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Picture this: You’ve just sat down at the beach and are starting to relax — toes in the sand — when you hear it. Yes, moms, I’m talking about the dreaded call that says your little one is now soaking wet and, of course, needs to go potty. The rest of the story is one that we all know well — pull and stretch to get her out of her suit, which is now a soggy ball on the disgusting bathroom floor, then stretch, pull and yank the now freezing cold and germ-covered suit to get it back on. Repeat in 20 minutes.

Fasten Swimwear is a Moma's Beach Dream Come True

If this whole song and dance sounds familiar then you’re going to love Fasten Swim, the swimsuit for girls that makes it so easy to conquer the bathroom in an adorable and germ-free way. Developed by a two moms on a mission, Jill Slater and Alexis Castellano, Fasten Swim has hidden magnets that hold the bottom of the suit closed for swimming, but that easily open for going potty and changing diapers. Say it with us… “Why didn’t I think of that?!”

Fasten Swim Makes Beach Potty Trips SO MUCH EASIER

Mom! I need to pee!

It never fails that once her body hits the water my 6-year-old will have to pee, like clockwork. So, trust me when I say that we were able to give Fasten Swimsuits a really good try and in my fully honest opinion: Yes, yes, double yes. My first concern was that the magnets wouldn’t be strong enough — cannonball after cannonball — and she would end up flashing us at some point in the day. To my surprise, the magnets are really pretty strong, but just in case, they have also added snaps on either side of the suit to reinforce the magnets.

When it came time to go potty, all it took was a quick pull on the front of her suit and the bottom portion flipped down and stuck to the back of the suit via a small magnet at the top of the back of the suit. They thought of everything here! Don’t get me started on the beach-side diaper change on my wiggly 1-year-old. Easy peasy.

Fasten Swimsuits for Girls Make Beach Diaper Changes Easy
It’s all in the details

Fasten Swimsuits are 84 percent poly and 16 percent Spandex and are thick, two-ply high-quality fabric. The waist belt of the suits contains three strong magnets on the front, two snaps on the side, and a magnet on the back of the suit to hold the bottom up while using the potty.

As far as sizing, like they mention on the site, I would recommend going one size up. For the 18-month-old I went to a 2T and it was perfect. My 6-year-old, however, is on the smaller, thinner side, so I was a little over ambitious in ordering her a size 6. As you can see, it was a bit baggy and the shoulder strap kept slipping. On the upside, the quality is incredibly good so I can see her wearing this suit again for next year (at least), not to mention it’s her new favorite suit… because butterflies.

Fasten Swimsuits range in size from 6-months-old all the way up to girls size 10 and they carry enough colors and patterns to suit any style, not to mention a line of matching hats, headbands and cover-ups!

Through August 31st, Fasten Swimwear has been kind enough to offer our readers 20 percent off their order with the code SAVVYSUMMER, which is good on all regular priced items.

Which suit are you excited to order?
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Summer Sleep Tips for Babies

7 Summer sleep tips for babies

Getting your little ones to fall asleep can be challenging all year long, but for some reason, getting them to get a good night’s rest during the summer months can seem daunting. Between the heat and the sun shining so late and the general lack of schedule, summer babies sleep schedules can suffer. These summer sleep tips for babies and kids from our friends at DockATot will help your baby get more rest this summer… which means your entire family will get more rest!

Tip no. 1: Make the room as dark as possible

One of the greatest challenges in the summer is getting the kids to bed when it’s still light out. Our bodies pick up on the smallest amounts of light which can inhibit our best sleep. Your best bet is to make the room as dark as possible by using room darkening shades or curtains. This creates a cave-like feeling and makes sleep more feasible. Use these for nap time and bedtime. You can also grab a set of inexpensive room darkening curtains and a tension rod to use when traveling over the summer. The tension rod will fit to most size windows whether you’re in hotel or visiting family.

Tip no. 2: Keep to a regular schedule

During the summer, especially when vacationing, it’s hard to stick to a regular schedule, but it will benefit the entire family in the long run. Try to establish some structure to your days and create a summertime routine that aligns as closely as possible with your regular schedule. Keep wake time, bedtime, and nap times the same. That will help keep your family’s circadian rhythms on track.

Tip no. 3: Make bedroom temperatures cool enough for sleep

It’s very hard to sleep when it’s hot. Babies’ bodies do not regulate temperature as well as adults do and they can become overheated more easily than older kids and adults. Keep the room temperature set around 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit. Bring in a fan if necessary to cool down the room… just make sure the air isn’t blowing on the child. During the daytime, pull the shades during peak hours of sun to help keep the room cool, as well. Dress your baby in a simple cotton sleeper, lightweight cotton swaddle or onesie. Using DockATot for napping or resting can also help as it doesn’t harbor heat and creates an ideal microclimate for babies.

Tip no. 4: Don’t Skip Naps

It’s hard to stick to regular nap times in the summer, but kids need it more so in the summer when they’re out in the sun more and more physically active. Try hard to squeeze in a nap and if they fight it, insist on quiet alone time in the middle of the day to recharge.

Tip no. 5: Keep to your schedule when traveling

Getting kids to stay on schedule during summer travel is just plain difficult. Traveling kids may resist bedtime, refuse naps, sleep restlessly, or wake up earlier than expected, resulting in cranky kids and worn-out parents. So insist on a semi-regular sleep schedule to keep everyone happy. The key is recreating the child’s bedtime routine as closely as possible in the new location. Maintain a consistent bedtime and bring along bedtime books and familiar bedding and toys to comfort tired kids and encourage sounder sleep (and don’t forget the sleep shades!).

Tip no. 6: Sleep help for older kids and teens

It’s more of a struggle to get older kids and teens to shut off for the night especially when they’re more in control of their bedtime. However, you can enforce both a media curfew and a wake time. These will act as a cue for sleep and help teens to be more naturally inclined to get in bed at a reasonable hour.

Tip no. 7: What to do with varying schedules

You may have kids in your home that go to bed at different times for different reasons such as age, individual needs or varying schedules. To keep everyone on track and well rested, maintain a set period of quiet time at night. For instance, say starting at 8 p.m. the house becomes quiet and in sleep mode even if everyone is not yet sleeping. In the mornings, get kids into the habit of getting up without waking their siblings. Give them an incentive to stay quiet during these times with a special movie or book with a parent, electronics time (a.m. only as p.m. electronics can throw off sleep patterns), or make breakfast together in the morning.

The DockATot™ Baby Lounger is new to the U.S. and gives parents the perfect place for little ones to comfortably relax, play, and get in tummy time and sleep with a unique shape and design. DockATot also has the perfect micro-climate, meaning the temperature is just right for babies. The stylish covers are perfect for chic moms and dads. DockATot’s celebrity following includes: Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, Haylie Duff, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Molly Sims, Emma Heming Willis, Missi Pyle, Tiffani Thiessen, Coco Rocha.

For the months of June and July, DockATot has partnered with Project Night Night to create Project Goodnight Sunlight. During these months, DockATot will donate $1 for each DockATot purchased on their website to help purchase “night night bags” for children who are homeless. Each bag contains essentials to help them get a good night’s sleep, like books, blankets and stuffed animals.

To learn more about DockATot, visit their website at You can also follow DockATot on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Images by Amanda Vaughn of @thefixits.

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If your kids are anything like mine, they love sleepovers. It’s like a play date that never ends! Summer sleepovers are the best because everyone’s schedules are a lot more flexible making scheduling them a lot easier. While my kids love sleepovers, here is what I have discovered: sleepovers are a lot of work for moms. You want everyone to have fun, get along, and feel safe and comfortable in a new setting… especially at bedtime. These tips will help you host successful summer sleepovers and make things run smoothly for you and the kids!

Summer Sleepover Ideas and Tips for Moms

Tip no. 1: Have an organized activity

I always try to invite at least one friend over for each of my kids. While this does mean a lot more kids at one time, it also means no one is feeling left out and everyone has a playmate. It’s great to let the kids have time to create, make believe, and play on their own, but I have found that left with too much time they can start to argue or disagree over silly things. Having an organized activity helps refocus everyone. Simple games or crafts are perfect and most recently, I created a simple scavenger hunt that led them around the house. They loved this activity! I had about 12 clues and wish I would have done twice as many.

Sleepover Scavenger Hunt for Kids

They were all so great about taking turns and working together to figure out the clues. It was a simple activity, but by far their favorite. At the end of the hunt, I had a special prize waiting for them. I did matching pajamas, but you could do a special candy treat, or even a new movie for after dinner.

Sleepover Tips for Moms

Another organized activity that is always a part of our summer sleepovers is movie time. The kids love getting all cozy in their pajamas and settling in with popcorn to watch a movie for the night.  It’s also good way for them to calm down so this is usually the activity right before bed.

Tip no. 2: Simple, but special, meals

Summer sleepovers are exciting for kids so I want their mealtimes to be special, without spending too much time in the kitchen. I almost always order pizza for dinner and add a special element by letting them pick a fun drink.

Waffle Bar for Summer Sleepovers

For breakfast, I usually do a waffle bar so the kids can pick their favorite toppings. It’s something special they don’t usually get to do on a regular morning, but takes no time to set up and prepare. Plus, it’s a sweet way to start their day!Sleepover Sleep Solutions

Tip no. 3: Prep comfortable sleeping spaces

Bedtime is often the hardest a sleepovers. While I want them to have fun, I don’t want them up giggling all night long. I also want everyone to feel comfortable and safe in their new space.

OoRoo Bed Folds into a Pretty Ottoman

One of the greatest ways to do that is with an OoRoo portable folding bed. When it is not in use as a bed, this luxurious mattress folds up and fits into a cover so that it serves as an ottoman. Setting it up as a bed takes only seconds — simply unzip the cover and unfold the mattress into a bed! It’s so comfortable, and so much nicer than asking our sleepover guests to sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag. It’s also really lightweight, so folding it up and moving it back into place after the sleepover takes no effort at all. Best of all, these beds ship for free to anywhere in the Continental US.

Ooroo Folding Bed is the BEST for Sleepovers

When it is finally time to sleep, I let the kids set a timer for 15-minutes so they can talk and then the deal is that everyone has to go to bed. I want them to wake up happy and ready to play the next morning!

Tip no. 4: Think about the morning after

No matter how much or how little sleep the kids get the night before, chances are you are going to wake up feeling tired. I always suggest having parents pick up their kids shortly after breakfast. That gives them a little time to play and get dressed before heading home. Then it’s time for a nap! When you ask your kids if they had fun, huge smiles are sure to spread across their faces. You may be tired and it was a lot of work, but it’s all worth it to see those smiles!

Do you host summer sleepovers?  What are some of your favorite tips for other moms?

Thanks to OoRoo for sending us a bed to try!

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There’s a lot of buzz about Lyme disease lately. Maybe because it’s summer and we’re outside more, maybe because more and more celebrities are coming out with their own Lyme diagnosis, and maybe because it’s just plain scary. While we know where Lyme disease comes from, the symptoms are often less distinguishable, putting it even higher on the mommy radar worry scale.

Our expert, Dr. Marla Shapiro, is breaking down what moms need to know about Lyme disease in today’s post and we’re so glad to have some straight facts about it, once and for all.

What moms need to know about Lyme disease

Lyme disease facts: What moms need to know

According to the Center of Disease Control, in 2014, 96 percent of confirmed Lyme disease cases were reported from 14 states: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, and Wisconsin. Lyme disease does not occur nationwide and is concentrated heavily in the Northeast and upper Midwest. Lyme disease does not occur nationwide and is concentrated heavily in the Northeast and upper Midwest.

Lyme disease is spread by infected ticks that then bite people. As a result, outdoor activities — hiking, camping, being outdoors in the woods or a grassy area — pose higher risks for contracting Lyme.

The best way to prevent the disease is to prevent a tick bite all together, so it is important to know if you are in an area where Lyme disease is prevalent. It’s best to avoid walking through deep bushes and important to use repellent with DEET on both your clothes and your skin. There are DEET formulations that are safe to use on children, always remembering to avoid their eyes and hands. Visit the CDC website for details on which repellents are best.

The CDC also points out that you should look for ticks on your body after being outside and remove any tick that you find using tweezers with a fine tip. It is reassuring to know that if a tick is attached to the skin for less than 24 hours, the chance of contracting Lyme disease is small.

Make sure you know the signs of a tick bite that may contain Lyme disease, which include fever and rash. Also, remember that pets can bring ticks into your house, so they too should be inspected regularly and wear tick collars for prevention.

For more information about Lyme disease, please visit the CDC website.

Dr. Marla Shapiro is a family doctor and a specialist in preventive medicine and community health. Don’t miss her tips on how to prevent your kids from getting the common skin condition, molluscum contagiosum.

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Planning a big celebration for my kids each year is one of my favorite pastimes! We love an excuse to celebrate and there is no better reason than a birthday. I am always filled with so many emotions as their birthdays approach, but this year I was overcome with emotion. This past year went by so quickly! It felt much quicker than Jonah’s second year, I guess because everything was just that much busier with two kids! Addison’s second birthday was here before I knew it, and while I usually start planning far in advance, time got away from me this year, so I planned an exciting Bubble Guppies party at home with all of her friends. The sun was shining and we couldn’t have asked for better weather!

Bubble Guppies Birthday

It’s party time!

When each child arrived, I took a photo of them in front of the Bubble Guppies Scene Setter. I always love using the Scene Setters from PartyCity, as they always make the pictures look perfect! I added Caribbean Blue Metallic Floral Sheeting to give it a more enhanced look. The kids loved it and it added the perfect touch to the pictures!

Bubble Guppies Birthday Craft
Arts and crafts

I always like to make sure that there are enough activities for the kids, especially since kids always come to parties with their siblings! My motto is, ‘the more, the merrier,’ but if I’m welcoming all, then I want the party to have enough variety for everyone! I created a craft for the children by purchasing under the sea stickers and white square paper frames at Michael’s. Before the party, I personalized the frames by writing ‘Addison’s 2nd Birthday’ on each frame. After the party, I sent the pictures of the children in front of the Bubble Guppies Scene Setter to all of the parents so that they could put the frame to good use! The children had fun at the art table decorating their pictures frames and were excited to take them home. We added magnetic tape to the back so that they could hang them on their fridge!Bubble Guppies Table

Let’s eat

With all the fun, everyone worked up an appetite and while the food is important, the table must look good and carry out the theme! We adorned our table with the Bubble Guppies Table Decorating Kit, a Bubble Guppies Table Cover and Bubble Guppies Lunch Plates.

Bubble Guppies Mac and Cheese

Let’s be honest… food makes the party! On the menu was a mix of delicious foods, but the hit of the party was the mac ‘n cheese for both the adults and the children! Homemade baked macaroni was even more delicious in the Bubble Guppies Treat Cups. These cups are perfect for every party and come in a variety of themes and colors. You can use them for desserts, side dishes, and even mains. They also come in handy when wrapping up loot bags!

How to Throw a Bubble Guppies Birthday Party

With a bouncy castle and a little bit of music, Addison and her friends had the time of their lives! A bouncy castle is perfect for the little ones. Both Addison, age 2, and Jonah, age 4, just couldn’t get enough! This is a great way for the kids to get out all of their energy from the sugar being served at the party. to make it bouncy castle about more festive, I attached Bubble Swirl Decorations to the the top. The kids enjoyed watching then spin as they jumped!

Bubble Guppies Cupcakes

Every party needs to end with a delicious treat in line with the theme. These homemade Bubble Guppies cupcakes were the icing on the cake! The cupcakes and the toppers were made at home — all you need is some colorful card stock, a paper press in the shape of your choice, and a printer to print out the Bubble Guppies. Cut, glue and assemble on lollipop sticks and you are ready to go! Each child chose their cupcake by their favorite character and enjoyed each and every bite.

We had a wonderful time celebrating Addison’s birthday with all of her friends and the Bubble Guppies.

Enjoy a few more pictures from our party!

Thanks to Party City for sending over Bubble Guppies goodies for us to celebrate with!

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A “big boy” bike has been in discussions for quite some time with my 4-year-old. So, we decided that this summer would be the summer he learned how to ride a bike. After looking at many bikes and talking about every bike we saw every child in the neighborhood riding, once Jonah heard that the Dynacraft 14″ Hot Wheels Bike with Turbospike looks and sounds like a real motorbike, he was sold! He walked around for weeks telling everyone that he was getting a bike that sounds like a real motorcycle!

Dynacraft Hot Wheels Bike with Turbospoke

Jonah’s reaction when he opened my trunk and saw his new Dynacraft Hot Wheels bike was priceless! He was jumping up and down and screaming with excitement. If you follow Savvy Sassy Moms on Snapchat, then you were also able to enjoy his excitement. The pure joy that he experienced filled me with such happiness. He sat beside me and helped me put the bike together. We put on the removable training wheels on the bike for stage one of learning to ride.  After we put on the two-piece pad set and looked at all of the custom Hot Wheels graphics, he was ready to ride!

Hot Wheels Boys Bicycle Helmet

Next, he strapped on his Bell Helmet and jumped onto the bike, ensuring he was safe and sound and ready to ride. Getting down the driveway, which isn’t very long, took quite some time! The rear coaster brake took a bit of getting used to, but once he got the hang of it, it was smooth sailing.

Dynacraft Bicycle for a 4-7 year old

Turbospoke, the bicycle exhaust system that looks and sounds like a real motor bike, was the highlight! As we rode down the street, he continuously asked me if I could hear how his bike sounded like a motorcycle. The bike has a sturdy steel BMX frame and is single-speed, which makes it perfect for our beginner biker. This bike retails for $89.99 and is for children between the ages of 4 and 7. At 4-1/2-years-old, I am happy to know that this bike will transition with him through to a two-wheeler when he will be riding independently. We can’t wait to get out on some family bike rides this summer!

You can buy your own Dynacraft 14″ Hot Wheels Bike with Turbospoke at Toys R Us.

Happy riding!

This post is sponsored by Dynacraft. All opinions are my own.

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Baby Sleep Tips Every Parents Needs

If there is one thing that seems to be impossible to get a handle on as a parent, it’s sleep! After having your baby, you wonder if you will ever get to sleep again, you wonder if your baby will ever sleep through the night, when you can train them to sleep through the night, what time you should be putting them to bed, when should you move them to a bed from a crib… then you move your baby to a bed and a whole new set of issues arise — it’s never ending! It gave me some piece of mind knowing that we all struggle with sleep, even Pampers Dad, Olympian Mark Oldershaw, and his wife, Annamay Pierse.

If you’re anything like me, you train yourself to work on little to no sleep and carry on! I sat down with Alanna McGinn, founder and senior sleep consultant of goodnight sleepsite. I asked her a few questions about infant and toddler sleep. I hope you find it as helpful as I did!

Baby Sleep Tips That Every Sleep Expert Wants You to Know
Question: When should you get your baby on a sleep routine?

At goodnight sleepsite, Alanna and her team start working with babies at 4-1/2 months. Around this age, you can start paying attention to the clock as sleep patterns are beginning to develop and sleep rhythms begin to form. Many parents start sleep training too early. It is biologically difficult to get babies on a routine before 4-months-old because a baby isn’t able to sleep through the night before then. According to Alanna, you really shouldn’t start seep training before 4-1/2 months. With that said, you can start a sleep routine right from day one.

Read Alanna’s sleep tips for travelling on Jenna G Maternity.
Question: What does a good bedtime routine look like?

First and foremost, it is important to have a consistent bedtime routine. However you do it is up to you, but make sure it’s the same every night. Children thrive when they know what to expect! A bedtime routine that includes a bath, bottle or breast, a book and/or songs is enjoyable and relaxing for your child. A bedtime routine such as this one can be started as early as when baby is 1-month-old. This helps cue them that it is time for bed.

Alanna explained that it is also important to have a conducive sleep environment. Work on a conducive sleep environment where is your baby alone, in the crib on her back, in a dark room that is either quiet or has a white noise machine, and make sure to keep the temperature cool. As a sleep professional, Alanna advocates ‘best sleep practices’ for babies, which is in their crib on their back alone. If you co-sleep, which is room sharing or bed sharing, ensure that your room is conducive for sleep as well.

For a toddler, begin your bedtime routine 30-minutes before it is time for sleep. Goodnight sleepsite has started the #Bring Back Bedtime Initiative, which encourages parents to connect with their children before bedtime. Take away the technology and read a book, talk to your child about their favorite part of the day or what they will be doing tomorrow. Talking and connecting with you child before bedtime makes them feel secure. “Fill up their attachment tank,” as Alanna says, “and they won’t be looking for more in the middle of the night.”

How Creating a Bedtime Routine is Best for Baby
Question: What is the right bed time?

Alanna is a big believer in early bedtimes — the earlier, the better. When you put your children to bed too late, they become overtired. Alanna explained that an overtired child is a child who is wide awake. Shocking, but true! She goes on to say that once a child is overtired, cortisol and adrenaline get released in their bodies, and they become wide awake – that’s when you’re in an overtired state. Babies have a small window between tired and overtired. Night-waking and early morning risers are due to over tiredness. So if your children are waking up in the middle of the night or waking too early in the morning, try putting them to bed earlier and see how it makes a difference. For an idea of when your child should go to bed, Alanna recommends that a 2-year-old should not go to sleep later than 7 p.m.

Read Alanna’s tips of dealing with sleep regressions on Jenna G Maternity.


How do you get your toddler to sleep alone?
Question: How do you get your toddler to go to sleep on their own?

Many of us find ourselves in need of breaking bad sleep habits. They can range from rocking your baby to sleep to falling asleep next to your toddler. I asked Alanna how to get your babies and toddlers to sleep on their own and she told me that there are four key sleep tools to focus on:

1. Are we working with an environment that is conducive to sleep? As mentioned above, a conducive sleep environment means that your child is sleeping alone in their own crib/bed, in a quiet, dark, cool room.

2. Are they getting enough sleep during the day? Make sure that you are promoting an age-appropriate nap schedule, as well-rested kids throughout the day sleep better at night.

3. Are they going to bed with a calming routine? As discussed above, a calming bedtime routine is very important. Be consistent with your bed time routine to help your child predict that it is bedtime.

4. Choose a sleep method that works for your family. If you are breaking a bad habit and retraining your child to sleep on their own, it’s crucial that you and your partner are on the same page. Alanna stressed who important it is to work as a team with your partner and to make sure that you are both supporting the method you have chosen to train your child to sleep.

At bedtime, children begin to push their limits. When you let them, you are letting them take control of the situation and they begin running the show. It’s a slippery slope that starts with “one more book” or “I need some water.”  It is important to take control back a little bit at a time. Give your child choices to make them feel like they are in control. Saying something like, “I’m going to read you two books, which ones would you like to read?” gives your child the feeling of control as they are picking the books, but you are in control as you are telling them how many. As with everything else, it is important to be consistent — no negotiations — tell them what the expectations are and then follow through. Children need boundaries to feel secure, so if you can set some boundaries around sleep everyone will be happy. Your child will be better rested, and so will you!

What questions would you ask a sleep expert?

This post is part of my participation in the #PampersBabyPanel. All opinions are my own.

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6 Pool Floats for Kids That Parents Will Want to Steal

If we could pick one trend for Summer 2016, it would probably be cool pool floats! They’re taking over our Instagram feeds and parents from coast-to-coast are getting lightheaded blowing them up. Whether you’re hitting up your own pool or your neighborhood lake or you’re looking for some kid-friendly pool floats for your summer vacation, here are a few of our favorites to pick from.

6 Pool Floats for Kids (That Parents Will Want to Steal!)

6 Pool floats for kids (that parents will totally want to steal!)

1. Derby Duck Pool Float Lounger, $54 (on sale!)

2. Sunnylife Really Big Inflatable Pineapple Pool Floatie, $60

3. Donut Drink Holder Pool Float Set, $24

4. Flip Flop Inflatable Pool Float, $20

5. Best Friends Heart Pool Float Set, $70 (on sale!)

6. Giant Ice Pop Pool Floatie, $30

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One of the most common rashes I see in children is called molluscum contagiosum. It looks like a group of small white or pink raised lesions that usually present in a cluster, although they can be on their own. They are quite small, usually no bigger than 5 mm, and they can be anywhere on the body. They are caused by a virus — the molluscum contagiosum virus — which is a pox virus.

Personalized towels

What you need to know about molluscum

The lesions of molluscum can spread directly from person to person. It is not spread by sneezing, like the common flu, but through direct physical contact or by an inanimate object that has touched the lesions, like a towel, clothing, a wet sponge or toys, that have come into direct contact and gets contaminated with the virus, can then spread the virus to someone else. Kids who scratch their own lesions and then touch another area of their body can spread it to that area as well.

The good news is, that even if not treated, eventually the molluscum will go away on their own and not scar. The bad news is that while it usually happens within a year, it can take as long as 4 years according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control).

Often we will treat based on the number of lesions or where they are and, as always, treatment should be done through a qualified healthcare practitioner. The options for treatment include actually physically removing the lesions through freezing with liquid nitrogen. Often, in young children, we will use a host of different topical therapies first, but each lesion must be treated individually. Again, the kind of topical therapy is chosen by the healthcare practitioner and are often administered by the practitioner in an ongoing series of treatments.

What you need to know about diseases your kids can catch in the pool

How to prevent getting it in the first place

The best way from keeping the molluscum from spreading is through good cleaning habits. After the virus is gone, you cannot spread the virus. Remember to wash your children’s hands and make sure that your child does not pick at the lesions, so in some cases, you might want to keep them covered when there is a chance of exposure. Be sure not to share towels, sports equipment and clothes that come into contact with the lesions.

This time of year, I often get asked if the lesions can be spread in a pool. The CDC points out that it has not been proven how the virus spreads in water or if the virus can spread in water and it is more likely that sharing toys or towels is the route of spread. However, covering the lesions with a water tight bandage, in addition to not sharing exposed items, is recommended. In addition, we do not suggest that you keep a child with molluscum home from school or daycare.

As always, check with your healthcare provider for diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Marla Shapiro is a family doctor and a specialist in preventive medicine and community health.

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Independence Day is right around the corner and that means it is time for 4th of July fun! This is probably one of our favorite holidays. Food, fun, family, friends, and fireworks, all together in the middle of our favorite season… what’s not to love?!? Maybe you are hosting a festive gathering or perhaps just attending one this year. Either way, we’ve got your style and sweet snacks covered!

4th of July Style for Kids

Dressing the part

One thing we love most about holidays is theme wear. Dressing our kids in adorable red, white, and blue outfits for the 4th of July is a must and The Children’s Place has quite a variety of options.  From babies to big kids, they have it all!

The CUTEST 4th of July Outfits for Kids

Adorable onesies and baby accessories make dressing your little ones a breeze.

4th of July Style for Boys

How to throw the COOLEST 4th of July party

Our boys love the comfortable and casual graphic tees that can be thrown on with shorts or swim trunks. We also couldn’t resist these coordinating shades to help complete their looks.

4th of July Style for Girls

Sweet sundresses are the perfect way to keep girls cool in the summer. Lots of stars, stripes, and ruffles adorn the cute options at The Children’s Place.

4th of July Swimsuits for Girls

Chances are that you’ll be around some sort of water for the holiday. Maybe the beach or pool, or maybe just enjoying some old fashioned backyard fun in the sprinkler. Your kids can still dress the part and show their patriotic pride in swimsuits featuring stars and stripes.

Cooling off with Star Spangled Ice Cream Sandwiches

With all that 4th of July fun in the sun, you are likely to be looking for ways to beat the heat. What better way to cool off than with these festive ice cream sandwich pops. Putting a patriotic twist on classic ice cream sandwiches only takes a few minutes and we promise your kids (and you!) will love them.

4th of July Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ice cream sandwiches (we used the miniature ones)
Red, white, and blue sprinkles
Popsicle sticks

4th of July Desserts Your Kids Will Love

1. Unwrap ice cream sandwiches.
2. Push popsicle sticks in one end of the ice cream sandwiches.
3. Cover edges of ice cream sandwiches with sprinkles.
4. Store in freezer until ready to serve.
5. Enjoy!

Kid-Friendly 4th of July Fun Ideas

How will you celebrate the 4th of July?
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