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The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting another cold and snowy winter here in Maine. For us, that means bundling up and making the most of the season. But this year, we are also gearing up for the arrival of our third son (our first winter baby!) and I’m realizing there is so much more to think about.  While our days may look a little different, bundling up baby to chase after his big brothers is going be essential. He are some of our favorites for keeping babies warm and toasty during his first winter.

8 Favorites for Keeping Babies Warm

1. Babywearing coat

I’m a huge babywearing fan — it’s such a lifesaver when you have more than one kiddo to chase after! Babywearing coats are genius for these cold months. I’m loving the look of the M Coat and this Down Jacket from Mamaway.

2. A cozy and versatile blanket

With a winter baby, I imagine having a soft and warm blanket on hand is key. I’m loving the On the Go Blanket from Bella Bundles, because it is functional and adorable.

3. Soft, warm, practical accessories

Zunato’s Cozie Collection has always been my go-to for their colors and practicality in winter. Their booties are simply the best — they are truly so soft and they actually stay on those little tootsies.

4. Lightweight, warm baby bunting

We are big Patagonia fans and their Down Sweater Bunting is fantastic. This should not be worn in a car seat, for safety reasons, but it is perfect for time outdoors.

5. Socks that actually stay on

Smartwool is our sock of choice for everyone in our house, and baby is no different. For days when baby is out of his footies, we love the Baby Booty Batch from Smartwool. They are soft, warm, breathable, and yes, they stay on.

6. Weather repellent car seat cover

This is going to be a necessity with a busy family of five! We’ll be using the 7 A.M. Enfant Cocooon all winter long. It’s safe for Baby (goes on the outside of the infant car seat), warm, and both wind and water repellent.

7. Warm, yet breathable sleep sack

Sleep sacks are a great way to keep Baby warm and safe as they eliminate the need for a blanket in their crib. The Gunapod from Gunamuna is one of our favorites. It’s innovative WONDERZiP system allows you to control temperature and also allows for easy access for diaper changes.

8. Stroller bunting

Fresh air is key to winter survival and sanity, so in cold climates like Maine, keeping your stroller “weather ready” is important. There are lots of great options out there, but we love the 7 A.M Enfant 212 Blanket Evolution.

What are you favorite products to help keep your baby warm & cozy in the winter?


This post was contributed by Rebecca Spear as part of Savvy Sassy Moms Product Scouts. You can find more from Rebecca on her blog, Mainely Mama

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I’ll never forget how excited I was to pick out all the items for my diaper bag the first time. I would be prepared for every occasion, every change of weather, every diaper blowout and beyond. I had creams, bibs, swaddles, hats — everything a new, first time mom thinks she needs in her bag. What I wasn’t prepared for was just how heavy that bag would get!

While on some occasions those extra items did come in handy, it was few and far between and I found myself carrying around a lot of extra weight. I never quite pictured myself as a mom that would carry a traditional diaper bag, but I also couldn’t bring myself to invest in a luxury handbag that would eventually be home to dirty diapers and crumbled goldfish. Then came my Newlie diaper bag…


All about Newlie

Newlie was created by Leslie Newton, the founder and other half of timi and leslie, a well known diaper bag company. After moving on from timi & leslie, she founded Newlie, a diaper bag that doesn’t compromise style. My first thoughts when I opened this bag was this mom knows what she’s doing!

I am guilty of loving purses — and, admittedly, expensive ones — which is one of the things I immediately loved about the Lily Tote… it looks expensive, but doesn’t cost a small fortune. Coming in at just under $100, it’s practical in every sense of the word.

Try the new Newlie Diaper Bag: Under $100!

What I love about Newlie

Here are a handful of the things that I love most about this new diaper bag:
— Durable outside material that can be wiped down with warm water
— Two outer pockets and two inner pockets
— Two side pockets perfect for bottles or a sunglasses case
— Large insulated pocket, great for storing milk that you’ve pumped at work to carry home
— Antique brass hardware makes it trendy, but timeless
— Larger changing pad than what comes with most diaper bags
— Long strap included to convert it to a cross body bag

New to Newlie : Diaper Bag Essentials

What’s in my Newlie diaper bag

Here’s what I packed in my Newlie diaper bag:

Honest Diapers + Wipes: A favorite in our household. Who doesn’t love the adorable prints?

Lollacup: The best cup for anti-leakage we have found thus far. Nobody likes a leaky cup in their diaper bag. (Nordstrom, $18)

Disposable placemats: Because restaurant tables can be questionable. Enough said. (Amazon, $10)

aden + anais Swaddle Blankets:  We are out of the swaddle stage, but these have such an array of uses and they’re a diaper bag must-have. (Nordstrom, $44 for a set of four)

Ella’s Kitchen Organic Food Pouches: There is not a flavor of these my daughter won’t eat. Lately it’s the only way I can get her to eat her veggies!

An extra Mam Pacifier: We have been MAM fans since day one. (Amazon, $6 for a set of 2)

Skip Hop Tuck Away Bib: These are so convenient because they tuck into a very small pocket for easy diaper bag storage. (Nordstrom, $8)

Don’t forget: An extra set of clothes, a pair of pajamas and a small zippered pouch with items like sunscreen, hand sanitizer, band-aids and a spare set of contacts (for me!).

Win this Newlie Diaper Bag!

Win a Newlie Lily Tote

Enter to win a Newlie Lily Tote in pewter using the Rafflecopter form below.
$100 value.
Must be at least 18-years-old and a US resident to enter and win.
Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.
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Do you like the look of the Newlie totes?  What are some essentials you keep in your diaper bag?

This post was contributed by Laura Parker as part of the Savvy Sassy Moms Product Scouts. You can find more about Laura on her blog, Happily Ever Parker.



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Prepping Baby's First Solid Foods

Beginning solid foods is an exciting time for mamas and babies alike. Funny faces, eager babies, and big messes! My little lady, Everly, is just about 6-months-old, which means we’ll be starting solid foods soon and while she has no idea of what’s to come, I’m getting prepped, starting with stocking up our homemade baby food supply.

Tips & Tricks for Prepping Baby Food

Baby food prep made easy… and tasty!

I tried making my own purées with my first child, but never developed a good routine to stay ahead of her appetite. It’s amazing how much food you go through, even though they hardly seem to actually be eating more than a spoonful or two! This time, I decided to get a jump start on prepping some homemade baby foods with my new secret weapon, the Babymoov Nutribaby.

I started by making a few basic veggie purées, as well as a handful of more complex recipes with inspiration from the Babymoov app on my iPhone. I think Everly is really going to love her mixed vegetable soup… and I might even get her big sis to have a taste, too!

preparing for baby's first foods

An all-in-one baby food machine

It was so easy to steam, blend, and freeze the purées in individual portions using the Nutribaby. I love that the system is all in one, so I didn’t have to purchase separate devices to steam and to blend her food, but I can still cook the ingredients separately, thanks to the two individual baskets — the Nutribaby does it all.

Another major feature about the Nutribaby is that we can use it both before and after our short-lived baby food months. Before she starts eating, I can use it to sterilize and warm her baby food jars. And, once we’re out of the baby food stage, I can use it to prep dinner for the girls (and us!), to steam whole veggies as a healthy side for dinner or to whip up a smoothie in the morning.

Win your own Babymoov Nutribaby

Enter to win a Babymoov Nutribaby using the Rafflecopter form below.
Must be a US resident and at least 18-years-old to enter and win.
Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This post was contributed by Joanna Murnan as part of Savvy Sassy Moms Product Scouts. You can find more from Joanna on her blog, Makingmine.

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Best strollers for tall parents

Three years ago, I wrote a wildly popular post on comfortable strollers for tall parents.  Time has past quickly and stroller trends have changed quite a bit in the past few years. Brands are listening to what you want and the features are reflected in the new products you see and experience today.

One of the features I see more and more often is the adjustable height handle; it is no longer something only the luxury strollers have! Find out which types of strollers currently have them in our newest edition of the best strollers for tall parents.

Best Strollers for Tall Parents: BOB Revolution Flex

For all-terrain use: Bob Revolution Flex

This is the stroller I am probably most excited about. For ages, the Bob Revolution has been the leading all-terrain/jogger, constantly receiving positive reviews from happy consumers. But the one of the only drawbacks was that it never had an adjustable-height handle!

Ranging from 34-45 inches high, tall parents now jog and power walk their way in comfort when they choose the Revolution Flex. Who wants to hunch over when they are jogging? Proper upright form is important while exercising, after all!

BOB upped the ante while they were at it and introduced the Flex Pro, which adds drum brakes to slow the stroller when going down hills.The Flex currently has 5-star reviews and is a No. 1 seller on Amazon for joggers, so that adjustable handle bar has made an enormous difference. The Revolution Flex and Pro both come in side-by-side double versions called Duallies.

Also, check out these newer all-terrains that all have adjustable height handles: Kolcraft Sprint X, Chicco Activ3, Thule Urban Glide 1 Sport Stroller

Best Strollers for Tall Parents

For a reversible seat/convertible stroller: UPPAbaby Vista

Most reversing seat strollers are going to have luxury features, extra bells and whistles you’re not going to find on forward facing only strollers. This includes an adjustable height handle, whether it’s rotating or telescoping, so whether you’re going to spend over $900 or keep it at under $300, your convertible stroller’s going to have you covered if you’re tall.

Choosing only one reversing seat product was difficult, but in the end, I chose the new 2015 UPPAbaby Vista because it converts to a double and it has been redesigned to hold two car seats, two bassinets or two toddler seats in any combination. The frame is sturdier and that means that the wheels have improved “AirGo” technology as well, to hold up the extra pounds you may put in it.

The handle height ranges from 39-½- to 42-½-inches. It isn’t the tallest, but reviewers say that it is flexible for their use. A 5’3″ mom and her 6’2″ husband both feel comfortable pushing their new Vista.

Also good in this category: Mamas & Papas (everything except the Armadillo City), Summer Infant Fuze, Inglesina Quad

Best Double Strollers for Tall Parents

Best double stroller: Britax B-Agile Double

Double strollers come in many types: side-by-side, tandem, umbrella, all-terrain. In this category, you’re going to find more luck with an adjustable-height handle if you are buying a tandem stroller over $500.

But, to pick just one out of all these options, I chose the Britax B-Agile Double because it has come out since my last article on comfortable strollers for tall parents. The handle height ranges from 31″-41″. A nice feature on the handle is the design so that there is space in the middle so you can  steer one-handed.

The Britax B-Agile double has gotten 4½-star reviews mostly for the performance over a variety of urban surfaces and for the easy steering.

Be sure to also check out: Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double, Joovy Too Qool, Chicco Echo Twin

Best Umbrella Strollers for Tall Parents

Best lightweight/umbrella stroller: Inglesina Net

The new Inglesina Net is getting a lot of positive feedback — I even wrote about it last month as being one of the best newer umbrella strollers.

And, the feature you’re most interested in is how high those handles go! How about 43 inches! For an umbrella stroller, that is really tall, and yet if your spouse or significant other isn’t as tall, that person will still feel comfortable pushing this stroller.

It has a fantastic-size canopy, cup holder included and weighs only 11 pounds. The Inglesina Net gets between 4½ to 5-star reviews for the easy push, convenient shoulder strap and self-standing fold.

You might want to also check out: Peg Perego Booklet

I know these are a fraction of the available strollers out there today that have handles that provide comfort to taller parents and care givers. If you didn’t see your favorite stroller here or in my last article, please mention it in the comments!

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Better Sleep with PUREGrace Crib Mattress Protector

Ahh, sleep. That elusive white rabbit that every parent is chasing and hoping to catch. Those precious zzz’s are so much harder to come by once you have a tiny baby to care for and parents are willing to do just about anything (and try just about any product!) to get them. We, too, are always looking for anything to help our little one sleep, especially with another baby on the way, and we have found something to add to the sleep must-haves arsenal.

An eco-friendly crib mattress protector

While it sounds like a simple solution, the PUREgrace Crib Mattress Protector is actually quite fantastic. It’s like your baby is sleeping on a little cloud, which I think all babies will attest to loving. You know, if they could talk. Crib mattresses aren’t exactly the softest on their own (for safety reasons, of course) and this pad not only provides an extra level of softness, but is also safe and cool for your little one. The soft clouds on the mattress protector provide just the right amount of comfort without the added bulk that mattress pads usually have. It is waterproof and made from TENCEL, an all-natural hypoallergenic, eco-friendly fiber found in nature, so it protects your crib mattress as it comforts your baby. And, the best part? You can finally catch those elusive zzz’s knowing your little babe is sleeping soundly themselves.

For the love of sleep. See what Amanda of The Fix-Its and a mom of twins had to say about PUREgrace.


Easy to clean

The pad is easy to pull over your crib mattress and, I swear, if I could put it on my own mattress, I would. I may or may not have climbed in the crib with my little guy to test it out! Another bonus is that it is machine washable for easy cleaning and gets softer the more you wash it! Music to our ears, am I right? Also, they are ridiculously easy to slip on to a mattress, with deep elastic that hugs it for a firm and secure hold. Nothing is coming loose here!

puregrace mattress protector

A better night’s sleep

Now, I don’t know about you, but I sleep better when I’m comfortable. I’m pretty sure the same goes for babies. This is why we love PUREgrace so much. This is a company that wants the best for our babies. With the softness and durability of their mattress protector, I think it’s safe to say Baby will be sleeping happy. Or at least will be comfortable for however long he happens to sleep. And that is what’s most important.

Make sure you add a good mattress protector, like PUREgrace, to your potty training essentials list! Rebecca of Mainely Mama shares her must-haves.


You can find more about PUREgrace on their website, as well as on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They are also available on Amazon.

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My daughter was born on Halloween last year, so I’ve been thinking about what our family costume will be on and off for the last 365 days. Correction: I’ve been thinking about her costume for 365 days and only realized last week, when I was addressing her birthday invitations, that the “costumes required please” also applied to me. Whoops… (face palm). Luckily, every costume has some kind of counterpart that you can easily DIY without a PhD in Pinterest.

DIY Halloween Costume to match your kids

For Peter Pan-themed costumes

If you’re child is opting for a Peter Pan-themed costume like my little Tinkerbell, think happy thoughts! I have compiled a list of quick and easy costume ideas. No pixie dust needed because you already have most of these items at home!


Tuck black pants/leggings into white knee socks. Break a coat hanger and carry it as a hook. Wear an oversized red jacket. (You’d be surprised what you can find at secondhand stores… The power suits that were so big in the 80’s are perfect for this!) Don’t forget the hat and that killer ‘stache.


Grab a long nightgown and you’re done.

Tiger Lily

Wear a dress in any shade between taupe and brown. (There’s bound to be at least one in your closet.) Use a stretchy headband as your headdress and tuck a feather into the back of it. If it’s a little nippy, throw on a faux fur vest: Still in costume, yet fashionable and warm.


Just wear all black, you lazy bum. (No judgment.)

DIY Costume for Halloween with faux fur vest

For superhero costumes

Let’s not forget the superheroes. Every superhero has a sidekick or enemy, right? And just like when the heroes arrive to save the day, you can put these costumes together in the “Ta Da” knick of time!

Cat Woman

Don’t panic, I’m not talking about the patent leather Michelle Pfeiffer Cat Woman or the half-naked Halle Berry Cat Woman. This is a practical Cat Woman. All you need are black leggings/pants, a black shirt, and black cat ears. If you can’t find cat ears, fear not — you can make your own! Get a sample of black felt at any store that sells fabric (it should be less than a dollar), cut two triangles from it, and hot-glue them to a black headband. Meow, pussycat! You’re ready to go.

Bat Girl

You can also easily create a Bat Girl costume by cutting larger black triangles (with scalloped edges if you’re feeling fancy) and then pinning, or sewing, them from your shirt sleeve to the side of your shirt, so when you lift your arms the wings are a-flapping! Don’t forget cutting eye holes into a long piece of felt for the mask around your eyes.

Super Woman

Let’s face it. We’re moms, so we’re all basically Super Woman already, am I right? Not much of a costume. Moving on…

DIY TIger Lily Halloween Costume for mom to match Tinkerbell

For costumes for the littlest ones
King Kong and Building

You bought your kid a monkey costume and you’re not sure what to do for yourself? Make yourself into a building by wearing a shirt you don’t mind drawing black rectangles (aka windows) on and voila! You’re a tall building! You’re may not be Frank Lloyd Wright, but you did just create a building fit for a a King… Kong, that is. Roar. (There is a variation of this costume that involves wearing a box, but I don’t think that sounds very conducive to having a baby on your hip.)

Daenerys and Dragon

If you watch Game of Thrones, then you know that there is literally nothing cooler than the “Mother of Dragons.” Isn’t it serendipitous then, that there are a million children’s costumes out there that are dragons or dinosaurs? If that’s the route you went, all you need to be Daenerys is a long blond wig, a long dress, and a take-no-prisoners attitude. Winter is coming… And you’re ready for it.

DIY Halloween Costume for mom to match kids

There you have it. Whatever costume your little monster chooses probably has a complementary option or two… or a dozen! Look at Dorothy. We all know she had the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion. But don’t forget about the Wicked Witch, the Good Witch, the Flying Monkeys, the Munchkins, the Angry Trees, the Wizard, Toto, the Castle Guards, and the list goes on and on. You don’t need magic spells (or even a sewing machine) to create the perfect family costume. That’s just a bunch of hocus pocus. Think outside the cauldron and don’t be afraid to get your craft on this Halloween.

Halloween is all about the kids, but why not get in on the fun? What will your family be?

This post was contributed by Claire Frost as part of Savvy Sassy Moms Product Scouts. You can find more from Claire on her blog, House of Frost

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ErgoBaby Logo

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are our own.


Babywearing with my first daughter was fun, but with my second, it has been downright essential! Being able to wear my 6-month-old, Everly, is the difference between getting dinner on the table and serving cereal to my family… for the third time in a week. It’s easy, adorable, and comfortable to wear your baby just about anywhere, especially with the help of a carrier you love.

5 Places to Wear Your Baby

5 Essential places to wear your baby
1. Around the house

Like I mentioned above, babywearing is the only way I’m able to get meals prepped for my family, and the same goes for pretty much every other household task. Everly helps me fold laundry, vacuum, and complete the futile task of putting away toys.

2. Neighborhood walks

Our family takes a walk every single night after dinner. We load up my 2-year-old in her favorite red wagon, grab the dog’s leash, and strap Everly into her Ergo. She absolutely loves being able to see the sights, and I love being able to handle all three of my kids on a walk (dog included!) even if my husband can’t make it for our evening stroll.

3. Toddler outings

As the little sis, Everly tags along to all of Eleanor’s fun toddler outings. From the kids’ gym to music class, my little lady has seen it all. Babywearing makes handling outings with two kids a breeze. Even with an energetic toddler to chase, I can always keep up with Everly safely strapped to my chest.

4. Grocery shopping

Wearing Everly at the grocery store has been a game changer! Have you ever tried stocking up on groceries with a baby’s car seat carrier in your cart? I don’t recommend it, unless your baby doesn’t mind getting buried under yogurt and frozen peas. Babywearing means I can grab everything my family needs in one trip!

5. Naps: anytime, anywhere

If Everly is struggling to fall asleep, I simply pop her in her Ergo. The gentle movement and being close to her mama are just what she needs to settle in for a snooze. I can do this any place she needs to take a snooze, making her carrier like a mini-crib on-the-go. And, as we all know, a sleeping baby is a beautiful thing!

5 Places to Wear Your Baby

Win from ErgoBaby

During the month of October, share a selfie of you and your baby on your babywearing adventures and be entered for a chance to win a $200 Ergobaby Gift Card! You can enter the #WhereIBabywear contest here. Snap a selfie of you and your baby on your babywearing adventure and tag it with #WhereIBabywear on Twitter or Instagram or upload a photo here to enter for a chance to win!

Photo submissions will be accepted from now until 11:59 p.m. ET on October 22, 2015. Ergo will open up a public voting period from October 23, 2015 through 11:59 p.m. ET on October 30, 2015. The photo with the most votes at the end of the voting period will win a $200 Ergobaby Gift Card!

Where’s your favorite place to babywear?

This post is sponsored by ErgoBaby.

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You might have heard whispers about it and the rumors are true… The Guncles, our favorite gay uncles turned dads, have teamed up with LILLEbaby to create their very own line of baby carriers, which are making their debut today. Now a family of four, Bill Horn and Scout Masterson know a thing or two about baby carriers and have created these baby carriers with all of the bells and whistles. And… we’re giving one away!

LILLEbaby The Guncles Family Shot

A carrier with a cause

Having formed their family through adoption, paying it forward to other adoptive parents is important to Bill and Scout. All proceeds from the sale of their carriers will benefit the Independent Adoption Center (I.A.C.) to help other families pay for above expected or anticipated fees associated with the adoption process, such as medical or legal fees. In addition, LILLEbaby will be matching their donation!

LILLEbaby The Guncles Airflow

About the carriers

There are two carriers in the line — three if you include the matching LILLEbaby Doll Carrier! — each with the LILLEbaby features you know and love.

The Complete Airflow Infant Carrier (pictured above) is perfect for parents who are on the go. Made from a super breathable 3D mesh, it allows for maximum circulation as you carry — no sweaty Baby here! It also features six different carry positions, a hood to keep Baby protected and pockets. Plus, it’s machine washable. (Retails for $140)

The Complete All-Seasons Infant Carrier includes all of the features of the Airflow, but with an exclusive temperature-control panel that you can zip up to keep Baby warm or zip down to keep her cool. It’s ready for everyday use, all year long! (Retails for $160)

And, of course, not to be missed is the matching Doll Carrier, so that big brothers and sisters can carry their loved baby dolls and stuffed animals close to them, just like Mom and Dad do! Recommended for children ages three and up. (Retails for $40)

LILLEbaby The Guncles All Seasons Bosley

Win a Guncles LILLEbaby Complete All-Seasons Infant Carrier & Doll Carrier

Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter to win.
One winner will win both carriers.
Must be a U.S. Resident and at least 18-years-old to enter and win.
Giveaway ends Thursday, October 8, 2015 at 11:59 p.m.
Winner will be contacted via email.
Delivery may take up to 6-weeks.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Brought to you by Boudreaux’s Butt Paste

There’s nothing better than snuggling up to a clean-smelling baby. And, while bath time can be a super-fun activity in every household, there are some important things to remember when suds-ing up your mini. Read on for bath time tips for toddler and babies that’ll keep your little ones safe, comfortable and, of course, squeaky-clean. Ready, set…let bath time begin!

How to Prevent Diaper Rash

Get the temperature right

To ensure your little one is comfortable, fill the tub with a few inches of lukewarm water first. Before placing your baby inside, dip your elbow into the water to check the temperature – it should be warm, but not hot. Extra tip: be sure to test the temperature as bath time progresses. When the water gets too cool, it’s time to take your little one out.

Find the right time

It’s important to find a bath time that works for both you and your mini. If it seems like your baby enjoys a little morning stimulation in the form of a bath, go for it! If your little one seems to mellow out the instant you put them in the tub, then a bedtime bath is the way to go. There’s really no right or wrong when it comes to the timing of a bath. Babies should be bathed two to three times a week—as long as you’re cleaning their face, neck, hands and diaper area daily. Toddlers should be bathed every day since they get into a bit more.

Suds up!

Be sure to choose products that are formulated without added perfumes or dyes – this can irritate and dry out sensitive skin. To wash, apply mild baby wash to a washcloth and work up a good lather. Once you’ve got some bubbles, cradle your little one’s head with one arm and bathe him or her with your other.

Select your shampoo

Because baby shampoo will have direct contact with your little one’s skin, we recommend choosing something that’s safe, gentle, and won’t irritate their eyes. Spend time shopping for the right ingredients and keep an eye out for harmful chemicals like formaldehyde. Our go-to products are always hypo-allergenic and non-scented because they won’t irritate the skin.

Keep it safe

Last but definitely not least; safety should always be #1 on your list. To start, it’s imperative to keep everything you’ll need during bath time close by. Whether it’s soap, a washcloth, towels or a change of clothes, you should have all your essentials within arm’s reach so that you can keep one hand on your little one at all times. Once bath time is done, wrap your baby up with a towel so he or she doesn’t get cold.

While these tips are designed to make bath time safe and fun for the whole family, there are tons of other ways to get valuable tips and tricks, too. Questions? Browse thousands of parenting blogs online for insider information from real moms and dads like you. Prefer something a little more personal? Save those pressing questions and concerns for your favorite parent friends – they’ll always be real and honest with you.

Oh, and once bath time is over, don’t forget Boudreaux Rash Preventor! A no-mess, spray-on skin protectant, it’s ideal for use with every change—especially at bedtime for an easy way to prevent diaper rash and chafing before it starts. The best part? It contains no parabens, preservatives or artificial fragrances. For more information on preventing diaper rash (and for a $3 off coupon!), visit the Boudreaux’s Butt Paste website.

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As soon as I learned that we were having a girl I immediately began to stock up on accessories.  Being an accessory junkie, I knew that the words too many simply didn’t exist when it came to hair bows and shoes. While my daughter has been able to utilize her hair bow collection from day one, thanks to being born with a full head of hair, her shoe collection has sat in a drawer growing ever since.

While we are still patiently waiting for our 13-month-old to take her first unassisted steps — a milestone that I am not at all rushing because I know what comes after walking….running — we do have some pretty cute treads for when she gets there.

Umi Shoes
All about Umi

I try and be conscious of items that I purchase for my daughter. When I find a company that not only provides a well-made product, but also one that is considerate of the environment, you can count us in as fans. Umi Baby Shoes do just that while offering a wide collection of stylish, comfortable and durable shoes all wrapped up in one pretty (recycled) package.
Why Umi Shoes are Different





What makes Umi different

We particularity like the Fey for its adorable Mary Jane type look and I love that the back of the shoe flexes, so it is not a struggle to get on my daughter’s feet. And, like most moms, I love the look of a moccasin, the Umi difference is their Belvin moccasins are lined with a breathable cushioned insert, engineered with UmiCloud Tech Memory Foam. All the more supportive and protecting of those little feet!

While I know that my daughter will go through a lot of shoes in a lifetime I can’t help but think I got her started on the right foot.

This post was contributed by Laura as part of the Savvy Sassy Scouts program. You can find more from Laura on her blog, Happily Ever Parker.

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