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It’s a parenting fact of life that some kids just don’t like drinking water. For some reason, who knows why, there is just some aversion to it and it makes you crazy. This is my 6-year-old. We have gotten to the point where she gets dehydration sores in her mouth and UTIs too often to mention, all from not being properly hydrated. So, what’s a mom to do? One day, I was handed the Gululu Interactive Water Bottle and something miraculous happened — she actually drank water. And drank. And drank. Until I had to forcibly cut her off for the day, and she hasn’t stopped since.

Gululu Interactive Water Bottle for Kids
What’s a Gululu?

The Gululu Interactive Water Bottle is an ingenious BPA-free, kids water bottle that makes developing healthy hydration habits fun and easy. They do this by incorporating a small screen with a cartoon character who moves, laughs, cries and plays simply by shaking, patting, rubbing and drinking from the bottle, even making sounds (loud enough to hear but not loud enough to be obnoxious). The more you drink, the more it does. Having only been playing with this for a few days, we’ve seen her cry when she sits for awhile without being used, she gets dizzy when you drop or shake it, rubbing the bottle on one side makes her jump and she’s even ticklish. And yes, I did say “she” because there are three characters to choose from. My daughter chose the adorable pink fish and named her “Bella.” We are deep into this at this point. (She even visits Bella on the charging station.)

The parent’s app

This is an obvious home run for the kids, but Mom and Dad, Gululu also went out of their way to make the app as functional as possible for you too. The initial set up was so easy and worked perfectly, which usually is the hitch with products like this, but not Gululu. Once it’s downloaded and connected to your phone via its own Wifi connection, it will have you enter specifics for your child, including birthday, weight, and gender, giving you a personalized hydration goal for your child. For my 43 pound 6-year-old, the goal was 40 ounces daily, which sounded like a lot to me, yet she now exceeds this daily. Once your child’s bottle is connected to the Wifi, it will send you their drinking totals via the cloud so you’re always in the know. The Gululu app not only tells me accurately how much water she’s drinking, but also at what time, and will keep a 7-day record. Parents, don’t think your kids can pull a fast one on you either by watering the plants with their water bottle, oh no, IT. KNOWS. 

Gululu app 2

My one concern was this bottle being at school and having it be a distraction, but through the app you can set a school timer which will turn the bottles interactive features off during school hours, on at lunch, and then off again until school ends. It even has a bedtime timer where the moon rises and Bella will put herself to sleep. If your child has a friend with a Gululu bottle, shake them next to each other and the characters will jump screens and play with each other. You can also, share progress and encourage friends to meet their goals via the app.

The details

Each Gululu Interactive Water Bottle is 13.5 ounce, BPA-free, completely waterproof (I tested it), shockproof, 6-year-old kid-proof and has a rubbery feeling outer shell which is easy to hold for small hands. The spout comes apart in two pieces for full and complete washing and they are also replaceable — no chance for hidden gunk and grossness you find with other water bottles. And with the lid on, the bottle is 100% leak-proof. The Gululu sits on a dock for completely wireless charging, so no ports to worry about on the bottle itself. They say the bottle will last 2-3 days on a full charge but I think my kid plays with it a lot so we find we have to dock it every night, which is fine and has become her thing at bedtime. Gululu Interactive Water Bottles comes in five colors, three characters, and endless possibilities.

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 12.36.55 PM

I really can’t say enough good things about this water bottle and the instant impact it had on my daughter’s hydration levels. It’s not gimmicky, it’s not flimsy, it does everything it says it’s going to — even the box and story booklet that come with it is fancy. You’re going to love it! Gululu Interactive Water Bottles are available for pre-order now through their Indiegogo campaign. Get it quick before they run out!

You can win your own Gululu Interactive Water Bottle in our Savvy Sassy School Days Giveaway!

Which Gululu feature impresses you the most? For me, it was the school and sleep timer!
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Teen Fall Fashion Essentials for Back-to-School

Shopping with teens for back-to-school can be so much fun… and it can also be challenging. Thankfully, our resident teen mom, Lisa, has the best tips and tricks to making it work for everyone. Even if you don’t have teens at home yet, you can start implementing some of these strategies into back-to-school shopping with your kids now!

Get organized

Prior to taking my children shopping for back-to-school, I like to do an inventory of what they already have in their closets. First, we do a clean up to make sure that we know what we are looking for, and then we make a list of things they need. There are always trendy pieces that my daughters will want once the shopping excursion has begun.


I always give my children a budget! That way, they have to rationalize what they actually need versus what they want. They can create piles of items that they want and add up the value themselves in order to narrow down their choices while still in the fitting room. A simple cotton, budget-friendly Biker Jacket, $50, that can be used all year round was added to this years must haves.

Key pieces

My children know that classic pieces last in their wardrobes a lot longer than trendy pieces do. Although, during our shopping trips, they always are lusting after the latest and greatest. Sometimes, if they really want something, they will need to eliminate something else in their collection to maintain their given budget.


With stars being the latest trend, we had to invest in a couple of star pieces. For this season trend, we purchased a star slip dress, pictured above from LFStores (price upon request at store), and added the Wilfred Piaf T-shirt, $40, underneath to solidify an appropriate after school/evening look. We paired this with a simple, yet layerable, Contrasting Velvet Choker, $15.

Comfortable and fashionable

Super trendy doesn’t always mean practical. My children spend most of their time at school and or studying. They need to dress for comfort, yet feel confident in their clothes. If it’s not comfortable, but pretty, it may hang in the closet after that first-time wear. For back-to-school, we chose a stylish yet comfortable pair of Superga Platform Shoes, $80.  We added a simple, yet classic Reclaimed Vintage Bandana Neckerchief Scarf, $17, that can be worn on the neck, around the wrist, or tied to your backpack.


Remember that the teenage years are a time of expressing yourself. Let your child make their own choices but guide them when necessary. Even siblings may have polar opposite tastes in fashion, give them the freedom to make wise choices while setting them up for success.

Have fun and bond

Back-to-school shopping can be a time of bonding with your children. Being prepared ahead of time will give you the opportunity to enjoy this time with your kids.

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This year my 6-year-old changed schools from a Montessori school to a traditional academy. One of the reasons for our switch was that we really wanted her in a school that requires uniforms as a dress code. Hallelujah, parents! No more arguing about whether or not cat pants match shirts with mice on them because everyone knows cats and mice are friends, therefore, matching. Uniforms are just one more way to take the hassle out of the morning rush out the door. So after I signed her name on the dotted line I knew French Toast would be my next stop for everything we would ever need to outfit her for a successful school year.

You can win a year of uniforms from French Toast in our #SavvySassySchoolDays Giveaway!


French Toast is a one-stop online uniform retailer that has everything you need, in every color style and size, from 2T up. Easily search for your uniforms by color, style, and even by school or zip code. And everything you buy from French Toast comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and no hassle returns — it’s really a no-brainer. In addition to all that greatness, French Toast also offers fundraising programs for your child’s school and if you sign up for their email list you will receive discount codes on a weekly basis for keeping up on their uniform needs throughout the school year, too. Now Mom is happy, kids are dapper, all it right with the world.

French Toast Uniforms Make Back-to-School Easy

Easy all-in-one

This is the adorable dress (2-in-1 Pleated Dress, $15) that my daughter picked out to wear for the first day of school if that tells you anything about how much she loved it. The entire outfit comes in one piece and is easy to get on and off, making it impossible to mess up, even on the most hectic of mornings. The cute layered look consists of a starched cotton button up shirt attached to the softest cotton blend sweater material, and then a polyester skirt that is pleated all the way around. Keep in mind that my daughter is a petite size 5 in everything else and this outfit is a size 6, so French Toast seems to run on the small size — good to note when ordering. 

Uniform Styles for Back-to-School
All in the details

The one thing that I have noticed about everything we’ve ordered from French Toast is that they have an eye for sweet little details, and this dress (Pleated Hem Jumper, $14) is no exception. From the short pleats that go all the way around, to the dainty little bow at the drop-waist, it’s all cute as can be. The surprisingly lightweight jumper is made from Crinkle No More cotton and polyester blend fabric, which makes it easy to care for and no ironing!

Where to Get the Best School Uniforms for Girls
Pretty perfect

This one, I have to admit, is my personal favorite because again with the details. From the adorable Peter Pan collar on the white cotton shirt to the perfect pleats and side-zipper on the polyester skirt (Front Pleated Skirt with Tabs, $11-13), topped off with the seriously soft and cozy sweater (Pom Pom Zip-Up Sweater, $17) with fun little pom-poms dangling from the zipper, it’s all just so well done. Thankfully, this skirt does have an adjustable waist which is pulled to its maximum in the back, meaning we will be able to fit this skirt for the foreseeable future.

Even if your child doesn’t require uniforms, French Toast has a ton of non-uniform styles to choose from, too. Because when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you do good… and she looks like she feels great in her new uniforms. Here’s to a great school year!

What kind of uniforms does your school require?
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We have been all about back-to-school over here at Savvy Sassy Moms and how could we not be with so many kids to get ready? Starting the year off right is best for everyone involved. So while summer isn’t over yet, we can’t help but start to prepare for what’s ahead.

As a teacher myself, I know how essential it is to have the right back-to-school gear. I remember when Jonah was just 18-months-old, he picked up his Skip Hop backpack for the first time and put it on. The look on his face was priceless. You could see the pride in his eyes and the smile on his face. He instantly felt like a big boy! Carrying his own backpack gave him a sense of control and ownership over his belongings and since then, he has chosen each one of his backpacks.

Riggs Raccoon Skip Hop

Meet all the Skip Hop back-to-school friends

Skip Hop’s Zoo Collection is popular line — one that has been around in my house almost since the day Jonah was born, over four years ago! We have welcomed many of the Zoo Collection Backpacks into our life including the Marshall Monkey, Dakota Dinosaur, Livie Ladybug and Floyd Frog. Every child has a favorite animal and if they don’t, after seeing all of the animals available, there is no doubt that one will call their name. After all, there are 25 animal friends to choose from! This year, SkipHop has added four new friends to the crew: Cody Chameleon, Riggs Raccoon, Peyton Pig and Brett Bunny!

Skip Hop Back To School

Tips for prepping for back-to-school

My two little ones will both be starting at new schools this year. With new schools come new transitions, and with new transitions comes excitement… and some anxiety. As both a teacher and a mom, I find that one of the best ways to ease the anxiety and prepare for a smooth transition is to include your child in preparing for what’s to come. Here are some tips for preparing for back-to-school:

  1. Talk to your child about the school year beginning. Share with them any information you have, such as their teacher’s name, which friends will be in their class, and some of the fun activities that they will get to do at school.
  2. Encourage them to voice any concerns they may have so that you can try and tackle them ahead of time.
  3. Read a variety of books about starting school to help with the transition.
  4. If you have little ones entering preschool or kindergarten, make a little photo book with them of pictures of everyone in the family that they can keep in their backpack.
  5. Include your child in their back-to-school shopping, from their first day of school outfits to their backpack.
  6. Come up with fun lunch ideas with your kids before school starts and then include them in their own lunch preparation.
From home to school and back again

No matter what grade and stage your kids are in, they will be coming home from school with activities and work to share with you. They work hard all day long and take pride in their work, so you must make sure that you are sending your child to school with a backpack that can hold all their work, but not be too big and heavy for them to carry. Skip Hop backpacks are the perfect size for your preschoolers to carry! The adjustable pocket on the side is perfect for their matching straw bottles to ensure easy access. Keep important notes for the teacher or anything else you need to access quickly in the front zipper compartment. To avoid losing their belongings, write your child’s name on their backpacks in the space provided.

Riggs Raccoon and Eureka Unicorn Skip Hop Zoo Collection

If you child is a lover of all animals, welcome another zoo friend into their school day with a Skip Hop Lunchie and Straw Bottle. If they like to commit, like mine does, keep the theme the same and bring the whole animal family to school! But if your child can’t decide which animal to love, mix-and-match their Zoo Collection style.

The Skip Hop Zoo Lunchies have lots of room for their favorite main course and snacks. The insulated bag keeps their food and drinks cold — there is one large compartment that is big enough for main course, snack and drink. The interior mesh pocket is the perfect place to put their cutlery, napkin, and even a note to make your little ones smile! If their Zoo Backpack is full on the way to school, use the top handle clip to attach it to the outside instead of their backpack instead. We can’t help but love the write-on name tag that inside the lunch and zoo pack… they really thought of everything!

Skip Hop Zoo Collection

Learning independence, one school day at a time

As both of my kids start school, I am teaching them to become independent. We are all guilty of putting on our children’s coats and shoes to hurry them out the door, but it is important to give them time to dress themselves so that they are independent when we aren’t at school to help them. Zipping zippers is no easy task for their small little fingers, which is why I love the tags attached to the zippers on the Zoo Packs and Lunchies. The big tags are perfect for their little hands and help them get the grip to zip and unzip their zippers independently. This gives me peace of mind that while they are at the snack table during those first few weeks of school, they will be able to open their lunch boxes on their own.

The straw bottles are easy to flip open and closed to ensure they stay clean. The Velcro hand grab-strap attaches to anything or can be kept in the side pocket of the Zoo Pack so they have easy access to it at all times. Throw it in the dishwasher at the end of the day so it’s ready to go the next morning. Mom tip: Before school starts, show them how to open and close the bottles and they will be good to go. With the cute zoo character on their straw bottle, they won’t want to put them down.

Back to school with Skip Hop

This year, my kids will be off to school with their favorite zoo friends, Riggs Raccoon and Eureka Unicorn. They both can’t wait to show them off to their friends, but until school begins, they will settle for showing their back-to-school gear off to the neighbors!

Enter the giveaway to win

Don’t forget to enter the Savvy Sassy School Days Giveaway for your chance to win over $1250 in prizes, including Skip Hop Raccoon and Unicorn Backpacks and Lunchie and Straw Bottle Sets ($80 value). See our original post for all the details.

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This post is sponsored by Boudreaux’s Butt Paste.

Cloth or Disposable Diapers.Photo credit: Shutterstock

As sustainable lifestyles and eco-friendly habits have increasingly emerged in the 21st century, cloth diapers have also been trending. Even though they’re certainly a departure from the one-and-done, change-and-pitch disposal diapering, cloth diapers are making a name for themselves as a cost-effective “green” option among lots of new parents.

If you’re totally unsure whether cloth or disposable diapers are right for your family, fear not. Here are the all reasons to choose either one of these great options — based on your biggest diapering considerations.

COST: Cloth

Estimates vary, but one thing’s for sure: If you go with cloth diapers, you will save money. The average family spends a couple thousand dollars (or more) on disposable diapers during a child’s early life, whereas an entire cloth diaper system will run you roughly $300 to $350 in total in addition to laundering costs.

EASE: Disposable

Adopting cloth diapers will add two to four loads of laundry to your weekly rotation — so if the thought of washing extra clothes isn’t thrilling, you may want to stick with disposable. With cloth diapers, you also can’t pitch the waste immediately after changing, which makes your standard throwaway diaper so great for times you’re on-the-go.

Which diapers are best for your familyPhoto credit: Shutterstock


Concerned about environmental impact? More and more families are, and cloth is the way to go if you’re worried about your footprint. More than 20 billion diapers are tossed each year, leading to loads of unnecessary waste — unless you choose cloth. Believe it or not, each diaper would take more than 500 years to fully decompose in a landfill (whoa, baby!).

ABSORBENCY: Disposable

Disposable diapers are designed with absorbency in mind, so moms and dads don’t need to worry about leaks and constant changes. Even the best cloth diapers are typically less absorbent than standard disposable, and you’ll probably end up changing your baby every two or three hours for dry bottoms.

SKIN: Cloth

If your baby has sensitive skin, you may want to invest in a cloth diaper system. In some cases, babies with sensitive skin react better to cloth diapers than to disposables. In either case, it can’t hurt to add a diaper rash cream into the mix, like Boudreaux’s All Natural Butt Paste ($9) with soothing aloe.

No matter what type of diaper is right for your baby and lifestyle, click here to learn more about Boudreaux’s Butt Paste for your baby’ diaper rash needs. Crafted by a pharmacist with kids of his own, Boudreaux’s products help treat and prevent diaper rash without parabens, preservatives or artificial fragrances.

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This post is sponsored by Justice. All opinions are our own.

Back to School Shopping at Justice

Teens and tweens usually know what they are looking for when they are seeking out their first day back-to-school outfits. Whether their style is bohemian, girly, subtle, flashy, or active, Justice has everything a young girl could dream of.  It’s a one-stop-shop focusing on what every girl wants, including all the back-to-school staples moms know they need. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want an initialized pencil case or backpack? The most difficult part of a shopping excursion is narrowing down the pile of clothes and gear that your girls will want!


VIP Justice Shopping Experience

Back-to-school shopping at Justice

It has become a tradition at Savvy Sassy Moms to get into the Back-to-School spirit with a VIP shopping experience at Justice! If you follow us on Snapchat and Facebook Live, then you were able to enjoy live footage of our exclusive shopping experience! Ella received the royal treatment from the moment she entered the store. The staff were so friendly and inviting as they took a few minutes to get to know Ella by asking her questions to gauge her style. After listening to what Ella shared with the team, such as her love for gymnastics and yoga, as well as her on-trend fashion sense, the Justice team created looks that were sure to fit into all aspects of her life. The team was always on hand to add to the look or to grab a different size from the back, proving the team is dedicated to making a tween feel like a princess! Their styling tips and techniques ensured that Ella was styled from top to bottom with all of the latest trends, a pop of color, while looking fashion forward yet appropriate for her age.

Ready for gymnastics with Justice

Fashion trends

The team was quick to include accessories, whether it was a stylish pair of fringe boots, a headband, an activity band or a sequinned tote for extra-curricular activities. The staff was professional and was able to create outfits with pieces that could be used in a variety of combinations making the possibilities endless when it came to different clothing looks.

Ella and the team put together so many great looks that fit Ella’s style perfectly! The selection at Justice includes all the latest fashion trends from casual denim and activewear for school, weekends, and after-school programs, to party wear for birthdays, graduations, and everything in between. You can be sure to find all of the hottest trends of 2016 at Justice.

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Ella’s favorite back-to-school look included a pair of destructed super skinny jeans with a great fit in slim. She paired this casual look with a basic strappy cami that she can wear often and with multiple outfits. The Justice team suggested that we check out the style buys at Justice, which are every-girl styles at everyday prices. In store and online they have a heart on the pictured item to bring your attention to the style buy! The style buys are loved by every girl and parents can’t say no to a great price! Ella selected a dip dye plaid shirt with an ombre appearance to give her look a unique flare for back to schoolElla was super excited about Justice’s wrapped rider tall boot and wore them right out of the store! All of this was topped with an embellished military jacket, which is a terrific layering piece for those unexpected cooler fall days that can be stored on the back of the chair in class and then thrown on just in time for recess! 

Positive messaging at Justice

Live Justice

Role modeling for children is so important at this young age and with the positive messages apropos on all of the super cool clothing and accessories, it creates an ambiance of positivity while building confidence. Not only do they have inspirational messages everywhere such as, “Girls Can Change The World,” “Sprinkle Kindness Around Like Glitter” and “Stay True to You,” Justice keeps a young girl’s self-image in mind when creating their clothing line and is thoughtful on how girls perceive their size. Sizing begins at size 6 and goes up to size 20 ensuring the all girls, no matter they shape or size, can outfit themselves at Justice.   

Live Justice

Live Justice is a campaign that celebrates the style and individuality of every girl! Justice has been encouraging girls to share their stories about how they Live Justice every day. Live Justice is living active, smart, together, creatively, positively and connected. You can watch their stories through these fun videos.

Our advice to you- begin shopping a little early to ensure that all of your basics and child’s wants are available and head to Justice for all of your back to school needs!

Wonderful Staff at Justice



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Earth's Best healthy frozen snacks

While back-to-school means new clothes, pristine boxes of crayons and fresh notebooks, it also means mom’s in charge of packing lunches and being prepared for ravenous kids needing quick  and healthy after-school snacks. Thankfully, the amazing team at Earth’s Best has a new line of frozen foods that are quick, delicious and healthy. Not only will these fun snacks satisfy hungry kids, but since they’re organic and nutritious, they’ll also make moms feel great about serving them.

Earth's Best healthy after school snack options

The Best From The Earth

Since the company’s inception over 30 years ago, Earth’s Best has been recognized as a brand dedicated to offering wholesome, safe products for little ones. Their products are made with the best ingredients – all organic with no GMOs, artificial colors or preservatives added. Earth’s Best believes that kids deserve nutritious fruits handpicked from organic orchards, vegetables grown in nature’s soil, and foods that are made without pesticides or genetically engineered ingredients. From their formulas and baby food, through their toddler food and frozen breakfasts and entrees, Earth’s Best is committed to providing delicious, healthy, wholesome and fun options for kids of all ages.

Earth's Best Organic Nutty Bars Earth's Best nutty snack bars for kids

Packable Snacks for Lunches

The newest line of products from Earth’s Best is perfect for back-to-school season and must have been designed for busy moms searching high and low for quick, healthy and convenient snacks. Included in the line are two flavors of Organic Fruit Cups (Berry Blend and Mango Berry Blend) and two flavors of Nutty Snack Bars (Peanut Butter & Cocoa and Peanut, Almond & Cashew Butter with Golden Raisins). These products were designed to be packed in a lunch frozen and perfectly thawed and ready to eat by lunchtime. The fruit cups are packed with berries and each come with their own spoon. The snack bars are delicious, filling and packed with protein.

Earth's Best organic fruit cups

After-School Options

For moms looking for a quick, healthy, small-bite option for after-school snacks, Earth’s Best also has two new flavors of Stuffed Pretzels (Cheddar Cheese and Pizza) and two new flavors of Stuffed Bites (Three Cheese and Broccoli, Kale & Cheese). Both options can be quickly heated up in the microwave or oven (toaster oven is my preference) and enjoyed by kids on the go after school, play dates or a day at the park. Both my kids are obsessed with the pizza flavored Stuffed Pretzels and I can’t blame them a bit — they’re delicious — but, the Broccoli, Kale and Cheese stuff mini pocket is my favorite.

Earth's Best stuffed bites for kids

Earth’s Best for all ages

Whether you’re packing a lunch for your school-aged kid or looking for the perfect packable snack for your toddlers, make sure to check out the new line of frozen snacks from Earth’s Best, along with all their other amazing products for kids, toddlers and babies. They can be found at your local Target or grocery store or use the store locator feature on their website to find a retailer near you.

Earth's Best Organic Nutty Snack Bars for Kids

Enter the giveaway to win

Don’t forget to enter the Savvy Sassy School Days Giveaway for your chance to win over $1250 in prizes, including an Earth’s Best prize pack ($150 value). See our original post for all the details. Best of luck and happy snacking!

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It’s that time again, moms! Back-to-school is upon us and I, for one, could not be more excited. However, with going back to school comes early bedtimes, which leads to early mornings and the inevitable rushing out the door. While I can’t get your kids dressed and out the door for you, I can introduce you to one product that will make at least one part of the morning rush that much easier. Moms, meet Beddy’s.

Beddy's Zippable Bedding for Kids

Manic mornings

Nothing makes a room look clean quickly or creates everyday good habits like making your bed every morning. I do it, my kids do it, it’s just what happens when you get ready for the day. But the struggle is real. No, they don’t go off skipping happily to their rooms to make their beds while telling me how much they appreciate how hard I work to instill good life skills in them during their impressionable young years. It’s more like the five stages of grief, but with more sobbing and yelling. And then, when the 6-year-old upgraded to a loft bed… forget about it.

Finding Beddy’s was a sanity-saver. Not only is it beautiful, high-quality bedding, but my daughter was actually excited to make her bed and it was soooo easy to do — just zip and go.

The Cutest Zippable Bedding for Kids
Zip ’n go

Beddy’s is the dream child of two lovely ladies out of Utah, Angie and Betsy, who knew there had to be an easier way to fight and win the battle of the bed. And, if this story sounds familiar, then you probably watch the show West Texas Investors Club where they absolutely killed it and won investment money for their ingenious product. Beddy’s is an all-in-one bedding set that includes your comforter, fitted sheet and top sheet in a one piece design that zips together for quick and easy bed making. The easiest way to explain it is to think of it like a sleeping bag attached to a fitted sheet, but on steroids.


Right off the bat, I was blown away by how luxurious the materials were. From the super soft minky fabric used for a top sheet to the cotton used on the outside of the comforters, it was all so posh. Now, I’m one for details when it comes to this type of thing and as much as I searched for somewhere they has skimped, I came up empty. Every ruffle was perfect, every trim was impeccably sewn, even the inside of the fitted sheet, you know, the part you never see, was lined in a coordinating fabric to match. Mind. Blown. And don’t get me started on the throw pillows that have a zipper on the back for easy washing. The throw pillows on my bed don’t have zippers!

Beddys wide
How it works

First thing I did was, of course, throw it in the wash where it came out softer and fluffier than it was before. (Good to note: If you have a small washer like me, the comforter does completely zip off on both sides so I was able to wash the top and the bottom in separate loads.) Then up the bunk bed ladder I went. Like I said, putting the Beddy’s on your child’s bed is as easy as putting on a fitted sheet, and it really was. (Or as easy as putting a fitted sheet on a bunk bed can be, amirite?) Next, I laid the top comforter on top and zipped it up. There are two zippers, one on each side so it doesn’t matter which side you use as the in-n-out side, it’s all accessible. Lastly, I threw the adorable matching pillows up to my 6-year-old to style to her liking and I was done.

We’ve had the Beddy’s on the bed for about three weeks now and I have yet to have the “go make your bed” fight since. I’m so impressed by the product all around, and as some of you know, I’m pretty picky. I’d have to say, if there is one drawback at all it’s that my 6-year-old now has nicer bedding than I do and while nobody has yet to thank me for those life skills, at least the sobbing and yelling is down to a manageable level, and I can handle that.

Beddy’s bed sets come in sizes to fit toddler mattresses, twin, full, queen and even twin XL, which is perfect for dorm rooms! Matching throw pillows, bed skirts and blankets are also available to match any Beddy’s set you fall in love with.

Which is your favorite Beddy’s collection?
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A good night’s sleep is not just a want, it’s a need. We all want to ‘sleep like a baby,’ but more importantly, we want our babies to live up to the saying! A sleep routine is so important, which we discussed in our post The baby sleep tips you’ve always wanted and Johnson’s has played an integral part in my own children’s bedtime routines.

As the no. 1 baby skincare brand and a pioneer in the science of baby sleep, Johnson’s understands the importance of sleep for happy, healthy baby development. We have implemented Johnson’s Baby 3-Step Bedtime Routine at our house, the first and only nighttime routine clinically proven to help babies and toddlers 7 to 36 months sleep better in just one week. Babies thrive when a routine is put in place and a sleep routine is the most important of them all for all parties involved!

3 Steps to Make Bedtime with Babies & Toddlers Easy

Step 1: A gentle, soothing bath to wind down

The first step of our night time routine is a bath. My daughter loves the bath and looks forward to splashing and playing in the warm water each night. As she enters into the bath, she knows that the day is coming to an end, which helps her start to wind down and get ready for bedtime. For our bedtime routine, I’ve been using Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Bath. The gentle and soothing NaturalCalm aromas featured in Johnson’s Bedtime Baby cleansers are designed to calm her in preparation for sleep… and we both love the scents jasmine and blossom! She loves to lather the soap on her belly herself, but has not mastered washing the soap off her hands before touching her face (sound familiar, moms?). I trust Johnson’s No More Tears products as they ensure gentleness for her delicate eyes.

Tips for Making Bedtime Easy and Calming

Step 2: Get prepped for bedtime

I have been told time after time to moisturize her right after the bath. On her damp skin, I massage her with Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Lotion to lock in moisture. It’s very important to me that these products are hypoallergenic as she has very sensitive skin. A baby’s skin looses moisture much faster than our skin, so her massage is an essential part of the bedtime routine. The NaturalCalm aromas are designed to help soothe her and hydrating emollients leave her skin feeling soft and smooth. She loves the massage almost as much as she loves the bath and looks forward to it each night! The familiar and pleasant scents make her feel happy and relaxed, just in time for a good nights sleep.

Johnson's 3-Step Bedtime Routine

Step 3: Calm and quite time just before bed

As her mom, the third and final step of Johnson’s Bedtime Routine is my favorite part. This is when I get to cuddle and snuggle her before we part for the day. The moments before she goes to bed are an opportunity to help her wind down and relax before going to sleep. We spend this time reading her favorite stories and singing songs. Then, after having a snuggle, we dim the lights. As she gets older, we’re sure to have conversations before bed about her day and about what tomorrow holds. This time is our special quiet time and is my favorite time of the day. After our cuddle, I tuck her into her crib for a good night’s sleep. Each night, she has a quality sleep of 12 hours or more and wakes ready to take on the new day!

JOHNSON’S Bedtime Baby Sleep App

In order to track her sleep, I downloaded the Johnson’s Bedtime Baby Sleep App. I began by completing the questionnaire in the app which conducted a sleep analysis. The app provided me with a sleep score as well as an analysis and recommendations for her sleep. I can also track how long she sleeps each night by setting the timer once she is asleep and then I stop it in the morning when she wakes up. This gives me an idea of how long she is sleeping each day and allows me to ensure that she is getting enough sleep between nighttime and naps. If she wakes up in the middle of the night, I can add it into the app as well. I find this to be very helpful if she is sick, acting out of sorts, or going through a dreaded sleep regression, so that I have a clear picture of what happened throughout the night.

In addition to tracking her sleep, we use the app to listen to quiet lullabies or ambient sounds before bed. I love that I can add can add my other child and track his sleep as well! Johnson’s Bedtime Baby Sleep App makes bedtime and tracking sleep easy and there is nothing better than seeing the improvement in their sleep after a week of the Johnson’s Baby 3-Step Bedtime Routine. Now, go to sleep!

Read more about Summer sleep tips for babies.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Johnson’s Baby Canada in conjunction with Blog Meets Brand and I have been compensated for my participation. All opinions are my own.

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It’s hard for me to believe that in just a few short weeks, I have will have one child in preschool and one in kindergarten! I’m not sure how this happened… anyone else with me?! They have both become independent individuals with their own savvy and sassy sides. And with those personalities, they have also developed their own unique styles. Sending them off on their first day of school will be a busy morning with emotions flying left, right, and center, so to alleviate some of the pressure, we picked out their first day of school outfits in advance!

First Day of Kindergarten Outfit Ideas

Matching their clothes to their style

We have a constant struggle in our house about matching clothes — wearing what I picked out for them to wear vs. what they actually want to wear. My younger daughter always wants to wear my sons clothes! Ice Cream Castles has saved us! A line of unisex mix-and-match clothing that both my kids love, I know that they will be feeling comfortable, confident and like themselves on their first day of school.

Adding a bit of style imagination

My kids will be entering school programs that will be filled with play and creativity. They will use their imagination all day long and they will have fun while they learn! They both have such big imaginations and are so playful and fun, so getting to work that into their everyday school looks is such a bonus. Going to the store and buying what I think is in fashion isn’t quite enough of a reason for my children to wear what I have purchased for them. Whether moms like it or not, our children’s interests end up dictating what we buy for them, which in my home typically results in superhero clothing from head to toe! So in order to include other “mom-approved” clothing into their wardrobe, I need to get creative on a regular shopping excursion! As I pull the clothes out of the bag, I need to build up excitement and create a story about why what I bought is the best outfit ever. It’s not always an easy task!

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Ice Cream Castles came to life through a playful imaginative story of young children. Each season of clothing is created around a new mythical adventure. When I showed by kids the clothing for their first day of school, I shared with them the story of the little girls and boys discovering life, music and love on the beaches. When they heard the story and saw the clothes, they were sold and so was I!

Ice Cream Castles - Fall Fashion

I love this Album Island Sweatshirt for Jonah as he loves music! Every time he pulls it out, he asks me to share with him the story of the boys on the beach. While it is perfect for Jonah’s style, I have no doubt that it will get passed down to Addi when he is done with it, such a great feature about a unisex clothing line for kids.

The Pirates Boom Leggings are comfortable and are easy to match with everything else in the line. What 4-year-old doesn’t want to be a pirate? Check out the rest of the line from Ice Cream Castles before the next mythical adventure, Galactic Glamping, comes out in fall!
Preschool Style for Girls

Addison, like most girls, has her own opinion about everything she wears… and I mean everything! When she decides she isn’t wearing something, there is little no chance that it will ever be worn again, so I am always cautious about what I buy her. After a summer spent in the water, the Shell Print Tee has her name all over it! She also loves the matching Shell Print Leggings in addition to the tee to make the outfit complete.

“Twinkle, Twinkle” is a favorite of hers, so I knew we couldn’t go wrong with the Wave and Star Leggings. When you find something you love, you want to buy it on repeat. Am I right? The versatility of the line is incredible, making the Shell Print Legging and the Wave and Star Tee a contender outfit for the second day of preschool.

Minnetonka x Free Range Mama

Minnetonka x Free Range Mama

I have so many mixed emotions about sending Addison to a preschool program. I know that it will be incredible for her and considering the little social being that she is, she is going to soar, but I’m going to miss her! She will be in a program voicing her own opinion standing on her own two feet without me behind her. Shoes are the way to Addison’s heart, so when she walks through the doors on the first day of school, I want her in shoes that her teachers won’t miss, because the second they mention them, she will be off and running!

Don’t miss our Preschool Style Instagram Giveaway where you can win a pair of moccasins and an outfit from Ice Cream Castles!


Minnetonka and Free Range Mama came together this summer to collaborate on a line of moccasins. With the release of three pairs sized from infant to preschool (0 – 3), they have added color and a sense of imagination making them even more loved by children. Love One Another celebrates individuality, Sail Into the Mystic is inspired by the world of make believe, and We are Family celebrates the 70th anniversary of Minnetonka. For Addison, Sail into the Mystic was the perfect to go with her style and the imaginative line from Ice Cream Castles.

Love One Another - Minnetonka x Free Range Mama

Love One Another – Minnetonka x Free Range Mama

Sail Into The Mystic - Minnetonka x Free Range Mama

Sail Into The Mystic – Minnetonka x Free Range Mama

We Are Family - Minnetonka x Free Range Mama

We Are Family – Minnetonka x Free Range Mama






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