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Mamas of little ones and moms-to-be, you’re going to want to sit down for this. One of our favorite places to shop for clothes for ourselves, Banana Republic, launched their baby collection today and it is going to make you swoon.

Available online and in their Lower Fifth Avenue storefront in New York, BR Mini is a limited-edition collection for sizes 0-12 months, designed by Banana Republic’s creative director, Marissa Webb. We have no idea how long it will continue or if there will additional pieces added, so if you see something you love, buy it. And, buy it quickly!

Our favorite picks from BR Mini

Favorite baby picks- BR Mini from Banana Republic

Fisherman Pullover, $58
Layered Sweatshirt, $38
Ribbed Bodysuit, $24

Fisherman Pull-On Pants, $48
Ribbed Pull-On Pants, $28
Zip-Cuff Pants, $38
Cashmere Pants, $68

What are your favorite pieces?
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Bathtub Shelfie

The Shelfie Bathtub Tray

We’re always looking for cool products that help you get through the day and keep you sane, so when we saw this simple but savvy solution for bath time play, we thought it was brilliant!

The Shelfie bathtub tray is a tray that attaches to the outer ledge of the bathtub with suction cups. The tray was ready to use straight from the box, and easily adhered to the outer wall of our tub. When I give my kids a bath, my goal is to get the kids clean, and their goal is to play and splash water everywhere. My kids consider bath time as extra playtime, and with the Shelfie it is great for them to have some extra space for fun in the tub.

The Shelfie bathtub holds toys, cups, washcloths

Besides extra play space the Shelfie contains the water of the items placed upon it. The Shelfie bathtub tray has a raised edge and a graded surface that contains drips and pours, and then drains the water back into the tub. It is designed to hold cups, toys, washcloths, literally everything you use during bath time. My daughter was instantly drawn to the Shelfie bathtub tray, and I loved that my floor stayed dry when her boat full of water came towards it.

Shelfie Bathtub tray

Shelfie the bathtub tray for safer play

Annually, children younger than five account for 43,000 slips and falls in the bathroom. So, when the daughter of Joy Jones, Shelfie creator, slipped on a puddle in the bathroom she decided to design a tool that created a play space for kids on the tub ledge that contains water. Solving a universal problem for parents. Keeping smiles on kids faces during bath time.

Shelfie for the bathtub

Joy Jones was a 2014 Huggies® MomInspired™ Grant recipient that awards inspired moms $15,000 in seed money as well as business resources to further the development of original product ideas and startup businesses. Her goal is to continue to introduce future versions of the Shelfie, as well as other new problem-solving products that make life easier for parents!

For more information and details on how to purchase a Shelfie bathtub tray for your tub check out their web page here.

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UPPAbaby Vista 2015 in doubles mode

UPPAbaby is a company that always responds to customer needs and feedback. Product development and improvements happen regularly, and we fans have come to expect that UPPAbaby stays current with trends and designs. For 2015, the entire product line was enhanced, but it was the UPPAbaby Vista that got the makeover. Let’s look closer at what’s new.



UPPAbaby Vista 2015

Wow, the photo above really says something, doesn’t it? First of all, it’s been four years since any changes have been made. The new Vista has been redesigned, so let’s go on a tour of what you should expect.

  1. The most obvious is array of seating options. The frame accommodates two infant car seats, two bassinets, or two toddler seats in any combination. Parents of twins, can I hear a big WOO HOO!
  2.  A new (optional) rumble seat faces either outward or toward parents and fully reclines in either direction. This is huge because it adds so many options for you as you arrange your kids to be most comfortable for outings.
  3. An optional front bracket makes it possible to attach a second car seat or bassinet. UPPAbaby’s car seat, called the Mesa, needs no adapters, but you may purchase adapters separately for other major car seat brands.
  4. Now compare the two shopping baskets in the above photo. See how much longer it is on the 2015 version? This year the basket holds up to 30 pounds of your gear? Hello grocery shopping!
  5. To account for all this extra weight the new UPPAbaby Vista 2015 can hold, the frame has been reformulated with stronger anondized aluminum with magnesium. I don’t really understand what all that means, but a stronger frame is necessary and UPPAbaby’s got it.
  6. The tires are improved with “AirGo” technology, which simulates the feel of air-filled tires without the risk of getting flats. The best of both worlds.
  7. Overall ease of use from a new seat recline mechanism to push-button steering locks to make the front swivel wheels go straight. New location for the finger trigger folding mechanism means you won’t have to bend way over to start the folding process. The flow is much smoother.
  8. The included bassinet has better support and ventilation from a molded base zip-on apron.

The price has gone up because of all these improvements. The silver-framed single goes for $820 while the black frame is $860. The rumble seat is $170 or you could get the rumble seat included for $990 (silver) or $1040 (black).





Both the G-Luxe and G-Lite have undergone some changes for 2015, all of them relatively minor. Here’s what to expect.


  1. Mesh sling back seat for better ventilation on hot days.
  2. Removable fabric for easy cleaning.
  3. The canopy is a bit larger.
  4. Underseat basket can now hold 15 lbs – that is a lot for an umbrella stroller!


  1. A more robust and streamlined frame, probably the same formulation as mentioned with the Vista.
  2. Single-foot brake lever – most umbrella strollers have individual brakes for each rear wheel. One step is always more convenient!
  3. New color called Ella (shown in photo).

The G-Luxe is $260 and if you want the black fabric on black frame (called Jake) that is $280. For the G-Lite, the red (Denny) is $160 and black on black Jake is $180.



The popular Cruz has undergone some changes for 2015 as well.

  1. Rear wheels are now about an inch larger and use the new AirGo technology that mimics air-filled tires.
  2. Black frame available with some colors, for a sharp look like the photo above.
  3. Rear suspension now removed because of the AirGo tires.
  4. Wipe-clean bumper bar now included with purchase instead of optional accessory.

Price for the silver frame Cruz runs $500 and if you’d like that fashionable black frame, it retails for $530.

So would you splurge a little bit extra for a black frame? And what do you think of the Vista’s redesign? Let me know in the comments.

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10 Places to Shop for Cool Clothes for Girls

We already talked about where to get cool clothes for boys, but now it’s time for the girls to shine! These brands and shops are some of the coolest places to shop for your girls. Each has its own unique style and we’re loving each and every one.

10 Places to get cool clothes for girls

10 Brands and shops for cool clothes for girls

1. Biglove
A cool new clothing brand for girls, Biglove is built around the philosophies of love, peace, happiness and freedom. It’s colorful, filled with tons of bright swimwear and warm weather accessories, and all with a great message behind each piece.

10 Brands and shops for cool clothes for girls

2. Crew and Lu
Can we talk about how sweet this clothing line for girls is? Each piece is handcrafted, unique and beyond stylish.

10 Brands and shops for cool clothes for girls

3. Fawn Shoppe
If you’re looking for more of a one-stop-shop for cool clothes for girls, swing by Fawn Shoppe. Their perfectly curated selection is undeniable.

10 Brands and shops for cool clothes for girls

4. Ivivva
When the kid years suddenly turn into the tween years, you’ll be glad that you have Ivivva, the girls’ clothing of beloved Lululemon, in your back pocket. Sizes range from 4-14.

10 Brands and shops for cool clothes for girls

5. Leia Roux
“Shoesies,” as they’re known in the world of Leia Roux, are the hottest thing to hit Instagram kid style since the moccasin.

10 Brands and shops for cool clothes for girls

6. Little MissMatched
They’re already well-known for their fun, funky, mismatched socks for girls, but did you know that Little MissMatched also carries full lines of clothes, shoes and outerwear for girls?

10 Brands and shops for cool clothes for girls

7. Petite Marin
For girls’ clothing that’s a bit more classic, we love Petite Marin. But, this is truly classic with a modern twist — each piece is made from an upcycled men’s dress shirt!

10 Brands and shops for cool clothes for girls

8. Pink Chicken
Girls’ clothing that’s cool with a light, colorful, ethnic feel, Pink Chicken New York has us already dreaming of summer. (And, they have clothes for moms, too!)

10 Brands and shops for cool clothes for girls

9. Sugarplum Lane Boutique
Leggings are in, for both boys and girls, and Sugarplum Lane Boutique has some of the cutest ones around, along with sweet mini-sized sweatshirts, accessories, and more.

10 Brands and shops for cool clothes for girls

10. Yosi Samara
You can’t talk about cool clothes for girls without talking about shoes! Yosi Samara has the best, cutest foldable flats for girls.

What are your favorite places to buy clothes for girls?
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Presented by: Plum Organics.

family meals

Making memories with family meals

When I found out I was pregnant, one thing that I was most excited about was the idea of family meals. Gathering around the dining table as a family, everyone spending time together, talking and laughing and eating is just something that I’ve had in my head for years and now that we have a baby who is old enough to join us in eating, it has been such a joy! Sitting at the table eating meals together is one of my favorite memories from growing up, and I love that I am passing on this simple, but important, tradition with my own little family.

plum organics pouch

hello meals baby

Plum Organic Food Pouches

My baby is 10 months old now and he has just discovered the joy of eating. He loves to experiment with different food and textures, and really loves feeding himself. He is actually so independent, that he rarely will eat food unless he gets to be the one in control. This is why Plum Organics food pouches are ideal for him. He can hold the pouch himself and he monitors how much food he gets and when he gets it. Also, I love that the pouches allow my husband and me to eat our own food at the same time! This truly makes for an ideal family meal.

plum organics oatmeal

Plum Organics Hello Meals

Gathering around the table, with my baby in his high chair next to us, is just the sweetest experience. Sure, it gets messy, but that’s half the fun! I love his excitement and pride when he feeds himself, and that little grin with food plastered all over his face is simply priceless!

With Hello Meals, his taste buds are happy, but so are all of his other senses as well. Feeding all of his senses is key in keeping him excited about food and eager to eat more! And eating our meals as a family as much as possible is very important to me and I feel that it brings us closer together. It’s important for us to take a pause from our busy lives and spend quality time together, bonding and giving each other our undivided attention. With the busy days and hectic schedules, family meals are truly a valued time in our household and something that will continue to be so.

plum organics hello meals

Since our days are so busy, it’s nice to know that we can feed our baby something that is not only easy-to-make, but also healthy and filling, and something that he actually enjoys! I love that we can make our own recipes, too, and incorporate new foods, like adding some banana pieces to his oatmeal, or peas and broccoli to his quinoa.

Plum Organics really knows baby nutrition and it gives me peace of mind as a mom that my baby is eating something that he likes and that is also good for him. You can read all about the nutrition and ingredients found in Hello Meals here!

Find a $1 off coupon, more information and great recipes here.

plum organics products

Plum Organics GIVEAWAY

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Plum Organics.

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The HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper

I never had the opportunity to use a bassinet when I had my first daughter, Audrey, since at eight pounds eleven ounces and twenty-two and half inches, you could say I gave birth to a toddler. So needless to say she went from bassinet to crib within the first two weeks. Since I am set to have our newest little bundle almost two weeks early via c-section (due to complications) I’m really excited to have a bassinet as an option this time around and share my HALO Bassinest review with you!

First off, I had heard before how surprisingly heavy this was but not until I saw the look on the poor FedEx guy’s face did it really hit me, so FYI, it’s VERY heavy.

HALO Bassinest

Assembling the HALO Bassinest

I decided to put it together myself just to see if someone eight months pregnant could do it, and really, it was VERY easy. In all my life of assembling everything from IKEA to kids toys did I ever see a product as well packaged as this bassinet. I would not worry about having this shipped anywhere to anyone, it was actually pretty impressive. The only thing I really needed help with was moving it from my dining room to the bed room since, like I said, it’s very heavy. My husband, who was my outstanding assistant and photographer, made a good point stating that the added weight makes it incredibly sturdy. And with a curious four year old and German shepherd I won’t have to worry about it tipping in the slightest.

halo bassinest

After assembly I started playing with the features and noticed that although the sidewall goes down it doesn’t stay down like I had previously thought. It pops back up as soon as you let go. Also, initially its kind of hard to push down, I thought I was breaking it or forcing it to go down and had to re-read the instructions to make sure I was doing it right. (Reading instructions, go figure, right?) However, the more I messed with it the more it loosened up. Although, I have to say, I think I would prefer it if it went down and stayed down, but we will see if that opinion changes after the baby comes. I could be completely wrong.

halo bassinest

The HALO Bassinest Style and Features

I really love the fabric and the pattern; it’s gender neutral, fits in well with my décor and doesn’t stand out as a “baby product” which is the worst. The padding is plush but firm without being overly soft or dangerous. And the swivel itself gives many options for placement next the bed. The music is quiet so I won’t have to worry about waking my husband from a sound sleep when I use it, same with the two levels of vibration. In addition there are two brightness levels on the lights which I know will be incredibly handy. I’m curious to see how the nursing timer will work when that time comes, but if it does work I think something like would be so smart.

Lastly, take note that like most bassinets, this one does not come with a sheet. In fact, an employee at the baby store informed me that you couldn’t just use any bassinet sheet with it either. Because of the specific “figure eight” shape of the padding, a regular bassinet sheet would be too loose around the sides so they recommend you buy the sheet made specifically for the Bassinest. (Don’t worry, the price is comparable to regular bassinet sheets. I checked.)

We thought we had plenty of time but turns out Baby Abbey had other ideas and showed up four weeks early on January 28th at 10:57AM. Since she arrived due to complications, and via c-section, I found the Bassinest to be even more G-E-N-I-U-S than I imagined. Getting in and out of bed was more that just slightly painful (and even now, two weeks from delivery I’m still in pain) so just being able to pull her close to me with one hand so I can sooth her or pick her up was extremely helpful. Not to mention the ease of pushing it out of the way when I needed to get out of bed.

halo bassinest abbey

As it turns out the fold down side is helpful, but like I first thought, I wish it would stay down at times. When you can’t use your stomach muscles it’s hard to push down and grab baby at time same time. But like I thought it would, the sidewall has loosened up a bit making it easier to grab and transition, a definite plus.

halo bassinest

The control panel on the HALO Bassinest is clearly laid out and I love the light that has two settings. Bright but not bright enough to blind the baby but still able to see when sneaking in and out of the room. The only thing I would change is if the panel itself was backlit somehow. When you’re blurry and cross-eyed from lack of sleep you end up hitting all the buttons trying to find the vibrate and the next thing you know you’ve got lights and music and now you can’t figure out how to turn them off.

halo bassinest

In the end, Abbey and I highly recommend this bassinet if you’re in the market. The quality, size, and features make this one a must have for any new mother. It’s all the benefits of co-sleeping without any of the risk in a modern, high-tech and stylish package.  It’s the best of both worlds.

Did you use a Bassinet with your babies?

Are you looking for a bassinet? Was this review helpful?


 Disclosure: I was sent a HALO Bassinest for review. All my thoughts and opinions are my very own.

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Use books to teach kids about emotions

When kids are young, talking about emotions can be challenging — and that inability to talk about their feelings can lead to tantrums and misunderstandings. Fabulous children’s books can help your kids express their feelings in words and expressions. We love these eight books to teach kids about emotions.

teach kids about emotions

Glad Monster, Sad Monster by Ed Emberley and Anne Miranda is a rollicking, silly book about the full range of emotions children — and adults — feel (Amazon, $11). The book provides masks for children and the adults reading the book with them to try on, so kids have the chance to identify how the emotions look, as well as how they feel.

teach kids about emotions

Today I Feel Silly & Other Moods That Make My Day by Jamie Lee Curtis is a fun, rhyming look at the different moods children experience (Amazon, $15). In addition to the rhyming verses, the colorful, expressive illustrations truly show emotions, giving kids a solid foundation for the varying moods in which they find themselves.

teach kids about emotions

When Sophie Gets Angry — Really, Really Angry… by Molly Bang explores the intense emotions experienced during normal sibling arguments (Amazon, $6). The book relies on vivid colors and imagery, with minimal text, so parents can tailor the book’s message for children of different ages. Children will see how some time away from her sister helps Sophie’s anger fade into more manageable emotions.

teach kids about emotion

The Way I Feel by Janan Cain is a wacky, silly look at different emotions, like joy, disappointment, and sadness (Amazon, $12). The text is simple, which is extremely helpful when navigating the different ways kids can put their feelings into words. The book deals with complicated emotions, like boredom, kids may feel without understanding the concept or verbalization of the emotion, so Cain’s book gives them the language they need to express how they’re feeling.

teach kids about emotions

My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss assigns moods to each color in the signature rhyming style of the iconic children’s author (Amazon, $7). The book is illustrated by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher — Theodor Geisel himself requested the book be illustrated by a color artist. Now available as a board book, the book serves the dual purposes of teaching colors and emotions to toddlers and young children.

teach kids about emotions

Mean Soup by Betsy Everitt shows a young boy and his mom working through his frustration and anger by making “mean soup” together (Amazon, $8). Horace and his mom put his emotions into the soup through word and physical movements until his day doesn’t seem so bad anymore. The illustrations are bright and large, making the book a good one for young children.

teach kids about emotions

Wilma Jean the Worry Machine by Julia Cook takes a lighthearted look at a serious subject (Amazon, $10). Young children experience anxiety, and parents can help provide tools kids can use to work through their anxious feelings, especially if the anxiety is interfering in the way children go about their daily lives. Cook’s book provides tangible tips, including some for anxiety over issues that can’t be controlled — like the weather.

teach kids about emotions

Have You Filled a Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud helps kids learn about the ways their positive words and actions affect others (Amazon, $10). The words are simple and straightforward, and the message is one that can be reinforced daily. My daughter’s school uses the language with the students — and has a decorated bucket as a visual reminder in the window of the front office. McCloud’s guide is a wonderful way to emphasize positive actions and how much kindness matters.

teach kids about emotions

For more fabulous children’s book recommendations, check out 10 children’s books we love.
What are your top tips for helping kids express their emotions?
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Everything is popping up pastel

If you’ve had your eye on the baby gear scene, you’ve noticed that pastels are popping up in the most unexpected places… and we’re not talking about just the same old baby blues and pinks. Super soft pastels, including the newly popular mint, are a sweet way to add a touch of softness to your baby gear collection or nursery. And, pastel baby gear isn’t just for girls! Mix mint with navy for a bold nursery for a baby boy or a soft blue with touches of gold for a neutral color scheme you can add to as he grows.

Pastel baby gear and nursery decor

Pastel Baby Gear & Nursery Decor


Stokke Scoot Strollers, Soft Pink & Aqua Blue, $599 (New this week!)
Hiding Bear Wall Art, Land of Nod, $89
Babyhome Dream Bassinet, $249
For the Birds Dream Blanket, aden + anais, $50
Noodle & Boo Essential Care Kit, $15

What do you think of pastel baby gear?
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What will the kids do over the Summer!? This conversation seems to happen earlier and earlier each year. Every parent wants to keep the kids bodies moving over the summer, but we also want to keep their mind active too. Lucky of us there are some pretty cool educational summer camps that offer creative innovation, collaboration and exploration!

Inspired by the Galileo Camps we wanted to share six science experiments you can do right at home to help get you through winter but excited for Summer!

Science Experiments for Kids

NextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnail
6 Fun and Easy Science Experiments for Kids
6 Fun and Easy Science Experiments for Kids
6 Fun and Easy Science Experiments for Kids
6 Fun and Easy Science Experiments for Kids
6 Fun and Easy Science Experiments for Kids
6 Fun and Easy Science Experiments for Kids
6 Science experiments for kids using stuff you already have at home

1. How to Make a Bouncy Ball from The 36th Avenue
If you only knew how easy bouncy balls were to make, you’d be making them all of the time… and then hiding them, like you do with regular bouncy balls. This experiment is quick and easy and squishy, too!

2. Balloon Experiments with Candy from Learn Play Imagine
It’s going to take a little bit of convincing on your part to get your kids to sacrifice all of that candy for a science experiment, but we’re pretty sure that when they see the results, they’ll get on-board pretty quickly.

3. Learning How Plants Absorb Water from Paging Fun Mums
There is a lot of fun to be had when Mom pulls out the food coloring and these science experiments take nothing more than that, plus some jars for water and some leftover veggies from your fridge. Not only will they love watching the leaves transform as they soak up the colors, but they’ll also be relieved that they don’t have to have that cabbage for dinner!

4. Crystal Names from Playdough to Plato
Save this idea for a rainy day! Try making their names in crystals or individual letters that they can use to spell different words — a science lesson and a spelling lesson wrapped into one experiment!

5. Pine Cone Experiment for Kids from Lemon Lime Adventures
So many of our kids’ questions about science are from what they’re witnessing in nature. Take advantage of their curiosity with an experiment that combines the two, like this simple, easy pine cone experiment.

6. Walking on Eggs from Steve Spangler Science
Wait a minute… you want our kids to walk on eggs? It’s all in the name of science, Mom! This science experiment will get kids of all ages excited to see the results. But, we highly suggest you take those trash bags on the supply list seriously. Very seriously.

Galileo Summer Camps

Camp Galileo’s award-winning curriculum liberates pre-K – 5th graders to explore without fear of mistakes. The experience is profound—and it’s a blast. Four new weekly themes combine art, science and outdoor activities into a whimsical narrative that keeps kids giggling and engaged.

Galileo Camps offer three options:
• Camp Galileo (Pre-K to 5th Grade)
• Summer Quest (5th to 8th Grade)
• Summer Camps @ The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose (4th to 8th graders)

Galileo is on a mission to develop innovators who envision and create a better world. Their camps are are offered in the Bay Area and now with four NEW Los Angeles locations – Brentwood, Manhattan Beach, West LA and Culver City.

A summer of innovation, collaboration, and exploration!

Galileo Camps encourages kids to brainstorm and think like innovators through a variety of hands-on projects and activities. With weekly imagination-sparking themes and in-depth majors like Digital Photography, Fashion Design, Inventors Workshop, Go Kart Builders, Video Game Design, 3D Modeling and Printing, and Chefology just to name a few.

Galileo Camp Summer Savings – Code: 2015INNOVATE

Visit the Galileo page to sign up for camp and take $30 off with the code “2015INNOVATE”, and sign up before March 2nd for an early bird special!

Guarantee your spot—and your savings—by March 2 and you can change your camp date or location through May 1 for absolutely no fee!

What will your kids do this Summer?


Disclosure: Thank you Galileo Learning for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to share and experience Galileo camps.

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Valentine Craft Roundup

Fill your days with love — and DIY Valentine ideas

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that lends itself to adorable DIY Valentine craft ideas — hearts, love and tons of pink are perfect for crafts and decor. Whether you’re working with your little one to create special classroom valentines or putting together holiday touches for your home, you’ll find the something perfect for you in our Valentine’s Day craft roundup.

NextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnail
Heart Coasters
Pinwheel Valentines
Mini Valentine Art
Popsicle Stick Valentine Craft
Valentines Day Banner
Glitter Heart Candles
DIY Toy Tea Bags
Love Bug Pencil Toppers
Dip Dyed Feather Arrows
DIY Candy Huggers
10 Fabulous Valentine’s Day Crafts
  1. Dress up your tables — and protect them from coffee stains — with the Baking Soda and Cornstarch Coasters from Simply Earnest. Dig into your kitchen cupboards and find the materials you’ll need for these colorful pieces of home decor.
  2. Pinwheel Valentines from Freutcake are a festive way to get into the Valentine’s Day spirt. The cute pinwheels can be used as individual valentines or grouped together — and you can download the tags for them, too.
  3. The Valentine’s Day Mini Art at Storypiece is one of the sweetest paint chip crafts we’ve seen. Little hands can definitely help with this craft, and when it’s finished you’ll be able to display it each year and remember the time you spent together making it.
  4. Popsicle Stick Valentine Heart Decorations are an adorable — and simple — Valentine craft idea from Bead Bash. After crafting the decorations, how you use them is completely up to you. Decorate a Valentine tree with your kids, or hand them a handful and see where they turn up in your house.
  5. I Should Be Mopping the Floor offers a free download for her Valentine’s Day Banner. The glitter is embedded, so you don’t have to worry about sweeping it from your floor for weeks. Hang it from your mantle or across a doorway — it will keep you in the mood for love all month.
  6. Light up the room with the DIY Glitter Heart Candles from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom. The simple craft uses materials you’re likely to have around your home, if you’re glitter-friendly, that is — we love a little bit of sparkle!
  7. Sew a Fine Seam has the perfect craft for your tea-party loving little one. The DIY Valentine Toy Tea Bags can be used for play tea parties, or you can use them as decor for a Valentine’s Day party. The craft is a great way to up-cycle scraps of material leftover from other crafts.
  8. The Love Bug Pencil Toppers from Pepper Scraps are a simple DIY Valentine’s Day craft that can be used for play dates or class valentines. With a few steps of preparation by an adult, kids can make these with minimal assistance — and you can print out the cards to attach, as well.
  9. Dip Dyed Feather Arrows are a gorgeous way to celebrate Cupid. The craft from The Things She Makes is a sophisticated take on a Valentine’s Day symbol, and it can teach your little ones a bit about science, as well.
  10. Lia Griffith wants your valentine to hang onto their chocolates with her precious Kids Valentine’s Candy Huggers. Download the template and choose your favorite card stock color — we love the look of the kraft paper Lia used.
Can’t get enough glitter? Try these glitter craft ideas for kids.
Do you have a favorite Valentine’s Day craft?
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