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Welcome baby with metallic nursery decor

Choosing the perfect nursery decor doesn’t always involve bright colors and building blocks. Metallic nursery accessories might not seem like a natural choice for a sweet baby’s room, but the versatile finish fits into a variety of nursery themes. From ornate and glamorous to sleek and modern, metallic accessories can help you create the nursery of your dreams.

metallic nursery

photo credit: Project Nursery

Gold adds glamour to a sweet nursery

If your design aesthetic leans toward the ornate, gold is the metallic to add luxurious touches to your nursery. Warm colors work best with gold, and a nursery awash in gold and pink easily becomes a nursery for your little princess. The Project Nursery Pink and Gold Gorgeousness Nursery is a glamorous room featuring gold and pink wallpaper. If you aren’t sure about the commitment of wallpaper in your nursery, look to gold accessories to add a luxe touch to your decor.

metallic nursery

  1. I Love You to the Moon and Back Print (Project Nursery, $20)
  2. Wood Wall Monogram in Gold (Project Nursery, $310)
  3. Tea Room Wall Mirror (Land of Nod, $169)
  4. McKinley Gold Chandelier (Pottery Barn Kids, $299)
  5. Purple and Gold Nursery Pillow (Caden Lane, $64)
Go modern with silver nursery decor

silver nursery decor

Silver adds a modern sheen to any nursery, in part because it pairs so well with almost any color palette. Shades from jewel tones to pastels can benefit from silver accent pieces. Whether you want a sleek, monochromatic look or one that uses deep color, like the Silver Safari Nursery pictured above, silver is the perfect accent to add visual interest.

metallic nursery

  1. White Cloud and Moon Mobile in Silver (Project Nursery, $70)
  2. Star Bright Decals in Silver (Land of Nod, $49)
  3. Fisherman Pendant (Pottery Barn Kids, $79)
  4. Little Twigs Wall Mirror (Land of Nod, $219)
  5. Love Letter Pillow (Posh Tots, $140)
Invest in metallic nursery accessories

Metallic nursery accessories can be splurge pieces for your baby’s room because of their decorating versatility. Silver and gold are classic accent colors, and the pieces you invest in for your nursery can be repurposed in your child’s room as he or she grows older. Some of the pieces are so gorgeous, you might find that you’re tempted to repurpose them in other rooms in your home!

Do you find yourself drawn toward silver or gold home accents?
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Meet Henry and George

Henry and George Street StyleIntroducing our coolest new kiddos who are showing us their kid street style, Henry and George. These brothers, who make their home in Seattle, have a love for super-soft clothes that have a kick of style. Plus, an addiction to Crocs that even mom, Sara, can’t deny.

Boy style 101

Kid Street Style

Henry, age 7, and George, age almost 4, have styles that are similar, but that mom, Sara, says that they each have a look that’s all their own. Henry is all about super comfy pants, like sweats, that Sara balances with fun shirts in soft fabrics and prints. George is a little more flexible, wearing mostly Henry’s hand-me-downs with ease, but also embracing the statement piece from time-to-time. “I splurged on this winter coat from GAP for him this year,” Sara tells us. “He loves it and calls himself a lion when he wears it.”

Where do their styles collide? With footwear. Henry and George both prefer to wear all Crocs, all of the time.

Where to shop

Sara shares that when it comes to dressing the boys (George still lets her… Henry prefers to style himself), she’s all about two elements — layers and stripes. “I’m a sucker for Tea Collection and Mini Boden,” she confesses, but, lucky for her, she tells us that she has an amazing consignment store in her neighborhood where she often snags both brands at half of the cost. Another brand Sara loves for when the boys’ closets are lacking basics is Cotton Caboodle. “The tees and pants are soft and well-fitting… they remind me of Splendid,” Sara shares.

Get the look of George and Henry

Let Henry and George inspire the style of your little guy with these favorites that will give you a similar look.

Shirt: Mariner T-Shirt, Mini Boden, $26
Pants: Jersey-Lined Gray Jeans, Old Navy, $22
Shoes: Crocs Electro 2 Clog, Nordstrom, $32

For more kid street style inspiration

Be sure to check out our other Kid Street Style features, highlighting real kiddos and their favorite styles, including Kid Street Style: Meet Nolie and Ever and Kid Street Style: Meet Beckem.

 Does your kid have style? We’d love to hear from you for upcoming features!
Leave a comment below!
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It is Child Passenger Safety Week and with school back in session now is a perfect time to talk about car seat safety, especially with many parents belong to carpools and take turns shuttling kids to and from after school activities. We have teamed up with Britax, the leading car seat manufacturer of car seats and booster seats, to help make sure you and your family are safe riding to and from school every day.

Child Passenger Safety Statistics

1. Car crashes are a leading cause of death for children 1 to 13 years old.

2. During the 5-year period from 2008 to 2012, more than 3,390 children were killed in car crashes. In addition, an estimated 613,000 children were injured.

3. In 2012 alone, 121,000 children under age 13 were injured as passengers in car crashes.

4. Based on U.S. Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) crash data, in 2012 on average, nearly 2 children under the age of 13 were killed and 332 were injured every day while riding in cars, SUVs, pickups, and vans.

5. In 2012, over one third (37%) of children killed in car crashes were not in car seats, booster seats, or seat belts.

6. Every 34 seconds one child, under age 13, is involved in a crash.

7.  All 50 States, the District of Columbia, and all U.S. territories have laws requiring children to be restrained while riding in cars. Some States now require kids to ride in appropriate car seats or booster seats until age 9.

8. The 2013 National Survey of the Use of Booster Seats (NSUBS) shows that only 66 percent of children ages 4-7 were restrained in either forward-facing car seats (20%) or in booster seats (46%). About 24 percent of children ages 4-7 were prematurely moved to seat belts and 9 percent were unrestrained.

9.  Safety is also a big issue for older kids. From 2008-2012, there were 1,874 child passengervehicle occupants in the 8-14 age group killed in crashes. A third of these kids (610) were killed while riding in the front seat. All children under age 13 should always ride in the back seat.

10. Far too many “tween” passengers ride completely unrestrained, exposing them to great risk. Among kids ages 8-14 who died in crashes from 2008-2012, 47 percent of 8-year-olds,

You can visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for more information about Child Safety Seats.

Britax ClickTight Convertible Car Seats
Britax ClickTight Convertible Car Seats

As the leader in mobile safety for more than 70 years, Britax now brings its game-changing ClickTight™ Installation System to its most popular and versatile convertible car seats.

Britax designed all three of its ClickTight Convertible Seats to fit children weighing from 5 to 40 pounds in rear-facing mode and from 20 to 65 pounds and up to 54 inches in forward-facing mode. In addition to weight and standing height, a child’s seated shoulder height should be considered in fitting a child for any car seat.For extra protection, Britax also recommends that the tether be used when installing the convertible seat.

The Marathon® ClickTight Convertible Car Seat offers Complete Side Impact Protection with deep, protective shell to absorb crash forces and guard little passengers from debris. ($329.99)

The  Boulevard™ ClickTight Seat with Complete Side Impact Protection PLUS to also include an energy-absorbing foam headrest to keep children’s heads and necks secure.  ($369.99)

The Advocate® ClickTight’s Complete Side Impact Protection MAX delivers the highest level of Britax safety with external cushions that compress, to divert energy away from the child and protect adjacent passengers. ($419.99)

ClickTight Britax Convertible Car Seat

Every Feature

The new Britax Convertible Car Seats with ClickTight surround children with SafeCell Impact Protection to protect well beyond federal safety requirements. This integrated system of safety components, includes Impact Absorbing Base, Tether and Harness, an Impact Stabilizing Steel Frame, and Complete Side Impact Protection to surround little passengers in best-in-class safety. Britax also offers several different options of side impact protection for their new seats to transfer crash energy away from precious cargo.

All Britax side impact protection features in ClickTight Convertible Seats ensure the ultimate in child passenger security. Any caregiver using any vehicle can have the confidence to click them in and go.

Britax ClickTight Convertible Car Seat Safety

Every Ride

With ClickTight, Britax is able to assure parents that their seats are installed in their vehicles correctly, but Britax also knows that the seat must fit the child properly. All of the new Britax ClickTight Convertible Car Seats include a Quick-Adjust Harness, which goes up to 14 positions, and a 2-Position Buckle to adapt to growing children. The Boulevard and Advocate also have the Click & Safe Snug Harness Indicator, which removes the guesswork from adjusting the harness to the correct tightness.

It’s common for caregivers to be unsure about the right recline position for a car seat, especially while in rear-facing mode. To ease their minds, the easy-to-read Automatic Level Indicator ensures that they achieve the proper installation angle using any of the seat’s seven recline positions.

Britax Child Passenger Safety Giveaway Savvy Sassy Moms

Britax ClickTight GIVEAWAY – 2 Winners!

In honor of Child Passenger Safety Week and in celebration of Britax’s new ClickTight system, we’re giving away not one but TWO Britax ClickTight Car Seats. The two winners will choose between the Britax Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Seat or the Frontier ClickTight Harness-2-Booster.

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Open to US and Canadians
Giveaway ends on September 30th at 11:59pm PST
Shipping will be mid October.

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As the new school year kicks off and everyone is getting back on track with their routines we have a little bit of French homework for you! Jacadi, the children’s clothing line from France is sharing some creative French lessons for all of you parents that are globally inspired.

Do you ever wonder what a Mom in Australia packs her kids for lunch? What time does the school day start for kids in Chile? How do kids in Japan say good morning to their teachers?  We’re all parents at the core but what are some of the similarities and some of the differences between our hectic schedules around the world?

Jacadi Get Schooled

To celebrate our cultural differences Jacadi has launched a fun “Get Schooled” campaign giving parents some fun tools “to school” their kids on some of the differences and similarities between France and America. These fun lessons are available for parents to download and print and share with their children at home. This can make a really fun dinner conversation and teach your about France and even some vocabulary.  Check out some of these fun slides that teach you a little bit more about how families do things in France.

Get Schooled by Jacadi

LP-BTS_4_ferme (1)
Get Schooled by Jacadi

One of the easiest ways to start introducing your children to another language is to start with the traditional greetings and good-byes. This is something very universal and those words are pretty simple to repeat, memorize and say.  Another universal theme all around the world are the days of the week, all kids can relate to these days, and I found it very interesting that in France they treat Wednesday like a weekend day of play! I think I need to apply this to my life;)

Visit Jacadi’s website for more fun French lessons! We hope this inspires you to open up a conversation with your children about other families around the world!

Shop Jacadi

Jacadi Fall Collection
Jacadi is a luxury brand of children’s clothing from across the pond! Jacadis is known for it’s European flair and imppecable style. The Jacadi back to school girls collection Girls is sweet and subtle and the boys collection is classic and sporty and an a
dorable new shoe collection for boys and girls   They have also launched a 20% Off Essentiel Sale to help parents stock up on back to school basics for boys and girls. 

How do you teach your children about other people and places around the world?
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kid-friendly breakfasts
Why moms need quick breakfast recipes

Some mornings, it’s a mom-win to get the kids out of the house with their lunches packed. On the days sitting down for breakfast might mean missing the first bell, mom can be a hero will a healthy, portable breakfast. Try these quick breakfast recipes that your little ones will love.

A family command center is another way to be sure you get to school on time each day without forgetting anything you need. Learn more about back-to-school organizing!

Easy breakfasts to grab and go

If your temperatures are still hovering closer to summer than fall, these Yogurt Parfait Breakfast Popsicles from Food Folks and Fun are a sweetly healthy breakfast treat. Kids won’t even mind being rushed in the morning when they know a breakfast popsicle is waiting.

Vegetables aren’t always easy to work into breakfast recipes, but the Zucchini Pineapple Bread from I’m Bored, Let’s Go disguises them with a fabulous, moist bread. The generous recipe makes enough for a loaf plus muffins — which are perfectly shaped for little hands.

If you have the type of kitchen where you’re always tweaking recipes, the Really Good Granola from Supper at Six is the grab-and-go breakfast for you. You can subtly switch the flavors based on what you have in the cupboard on any given day, and it’s an easy breakfast to eat in the car.

For kids who are extra hungry in the morning, try the Overnight Oats from eat. live. travel. write. Prep the oats the night before, and by morning your kids will have a healthy, filling breakfast that is sure to keep their tummies full until lunchtime.

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Yogurt breakfast popsicles
Zucchini pineapple muffin
really good granola
Overnight oats
Vanilla mango protein smoothie
Peanut butter chocolate energy bites
Modern Oats Oatmeal
On the go omelets
Spinach bacon gruyere frittata
Breakfast recipes with quick and easy prep

You only need four ingredients for this delicious Tangy Vanilla Mango Protein Smoothie from Apple of My Eye. In addition to it being a kid-friendly option for busy mornings, this smoothie can be made in a regular blender.

Natural Chow understands what it’s like when your energy crashes, and her Healthy Peanut Butter Chocolate Energy Bites will help make sure it doesn’t happen to your kids. These little bits of protein power could be easily customized to accommodate allergy needs — try SunButter for kids with nut allergies.

Modern Oats are a Savvy Sassy Moms favorite. My kids adore this all-natural oatmeal option, packed with delicious ingredients and antioxidants. On busy mornings, I appreciate the ease with which this healthy oatmeal can be made, without sacrificing the nutritional benefit of a healthy breakfast. Simply add water to the individual serving containers, heat for three minutes, and go!

Breakfast recipes to warm up and go

While the breakfasts are warming up, throw on this casual — yet stylish — outfit that’s perfect for the carpool lane.

Omelets on the Go from Pip and Ebby are the perfect heat and go option for busy mornings. Designed to be baked as individual servings, moms can simply warm one — or two — for each child before heading out the door.

A frittata makes a wonderful brunch option, but it can also be re-heated for a delicious, warm breakfast. This Spinach, Bacon, and Gruyere Frittata from Lisa’s Dinnertime Dish will be a hit no matter what time of the day it’s served.

Quick breakfast recipes
Keep up with these fabulous food bloggers on social media!

1. Food Folks and Fun 2. I’m Bored, Let’s Go 3. Supper at Six 4. eat. live. travel. write 5. Apple of My Eye 6. Natural Chow 7. Modern Oats 8. Pip & Ebby 9. Lisa’s Dinnertime Dish

What’s your go-to breakfast when you hit snooze too many times?
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Stock your diaper bag with the must-haves from Target

Diaper Bag Essentials Every single mom has different diaper bag essentials and having gone through three babies (and countless diaper bags!) I can tell you that that whole “everything but the kitchen sink” rumor about diaper bags is true. Moms are known for keeping helpful items in their diaper bags — like diapers and a spare bottle — and other goodies that help them manage motherhood when they’re not at home.

So, how does a mom narrow down what to keep in her diaper bag?

Here are some of my must-have diaper bag essentials from one of my favorite places to stock my diaper bag, Target. And, while they carry everything under the moon to keep babies and mamas happy while they’re out exploring, they don’t, thankfully, carry kitchen sinks. Be sure to visit the Target Baby Sale, which is running now through September 13, 2014, with fantastic prices on everything you need for your diaper bag (including many of the items listed below!)… and more.

Diaper bag essentials for baby

Diaper Bag Essentials for Baby 1. Extra socks Because you know that you’ll lose one along the way… especially if you baby isn’t wearing shoes yet. Grab a few extra pair of socks and stash them in the bottom of your diaper bag for those “Oh, no!” mommy moments. (Just One You Made By Carters Newborn Boys’ 3-Pack Terry Cuff Monkey Socks, $5)

2. A stock of pacifiers If your baby is a pacifier-aholic, extra pacifiers should be the first thing you put in your diaper bag. In fact, we’d even argue that having a spare pacifier will get you further than a spare diaper! We adore these sweet, modern pacifier designs for super-hip babies. (NUK Babytalk Orthodontic Pacifier 2-Pack, $4)

3. Something to play with Take it from moms who have been through the baby-phase a time or two, keeping some special toys in your diaper bag — ones that your baby regularly play with at home — will get you those extra five-minutes to visit with a friend over coffee or to try on that dress you’ve been eyeing. (B. Wheeee-Is Soft Cars 4-Pack, $16)

4. Bored-fighting board books They chew them. They suck on them. Sometimes they even seem to be babbling with the pages open, as if they’re reading them. Board books are sure to keep baby boredom at bay and they’ll often save your sanity on those extra-long pediatrician appointments. Be sure to switch up the book that you keep in your bag from time-to-time! (The Very Hungry Caterpillar Board Book, $11)

5. The go-everywhere and do-everything diaper bag Okay, you have all of this great gear, but what are you going to use to carry it? A mom-favorite brand that you might not realize they carry at Target, Skip Hop, always pulls through with diaper bags that are both functional, and stylish. (Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag, $60)

6. Snacks for hungry tummies Happy tummies equals happy babies. Snacks are always a must-have for diaper bags and they are always quick to go. Make sure you grab a few new kinds every time you hit up your local store! (Ella’s Kitchen Organic Nibby Fingers, $4)

7. Wipes, always, wipes If you talk to moms of older children — ones who are long out of the diaper stage — you’ll find that they still carry a pack of baby wipes in their purses! Bonus points to Target for now carrying mom-favorite, The Honest Company. (Honest Natural Face, Hand and Baby Wipes, 10 Count, $1)

Diaper bag essentials for mom

Diaper Bag Essentials for Mom 1. A fun water bottle This is one that does double-duty for mom and baby — mom can stay hydrated throughout the day and she can also use this glass water bottle to fill up baby’s formula bottle, if need be. (Ello Syndicate Glass Water Bottle, $15)

2. Snacks for you, too Keeping baby fed is only half of the battle, right? Don’t forget to throw some snacks for yourself in your diaper bag. Something sweet is always good when your blood sugar needs a kick! (Luna S’mores Nutrition Bars for Women, 6-Pack, $6)

3. A little lip gloss goes a long way Because when you’re trying to get out the door in the morning, with kids or a baby in tow, remembering to put on some makeup can easily be forgotten. A little lip gloss and you’re good to go. Mom tip: Grab a color that is natural enough that you can put it on without looking in the mirror. (Burt’s Bees Lip Shine, $7)

4. Something you love to read As a mom of a baby, it’s likely that you haven’t picked up a book since you were pregnant. Keep a book that’s light and fun to read in your diaper bag for those five-minutes here-and-there where you can actually find time to read. Psst! We’ve read this book and highly recommend it! (Target Club Pick of June 2014: The Rosie Project: A Novel, $13)

5. Thank you notes for downtime Shower gifts. Flowers while you were in the hospital giving birth. Baby presents from relatives and co-workers. Let’s face it, you have thank you notes that you should have written weeks ago… maybe months ago. Keep a pack of thank you notes in your diaper bag and conquer one from time-to-time. (Thank you Card Pack, $4)

6. T-Shirt back-up for blowouts and spit-up You probably have back-up clothes for your little one in your diaper bag, but often, Mom gets attacked in a blowout/spit-up match as well. Keep an extra t-shirt in your diaper bag for quick changes when you’re in public. These v-necks are our favorite and come in every color of the rainbow — size up, they’re cut for teens! (Junior’s Boyfriend V-Neck Tee, $9)

$50 Target Giveaway

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No purchase necessary. 
Open to legal residents of the 50 US and DC, 18 or older. 
Ends on Sept. 18th at 11:59pm PST

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Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post however all my savvy thoughts and sassy opinions are my own.

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Lunch time is such an important part of your child’s day, it can give them the energy to make it through those math problems and fuel them for some fun and games on the playground. When packing up my kids lunch I always want to make it with something healthy they will actually eat, keep it fresh with the right containers and mix in a little fun!  That’s why we’re sharing some of our lunch packing essentials from Munchkin!

munchkin3 (1)

On of my favorite ideas is the Silly Sandwich cutter. Turning an ordinary turkey sandwich into a puzzle or elephant will fill your kids imagination and their bellies. Plus, an extra smile at lunchtime is always a plus.

Bento Box by Munchkin

We all know that kids aren’t gentle with their lunch boxes. Between bouncing around in the backpack and the noon time rush to the lunchroom, lunch slides around and can become a blended mess. Keep everything in ti’s place with Munchkin’s Click Lock Bento  Mealtime set. This 9- piece set was carefully thought out to make sure that lunch doesn’t mix and match when you little one is out and about.  It even comes with it’s own fork and spoon!

SnackTower (1)

The second most important thing (next to lunch) is snack time! My daughter is only givne ten minutes for snack recess. When you are trying to fit in the monkey bars and a quick snack, ten minutes isn’t a lot. So I turned to the Snack Tower from Munchkin.  Kids can carry it with them on the playground and their gold fish don’t end up swim in her backpack.

Of course, don’t forget the “love mom” note to make your little one’s lunch complete.

What are go-to solution for packing your kids school lunch?

MIXIM yogurt



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We’re wrapping up our #weePLAN series with Project Nursery and Weelicious. This week we are featuring five easy recipes for easy homemade frozen dinners. Here are Weelicious’ go-to for meals in a flash.



Meatballs are inexpensive, easy to make, and freeze beautifully. Defrost in the fridge, microwave, or oven and serve with your favorite marinara sauce or pesto, with a big hunk of crusty bread. Dinner is ready in no time!


Sweet Potato Pancakes

If you were to open my freezer right now, you would see at least four different flavors of pancakes and waffles. I’ll grab a few in the morning, toss them in the toaster to heat up, and the kids are eating a healthy breakfast in minutes flat. Pancakes and waffles are also a great way to think outside the box for sandwiches. Spread on some cream cheese and preserve and pack this fun sammie in your kids’ lunch boxes.

Spiced Carrot Cauliflower Soup

Soup has got to be the most comforting food around. Stash it in the freezer in small portions so you can take it to work for a healthy lunch, or even reheat it when you have unexpected guests over for dinner.

Mexican-Muffins (1)

Mexican Muffins

Mexican Muffins are like a full meal in a cute little package. They are jam packed with nutritious ingredients and are the perfect thing to accompany a big southwestern salad for a quick weeknight meal.

Easy-Chicken-Nuggets (1)

Chicken Nuggets

I don’t know a kid who doesn’t love chicken nuggets. This recipe will save you tons of money instead of buying those bags of frozen nuggets at the grocery. Plus, these chicken nuggets have only a few ingredients and you know exactly what you’re putting into your kids’ bodies.


Keep all your leftover organized with Mable’s Labels Date Mates.  These reusable date labels are a busy parents’ best friend. They are available four fresh designs.


Storage kid proportion meals in Munchkin’s Fresh Food Freezer Cups. They will keep on all your meal fresh and easy to prepare. Your kids will thing you spent all day preparing dinner.

Having meals on hand in the freezer is a great way to save yourself time when life gets busy!  If you make a make double or even triple batches of our favorite foods to have on hand at all times. What are you favorite meals to freeze?

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MIXIM yogurt

Recipes and tips by Catherine McCord. Catherine posts new family-friendly recipes and videos every week on Weelicious. She is also creator of Weelicious Menus, a meal planning service that helps busy families make dinner easier.

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Send a little love with their lunches

What you pack in your kids’ lunches is important. You’re fueling their bodies and brains for the hours they’re in the classroom — and it’s a long day for little ones! Lunches don’t have to be fancy to be nutritious, tasty and a reminder of how much you care about their day at school.

MIXIM yogurt

Make them smile with nutritious treats

Yogurt is one of my lunchbox staples. My daughter loves it, and I feel like it’s a good source of nutrition for the second half of her school day. Ehrmann® MIXIM Greek Yogurt is going to find a spot in our lunchbox rotation this fall. Little things can make a big difference for kids, and I know my (almost) first grader smiles every time she sees the heart-shaped yogurt container in the refrigerator. Like Ehrmann USA on Facebook for fun, printable lunchbox surprises. Knowing I can make her smile when she opens her lunch is an extra bonus!

MIXIM yogurt

Why you’ll love MIXIM

MIXIM yogurt is a fat-free greek yogurt that packs a protein punch while offering a little extra treat. Available in six flavor combinations, you can consistently send your child’s favorite or mix and match for a lot of lunchbox love. Each of the flavor combinations has a crunchy component, which can help the yogurt feel a little more substantial. Whether the MIXIM yogurt is used as the main component of a lunch or a side dish for a sandwich or cheese and crackers, kids will love the sweetness of the mix-ins. The 5.3 ounce serving isn’t so large that yogurt will go to waste, but it’s sufficient to use as the main portion if your kids struggle to make it through their lunches in the time provided.

MIXIM yogurt

Why your kids will love MIXIM

One of the best parts about MIXIM yogurt is the design of the container. The heart shape does more than bring a smile to a child’s face. Bending the curved mix-in containers into the main yogurt section is the perfect angle to dump in the mix-ins. Kids are able to add the “treats” to their yogurt on their own, without worrying about spilling or dropping during a spoon transfer. Some of the flavors seem like treats — my kids think they’ve hit the lunchbox jackpot when I pack the Blueberry and Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites. MIXIM is a nice compromise if your kids want a sweet treat in their lunch each day, but you’re more worried about their health than their candy requests. Pack the yogurt with a side of fruit or ham and cheese roll-ups, and your kids will have a healthy lunch that even picky eaters will love.

Ehrmann MIXIM is currently available in: CA, AZ, NV, HI, NM, CO, TX and WY.
Check out the MIXIM Facebook Page for more love in the lunchbox ideas and printables!

Do your kids like the same foods for lunch each day?

MIXIM yogurt

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Have you tried out any Weelicious recipes from our #weePLAN series with Project Junior yet? Don’t worry if you missed it because you can still view week one: Pantry Staples and week two: Making Great Leftovers on the blog.

This week we’re talking about every kids favorite time of the day – snack time! Prepackaged foods are so easy to purchase and throw in school lunch or take in your purse for on-the-go snacks, but have you looked at those labels lately? They’re full of preservatives and ingredients we can’t even pronounce. Plus, they’re usually far more expensive than you’d rather spend on snacks.

Get ready, because Catherine McCord from Weelicious is going to show you how to make your own home made snack recipes that are full of wholesome ingredients, foods you love, and are easy to make at home!

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Granola Bars

These Chocolate Chip Granola Bars are unbelievably delicious and, if you wrap them individually, just as easy to grab when you’re on-the-go as the ones you buy at the market (plus, you’ll have no problem pronouncing all of the ingredients in these). But the best part? This recipe makes 30 bars. Most pre-packaged bars will run you a dollar or more. That would come out to about $30 (!) compared to the less than $4 it costs to make this recipe (and don’t forget the time you’ll also save not having to go to the grocery store).


Berry Green Smoothie

You might think that little ones would be thrown by the idea of combining fruits and green veggies to make a smoothie, but I’m finding my kids experience to be the complete opposite. To them it seems totally natural (and when you think about it, why shouldn’t it?). They get a thrill out of coming up with new combinations every day, like this Berry Green Smoothie. If anyone in your family is spinach averse, they’ll never detect it in today’s recipe, a thick purple shake which tastes of sweet bananas and berries.


Whole Wheat Cheddar Crackers

Goldfish are one of those “easy” foods that most people keep in the pantry for their kids. And why not? They’re delicious. But they are also high in sodium, low in fiber and feature some unneeded empty ingredients like sugar. For what is such a simple food, making your own homemade version is so much better, especially when you use whole wheat flour, which ups the fiber content and is far more nutritious than refined.


Vanilla Cinnamon Pudding

I made vanilla pudding out of a box for years until I realized a) what was in most boxed brands and b) just how simple it is to make homemade. After years of playing around with my recipe I ended up with this luscious version made with vanilla and cinnamon. I promise that it will totally knock your socks off.

Weelicious Homemade Hummus Recipe


You can always find hummus in my fridge. It’s easy to make and stays fresh for over a week, so I don’t have to worry about having a healthy protein on hand that I know my kids love (even though it will probably all be eaten up before a week is up). Whether I’m serving it as a dip with veggies, as a spread on a sandwich or even just to eat with a spoon straight out of a bowl (Chloe’s preferred method), hummus is a recipe that’s simple to prepare but packed with flavor!

Try these three flavors: Red Bean White Bean Hummus, Cheesy Green Hummus and Sun Dried Tomato Basil Hummus


If you have multiple kids or are headed out for a play date, be sure to label everything with Mabel’s Labels, to ensure all your snack containers go to the right kid and make their way back home.

Ready to get started? Grab you kids and start cooking up a storm! Have fun making yummy snacks and lifelong memories together! Also, be sure to share with us how your snack turned out!

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Recipes and tips by Catherine McCord. Catherine posts new family-friendly recipes and videos every week on Weelicious. She is also creator of Weelicious Menus, a meal planning service that helps busy families make dinner easier.


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