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Trend spotting: Winter coats for boys

We can’t guarantee that your little guy will actually keep his coat on, but these winter coats for boys are cool enough that you might just have a chance. We’ve scouted a few different styles to get you through the winter — coats that are on the dressier-side for days when he needs to step up his outfit, puffy coats that boys will live in all winter long and even the best vests for boys that he can wear on the days that are a little warmer.

Have a girl to shop for too? Check out our favorite Winter coats for girls

5 Handsome dressy (ish) winter coats for boys

Dressy Winter Coats for Boys

Sometimes, his favorite down jacket or rain coat just won’t do the trick and he needs a winter coat that’s a tiny bit dressier. One of these winter coats for boys will come in handy on those occasions  — they’re a bit more handsome, but not spiffy enough that he’ll refuse to wear them.

Left to right:
Plaid Utility Jacket, GapKids, $88
Wool Duffel Coat, ZARA, $80
Colorblock Barn Jacket, Peek, $58
Wool-Blended Duffel Coat, H&M, $50
Boys’ Allagash Cargo Jacket, L.L.Bean, $60

5 Super puffy winter coats for boys

Puffy Winter Coats for Boys

If your boys are like ours, they’ll want to wear their puffy coat 24/7. And, these are puffy winter coats for boys are cute enough that you won’t mind if they do! Just remember, puffy coats are great for cold weather, but not so great for rain!

Left to right:
Big Brr Down Jacket for Boys, REI, $90
Kapital K Boys Quilted Hooded Jacket, Henry and Lola, $48
Mini Boden Padded Water Resistant Jacket, Nordstrom, $78
Boys Hooded Frost Free Jacket, Old Navy, $32 (on sale!)
Appaman Kids Super Soft Down Filled Allen Puffer, Zappos, $100

5 Cool winter vests for boys

Winter vests for boys

When all else fails, he’ll probably wear a vest, right? They’re easy to put on, since there are no pesky sleeves to wrestle with, and vests come in some of the coolest outerwear patterns and styles out there right now.

Left to right:
Kapital K Quilted Puffer Vest, Amazon, $35 (on sale!)
Boys’ Grizzly Fleece Vest, J.Crew, $70 (on sale!)
Puffer Vest, Crazy 8, $15 (on sale!)
Boys’ Print Puffer Vest, Lands’ End, $35 (on sale!)
Toddler Boys’ Puff Vest, Target, $15

What kind of winter coat does you boy love?
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I’m one of those people who can barely make it past Halloween without digging out my Christmas decorations. And my kids? Well, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree! When we got this super fun Gingerbread people kit in the mail from Foodstirs, we couldn’t wait to start having some gingerbread fun!


Full disclosure here: I don’t bake. While I love cooking, I’m notoriously bad at baking. So, as a result, I don’t keep most ingredients for baking stocked in my pantry.

This is where Foodstirs came to my rescue. They sent me (in a perfectly packed box!) all of the non-perishable ingredients that we’d need to have a fun afternoon of baking. For these gingerbread people, all I needed to round up was an egg and a stick of butter. Those, I always have on hand!

The geniuses over at Foodstirs include everything in clearly labeled packages that still require the kids to practice their measuring skills (fun!). And the directions are so clear and written in a way that empowers little ones. My daughter absolutely loved that she could read the steps herself and understand exactly what she needed to do next (and which tasks she could delegate to her little brother…like holding the bowl).


Her favorite step was cracking her first egg. Have you ever explained to another person how to crack an egg? Try it and you’ll see why I loved this insert so much. She followed every step and was positively beaming when she nailed it on her first try. (I’m expecting omelets in my near future!)

foodstirs, how to crack an egg

foodstirs, kids baking

gingerbread people, foodstirsThis was the perfect afternoon project for us to kick off our holiday season. From the anticipation of opening the box to placing the last (organic!) jelly bean on the final gingerbread person, the kids truly loved this kit.

I’m thinking this is the beginning of a tradition at our house. And we’re already making a list of some little friends who’d love this kit this holiday season. And if you’re looking for a bigger gift, you could try the 3 Kit Culinarian Series (which comes with a cute apron and three monthly deliveries). Forget fruit of the month. Foodstirs is where it’s at for the kid crowd.

Ready to kick off the holiday season? Gingerbread fun is just a box away.

Happy holidays!

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Kids Mittens & Gloves
Mittens, mittens, everywhere…

… And so many of them are boring, aren’t they? You can pick up a plain old pair of kids’ mittens or gloves just about anywhere, but if you’re looking for something with a little more flare, we have 30 pair to choose from.

30 Cute, cozy and cool kid’s mittens and gloves

All about the mittens

Mittens are the obvious star of this show, not only because these styles are stylish and fun, but because they’re easy for kids of all ages to slip on-and-off themselves. Some of these styles are meant for hardcore snow time, while some are simply meant to keep her hands from getting a chill.

1. Cable Knit Mittens, GapKids, $15
2. Zip Pocket Mittens, GapKids, $15
3. Sherpa Mittens, GapKids, $13
4. “Cool” Intarsia Statement Mittens, GapKids, $13
5. Knitted Mittens, Boden, $18
6. Wool Faux Fur Mittens, H&M, $13
7. Shark Ski Mittens, H&M, $13
8. Kids’ Microfleece Mittens, Garnet Hill, $20
9. Be Awesome Mittens, Crazy 8, $7 (on sale!)
10. Camo Mittens, Crazy 8, $5
11. Leopard Fuzzy Mittens, The Children’s Place, $10 (on sale!)
12. Striped Knit Mittens, The Children’s Place, $8 (on sale!)
13. Baby Puff Mitts, Patagonia, $35
14. Hatley Kids Fuzzy Animal Mitts, Zappos, $24
15. Spyder Kids Twisty Mittens, Zappos, $30
16. 686 Kids Mitt, Zappos, $30
17. Stonz Mittz, Zappos, $40
18. Plumtastic & Lime Smiley Mittens, LittleMissMatched, $11

Gloves for big kids

When your kids are old enough to keep their fingers in, well, the fingers, gloves can be pretty cool. Grab a pair of these gloves for kids that will give them a little more function for winter play.

19. Kids’ Printed ThermaCheck 200 Gloves, Lands’ End, $16 (on sale!)
20. Kids’ Waterproof Flame Gloves, LL Bean, $25
21. Star Gloves, ZARA, $15
22. Tech-Compatible All-Season Gloves for Boys, REI, $17 (on sale!)
23. Boys’ Chat Colorblock Gloves, J.Crew, $30

Going hybrid: Part mittens, part gloves

A little bit mitten and a little bit glove, convertible mittens and gloves are an awesome option for kids on-the-go. They can keep the mitten portion closed when they’re running around, then easily pull it back when they need to use their fingers for zipping up their backpack or for tending to an untied shoelace.

24. Rock and Roll Graphic Convertible Mittens, Jack Spade & GapKids, $30
25. Kid Boy Convertible Mittens, Joe Fresh, $10
26. Tucker + Take Icon Pop Top Mittens, Nordstrom, $12
27. Penguin Mittens, ZARA, $18
28. Girls Patterned Convertible Knit Gloves, Old Navy, $12 (on sale!)
29. UGG Nyla Flip Mittens, Zappos, $65
30. San Diego Hat Company Kids Skull Knit Popover Fingerless Gloves, Zappos, $22

What’s your vote? Mittens or gloves?
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Cool gifts for Teen Boys

This is a sponsored post written by on behalf of Microsoft — all opinions about shopping, gifts, and teens are our own. 

Awesome gift guide for teen boys

Shopping for teen boys — well, teens in general — can be tricky. Their wish lists can run the gamut from sporting goods to new cars, and finding something that is fun, but not frivolous, might leave you shaking your head in confusion. We’ve got you covered this holiday season, with eleven gift ideas for teen boys.

gift ideas for teen boys

Give the gift of technology this holiday season

The countdown is on to Black Friday, but The Microsoft Store wants to help you get a jump on your holiday shopping. Get your favorite teen the gift of the HP Stream 7 Signature Edition Tablet, a fabulous holiday deal you can pick up before Black Friday. Shoppers will love the $99 price tag — maybe even enough to snag one for themselves during the holiday deal. You’ll won’t want to wait until after the holidays for this fantastic tablet. The tablet comes with Office 365 Personal — Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook — and 1TB of OneDrive online storage, which is a $69.99 value, all for FREE. The free inclusion of Office will only be available throughout the holiday season as long as supplies last.

gift ideas for teen boys


Why your teen will love the HP Stream 7 Signature Edition Tablet

Getting a great holiday deal isn’t the only reason to stuff his stocking with the HP Stream 7, available exclusively at The Microsoft Store, this year. The Intel quad core processor is designed for super-quick streaming for video and page loads, without a super-quick drain on your battery’s life. It’s lightweight and sleek, and it will operate just as sleekly with premium, free anti-virus software that never expires. Best of all, it comes without any annoying junkware or trialware, so your teen can watch videos, Skype with friends, and stream his favorite movies and TV shows with the peace of mind that his tablet will always be clean, fast, and protected.

More cool gifts for teen boys

1. Awkward Moment Card Game — Playing the Awkward Moment Card Game is a silly, comfortable way for teens to think about how they would react during the awkward moments life throws at them (Uncommon Goods, $19). Teens will have fun playing, but it also gives them a chance to really consider how they would — or wouldn’t — react during cringe-worthy moments.

2. Punch Bag Laundry Bag — Whether you’re sending your teen to college soon or simply teaching him to do his own laundry, the Punch Bag Laundry bag makes the chore just a bit more fun (Not Socks, $50). Hang it in the corner of the room or stow it in the closet, and let him work up a sweat lugging his clothes to the laundry room.

3. Tuis Wireless Headphones — Whether your teen wants them for gaming purposes or simply to listen to music without getting tangled in cords, he’ll appreciate the Wireless Headphones from Outdoor Tech (Nordstrom, $150). The stream-lined headphones are Bluetooth-enabled and collapsible, so they’re perfect for traveling.

4. Darth Vader Money Clip — Your favorite Star Wars fanatic will love trading in his current wallet for this black and silver money clip engraved with the iconic Sith Lord (, $45). Everything he needs will stay securely in the clip, thanks to the sliding grip security closure.

5. Bluetooth Ear Warmer — Cold weather doesn’t have to stop your teen from walking around with his favorite playlist unscrolling with each step. The HD II Bluetooth® Ear Warmer keeps his ears warm while playing music and answering calls on the built-in speakers (Nordstrom, $80).

6. Haters Gonna Hate Tee — For the teen who secretly loves watching vintage Muppet Show DVDs with his younger siblings, this tee is the perfect way to pay homage to the original “haters” (, $20). The balcony critics from the Muppet Show would probably find a way to critique this t-shirt, but it’s a great way to combine vintage characters with current language.

7. Neon Highlights Ani-Digi Watch — There’s no reason for your teen to be late, ever again, with the Neon Highlights G-Shock watch (Nordstrom, $99). The rugged watch boasts neon green details and a dual analog and digital display.

8. Mechanical Gaming Keyboard — Any teen gamer would love to be gifted this G710 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Logitech, $150). The keyboard is equipped to maximize game skills, with rapid-response key surfaces, a back-lit keyboard, immediate access to media controls, programmable keys that allow users up to 18 unique functions, and anti-ghosting technology.

9. GRID-IT Gadget Organiser — If you’re tired of your teen complaining about losing things in the bottom of his backpack, pick up the GRID-IT this holiday season (Not Socks, $30). The organizer helps keep everything in place, from earbuds to phones to pens.

10. Scrabble Mug — He might technically play Words with Friends, but your teen will get a kick out of the Scrabble® Mug from Wild and Wolf (Nordstrom, $10). Stuff it with candy and a gift card for him to invest in additional games apps, and this little mug will be a favorite gift this season.

Are you buying for teens this holiday season? Do you have any savvy gift ideas to add to our list?


This is a sponsored post written by on behalf of Microsoft — all opinions about shopping, gifts, and teens are our own. 

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Hello, Irene from designstiles, an interior design firm specializing in kids rooms and kids parties, here to share tips on adding a personal touch to your little one’s birthday celebration.

My son just turned one a couple of weeks ago. My husband and I decided it was best to rent a birthday party space rather than host it at our home. Planning a child’s birthday party can be stressful enough, which is why renting out a Birthday party location in your city is such a great idea!

However, while most people may see it as a perk to have the space set up and decorate as part of their birthday package, I worried that it wouldn’t feel personal enough. And rather than purchase completely all new decor and add those extra expenses, I tried to incorporate what was provided with the venue with pieces that represented more personality. If you’re a mom looking for kids party places and still want to make the birthday party experience here are some of the ideas I used to make my son’s birthday feel more unique.


Kids Party Place

We chose Kidville, an establishment with several locations throughout the US, as our party venue. They offered to send digital invitations to our guests or a discount to printed invitations through Paper Culture. I wanted a keepsake so I felt a printed invite was the route to go. I went with these orange and yellow Cat Face invitations. My son’s name is Felix and most people associate the name with the cartoon character so I felt it was a cute nod and the colors coordinated with the Kidville brand color. I wanted to tie colors in as much as possible while creating something to call my own.

I based my decisions off birthday party set-ups on the Kidville site. I kept the multi-colored balloons but decided to offset the colors with some solid pastel blue plates. For contrast and pattern mixing, I added a darker blue striped tablecloth. These adorable napkins brought in a special, playful touch and felt the little cat on them tied in with the invitation. These party hats were used to add to the festivities. I also purchased a simple Happy Birthday banner with polka dots to tie in with the dots used on the Kidville Logo.

The icing on the proverbial cake was the illustration I had Little-Biscuits make of Felix that I used for tags on party favors.


As the kids enjoyed pizza and juice, also provided by Kidville, the adults delighted in gourmet hot dogs catered by Let’s Be Frank.

I’m a little bummed I didn’t have professional pictures taken. I actually thought I would have enough time to take pictures myself. Never the case when you’re hosting. But I’ll share a few shots I did manage to capture.


I wanted a different approach to the monthly photo display I often see at first birthdays, so I used these air quotes I found at my local Michaels and wrote funny sayings on them, another way to show personality. And there’s the birthday boy in all his pizza eating glory. From Michaels I also bought these letters and had my sister cut out eyes and whiskers to match the party invite. She made his crown as well.

I was worried that I would have to lose all control in decorating and setting up for the party, seeing as event planning is part of my profession, but the amount of stress that was alleviated was well worth the small amount I had to hand over to Kidville to execute my vision. I can’t speak for all venues, but they were very open to my ideas and detailed instructions. Plus a kid place is catered to kids a lot more than my home could’ve been and when kids have fun, parents are more likely to enjoy themselves too.

It was a win-win for Felix’s first birthday!

Moms, how do you like to celebrate your child’s Birthday?
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December is coming… are you ready?

For families who do Advent calendars, December 1st should be circled on your calendars, in red permanent marker, because that is the day when the fun begins! Hopefully you already have the Advent calendar itself ready-to-go and all you need to do is shop for little gifts to stuff it, but in reality, we know that you’ll be out shopping for your Advent calendar after the kiddos are tucked into bed on November 30th. Here’s 50 ideas to kick-off your Advent calendar gift shopping… and they are all candy-free!

Looking for more great ideas? Take a peek at these Cool gift ideas for girls

50 Ideas for candy-free Advent calendar gifts

Advent Calendar Gifts

Depending on the size of spaces, pockets or envelopes on your Advent calendar, you may need to get creative to make some of these ideas fit well! And, while these ideas are all candy-free, we’re certainly not opposed to grabbing a bag of holiday candy to fill a few days in your Advent calendar — it will help keep your costs down and your kids certainly won’t object!

1. Temporary tattoos (Tattly, $15 for a set of eight)
2. Gold dollar coins (real ones, not chocolate!)
3. Washi tape (Etsy, $3)
4. Kid-friendly lip balm (Poppy Drops, $4)
5. Bouncy balls (Land of Nod, $2)
6. Earrings or stick-on earrings
7. Toothbrushes (the cool ones with characters that you never let them buy)
8. Matchbook cars
9. Puzzle pieces (divide the pieces of a puzzle up so they get a few each day!)
10. Mini-Lego figurines
11. Hairbands and clips
12. Balloons… un-inflated, of course!
13. Flower seed packets
14. Cool glitter pens
15. Bundles of fresh crayons
16. Gift cards with small amounts of money
17. Bandaids
18. Blow-up beach balls
19. Mini-stuffed animals (Cost Plus, $20 for a set of three)
20. DIY coupons for upcoming holiday activities, like making gingerbread houses or going ice skating
21. Disposable cameras (try the underwater versions for the bathtub!)
22. Mini-Christmas light necklaces
23. Holiday cookie cutters
24. Pieces to a LEGO kit (give them a few pieces each day!)
25. Friendship bracelets
26. Christmas postcards
27. Silly Bands
28. Polished rocks
29. Card games, like Go Fish or Old Maid (Land of Nod, $13 for a set of five)
30. Bath tablets that expand into sponges
31. Jacks (Land of Nod, $5)
32. Mini-squirt guns
33. Rainbow Loom bands in holiday colors
34. Tennis balls
35. Kid-friendly nail polishes (PiggyPaint, $9)
36. Personalized pencils (Lillian Vernon, $12)
37. Clues to find a surprise hidden in the house
38. Funky shoelaces (J.Crew Crewcuts, $4)
39. Games for their Nintendo DS
40. Holiday socks
41. Invisible ink pens
42. Fake mustaches (Amazon, $4)
43. Sprinkles for decorating Christmas cookies
44. Coupons for getting out of a chore/bath/vegetable at dinner (Etsy, $5 for the printable file)
45. Paintbrushes
46. Ornaments for the Christmas tree
47. Hot chocolate packets
48. Goodies from the travel-size bins
49. Yo-yos
50. Cash (hey, a dollar bill rolled up with a ribbon goes a pretty long way with kids!)

What are your favorite Advent calendar gifts?
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Cool Gifts For Girls Razor Scooter
Fifteen fabulous gift ideas for girls

Gift possibilities for girls are endless. From clothing to books, outdoor activities to board games, we’ve collected fifteen holiday gift ideas that will fit any of the girls on your shopping list. You can shop for your favorite girls without breaking your budget and still find something she’ll love. Check out the holiday wish list before you finish your shopping this season — or start your shopping, if you’re anything like me!

Girls Gift Ideas

 15 Best Holiday Gifts for Girls

1. Inflatable Snow Castle — You don’t need to live in sub-freezing climates to have a snowball fight this winter. The Inflatable Snow Castle can be set up inside for a fun snowball fight, or it can be used as a snow fort for kids who can’t build one outside (Nordstrom, $49).

2. It’s All About Me: Personality Quizzes for You and Your Friends (Klutz)— If you’re addicted to taking Buzzfeed quizzes, you’ll love purchasing this collection of personality quizzes (Amazon, $15). Seventy pages of fun will keep tweens entertained for hours.

3. Sequin Tunic — Make her eyes shine with this gorgeous Sequin Tunic (Nordstrom, $38). Available in little girl and big girl sizes, this is a fabulous gift for a budding fashionista — will she pair it with a girly tutu or slim denim?

4. Razor Party Pop Kick Scooter — Whizzing around the neighborhood has never looked so cool. The Razor Party Pop Kick Scooter is a slim, light-weight and fun way for kids to get to where they want to go (Toys R Us, $55). What you can’t see in the photos is the way the deck lights up with the touch of a button — my daughter is in love with hers.

Razor scooter
5. Candy Chemistry — Give your sweet girl a gift that makes her work a little for her candy. Candy Chemistry combines candy and science to make a variety of sweet treats (Amazon, $31). Candies can even be personalized and wrapped, so they can pass on the fun.

6. Jenga Tetris — For families that have mastered the art of traditional Jenga, Jenga Tetris provides a new challenge (Target, $11). With blocks shaped like the classic Tetris pieces, kids — and adults — may have to change their usual strategies to keep the tower from tumbling.

7. LEGO Friends Dolphin Cruiser — Girls who love to build will adore the LEGO Friends Dolphin Cruiser (Target, $59). With over 600 pieces, this is a complicated, detailed LEGO set that combines construction with vacation fun. For more building fun for girls, check out Goldie Blox.

8. Party Metallic Fashion Tattoos — Jewelry- loving girls can customize to their heart’s content with Party Metallic Fashion Tattoos (Nordstrom, $12). The sparkling tattoos can be cut to size and layered to design gorgeous cuffs, bracelets and rings — and they’re easily removed, so girls can change their minds with ease.

9. Karaoke System — Make any night a party with this Karaoke System (Nordstrom, $129). Connect the system to your TV and sing along to your favorite tunes. Disco lights will give your living room a retro vibe, but the modern machine allows girls to record their performances as MP3s.

10. Mini Color Snow Makers — Snowfall doesn’t have to mean giving up color until spring. Mini Color Snow Markers let kids customize their snowmen and snow forts (Nordstrom, $15). Try hopscotch in the snow this winter.

11. Fashion Doodles — Fashion designers-in-training will adore the Fashion Doodles notebook (Amazon, $15). The colorful journal has over 200 pages of prompts and sketching room for girls to sketch out the creations waiting in their imaginations.

12. The Daring Book for Girls — Adventures are just around the corner with The Daring Book for Girls (Target, $11). Instructions for a perfect cartwheel or learning how to do the cat’s cradle will be popular sleepover topics, but girls will also learn about historical female heroes and science projects.

13. The Giant Gem Portable Speaker — Music sounds just a little better when it’s coming from this adorable Giant Gem Portable Speaker (Nordstrom, $40). Plug the speaker into a laptop for girls to play a little study music or crank up their favorites for an impromptu dance party.

14. Dream Catcher Kit — If you’re shopping for a craft-lover this winter, check out the Dream Catcher Kit (Nordstrom, $45). Young girls will appreciate the lore behind the dream catcher. After all, who doesn’t want to have sweeter dreams?

15. Shockproof Kickstand Case For iPad Mini/ iPad Mini 2/ iPad Mini 3  — The iPad Mini is sleek, compact and perfectly made for portability (Amazon, $15). Keep your tech-savvy girl happy by protecting her newest gadget. The colorful, shock-proof, kickstand iPad Mini case keeps her tech safe in style.

Have you found any fantastic gifts for girls this season?
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babys first christmas

This year is a special one for me as it will be my baby’s first Christmas. This is something I’ve dreamt of for so long, and it’s here! The holidays are always fun, but with a baby, they bring a different kind of excitement. As you can see, Savvy Sassy Baby is all ready for Christmas, with his Christmas jammies! This year, we will carry on some of our favorite family traditions, such as picking out a tree and driving around our neighborhood looking at lights, and also begin some new traditions to call our own. I think a family photo in front of the tree each year is a must- we already started that last year while I was pregnant, so it will be so fun to recreate this photo with my baby in my arms!

christmas tree photo

Celebrate Baby’s First Christmas with Babies “R” Us!

Babies “R” Us knows how special this time of year is for families, and will be hosting a series of in-store events in November to celebrate Baby’s First Christmas. This is not only a great opportunity to make some memories with your little one, but also to meet other parents in your area with similar-aged children!

The event will be located at Babies “R” Us stores nationwide.

11/22- 10am: Aug/Sep/Oct/Nov 2014 Babies (but all are welcome, even if your baby was born a different month!)

Event activities include story time, DIY ornaments, Christmas photo prop, gift suggestions, and table and gift guide by baby age. Each guest will receive a Baby’s First Christmas Gift Guide: a handpicked collection of gifts for baby’s first year. Also, there will be raffles and giveaways! This is a fun (and free!) family event that you’ll surely not want to miss out on!

BRU First Christmas

If you decide to join in the fun, share your event photo on Instagram or Twitter and tag it with #BRUChristmas #Sweeps to be automatically entered into the Babies “R” Us sweepstakes for a chance to win a $2500 Babies “R” Us gift card or a year’s worth of baby food or diapers. See more details HERE.

What are some of your holiday traditions?

This post is part of a Babies R Us sponsorship through the BabyCenter Blog Network.

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Choose your Advent calendar style

December 1st is creeping up quickly and that means it’s time to start prepping your advent calendar! No matter how you use it and no matter what your craft-skill level, there’s an advent calendar for you in this bunch — from the extreme DIYs to kits that you can buy from Etsy to pre-made, ready-to-go Advent calendars. Take a peek at the best advent calendars for 2014!

12 Best Advent calendars

Best Advent Calendars

From the top left, going clockwise:

DIY Advent Calendar with Clothespins from Visual Heart 
Higher on the DIY-difficulty scale, this Advent calendar is a holiday project that you’re likely to already  have the supplies around your home! Visual Heart includes a free printable for those sweet little numbers, too.

Little Polar Bears Printable Advent Calendar from French Melody on Etsy
These cute polar bears caught our eye on Etsy and when we discovered that they’re actually a printable that you easily fold into their shape, adding a few Advent goodies as you go, we fell head-over-paws. ($4 to download the printables)

DIY Advent Calendar with Plastic Animals from A Bubbly Life
This is a semi-DIY Advent calendar that will hit two birds with one stone — you’ll end up with a cute and fun Advent calendar for your kids and you’ll use up all of those little animal toys that are filling up their toy bins!

Peace on Earth Advent Calendar from Land of Nod
For an Advent calendar that is ready-to-go, we love this pick from Land of Nod. It’s a great size to hang on the wall and to stuff with little gifts and at $49, you could even pick one up for each kiddo to avoid Advent calendar morning fights about whose turn it is to get the present. We all know those exist!

DIY Customizable Christmas Advent Calendar Kit from Renee Parker Design on Etsy
For moms who are all about the DIY, but who don’t have a spare minute to collect the supplies, grab this Advent calendar kit. It comes with all of the parts and pieces you’ll need, but you can take it from there to create the Advent calendar of your Pinterest dreams. Just be sure to order this kit ASAP… it ships from Australia! ($35 for the kit, plus shipping)

Advent Calendar Kit with Paper Bags from Renna Deluxe on Etsy
Here’s another easy and fun DIY Advent calendar that you can purchase or let inspire you for December. Be sure to get creative with how you arrange your paper bags — try taping them to your wall in the shape of a Christmas tree or hang them from the mantle with ribbon! ($24 for the kid, plus shipping)

Advent Calendar with Coffee Cups from Fishly News
Well, it’s official. We’re obsessed with this DIY Advent calendar made entirely from disposable coffee cups. While this does take some serious crafting time, the results are seriously awesome and those cups are the perfect size for stashing Advent goodies for multiple kiddos. Plus, pretty sure we can drink that many lattes this week alone… you know, for the sake of the project!

Make Your Own Advent Calendar from Crafts Unleashed
This super-sweet Advent calendar will take some time to put together this year, but you’ll be able to use it for holidays to come!

Home Advent Calendar from The Paper Mama
You would never know that this intricate Advent calendar is simply made from paper bags and printables! Grab some lunch bags from your kitchen, print out these pretty (free!) printables and you’re ready to start. (Psst! Don’t miss her entire 50 DIY Days of Holiday Crafts!)

Advent Calendar Kit from Lemon Drop Shop on Etsy
Sometimes, simple is best… especially during the holidays. Each kid includes the striped bags, baker’s twine and labels for an Advent calendar that won’t take you much time to put together, but will still thrill your kids on December 1st.

Rustic Christmas Advent Calendar Kit from Katarina’s Paperie on Etsy
Another Advent calendar kit that’s a little bit pre-made and a little bit DIY, so you can customize your Advent calendar, but without needing to spend a ton of time shopping for supplies.

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Calendar from Morning Creativity
We spotting this Advent calendar on Etsy, over and over again, and were thrilled to finally track down a link that took us to the original post! Check out the full instructions… you’ll need them!

What’s your Advent calendar style?
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Take care of your baby with Beautiful Earth

Baby care products can’t be taken too lightly. Your little one has soft, sensitive skin, and moms want to feel comfortable with the products they use in baby’s bath and to moisturize and protect. Beautiful Earth baby products are certified natural and are a safe, gentle choice for all of your baby’s skin care needs. We’re thrilled to offer you the chance to win a $100 voucher to purchase Beautiful Earth products.


Beautiful Earth
Gentle, natural baby products help make bedtime stress-free

Beautiful Earth makes gentle, soothing bath products for babies — though truthfully, the whole family can use any of the products. Bath and bedtime routines can extend beyond gentle cleansing, and baby massage is a sweet, relaxing way for parents to bond with their infants. The Bath and Massage Oil from Beautiful Earth contains lavender, chamomile and mandarin essential oils, in a concentration that’s safe for sensitive, baby skin and delivered in an almond oil carrier. Make baby massage a part of your bath and bedtime routine, and enjoy a few extra moments of relaxation for baby — and mama!

Beautiful Earth

Protect baby’s skin with soothing cream

Barrier Cream is the best way to protect even the most sensitive skin. It protects and nourishes without leaving skin greasy or covered with a thick, uncomfortable layer of cream. The blend of essential oils is developed especially for young skin, and it’s perfect to protect your baby’s bottom before putting on a diaper.

Beautiful Earth

Help relieve cold symptoms

Parents hate seeing their little ones sick, and fall and winter often bring stuffy noses and coughs into even the healthiest homes. Babies over six months may find symptom relief in the Baby Breathe Easy Chest Rub. The essential oils of eucalyptus, sandalwood and lavender soothe baby without a harsh, chemical scent. Older siblings — and even mom and dad — can use the Chest Rub to ease cold symptoms with a pleasant fragrance.

Beautiful Earth
Why moms should choose Beautiful Earth products
  • Beautiful Earth offers a personal grooming alternative where the fragrances are derived from essential oils — not synthetics or phthalates.
  • Beautiful Earth doesn’t use harmful or undesired ingredients — no parabens, sulphates, colouring, mineral oils or glycols
  • Beautiful Earth products are vegan and certified by the National Products Association.
  • Beautiful Earth is a trusted partner with Healthy Child Healthy World.
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