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You might have heard whispers about it and the rumors are true… The Guncles, our favorite gay uncles turned dads, have teamed up with LILLEbaby to create their very own line of baby carriers, which are making their debut today. Now a family of four, Bill Horn and Scout Masterson know a thing or two about baby carriers and have created these baby carriers with all of the bells and whistles. And… we’re giving one away!

LILLEbaby The Guncles Family Shot

A carrier with a cause

Having formed their family through adoption, paying it forward to other adoptive parents is important to Bill and Scout. All proceeds from the sale of their carriers will benefit the Independent Adoption Center (I.A.C.) to help other families pay for above expected or anticipated fees associated with the adoption process, such as medical or legal fees. In addition, LILLEbaby will be matching their donation!

LILLEbaby The Guncles Airflow

About the carriers

There are two carriers in the line — three if you include the matching LILLEbaby Doll Carrier! — each with the LILLEbaby features you know and love.

The Complete Airflow Infant Carrier (pictured above) is perfect for parents who are on the go. Made from a super breathable 3D mesh, it allows for maximum circulation as you carry — no sweaty Baby here! It also features six different carry positions, a hood to keep Baby protected and pockets. Plus, it’s machine washable. (Retails for $140)

The Complete All-Seasons Infant Carrier includes all of the features of the Airflow, but with an exclusive temperature-control panel that you can zip up to keep Baby warm or zip down to keep her cool. It’s ready for everyday use, all year long! (Retails for $160)

And, of course, not to be missed is the matching Doll Carrier, so that big brothers and sisters can carry their loved baby dolls and stuffed animals close to them, just like Mom and Dad do! Recommended for children ages three and up. (Retails for $40)

LILLEbaby The Guncles All Seasons Bosley

Win a Guncles LILLEbaby Complete All-Seasons Infant Carrier & Doll Carrier

Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter to win.
One winner will win both carriers.
Must be a U.S. Resident and at least 18-years-old to enter and win.
Giveaway ends Thursday, October 8, 2015 at 11:59 p.m.
Winner will be contacted via email.
Delivery may take up to 6-weeks.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Brought to you by Boudreaux’s Butt Paste

There’s nothing better than snuggling up to a clean-smelling baby. And, while bath time can be a super-fun activity in every household, there are some important things to remember when suds-ing up your mini. Read on for bath time tips for toddler and babies that’ll keep your little ones safe, comfortable and, of course, squeaky-clean. Ready, set…let bath time begin!

How to Prevent Diaper Rash

Get the temperature right

To ensure your little one is comfortable, fill the tub with a few inches of lukewarm water first. Before placing your baby inside, dip your elbow into the water to check the temperature – it should be warm, but not hot. Extra tip: be sure to test the temperature as bath time progresses. When the water gets too cool, it’s time to take your little one out.

Find the right time

It’s important to find a bath time that works for both you and your mini. If it seems like your baby enjoys a little morning stimulation in the form of a bath, go for it! If your little one seems to mellow out the instant you put them in the tub, then a bedtime bath is the way to go. There’s really no right or wrong when it comes to the timing of a bath. Babies should be bathed two to three times a week—as long as you’re cleaning their face, neck, hands and diaper area daily. Toddlers should be bathed every day since they get into a bit more.

Suds up!

Be sure to choose products that are formulated without added perfumes or dyes – this can irritate and dry out sensitive skin. To wash, apply mild baby wash to a washcloth and work up a good lather. Once you’ve got some bubbles, cradle your little one’s head with one arm and bathe him or her with your other.

Select your shampoo

Because baby shampoo will have direct contact with your little one’s skin, we recommend choosing something that’s safe, gentle, and won’t irritate their eyes. Spend time shopping for the right ingredients and keep an eye out for harmful chemicals like formaldehyde. Our go-to products are always hypo-allergenic and non-scented because they won’t irritate the skin.

Keep it safe

Last but definitely not least; safety should always be #1 on your list. To start, it’s imperative to keep everything you’ll need during bath time close by. Whether it’s soap, a washcloth, towels or a change of clothes, you should have all your essentials within arm’s reach so that you can keep one hand on your little one at all times. Once bath time is done, wrap your baby up with a towel so he or she doesn’t get cold.

While these tips are designed to make bath time safe and fun for the whole family, there are tons of other ways to get valuable tips and tricks, too. Questions? Browse thousands of parenting blogs online for insider information from real moms and dads like you. Prefer something a little more personal? Save those pressing questions and concerns for your favorite parent friends – they’ll always be real and honest with you.

Oh, and once bath time is over, don’t forget Boudreaux Rash Preventor! A no-mess, spray-on skin protectant, it’s ideal for use with every change—especially at bedtime for an easy way to prevent diaper rash and chafing before it starts. The best part? It contains no parabens, preservatives or artificial fragrances. For more information on preventing diaper rash (and for a $3 off coupon!), visit the Boudreaux’s Butt Paste website.

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As soon as I learned that we were having a girl I immediately began to stock up on accessories.  Being an accessory junkie, I knew that the words too many simply didn’t exist when it came to hair bows and shoes. While my daughter has been able to utilize her hair bow collection from day one, thanks to being born with a full head of hair, her shoe collection has sat in a drawer growing ever since.

While we are still patiently waiting for our 13-month-old to take her first unassisted steps — a milestone that I am not at all rushing because I know what comes after walking….running — we do have some pretty cute treads for when she gets there.

Umi Shoes
All about Umi

I try and be conscious of items that I purchase for my daughter. When I find a company that not only provides a well-made product, but also one that is considerate of the environment, you can count us in as fans. Umi Baby Shoes do just that while offering a wide collection of stylish, comfortable and durable shoes all wrapped up in one pretty (recycled) package.
Why Umi Shoes are Different





What makes Umi different

We particularity like the Fey for its adorable Mary Jane type look and I love that the back of the shoe flexes, so it is not a struggle to get on my daughter’s feet. And, like most moms, I love the look of a moccasin, the Umi difference is their Belvin moccasins are lined with a breathable cushioned insert, engineered with UmiCloud Tech Memory Foam. All the more supportive and protecting of those little feet!

While I know that my daughter will go through a lot of shoes in a lifetime I can’t help but think I got her started on the right foot.

This post was contributed by Laura as part of the Savvy Sassy Scouts program. You can find more from Laura on her blog, Happily Ever Parker.

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Finding the best high chair to fit your lifestyle and your decor can be an arduous task. I mean, let’s be honest: some are huge plastic eyesores that will always turn me off, no matter how easy they are to clean. My list of must-haves for our new high chair was simple: must be pretty, must be functional, must have a small footprint and must be easy to clean. Meet the Abiie Beyond Junior Y, the awesome new high chair that is all that — and so much more.

The details of the Abiie Beyond Junior Y

This truly beautiful high chair has won many awards, and it’s easy to see why. Each chair is made from carefully selected, eco-friendly beech wood, and the entire chair — from top to bottom — is BPA, Phthalate and PVC free. The chair itself weighs about 20 pounds but seems so much lighter than that without ever sacrificing sturdiness. As for the footprint, it’s roughly 18″ x 22″ at the base and about 33″ tall. Keep in mind that this chair does not fold down, but it’s so small that I could tuck it away in a corner of the dinning room without feeling like I was adding another piece of furniture.


High chair

What I love about the Beyond Junior Y

From box to baby, the set up of this chair was easy and the directions were super clear. I did have to adjust a bit, because I skipped ahead and ended up missing a step. Serves me right. I also went the extra mile and added pads to the feet to protect our floors. The plastic tray cover is simple to remove one-handed and is dishwasher safe, although I have yet to need to do more than wipe it down. By far, the seat cushions are best thing about this chair. We have all encountered month-old crusties deep in the corner of the high chair seat, and the pad cover never really washes clean, so it’s just gross all the time. Not with the Beyond Junior Y. Not only are there no corners for food to hide, but the waterproof back and seat cushions pop right off for cleaning.

Negatives HC
What I thought could improve

The 5-point harness straps are a nice feature, however they are really long, even with maximum tightening. In this picture, Abbey is 7 months old, and the straps were pretty much useless because there was so much slack. I ended up just tying them in the back, and now it’s perfect. I’m sure I could just lower the seat, but I like that she is so high because I often stand up while I’m feeding her. The straps also got dirty pretty quickly. Lastly, while not a huge issue, the mechanism for getting the tray locked in place is very simplistic, as you can see from the pictures. If you like to rock long nails, I guarantee you’re going to have an issue. I wish you could pop off the whole tray with one hand, but like I said, the plastic tray cover can be removed one-handed so maybe that was their compromise.

Final thoughts on the Abiie high chair

In the end, I highly highly recommend this high chair. I am one of those people who does a ton of research, because if I’m going to purchase something I want my money’s worth. It needs to last. I am all about convertible everything. This high chair will last your child a very, very long time — and then some. It takes about 20 seconds to move the foot rest and the seat up or down to accommodate your child at any age. You can remove the tray and have extra seating at any table. It’s stylish, extremely functional, eco-friendly and comes in an array of colors to match any decor. I don’t think I could be any happier with this high chair and I know you will be too.

PicMonkey Collage

Let’s talk bibs for a second

When Abbey first switched to solids, I was still using the old, tiny fabric bibs that always ended up crusty and stained. I found these adorable bibs from Make My Day Products. These oh-so-soft bibs are made of 100% food grade, stain-resistant and BPA-free silicone. I’m in love with how handy they are. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stuck a jar of baby food and a spoon in the crumb catcher, rolled it up and threw it into my diaper bag. After I use it, I roll it all back up, dirty, for home and it goes straight into the dishwasher. Yes, they’re dishwasher safe. Seriously though, how stinkin’ cute? Make My Day has 17 different styles of bibs. From pretty pearls to a dapper tuxedo, it’s impossible to pick just one.

Do you have a favorite bib? And how much do you want to try the Abiie high chair?
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Why buy an umbrella stroller?

Yep, many parents become familiar with stroller brands that give us the reversing seat or are travel system ready when our babies are newborns. Now we are ready to take it up to the next stage! When our child is bigger, we simply need something lightweight and convenient for errands or that big trip coming up. We are ready for an umbrella stroller!

Shopping the best umbrella strollers

You know you don’t want something small and rickety, and that paying a bit more means much higher quality. But did you know that some brands have come out with umbrella strollers that you might not have thought of? Baby Jogger makes an umbrella stroller, and have you even heard of Summer Infant?

Here are some of the best umbrella strollers out there that are still relatively new, released within the last year or two, in each spending category: higher end, mid-range and budget.

Vue-Lite-Travel-SystemHigher End > $150

Baby Jogger Vue & Vue Lite

Lots of you have heard of Baby Jogger for their City strollers, such as the City Select, City Mini and City Versa. In the last couple of years, Baby Jogger has introduced an umbrella stroller, but they reinvented it!

The Vue and Vue Lite were one of the first on the market to have a reversing seat; the photo on the top of this article shows the reversed seat. Both take a car seat, as well, and are a good option for a lightweight travel system if you don’t want to have to buy a car seat frame stroller separately.

The Vue Lite is $180 and weighs 14.5 pounds. Choose from four colors.

The Vue also comes in four colors and is between $140 and $200. It weighs just over 17 pounds and is a good choice if you don’t mind a more substantial stroller that veers away from the featherweight category.


Mid-Range $100-$150

Inglesina Net

Famous for their baby carriage prams and high-end, reversing seat strollers, Inglesina is also known for their top-quality umbrella strollers, such as the Trip and the Swift. Their newest umbrella offering is the Net, the lightest weight stroller in their line.

The Net weighs just 11 pounds, with a 55-pound weight capacity. Features such as a reclining seat and removable washable seat pad give your child much comfort. The seat beneath the padding is mesh, so on hot days take out the padding, and you have adequate air flow to keep your little one cool. A big canopy with SPF 50 shields harmful sun rays.

Parents enjoy features such as a self-standing fold and a carry strap for on-the-go transport. I like the cup holder and the decent sized storage basket —for an umbrella stroller! Inglesina Net is a popular choice for vacations.

This handy little stroller retails for $149 and comes in five colors. Reviews so far are at 5 stars!


Budget < $100

Summer 3D Lite

This is a fantastic option if you want to save a bit of money and have nearly all the same options as the Inglesina Net. The Summer 3D Lite has many of the same features and costs about $70 less. It has a reclining seat and a good-sized storage basket for an umbrella stroller. It weighs 12 pounds and holds up to 50 pounds, so those aspects are slightly different.

I like the extra storage pocket behind the seat for things like your keys and cell phone, and you get a cup holder, too.

Reviews give it 4.5 stars for the lightweight convenience and for how well it held up on travels abroad. The Summer Infant 3D Light is only $80 and comes in six colors.

These are just three of the newest umbrella strollers out there, but there are more quality umbrella strollers in each price category. This guide will help you find the best one for your family.

Now that you’ve taken a look at the Baby Jogger Vue/Vue Lite, the Inglesina Net and the Summer Infant 3D Lite, which one would you get? Let me know in the comments below.

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The Brooklyn (1)
The hippest baby registry

My best friend and college roommate is FINALLY pregnant!! I cannot believe I actually get to scream this from the rooftop — or at least this blog! I have been patiently waiting for this day, but was also well-aware that it might not happen.

My best friend, Christine Bean, just so happens to be the costume designer for NBC’s, The Blacklist. (Totally name dropping.) While I was off having babies and shopping at Baby GAP, my friend was working her way up in the costume departments of a variety of shows and shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue. A few years ago, she made the move to New York and bought a place in Brooklyn… with a spare room.

Christine Bean The BlackList

What did I do when she told me that she was pregnant? I immediately told her, “Okay… look around online and tell me what baby gear you want!”

Of course, I could have told her what she MUST HAVE, but I didn’t. Why not? Well, this was a little bit of research on my part.

A) I wanted to see what a stylish, hip mom in Brooklyn would want and register for — maybe she would find something I had missed or was not aware of!

And B) I wanted to see if our tastes, even in baby stuff, matched a bit.

When she sent me over her list, I literally laughed out loud. I knew it! She wants all things Stokke. Of course she does. She also has some other amazing things from The Honest Company, Aden + Anais, Boon, Life Factory and Nuna on her wishlist — and I had to add in a bit of StorkSak and Little Giraffe, too!

Brooklyn Hipster Baby Registry Savvy Sassy Moms

Modern baby registry must-haves

1. Nuna LEAF curv’ Baby Seat, $230
2. The Honest Company Baby Arrival Set, $50
3. Stokke by Nuna Pipa Car Seat, $349
4. Aden + Anais Swaddling Cloths, $50
5. Little Giraffe Chenille Blanket, $68
6. Stokke Sleepi Crib, $799
7. Aden + Anais Crib Sheet for Stokke Sleepi Crib, $30
8. Stokke Tripp Trapp, $330
9. StorkSak Lucinda Diaper Bag, $310
10. Life Factory Bottles, $50
11. Stokke Xplory Stoller, $1100 and up
12. Boon Naked Bathtub, $60

To celebrate this incredible BABY NEWS, we are giving away a Stokke Sleepi Crib!
You do not have to live in Brooklyn or be a hipster to win!:)

Enter to WIN the Stokke Sleepi Crib

Stokke Sleepi with Aden and Anais

Stokke Sleepi with Aden and Anais Nursery
Please enter through the Rafflcopter form below

Must be a US resident and 18 years old to win
Giveaway ends on 9/20/2015
Prizing make take up to 3 weeks for delivery.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Babies require a surprising amount of gear, but if you choose wisely, one thoughtful product can make life much simpler and more convenient! That’s how we feel about our BABYBJÖRN Balance Soft Baby Bouncer. It’s a family favorite that gets toted all around the house through the course of the day.

Must-Have: BABYBJÖRN Balance Soft Bouncer

6 Reasons we love our BABYBJÖRN bouncer
1. The way it soothes

The gentle bounce is just what my 3-month-old Everly needs to calm down. She’s entered a period of separation anxiety, so I use the bouncer to keep her happy while I take a shower or prep dinner.

2. Baby stays engaged

Everly loves to be able to see everything that’s going on around her. The BABYBJÖRN Bouncer sits her upright in a comfortable position to watch and interact with her big sister, which she loves. Nothing brings a smile to her face like being included in story time!

3. Fold it flat

When it’s time to declutter our house for the night, I fold the bouncer in half and slide it behind the couch. I seriously love how easy it is to stash it away when we’re not using it.

4. Have bouncer, will travel

The lightweight bouncer travels all over the house throughout the day, but we also bring it on trips to the grandparents’ house. We know Everly is happiest using her own gear, so it’s nice to be able to bring the comforts of home with us.

5. Fuss-free design

No batteries, no cords, no fuss! Everly’s own weight sustains the gentle bounce she loves. It’s the definition of simple perfection, just like all of BABYBJÖRN’s thoughtful products for babies.

6. Grow, Baby, grow

The bouncer seat has several different settings based on how upright your baby likes to sit. Everly likes the second stage the best right now and someday we’ll be able to convert it into a toddler seat for her!

Products We Love: BABYBJÖRN Balance Soft Bouncer

What are your favorite products to make life simpler?
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In our family, bath time is one of the happiest moments of our day. It’s a chance to totally unplug and engage with our girls. My youngest baby, Everly, is three-months-old and just loves her bath time!

How to Create the Perfect Baby Bath Station

After two years of giving baths to my little ladies, I’ve come up with the perfect station to make bath time a breeze. The key is to have everything you need within arms reach — I gather all of my essentials in a cute metal bucket and get down to business!

Creating the perfect baby bath time station
Checklist for the Perfect Baby Bath Station
1. Start with the tub

Everly loves her Shnuggle bath. The little curve at the bottom of her tub helps her sit upright, which makes washing up a slippery baby so much easier. It also makes splashing and playing more fun too… at least for her! The non-slip back also ensures that she stays right where I sit her, a very important feature as she gets older and squirmier during bath time.

2. Just add soap

I think every family has their favorite baby soap. We’ve always been a Johnson’s family. I just love the smell of their products and the pump top mean I can always keep one hand on the baby.

3. Get washing

Soft washcloths are a must! I usually try to keep a handful in my bucket because we always use more than I expect. These days, Everly requires her own, just so she can chew on it.

4. Have a little fun

With Everly sitting upright with my undivided attention, bath time is the perfect time to play. A simple rubber duckie or other play toy can help spur a little more bath time fun and they’re easy to keep in your bath time basket.

5. Baby maintenance 1010

My little lady doesn’t have much hair yet, but I keep her brush on-hand to make sure her hair is all going the right direction before it quickly dries. If you’re using a brush during your bath time routine, make sure it’s one that will dry easily. Hopefully we’ll have more to brush soon!

6. Snip, snip, snip

I keep all of our nail grooming supplies in the bath station because it’s the perfect opportunity to trim up her fingers and toes. While she’s air drying after her bath, I’ll clip her nails and file down and sharp edges.

Checklist for Creating a Baby Bath Station

What would you include in your bath time station?

This post was contributed as part of the Savvy Sassy Moms Product Scouts program. Find more from Joanna on her blog, Makingmine, and on Instagram.

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NEW! Stokke Pipa Infant Car Seat

Nuna teams with Stokke for a beautiful new car seat

I’ve always loved sleek and modern Scandinavian design and Stokke strollers catch my eye whenever I see one on the street.

Moms who invest in a Stokke stroller have high standards for quality and overall look and feel for their baby gear. And face it, this is a status symbol, much like a BMW, and that attention is important. Just like you wouldn’t cover your new BMW with bumper stickers, you don’t necessarily want to use a different brand car seat on your Stokke chassis, even if it fits perfectly. You’d rather have a coordinating Stokke car seat too, right?

Stokke has partnered with Nuna— a Dutch-designed family of smart baby gear that produces high chairs, portable play yards, strollers, car seats and infant swings — and their popular Pipa car seat.

The Nuna Pipa clicks right onto the chassis of any Stokke stroller without any car seat adapters needed. A seamless and safe travel system for your baby’s first outing.

NEW! Stokke & Nuna Stroller Car Seat Partnership

About the Stokke Nuna Pipa Car Seat
  • Made certified Oeko-Tex® color coordinated fabric, which keeps your little one cool in warmer temperatures and toasty in cooler weather
  • Take it with you on the plane — it is aircraft certified by most airlines
  • Take it with you aboard taxis using the vehicle’s seat belt — no base needed
  • It weighs only 10.5 pounds
  • True Lock™ installation system helps you get it right the first time
  • Included base has green-for-go safety indicators
  • Steel enforced stability leg in the base secures the seat 90% more should impact occur
  • Side impact protection
  • Suitable for babies 4-32 pounds and up to 32-inches long
  • SPF 50 sun canopy provides ample shade and protection
  • Mesh window on canopy provides fresh air ventilation for baby and a peek-a-boo window for you
  • Removable, washable and padded seat liner provides extra comfort for baby and sleek detailing
  • Ergonomic handle bar is easy to carry
  • 5-point safety harness safely secures your little one

Stokke PIPA car seat and base comes in either grey or black, and is currently available from Stokke’s official website. Suggested retail price is $349..

Read about more luxury strollers where you can attach a car seat directly to the chassis.

Do you think the design goes well with the Stokke strollers? Let me know what you think of this new car seat in the comments.
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When Abbey started refusing breast milk (I exclusively pumped due to preemie latch issues), I had no choice but to go from supplementing with formula to full-time formula feeding. Since my oldest, Audrey, was exclusively formula fed, I was instantly flooded with memories of microwaved water, spilled formula and excessive crying (hers and mine). So when I heard there was now a machine that could make bottles at the push of a button I was already in love before I had even opened the box.


How the Baby Brezza Formula Pro works

The Baby Brezza Formula Pro instantly makes bottles as small as 2-ounces up to 10-ounces in less time than it would take for you to make them by hand and works with any brand or size of bottle. The easy to refill water reservoir holds 50-ounces of water and heats to near body temperature, which is perfect for most babies. My picky baby, however, prefers her bottles to be slightly cooler so I only turn my machine on when I need it and I don’t let the water fully heat up. There is no way to adjust the maximum temperature of the water so this was an easy fix.

The formula storage container holds 700-grams of formula or one whole large container. But learn from my fail and save the scooper  that comes with your formula before you throw out the container. You never know when you have to make a bottle for travel and then you’re left, like me, trying to eyeball your scoops. (Total amateur move.)


Tips for using the Baby Brezza

I’ve actually gone online and read just about every customer review I possibly could just to get a feel of what kind of issues, if any, people had with this machine. And trust me, I also put it thorough its paces from running it until it was completely empty with both the formula and the water to leaving it on all day and night — really anything to replicate any possible problem. From what I can tell it comes down to two things: read the directions and clean it regularly. Seriously, read the directions. The set up of this machine is very detailed and specific to each brand and formula type. Setting the machine to the wrong formula brand and formulation can lead to wrong mixing ratios and nobody wants that… especially your baby.

As far as keeping it clean, I have just made it a habit of. Once a day, I take out the funnel and clean the underneath part where the formula comes out. This is the area where formula tends to collect and dry out. Because of this, I have yet to have an issue with clogging, clumping or misfires with dispensing in any way. Once a month I will wash out the reservoir and the formula storage, easy peasy.

Some baby gear items are luxuries, some are necessities, and then some luxuries turn into necessities…this is one of those items.

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