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Our team of three hit the 2016 ABC Kids Expo in full-force last month, searching for new products for kids and babies for you to love, as well as getting to visit with some of our longtime favorite brands face to face.

While you’ll be seeing some of our new favorite products popping up as upcoming holiday gift ideas and in posts as we move into the new year, we couldn’t resist letting you get your hands on a few goodies now!

2016 ABC Kids Expo Giveaway on Savvy Sassy Moms

1. Rachel’s Remedy Breastfeeding Relief Packs

It was so fantastic to meet with the founder, Rachel Jackson, at ABC Kids and to see this new product in person. This is the only product on the market that is FDA-approved, as well as being waterproof (moms know how important this is!) to give both hot and cold relief when you need it. Forget having to use a hot wet washcloth to ease your breastfeeding pain or try to figure out exactly how to put cabbage in your nursing bra for good.

Giveaway: Rachel’s Remedy Breastfeeding Relief Pads ($60 value)

2. Skip Hop Stroll and Go On-Call Hand Muff

New from one of our favorite brands to work with and visit at ABC Kids is this cozy stroller hand muff that will keep you warm during winter walks, as well as give you easy access to your phone. Because let’s be honest, we’re all checking it every other second. There’s even a port for headphones for the mamas who really want to get moving on their walk with Baby.

Giveaway: Skip Hop Stroll and Go On-Call Hand Muff, winner’s choice of colors ($35 value)

3. Finn and Emma Play Gym

Admittedly, we love everything from Finn and Emma and their play gyms are no exception. We so appreciate that they find a balance between creating a toy that our little ones love to play with and that looks chic in our home. Plus, with special attention to the materials used to make each play gym — organic cotton toys, non-toxic dyes, lacquer and stain that’s free of lead, mercury, VOCs, nickel and phthalates and more — we can’t help but love this brand.

Giveaway: Finn and Emma Totem Play Gym, winner’s choice of finish ($135 value)

4. Lorena Canals Washable Rugs

We’re not sure why it took so long for someone to invent truly washable rugs, but we’re so thankful that they did. And, that they did it so well. The Lorena Canals booth at the ABC Kids Expo was a sight to see and with their newest designs on on full display, including the Round ABC design and Azteca Collection. We love that each rug is free of toxins and chemicals, so you never have to worry about Baby’s safety.

Giveaway: Lorena Canals Washable Rug, winner’s choice (up to $300 value)

5. Dock-A-Tot Deluxe and Play Arch

If you were following the coverage of the ABC Kids Expo on social media, you probably saw the incredible balloon-ceiling booth from Dock-A-Tot. It was even more magical in person! This beloved brand announced the addition of their new Play Arch, which will launch in 2017. The new mobile toy arch allows babies to safely play and be engaged when they’re laying in their Dock-A-Tot, a brilliant add-on to an already brilliant product.

Giveaway: Deluxe Dock-A-Tot, winner’s choice of patters, plus a gift card to use for the Play Arch when it’s released (over a $200 value)

6. Just Born Sparkle Collection

Let me tell you, there was a lot of ohhing and ahhing when we visited the Just Born booth at the expo. We all fell in love with these gorgeous collections of bedding, layette pieces, nursery accessories and more, including the new Sparkle Collection, which is currently available. Everything was so luxe and soft, but at prices that didn’t make us cringe.

Giveaway: Sparkle Collection Plush Toy and Cuddle Plush Blanket, winner’s choice for both ($50 value)

7. ergoPouch SleepSuits

There were so many sleep sacks this year! But, parents know all too well that not every sleep sack is created equal. (We’ll leave it at that!) It was great to get to see the ergoPouch up close and personal at the expo. There were so many unique features we loved, including the grippy feet on the bottom of the suit for walkers and the 4-way zippers that make it easy for us to get it on and off… and not so easy for our little ones!

Giveaway: ergoPouch SleepSuit, winner’s choice of patterns ($60 value)

8. Pediped Shoes

Getting to see the team from Pediped, along with all of their adorable new shoes for babies, toddlers and kids, is always a highlight of our trip to Las Vegas. We even got a sneak peek at their new limited edition collection that launches this week and, let me be the first to tell you, you’ll want these for holiday.

Giveaway: Pair of Pediped shoes, winner’s choice (up to $60 value)

Enter to win the 2016 ABC Kids Expo Giveaway

Please enter using the Rafflecopter form below. One winner will receive all eight prizes included. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. You must be a US resident and at least 18-years-old to enter and win.

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The leaves are falling and the weather is becoming colder, which means it’s time to layer up! I always find myself running at the last minute to get ready for the season and this year is no different. The summer seemed to linger for so long, that I couldn’t bring myself to shop for fall… not just for me, but for the whole family! And, when it comes to fall work clothes, I have to think ahead to what I can wear during meetings, but also when I’m out with my family and while travelling — I am in desperate need for clothing that is multi-functional.

Gap + Pendleton Collection: Fall 2016

Gap and Pendleton are celebrating American style with the introduction of a limited-edition collection featuring clothes and accessories for men, women, kids and babies. The collection brings together two classic American brands, celebrating Gap’s beloved denim and Pendleton’s signature plaids specially curated from Pendleton’s rich archive of historic styles. When I heard about the collaboration, I knew it would be the perfect fit for our fall looks.

Gap x Pendleton for Kids- Fall 2016

Gap x Pendleton for the entire family

Both kids have been going through a bit of a denim shirt phase — they each have multiple denim shirts that we continue to replace as they get bigger. The babyGap + Pendleton Chambray Patch Tunic is the perfect layering piece. The plaid detailing on the cuffs, inside the collar and on the elbow patches freshens up the denim shirt for fall. For a more feminine feel, the babyGap + Pendleton Convertible Henley Tunic is to die for!

From a fall walk through the ravine to the pumpkin patch with the kids, both my husband and I were covered in Gap as well! The Gap + Pendleton Fringe Poncho is a must-have for any lifestyle. I haven’t taken off my poncho since it arrived! This fashionable item is getting noticed day in and day out and the kids love sneaking in for an extra cuddle when the wind picks up. My husband, who is never ready to accept coat weather, has been living in his Gap + Pendleton 1969 Puffer Vest. He loves that it has the same durability and comfort of a Gap vest with the added detailing of the quilted weave with premium denim along with the plaid brushed flannel lining and the faux sherpa collar lining.

Gap + Pendleton Fringe Ponchos

Savvy Sassy Moms x Gap x Pendleton

On our recent trip to Las Vegas to the ABC Kids Expo, the Gap + Pendleton Fringe Ponchos were a staple of our team wardrobe. Whether we were travelling by air or meeting with exciting companies at the Expo, this piece was a true lifesaver. We couldn’t take them off!

Gap x Pendleton Shirt Dresses- Fall 2016

We are also loving the Gap + Pendleton Long Sleeve Shirt Dress. Lisa and I wore them in different colors at the Expo and have been loving them since! It is such an easy dress to wear over an all black outfit or buttoned up as a dress. Throw on a pair of cute booties or sneakers to change the look! The Gap x Pendleton line is only on the shelves for a limited time, so head to Gap in stores or online before they are out of stock!

What’s your favorite piece from this line?

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As we edge closer and closer to cold temperatures, a fight arises in my house. Often, before school, I will notice my daughters scamper past me, without saying goodbye other than yelling across the hall. After school, I realize this is because both of my girls have forgone a jacket.

Aritzia - Winter 2016

Now, while I don’t think there is anything more chic than staying warm in the winter, my daughters could not be more embarrassed to wear a jacket to school. Throughout my day, I am constantly worrying whether my girls are wearing their jackets outdoors, and if they are, if those jackets are even zipped up. As the resident veteran mom at Savvy Sassy Moms, I now know that my girls are never without their jackets if they are able to shop for, select, and love their jackets.

As avid Aritzia shoppers, it was no surprise that my girls have chosen Aritzia winter coats, time and time again. My oldest, now 19, still wears the parka she bought from Aritzia in 2010. Not only are these coats timeless and warm, they are most definitely cool by my girls’ standards, as well as my own. They love shopping at Aritzia and I do too (but don’t tell my girls that).

Untitled design-3

This year, my 17-year-old daughter and her friends took their jackets out on the road. I am grateful to note that the girls are warm, comfortable and fashionable. These coats will stand the test of time and continue to be worn throughout the fall and winter months.

The sales team always asks my girls about what they are looking for and selects merchandise that is geared towards their specifications. Aritzia’s team is stylish and extremely dedicated to the individuality and style of the client and well versed in their products.Aritzia Style- Winter 2016 Photoshoot

Here, Mia and her friends are ready for any outdoor adventure they choose to take on, bundled in their Aritzia coats. These jackets will allow them to explore all throughout the day, until the sun comes down. Aritzia has always been a staple in our home, and while kids continue to grow and mature, Aritzia has grown with them, outfitting them in essential basic pieces from middle school to adulthood with pieces that moms can wear, too.

Aritzia parkas, available online and in stores

From left to right:

Golden by TNA Oslo Parka in Ice White, $395
Community Autonomy Parka in Dark Olive + Total Eclipse $325


NextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnail
IMG_6617 (1)
IMG_6707 (1)
Where will your children be wearing their parkas?

Photos by She Inspires Me Photography.

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This post is sponsored by Ergo for BabyCenter.

There is nothing sweeter than having a baby. Once your newborn has arrived, you tell yourself that you are never going to put her down and you take in every breath of your new baby, loving her scent and having her so close to you. But as they days and weeks go on, you begin to think about what you’re missing… your arms! They used to be able to do so much and with a new baby, you need them back more than ever to do all the laundry, make meals and everything in between!

A few short weeks after my son was born, I knew that it was time to investigate carriers. At the beginning, I just wanted to write some thank you cards while he slept on me. I didn’t want to lose having him so close to me all the time because I knew that I would blink and he wouldn’t be a baby anymore. Finding a carrier that didn’t leave me recovering with back pain for days after wearing it was a challenge… until I tried on an Ergo carrier.

I quickly fell in love with the Ergo360 and have never turned back. I am not the kind of person who likes to stay home — I am always on the go and having two kids has made me even busier. What started as a sweet boy who wanted to be held all the time, turned into a sweet busy boy who wanted to be in the middle of the action (just like his mom) and be on my hip all the time. Now he has a sister who is exactly the same! We love to travel and my separation anxiety is worse than the kids, so I like to bring them with me! Here are some of my favorite places to wear my Ergo.


In the air

A screaming baby on a plane is no fun for anyone. Some babies hate the airplane, while others love it. Both of my kids loved being in the Ergo on the plane. I always try to book my travel around nap times because, let’s be honest, the more time you knock out on the plane by sleeping, the better!  Before I get on the plane, I put my daughter in the carrier in the front-inward carry and before I know it she is out like a light, making the boarding process easy. The support of the carrier ensures that my back is supported and that she is support as well so that we are both as comfortable as can be. Not to mention, there are times when I have traveled alone with one or both kids. Travelling alone, with a stroller, luggage, diaper bag, toys, car seat — you get the picture — is no easy feat! Less is more, and I need my hands, so the Ergo is a must.

Of course, the Ergo is not approved for use during take-off and landing, so make sure you are getting your sleepy little ones out of their carriers during those times to be as safe as possible when you travel.


On the land

From Florida to Arizona to Boston or to Mexico, wherever my travels take me, my daughter is right there with me getting the best view around! Instead of pushing her in the stroller, both she and I like it when she is worn in the front-outward carry to take it all in. One of my favorite places to wear her is on a beach in the hot sand. Walking with her with the sun on my face and the smell of the ocean is a feeling to cherish forever!


On the water

I look forward to summer trips to the cottage country every year. Parking the car and travelling by boat gives you that feeling of being detached from the rest of the world for a bit! While I love the wind blowing my hair all over the place, I always make sure Addison is comfortable and snug in the carrier at we board the boat. I put the hood up to keep her head in place and protect her from sun and blowing wind.



Wherever life takes us, my carrier is just a reach away. Whether it be to the mall, apple picking in the fall, walks through the ravine in the winter or to an amusement park in the summer, one of my kids are bound to be in the carrier! As they get bigger, I wear them in the hip carry just as I would without the carrier.

Where do you baby wear?

This post is sponsored by Ergo in partnership with BabyCenter. All opinions are my own.

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