | Hooded Sweatshirt | Gym Shorts | Shoes

A pair for him, a pair for her

Not to be left out, little sis wanted to match big brother and be part of the back-to-school fun, too! Again, with the BOGO offer from Rack Room Shoes, this was a no brainer. She picked out the Toddler Converse All Stars in pink and they are just as versatile as her brother’s.

Buy One, Get One 50% Off at Rack Room Shoes

With Rack Room Shoes, I love knowing that I am able to stylishly shop for all our children in one spot… and without breaking the bank along the way. I am able to concentrate on making that first day of school special for each individual child and can sit back and enjoy watching them figure out which pair of shoes excites their own personal style. Rack Room Shoes makes the back-to-school shopping experience simply fun for everyone.

Helping others when you shop

Giving Back with Rack Room Shoes Shoes That Fit Campaign

This year, for back-to-school, Rack Room Shoes is raising funds for families in need through their Shoes That Fit campaign. You can donate easily when you check out online on Rack Room Shoes or in any Rack Room Shoes store location and 100 percent of the funds donation go back into the communities where they are donated with the help of local liaisons who identify children needing new shoes. To make it even sweeter, Rack Room Shoes has committed to matching all donations made, up to $300,000!

What back-to-school brand or style of shoes does your child prefer?

This post was sponsored. All opinions are my own.

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As the new school year kicks off and everyone is getting back on track with their routines we have a little bit of French homework for you! Jacadi, the children’s clothing line from France is sharing some creative French lessons for all of you parents that are globally inspired.

Do you ever wonder what a Mom in Australia packs her kids for lunch? What time does the school day start for kids in Chile? How do kids in Japan say good morning to their teachers?  We’re all parents at the core but what are some of the similarities and some of the differences between our hectic schedules around the world?

Jacadi Get Schooled

To celebrate our cultural differences Jacadi has launched a fun “Get Schooled” campaign giving parents some fun tools “to school” their kids on some of the differences and similarities between France and America. These fun lessons are available for parents to download and print and share with their children at home. This can make a really fun dinner conversation and teach your about France and even some vocabulary.  Check out some of these fun slides that teach you a little bit more about how families do things in France.

Get Schooled by Jacadi

LP-BTS_4_ferme (1)
Get Schooled by Jacadi

One of the easiest ways to start introducing your children to another language is to start with the traditional greetings and good-byes. This is something very universal and those words are pretty simple to repeat, memorize and say.  Another universal theme all around the world are the days of the week, all kids can relate to these days, and I found it very interesting that in France they treat Wednesday like a weekend day of play! I think I need to apply this to my life;)

Visit Jacadi’s website for more fun French lessons! We hope this inspires you to open up a conversation with your children about other families around the world!

Shop Jacadi

Jacadi Fall Collection
Jacadi is a luxury brand of children’s clothing from across the pond! Jacadis is known for it’s European flair and imppecable style. The Jacadi back to school girls collection Girls is sweet and subtle and the boys collection is classic and sporty and an a
dorable new shoe collection for boys and girls   They have also launched a 20% Off Essentiel Sale to help parents stock up on back to school basics for boys and girls. 

How do you teach your children about other people and places around the world?
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kid-friendly breakfasts
Why moms need quick breakfast recipes

Some mornings, it’s a mom-win to get the kids out of the house with their lunches packed. On the days sitting down for breakfast might mean missing the first bell, mom can be a hero will a healthy, portable breakfast. Try these quick breakfast recipes that your little ones will love.

A family command center is another way to be sure you get to school on time each day without forgetting anything you need. Learn more about back-to-school organizing!

Easy breakfasts to grab and go

If your temperatures are still hovering closer to summer than fall, these Yogurt Parfait Breakfast Popsicles from Food Folks and Fun are a sweetly healthy breakfast treat. Kids won’t even mind being rushed in the morning when they know a breakfast popsicle is waiting.

Vegetables aren’t always easy to work into breakfast recipes, but the Zucchini Pineapple Bread from I’m Bored, Let’s Go disguises them with a fabulous, moist bread. The generous recipe makes enough for a loaf plus muffins — which are perfectly shaped for little hands.

If you have the type of kitchen where you’re always tweaking recipes, the Really Good Granola from Supper at Six is the grab-and-go breakfast for you. You can subtly switch the flavors based on what you have in the cupboard on any given day, and it’s an easy breakfast to eat in the car.

For kids who are extra hungry in the morning, try the Overnight Oats from eat. live. travel. write. Prep the oats the night before, and by morning your kids will have a healthy, filling breakfast that is sure to keep their tummies full until lunchtime.

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Breakfast recipes with quick and easy prep

You only need four ingredients for this delicious Tangy Vanilla Mango Protein Smoothie from Apple of My Eye. In addition to it being a kid-friendly option for busy mornings, this smoothie can be made in a regular blender.

Natural Chow understands what it’s like when your energy crashes, and her Healthy Peanut Butter Chocolate Energy Bites will help make sure it doesn’t happen to your kids. These little bits of protein power could be easily customized to accommodate allergy needs — try SunButter for kids with nut allergies.

Modern Oats are a Savvy Sassy Moms favorite. My kids adore this all-natural oatmeal option, packed with delicious ingredients and antioxidants. On busy mornings, I appreciate the ease with which this healthy oatmeal can be made, without sacrificing the nutritional benefit of a healthy breakfast. Simply add water to the individual serving containers, heat for three minutes, and go!

Breakfast recipes to warm up and go

While the breakfasts are warming up, throw on this casual — yet stylish — outfit that’s perfect for the carpool lane.

Omelets on the Go from Pip and Ebby are the perfect heat and go option for busy mornings. Designed to be baked as individual servings, moms can simply warm one — or two — for each child before heading out the door.

A frittata makes a wonderful brunch option, but it can also be re-heated for a delicious, warm breakfast. This Spinach, Bacon, and Gruyere Frittata from Lisa’s Dinnertime Dish will be a hit no matter what time of the day it’s served.

Quick breakfast recipes
Keep up with these fabulous food bloggers on social media!

1. Food Folks and Fun 2. I’m Bored, Let’s Go 3. Supper at Six 4. eat. live. travel. write 5. Apple of My Eye 6. Natural Chow 7. Modern Oats 8. Pip & Ebby 9. Lisa’s Dinnertime Dish

What’s your go-to breakfast when you hit snooze too many times?
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Send a little love with their lunches

What you pack in your kids’ lunches is important. You’re fueling their bodies and brains for the hours they’re in the classroom — and it’s a long day for little ones! Lunches don’t have to be fancy to be nutritious, tasty and a reminder of how much you care about their day at school.

MIXIM yogurt

Make them smile with nutritious treats

Yogurt is one of my lunchbox staples. My daughter loves it, and I feel like it’s a good source of nutrition for the second half of her school day. Ehrmann® MIXIM Greek Yogurt is going to find a spot in our lunchbox rotation this fall. Little things can make a big difference for kids, and I know my (almost) first grader smiles every time she sees the heart-shaped yogurt container in the refrigerator. Like Ehrmann USA on Facebook for fun, printable lunchbox surprises. Knowing I can make her smile when she opens her lunch is an extra bonus!

MIXIM yogurt

Why you’ll love MIXIM

MIXIM yogurt is a fat-free greek yogurt that packs a protein punch while offering a little extra treat. Available in six flavor combinations, you can consistently send your child’s favorite or mix and match for a lot of lunchbox love. Each of the flavor combinations has a crunchy component, which can help the yogurt feel a little more substantial. Whether the MIXIM yogurt is used as the main component of a lunch or a side dish for a sandwich or cheese and crackers, kids will love the sweetness of the mix-ins. The 5.3 ounce serving isn’t so large that yogurt will go to waste, but it’s sufficient to use as the main portion if your kids struggle to make it through their lunches in the time provided.

MIXIM yogurt

Why your kids will love MIXIM

One of the best parts about MIXIM yogurt is the design of the container. The heart shape does more than bring a smile to a child’s face. Bending the curved mix-in containers into the main yogurt section is the perfect angle to dump in the mix-ins. Kids are able to add the “treats” to their yogurt on their own, without worrying about spilling or dropping during a spoon transfer. Some of the flavors seem like treats — my kids think they’ve hit the lunchbox jackpot when I pack the Blueberry and Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites. MIXIM is a nice compromise if your kids want a sweet treat in their lunch each day, but you’re more worried about their health than their candy requests. Pack the yogurt with a side of fruit or ham and cheese roll-ups, and your kids will have a healthy lunch that even picky eaters will love.

Ehrmann MIXIM is currently available in: CA, AZ, NV, HI, NM, CO, TX and WY.
Check out the MIXIM Facebook Page for more love in the lunchbox ideas and printables!

Do your kids like the same foods for lunch each day?

MIXIM yogurt

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Your dress-loving girl loves playing hard at recess, but keeping her covered when she’s at school can be hard. The solution? Playground shorts! They’re perfect solution for every girl who loves to swing from the monkey bars or cartwheel through the grass, without needing to keep one hand on her dress the entire time. 

8 Playground shorts we love

Playground Shorts for Girls

1. Bon Bon Shorts, $22 each
Playground shorts with a touch of ruffle, the Bon Bon Short is made from super-soft bamboo-based rayon to make sure she is comfortable while she plays. Available in pink, aqua and blue in sizes 2T-5T.

2. Hide-ees, $16 each
Just because you’re trying to keep your undies covered while you play, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun doing it! These playground shorts are spunky, with various other colors and styles available as well. Plus, they even come in sizes for women!

3. Monkeybar Buddies, $16-18 each
Made of a stretchier material  — think closer to a bathing suit than underwear — Monkeybar Buddies come in some funky patterns and colors and are popular with tweens as well.

4. Old Navy Jersey Stretch Shorts, $5-8 each
If you aren’t sure your if your daughter will even wear playground shorts under her skirts and dresses, give a pair or two of these from Old Navy a try first. At about $5 each, they’re an inexpensive way to test them out!

5. UndieShorts, $13 each or $33 for three
For girls who need to or want to wear playground shorts, but who can’t stand doubling up on underwear and shorts, check out UndieShorts. With built-in underwear in each pair, they’re a one-and-done playground shorts solution.

6. UnderTwirl Shorts, $22 each
Maybe your girl is more of a twirler than a playground climber. These are the shorts for her! With bright, fun colors for their playground shorts, these are meant to be seen, so let her twirl her heart out.

7. GAP Knit Shorts, $17 for three (on sale)
Families who have to follow school uniform guidelines will want to grab a pack or two of these playground shorts from GAP. They’re plain and simple and with basic colors, they will work well for under nearly any color or pattern school uniform.

8. J.Crew Crewcut Girls’ Tumble Shorts, $15 each
A favorite short for girls of all ages (they go up to size 14), the Tumble Shorts go from the playground to gymnastics practice, where they can be worn without a dress or skirt covering them.

Does your daughter wear playground shorts to school?
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Don’t fall into a lunch box rut

Packing kids’ lunches can become a chore after the first week of school ends. Finding new kids’ lunch ideas can keep moms from falling into a lunch making rut. Kids will love having new — delicious — lunches to try, and moms will feel better knowing their little ones are filling their tummies with nutritious choices.

kids lunches

10 fantastic kids’ lunch ideas

Poppy Haus lets you take your kids’ lunches old school with Fruit Roll-Ups. The all-fruit snacks don’t add any sugar or other artificial ingredients, so you can feel good sending them in your kids’ lunch boxes.

Sandwich skewers from My Fussy Eater make lunch time a little bit more fun for fussy eaters. They sneak a bit of salad into a lunchbox, but even if kids don’t eat their greens, there are still other options to make sure they’re not hungry after lunch.

Make your little monsters a fun, new sandwich for lunch. Chocolate and Carrots takes a simple kids’ favorite and transforms it into her Monster Sandwiches. They’re an easy way to add something special to lunch without foregoing your little one’s favorite flavors.

Healthy carrot muffins from Wholesome Ireland can be added to a lunch box or used as a quick breakfast before school. Without sugar, eggs, or wheat they’re allergy-friendly and nutritious.

Filo pastry mini quiches from A Mummy Too are a delicious way to let kids customize their lunches. Offer them a variety of fillings for the quiches, and they’ll have their favorite flavors tucked into a portable, easy-to-eat package.

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Pizza — a constant favorite of kids — becomes lunch box friendly in The Cook’s Pyjamas’ Margherita pizza scrolls. The three-ingredient bites are sure to become a favorite in your child’s lunch rotation.

Ham & cheese cupcakes from Meals, Heels, and Cocktails are delicious straight from the oven — and taste just as yummy the next day. Whip up a batch of the savory muffins for dinner one night and pack the leftovers for lunch.

Gluten-free Mexican bites take a few ingredients from the ever-popular taco night and repurpose them for lunch the next day. They’re freezable, too, so you can make a double batch and pull them out whenever you’re short on time.

Thank Half Baked Harvest for a protein-packed lunch option that kids will devour. Kid-favorite chicken strips add a little extra nutrition in her Quinoa crusted chicken strips. Add your child’s favorite dipping sauce or try the included BBQ honey mustard sauce.

Chicken pesto zucchini noodles are a flavorful lunch option that add a healthy punch to any box. Chilled pasta is an unexpected alternative to sandwiches and easy for kids to eat quickly. Let kids help spiralize the noodles so they know they’ve helped with their lunches.

A bonus recipe for added sweetness

For a sweet treat at the end of your child’s lunch, try the Nutty Chocolate Chip Granola Bars from My Friend’s Bakery. Making your own granola bars is easier than you think and avoids a bunch of preservatives your kids don’t need.

Like these fabulous food bloggers on Facebook for even more delicious ideas

1. Poppy Haus, 2. My Fussy Eater, 3. Chocolate and Carrots, 4. Wholesome Ireland, 5. A Mummy Too, 6. The Cook’s Pyjamas, 7. Meals, Heels, and Cocktails, 8. Gluten Free for Lunchboxes, 9. Half Baked Harvest, 10. Snixy Kitchen, 11. My Friend’s Bakery

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Le Top Back-to-School

Back-to-school isn’t just for the big kids. Preschoolers deserve just as much attention when it comes to picking styles for going back to school this fall and with Le Top on their side, shopping will be as easy as learning their ABCs.

Back-to-school preschool style for boys

Le Top Preschool Style for Boys

Pictured: Dino-mite! 3-D Stegosaurus Shirt with Raglan Sleeves, $29-30, Rookie of the Year #1 Applique Shirt, $28-29, Rock On! Drum Star Striped Raglan-Sleeve Shirt, $28-29, Rookie of the Year Washed Denim Jeans, $31-33.

One of the things we love most about shopping at Le Top for back-to-school is that they’ve done all of the thinking for us… especially when it comes to dressing the boys. Start with a pair of their comfy jeans, or elastic-waist pants for kiddos who are still working on potty training at school, and add a complimentary shirt to make it cool. The Back-to-School Collection from Le Top covers all of the bases for boys this year, from dinosaurs to athletics to rockers-in-the-making.

Back-to-school preschool style for girls

Le Top Back-to-School Preschool Style for Girls

Pictured: Twinkle Twinkle Flower Striped Swing Top & Jeggings, $54-58, Ballet Class Tulle Skirt Dress & Footless Ballet Tights, $52-56, Gigi’s Garden Floral Dress & Striped Footless Tights, $50.

With super sweet and playful ready-to-wear outfits that scream back-to-school preschool style, Le Top makes dressing even the most stylish girls easy. Choose from the adorable matching sets in their Back-to-School Collection or pick out individual pieces to create a look that is all her own. We adore that Le Top thinks of every girl when they create their collection, with styles that range from bright and bold to sweet and simple.

Tips on back-to-school shopping for preschoolers
  • Get the washing machine ready: Preschoolers (and all kids, really) are mess-makers by nature and at school, it can be a free-for-all. Moms know that school clothes get washed, a lot, and thankfully, the clothes from Le Top withstand the wear-and-tear of the washing machine with ease. So, go ahead, wash that paint-covered shirt he loves three times this week. It can handle it.
  • Buy what they’ll wear: Not what you think they’ll wear. There’s way too much fun to be had at school for your kids to be worrying about if their pants are bugging them or if the details on their shirt are scratching their skin. Le Top takes both style and comfort into consideration with every piece they design, making them instant favorites for even the pickiest of kids.
  • Think beyond the classroom: Buying clothes for back-to-school can be an investment, especially if you have more than one child headed to the classroom this fall. The clothes from Le Top do double-duty in their wardrobe, taking your kiddos from school to play dates to family dinners to the weekend without skipping a beat. With newborn through size 7, Le Top can check a lot of clothes off of your family’s fall clothing to-buy list.
Keeping up with Le Top

Le Top can be purchased online at, as well as in stores across the nation. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for more kids’ fashion inspiration.


One winner will receive two Le Top outfits of choice valued at $100.
Please enter through the Rafflecopter form below
Ends August 29th at 11:59pm PST

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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