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Embracing children’s shared rooms

Shared children’s rooms can be a headache to decorate — or you can embrace the fun of incorporate two personalities into four walls. Whether your children share a room out of necessity or by request, make the most of their together time by adding whimsical touches that make each child comfortable and at home in their room.

Shared children's room

A real mom offers a glimpse into her daughters’ shared room

We recently moved from a home where my girls each had their own bedrooms to one with more living space and one less bedroom. I’ve always loved the idea of kids sharing a room — but it scared me! People always seemed to have an opinion about it, and it’s somehow implied that children will miss out if they don’t have their own separate bedroom. When we first entertained the idea of Alice (7) and Violet (3) sharing a bedroom, I brainstormed the pros and cons. I was determined to create a shared space that would be comfortable for them spending time both together and apart. There is a play kitchen, a table with chairs, and a soft chair tucked under a quiet window. They’ve each got a bench at the foot of their beds filled with trinkets & treasures,  and plenty of spaces nestled around the room to stash their favorite things. Being little is really such a short time in a child’s life. I hope we’ve help set the stage for memories to be made and cherished a lifetime.

- Barbara, mom to Alice and Violet

Tips for kids sharing a room
  • Make sure each child has a space of his or her own
  • Incorporate toys or activities they can use together
  • Be aware of age differences and address them verbally
  • Respect children’s opinions about sharing

children's shared room

Individual space in a shared room

With two or more kids sharing a room, it can be hard to get any private time. Giving kids a space of their own within the shared space can help them feel like they have a little bit of privacy. Barbara’s daughters each have a box near their bed, but you could also assign bins or drawers that are off limits to everyone but the owner.

shared children's rooms

Playtime for everyone in the room

One of the magical things about sharing a room is the time spent playing together. Be sure to have at least one or two toys in the room that appeal to all ages. A play kitchen is a great way for siblings to share imaginative play time. Tea parties, playing restaurant and cooking together are all activities that can be tailored for younger and older kids to enjoy.

shared children's room

Acknowledge the age differences of the kids in the room

Having kids of different ages sharing a room can mean doubling up on certain things — like books. Making sure both kids have age-appropriate books or toys in the room will help the room feel like “theirs” instead of an older or younger sibling feeling like they are intruding on someone else’s space. Display the books with a wall-mounted rack —the magazine-like display makes it easier to see what’s available, so you can rotate books frequently instead of jamming too many on a traditional shelf.

Plan ahead for possible rearrangements

Before putting kids together in a room, have a plan for the future. Perhaps in your home, a shared room is a necessity, which will limit options. If kids are sharing a room in a home where there’s an extra bedroom available, discuss options at different times — and not after a giant sibling fight. Will your kids separate when one of them is ready, or should it be agreed on by both children? If your kids are of opposite genders, is there an arbitrary age they’ll separate — either for their own comfort or because of private time with friends? During a friend sleepover, are both siblings always welcome or will one get to camp out in mom and dad’s room for the night? These questions will have different answers for every family, so finding a solution that works for yours will just involve a little discussion.

Did you share a room as a child? Will you have your children in a shared room?



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Baby Jogger is a major stroller brand that stays innovative and improves upon its products every year to stay at the top. Recently, I’ve noticed that their newer models and soon-to-be-released strollers have one thing in common: they are more streamlined and light. Showcased below are two that are already available, and one that is set to debut in Spring 2015.

Baby Jogger City Lite

Baby Jogger City Lite

Just like the City Mini, the City Lite has most all the same main features. It has different sized wheels: 10″ rear and 7″ front where the City Mini has 8″ wheels all around. The City Lite has a canopy with two peek-a-boo windows but is not infused with SPF 50, the way the City Mini is.

Weight-wise, there is not much difference. The City Lite weighs less than a pound lighter at 16 vs. 16.8 pounds. It has the same simple one-handed fold that Baby Jogger is famous for and the auto-lock keeps the frame in place. Storage – it’s got an under seat basket and large pocket on the back of the seat. Seat reclines to nearly flat, and the harness is nicely padded. It is car seat compatible when you get the adapters. This page shows you all the car seat brands and the adapter to get.

The City Lite costs $179 while the City Mini is at $249. The City Lite comes in black, tan or red.

Baby Jogger City Mini Zip

Baby Jogger City Mini Zip

The full-sized City Mini Zip is the most compact in the Baby Jogger line. It’s main feature is the 3D fold, much like Combi strollers. It folds in half, like your standard Baby Jogger, then it folds again lengthwise, making it eight times smaller than when it is opened fully. That’s really impressive! You can also buy a really impressive looking travel bag that can turn into a backpack. I know this will be popular with vacationing families.

Like the City Lite, the City Mini Zip weighs only 16 pounds and holds your child up to 55 pounds. It has the same storage options and seat recline with harness. But the canopy on the Zip is SPF 50 just like the regular City Mini.

The wheels, of course, are four, and they are 5.5 inches with all-wheel suspension. The basket is a bit smaller and more difficult to access because of the frame design to do the 3D fold. But it still has that big pocket on the back seat. The Zip has an adjustable leg rest and near flat recline for your child’s comfort, and you get to have a cup holder! This one is also car seat compatible, just go to the link I mention above to check which adapters and brands go with the Zip.

Colors for the Zip are black or red and it retails for $249.

Baby Jogger Vue Lite

Baby Jogger Vue Lite

When the Vue came out earlier this year, I was so impressed with the design. A reversing seat umbrella stroller! I never thought I’d see one of those. But the reviews have been fantastic – what more could be done with the Vue?

Streamline it and make it lighter, that’s what. For parents who need something more compact that is still sturdy enough and yet weighs 3 pounds lighter than the original Vue at only 14 pounds. The Vue Lite has less padding in the seat and different access to the storage basket, but other than that is the same stroller.

The regular Vue is $199, but the Vue Lite is going to be $179, and will be available by March 2015. Colors will be a light grey shadow, a citrusy bright yellow-green, aqua blue (shown) and cherry red.

Which new Baby Jogger are you most jazzed about? Leave your opinion in the comments!

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Project Nursery Shop Logo Project Nursery Shop
Project Nursery is your one stop shop


Project Nursery, our favorite online destination for nursery inspiration and all things baby, just opened up a brand new Project Nursery Shop with baby nursery décor and gifts, so we’ve rounded up our top 10 picks to share with you today. The shop is a dream, with so many whimsical and perfect pieces to adorn your nursery. From furniture and décor to toys and prints, they have anything you could want to add those special touches to your nursery and make it truly unique and beautiful. Project Nursery has carefully selected popular products for each category to bring the latest in nursery design to all parents.

Through their collaborations with top baby brands, they have created a beautiful shop with everything you could want from the best names out there. Here are our top picks.

NextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnail
felt ball garland
dream big print
closet dividers
gold dot pillow
knit cat doll
owl night lamp
push toy

Felt Ball Garland, $20
The sweetest little garland to add fun pops of color to your nursery! You can use it as a decoration for Baby’s 1st birthday, too.

Dream Big print, $20
The perfect print to adorn the walls of your nursery, this one is not only pretty, but has a great message for your little one, as well. Dream big!

Closet Dividers, $25
We love this idea for organizing Baby’s closet! These dividers help to simplify your life and separate all of the cute little baby clothes into sections by size. Genius!

Metallic Gold Dot Lumbar Pillow, $60
How gorgeous is this pillow? A lumbar pillow is great for mom or dad’s back, too! We need all the help we can get, right?

Wave Hamper, $65
A hamper in a nursery is super convenient, and this particular one is just too cute! And cuteness is a definite priority for anything in a nursery!

Mini Cat Knit Doll, $44
Every baby needs some stuffed animals. These dolls are cute, classic and gender neutral!

White Cloud and Moon Mobile, $70
This sweet mobile is simple and the perfect addition to just above the crib. Baby will love staring at it and you’ll love that it goes so well with the nursery aesthetic!

Owl Night Lamp, $100
A night light is crucial for setting the mellow mood for bedtime, and this owl lamp is the cutest one we’ve seen!

Patterned Poof, $100
Because mom needs a few things in the nursery for herself, too, right?

Wooden Cosmo Push Toy, $32
How cute is this wooden car? Love how simple and classic it is, and Baby is sure to love it, too!

What are your must have nursery items?
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Kid Birthday Party Tips

Real moms share about easy kid birthday parties

If throwing kid birthday parties makes your head spin, this is for you. We’ve chatted with our favorite moms who make party throwing seem effortless and they’ve shared their tips for easy kid birthday parties.

1. Kristin: “Weather permitting, get them outside. One of the best parties we’ve had was a scavenger hunts in our neighborhood business district.”

2. Melissa: “When throwing a birthday bash where there will be babies and toddlers, I like to have a few baby-friendly foods on hand. A basket full of food pouches or apple sauce, a container of puffy cereal, and a fruit cut into tiny bite-sized pieces are all good options.”

3. Shannon: “Blow up a ton of balloons, throw them out in an open area and crank up the music. The kids will do the rest!”

4. Carilyn: “If you’re having the party at your home, try to include an activity that has a start and a finish. Ideally, one in which guests can take their project home. It can double as their party favor!”

5. Margot: “Use an online invitation website, like Evite. The kids can easily see who was (and wasn’t) invited to the party, to avoid hurt feelings. And, moms can easily coordinate carpools!”

6. Jessica: “My tip for easy kid birthday parties is to make sure you never host one in your home… always rent a space!”

7. Christina: “We make paint chip garlands for decorations! They are free (home improvement stores don’t mind if you take a bunch… I’ve asked!) and you can use whatever colors you want. Use a straight line on the sewing machine and you’re ready!”

8. Melissa: “Keep the party short and sweet. And, don’t be afraid to ask parents to stay and help with their own child.”

9. Rachel: “My favorite parties to throw for young kids are early morning, say 10 a.m., serving donuts and orange juice. Easy peasy!”

10. Leora: “Only invite their closest friends to make it more affordable and meaningful. If they all happen to know each other, even better. This way, nobody feels like the third wheel.”

11. Autumn: “Ask a friend to take photos. You will be so busy tending to guests and making sure your kids aren’t handing out gift bags and pouring out bubbles that you won’t get a single snap!”

12. Connie: “Pay for extra teenage helpers!”

13. Angela: “Outsource! A fun day at a gymnastics or crafts studio is the perfect way to let your littles celebrate with something they love… and you can focus on enjoying the day with them.”

14: Lani: “Ditch the party bags filled with little trinkets in exchange for one thing that’s age appropriate and more meaningful. You’ll end up spending the same!”

15. Robin: “Our tip for easy kid birthday parties? Have them during the week, like after school or during the day, if your kids are little.”

16. Allie: “We always open gifts after all of the guest have left. It’s much less stress on the birthday kid, especially if they’re little and don’t understand why they can’t just play with the first gift they open.”

17. Ashley: “Pick a time of day that doesn’t involve a meal. Cake and ice cream are much easier!”

18. Megan: “Don’t spend a ton of time cleaning your house before the party. It’s just going to get dirty again. Quick vacuum, quick bathroom wipe down, put away anything that will break and call it good.”

19. Holly: “Ask parents about kid food allergies when they RSVP, then plan dessert accordingly. It’s much easier than realizing, mid-party, that half of the guests can’t eat the cupcakes you made.”

20. Robyn: “Our best tip for birthday parties is for the parents. Get a keg of the good stuff.”

What’s your best tip for easy kid birthday parties?
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Our favorite picks from etnies Kids

etnies Kids

Just like us, you’ve probably heard about etnies Kids, but maybe you had no idea that they carry some of the coolest, most functional shoes for kids right now… and, for price points that won’t make you faint. Here are some of our favorites from their new fall collection…

etnies Kids High Rise

The etnies Kids High Rise ($55) are the classic etnies that we know and love. Available in sizes for toddlers and bigger kids, these are the all-time, super cool, will last through even the most rough-and-tumble kiddos. We love them for their sturdy feel — these are hardly a high-top that your little guy will have falling apart after the first wear. Plus, for fall, the High Rise is perfect for school days, as they are lined with cozy fleece inside to keep his toes warm on the playground. His favorite part about the etnies Kids High Rise? They look like the shoes the pros wear… and, they are, just on a smaller scale!

etnies Kids Scout

An instant favorite at our house was the etnies Kids Scout ($40). These lightweight tennis shoes came as a pleasant surprise to me — I didn’t realize that etnies Kids made shoes like these and as soon as my girls put them on, I knew I’d have a hard time getting them to wear anything else! Not only are they super light and flexible — perfect for both school and weekend adventures — but they come in the coolest, most fashionable patterns.

etnies Kids Scout Pink

My girls also loved the etnies Kids Scout for school. They both have tennis shoes that they wear on PE days, but compared to their new Scouts, their old shoes feel like bricks! I can tell they love them because they can go from the classroom to PE to the playground without skipping a beat, even making the transition with my 4th grader to Girls on the Run after school. The Scout is made to be as breathable and flexible as possible, with etnies’ signature STI Evolution Foam in the footbed that makes kids feel like they’re walking on marshmallows!

How you can #fall4etnies

Have you fallen for etnies Kids, like we have? There is a way you can add some of their new fall collection to your kids’ closets this fall! Start by entering to win a $200 shopping spree from etnies in their #fall4etnies giveaway. You can enter below, or on the etnies Facebook page.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This post was sponsored by etnies Kids and shoes were provided for review purposes. All savvy, sassy opinions are my own.

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My daughter is currently very much into horses so I knew she would love a horse-themed party for her birthday this year. In all my years of planning birthday parties for my kids I have come to realize that the essentials for planning a party are pretty easy. Here is a list of things you will need for your party:

  • Invitations
  • Party supplies
  • Activity for kids
  • Cake
  • Favors (optional)

Simple, right? So this year I planned her horse birthday party at a horse stable where they teach lessons and have summer camps and are glad to host parties as well.


From Tickled Pink Invitations

If you cannot host your horse-themed party at a horse stables, that is okay too. You can still have fun with other activities such as “Pin the Tail on the Horse” or the coloring pages with horses, along with the super easy craft we did, as seen below.

Fortunately we had a beautiful day for my daughter’s party!

Here are the party supplies she insisted on having since white horses are her favorite!


 From Birthday Direct

I have a friend who is a wonderful baker and cake decorator so I asked her to make this cake. I just adore how it turned out!



While the children waited their turn to ride, I had them decorate their own cowboy or cowgirl hats. I found these at the dollar store and bought some stick-on gems at the craft store. Everyone also left with their decorated hat as their party favor!


If your little one likes horses they will love this theme for their party. Thankfully it is easy to find horse-themed supplies and you could even order some of these inflatable stick horses and have the kids “ride” around on them in the backyard — how fun would that be?

SSM CollageBirthday


Hope you have a great time at your horse party too!


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How do you feel about ripped jeans for kids? They seem to be on-trend right now, with more and more stylish moms who love to dress casual adding a pair of cool, ripped jeans to their kids’ wardrobes. Check out what other moms think about this trend and how to style them for your own laid-back kids.

Ripped jeans for kids… Yes or no?

When it comes to ripped jeans for kids, moms are on the fence… some think they’re super cool and stylish, while others are certain they’re only for playtime.

“My kids wear ripped jeans, but only because they’ve been worn-out so much that they’ve rubbed through the knees and now they’re ripped!” shares Ana. “We keep those for outside play.”

A mom of all boys agrees, telling us, “I just can’t get myself on board with this trend. I have such a hard time keeping my boys from getting holes and rips in their jeans as it is that I can’t imagine actually buying them worn-out in the first place.”

On the other hand, there are moms who are loving ripped jeans for kids… and for themselves! “I love my super-soft, worn-in, vintage-style jeans and I love when my kids wear them too.”

“My kids wear uniforms to school, so dressing casual on the weekends is a treat for them. My girls’ favorite jeans are ones that have rips and little holes in them. It’s their style and I don’t really mind.”

Where to get them

While you can easily pick-up a pair of ripped jeans at your favorite everyday store right now, there are a few shops that are also making custom ripped jeans for kids that take this trend to an entirely new level of style. Check out Susie’s Custom (Instagram: @SusiesCustom) for some of our personal favorites… but be sure to add yourself to their mailing list and follow on Instagram to get updates on when they’re taking new orders. These ripped jeans for kids go quick!

Style them: Ripped jeans for girls

Ripped Jeans for Girls

Rip & Repair Skinny Jeans, GAP, $35

Printed Shirt, Zara, $30
Mini Melissa Mini Ultra Girl Bow,, $55

Ello Love Pullover Raglan, kate&jAMES, $28
TOMS Classic Tiny Wool Dot Slip-On, Nordstrom, $32

Style them: Ripped jeans for boys

Ripped Jeans for Boys

Regular Fit Ripped Jeans, Zara, $46

Tucker + Tate “Feel the Funk” Woven Shirt, Nordstrom, $38
Clarks Kids Desert Boot,, $60

Griz Tee, Tiny Whales, $15
See Kai Run Lance,, $42

Tell us what you think… Are ripped jeans for kids cool? Or a big kid style no-no?
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Meet Brady and Lola

Kid Street Style Brady, age four, and his sister Lola, 16 months, are certainly some of the cutest — and most stylish — kiddos we’ve spotted for our kid street style series. With an entire Instagram feed dedicated to their mama’s love of kids’ fashions (check them out on @BradyandLola) we love seeing what these two are wearing and how they’re wearing it.

What mom says

Brady and Lola’s mom, Crystal Current, dishes on their style, which she loves to help them create when she’s not working as a sixth grade teacher and college professor. (Busy mama!) Kid Street Style Brady’s four-year-old style is all about comfort, but he does have an opinion about the way he dresses, too. “He’s a jeans and t-shirt/sweatshirt and sneakers kind of kid,” mom, Crystal shares. While he’s not picky about the particular clothes he wears, he is particular about the way they feel… comfy is a must! “For his clothing, I also love Prefresh (Instagram: @prefresh), Electric Collective (Instagram: @ElectricCollective), kid + kind (Instagram: @kidandkind) and, of course, GAP and Crewcuts for basics.” Crystal also shares that she keeps Brady’s style simple, but cool, with layers of a fun tee with a hoodie, adding a puffer vest or a flannel jacket on top, for warmth. And, their favorite boy shoes of the moment? New Balance! They love their funky, retro colors. Kid Street Style Lola follows suit with her style, with comfort and functionality as the keys… especially for quick and easy diaper changes, according to mom, Crystal! While Crystal says that Lola does prefer to wear something on her head — either a hat or a headwrap — besides that, Lola is pretty flexible about her style, letting Crystal dress her in whatever goodies have most recently arrived in the mail. “I love to mix-and-match prints on her and play with contrasts,” Crystal shares. “I love plaids with florals or stripes. And, I’m a huge fan of high-waisted bloomers, leg warmers, rompers and fun layers. I don’t really have rules that apply when I’m dressing her… just whatever jumps out at me!”

Where to shop

“I love the entire child fashion community on Instagram,” Crystal shares. “Not only do I support these mamas and their shops, but most of us have become friends too, which is the best part.” And, these shops show their love for Brady and Lola, and their style, by having them as representatives for their brands, often trading them their newest styles and collections in exchange for pictures of Brady and Lola rockin’ them on Instagram. Sounds like a stylish win-win, right? We’re lucky that we get to follow along!

Some brands that are their favorites and ones they work closely with include: Kenzie Jaws (Instagram: @KenzieJaws) Hudson & Ruthie (Instagram: @HudsonandRuthie) Crew & Lu (Instagram: @CrewandLu) Leia Roux (Instagram: @LeiaRoux) James Vincent Design Co. (Instagram: @JamesVincentDesignCo) kate&jAMES (Instagram: @kateandjAMES_shop) Hello Mess (Instagram: @hello_mess) Cotton Bottom Designs (Instagram: @CottonBottomDesigns) Love Blooms Here (Instagram: @Love_Blooms_Here).

Get the look

Kid Street Style Brady and Lola For Brady: Young Wild Free Tee, Prefresh, $32 Corduroy Pants, H&M, $10 New Balance Kids KL501, Zappos, $50 Kid Street Style- Lola For Lola: The Riley Hat, Sweet Eloise Designs via Etsy, $24 (Pictured on Lola, above) Denim Tunic Top, The EmRy Shop, $26 Leggings, GAP, $15 Baby Moccasins, Hello Moccs, $55

For more kid street style inspiration

Be sure to follow @bradyandlola on Instagram. For even more kid street style inspriation, check out some of our past kid street style features: Kid street style: Meet Henry and George and Kid street style: Meet Malin and Josephine.

Have a kid with street style? Leave a comment… we’ve love to chat!

All photos courtesy of @BradyandLola

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Fall birthday ideas include apples, hay and tons of fun

Apple orchards and cider mills can be lovely, seasonal locations for fall birthday ideas, but there are some drawbacks. Stay away from cider-seeking bees and long lines by recreating the cider mill experience at home. With the right menu, adorable decor, and games for your fall birthday child, your at-home apple orchard will come to life.

fall birthday party ideas

Welcome guests with a themed banner

Paper products can truly tie together your entire theme, and Etsy is one of the best places to find what you need for your fall birthday party. The Party Pack Special includes a birthday banner, door sign and cupcake toppers (Dream Party Paperie, $50). Personalized décor can truly turn your living room — or backyard, if you live in an area of the country where you’re not yet tempting the weather — into your own version of a fall family favorite outing.

Bob for apples without the germs

Bobbing for apples is a quintessential Halloween party game, but many parents will give pause to a game that involves a bunch of young children diving open-mouthed into a bucket of water to try to clamp the same apple selection between their teeth. Change the game, just a little, and have all the fun without all the cross-contamination. Add magnets to plastic display apples, add them to a cute tin beverage container, and use the poles from a magnetic fishing game to let kids take turns pulling the apples from the bucket. Mark each apple with different numbers to correspond to prize bags.
fall birthday ideas

Go beyond cider and donuts

Even an at-home cider mill should be well-stocked with cider and cider donuts. If possible, purchase the donuts the morning of the party, so the soft, cake-like donuts are as fresh as possible. Popping them in the microwave for a few seconds before serving will offer your guests the authentic feel of fresh cider donuts. For an alternative dessert, try our fabulous Creamy Caramel Apple Pie Parfaits.
fall birthday ideas

Create a photo backdrop

One of the really lovely things about a trip to an orchard are the fantastic photo opportunities. Create a photo backdrop at your at-home orchard, and offer to snap shots of all of your guests. Let parents know they’re welcome to use the backdrop for their own photos as well. Depending on your budget and annual photo needs, there are two ways you can arrange a photo backdrop: purchase a professional one or create your own.

fall photo backdrop

The Hay Stack Halloween Professional Photo Backdrop is a vinyl backdrop printed with baby-safe Latex ink (Etsy, $57). The backdrop can be used indoors or outdoors, so it’s a practical option if you plan on having annual fall parties and want to photograph your kids — and your friends’ kids — with the same backdrop each year.

If you’re not planning to reuse the backdrop for later parties, creating your own simply takes a little bit of planning. Find a solid wall on which to stage your photos, whether it’s a neutral painted wall or the wooden wall of a shed. Purchase a few bales of hay at a landscaping store, opening one and creating a floor of scattered hay while stacking the others. Purchase a few pumpkins and one additional fall accessory. The professional backdrop includes a rope, but other fun fall ideas are a bushel of apples, pot of mums or a favorite stuffed animal. While there will be imperfections with the homemade backdrop, you can get a wider variety of photos by letting kids climb on the hay and interacting with the rest of the display.

For more fall photo ideas, check out our 12 Fall photo props for baby.

Do you prefer to have your birthday parties at home or at another location?


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Savvy Sassy Moms was at the red carpet premiere of The Book of Life, a new animated movie starring the voices of Zoe Saldana, Diego Luna, Ice Cube, Rob Pearlman and more. The stars were out in full force, as were mariachi bands, churro carts, taco trucks and a larger than life cake courtesy of Charm City Cakes master mind Duff Goldman. bookoflifeposterBottom line, if you’re going to take your kids to see any movie during the Halloween season, this should be it. It’s beautiful. It’s funny. It’s just mesmerizing. In fact so amazing my son asked if they could pause it while he ran to the bathroom. Ah, six year olds. Diego LunaThe Book of Life tells the legend of Manolo (Diego Luna), a conflicted hero and dreamer who sets off on an epic quest through magical, mythical and wondrous worlds in order to rescue his one true love Maria (Zoe Saldana) and defend his village. Manolo’s antagonist is Joaquin (Channing Tatum), a dashing solider who’s also vying for Maria’s heart. And sorry ladies, Mr. Tatum was not at the premiere. Diego Luna Everything is done in the style of Dia de Los Muertos. If you’re unfamiliar with the Day of the Dead, it’s a Mexican holiday that celebrates life after death and the remembrance of loved ones that have passed. This movie captures the essence of the day perfectly. And the soundtrack is a must. Diego Luna sings! Our favorite was his ranchero version of Radiohead’s Creep. Really, you have to hear it to believe it. And his romantic numbers had us swooning. Zoe SaldanaHe hopes that his kids, six and four, enjoy the film as much as he did making it. “I don’t care what people will write tomorrow but if my daughter doesn’t like it, I might quit acting, you know? If my kid says, “Well, dad, you know what? Ah, I’m not sure. I mean, I loved Joaquin, but Manolo was kind of weak,” that’s it. It’s over. So, I have to make sure I have the right popcorn, they have a good night of sleep, you know?” Zoe Saldana wowed in a ruffled maxi dress. We’d totally wear it, preggers or not. Although she wasn’t taking questions about her impending child, she was totally glowing. IMG_2206The Book of Life premieres Friday October 17 in 3D. It’s rated PG. Can’t wait until then? Download some fun Book of Life Activity sheets here.

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