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Stock your diaper bag with the must-haves from Target

Diaper Bag Essentials Every single mom has different diaper bag essentials and having gone through three babies (and countless diaper bags!) I can tell you that that whole “everything but the kitchen sink” rumor about diaper bags is true. Moms are known for keeping helpful items in their diaper bags — like diapers and a spare bottle — and other goodies that help them manage motherhood when they’re not at home.

So, how does a mom narrow down what to keep in her diaper bag?

Here are some of my must-have diaper bag essentials from one of my favorite places to stock my diaper bag, Target. And, while they carry everything under the moon to keep babies and mamas happy while they’re out exploring, they don’t, thankfully, carry kitchen sinks. Be sure to visit the Target Baby Sale, which is running now through September 13, 2014, with fantastic prices on everything you need for your diaper bag (including many of the items listed below!)… and more.

Diaper bag essentials for baby

Diaper Bag Essentials for Baby 1. Extra socks Because you know that you’ll lose one along the way… especially if you baby isn’t wearing shoes yet. Grab a few extra pair of socks and stash them in the bottom of your diaper bag for those “Oh, no!” mommy moments. (Just One You Made By Carters Newborn Boys’ 3-Pack Terry Cuff Monkey Socks, $5)

2. A stock of pacifiers If your baby is a pacifier-aholic, extra pacifiers should be the first thing you put in your diaper bag. In fact, we’d even argue that having a spare pacifier will get you further than a spare diaper! We adore these sweet, modern pacifier designs for super-hip babies. (NUK Babytalk Orthodontic Pacifier 2-Pack, $4)

3. Something to play with Take it from moms who have been through the baby-phase a time or two, keeping some special toys in your diaper bag — ones that your baby regularly play with at home — will get you those extra five-minutes to visit with a friend over coffee or to try on that dress you’ve been eyeing. (B. Wheeee-Is Soft Cars 4-Pack, $16)

4. Bored-fighting board books They chew them. They suck on them. Sometimes they even seem to be babbling with the pages open, as if they’re reading them. Board books are sure to keep baby boredom at bay and they’ll often save your sanity on those extra-long pediatrician appointments. Be sure to switch up the book that you keep in your bag from time-to-time! (The Very Hungry Caterpillar Board Book, $11)

5. The go-everywhere and do-everything diaper bag Okay, you have all of this great gear, but what are you going to use to carry it? A mom-favorite brand that you might not realize they carry at Target, Skip Hop, always pulls through with diaper bags that are both functional, and stylish. (Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag, $60)

6. Snacks for hungry tummies Happy tummies equals happy babies. Snacks are always a must-have for diaper bags and they are always quick to go. Make sure you grab a few new kinds every time you hit up your local store! (Ella’s Kitchen Organic Nibby Fingers, $4)

7. Wipes, always, wipes If you talk to moms of older children — ones who are long out of the diaper stage — you’ll find that they still carry a pack of baby wipes in their purses! Bonus points to Target for now carrying mom-favorite, The Honest Company. (Honest Natural Face, Hand and Baby Wipes, 10 Count, $1)

Diaper bag essentials for mom

Diaper Bag Essentials for Mom 1. A fun water bottle This is one that does double-duty for mom and baby — mom can stay hydrated throughout the day and she can also use this glass water bottle to fill up baby’s formula bottle, if need be. (Ello Syndicate Glass Water Bottle, $15)

2. Snacks for you, too Keeping baby fed is only half of the battle, right? Don’t forget to throw some snacks for yourself in your diaper bag. Something sweet is always good when your blood sugar needs a kick! (Luna S’mores Nutrition Bars for Women, 6-Pack, $6)

3. A little lip gloss goes a long way Because when you’re trying to get out the door in the morning, with kids or a baby in tow, remembering to put on some makeup can easily be forgotten. A little lip gloss and you’re good to go. Mom tip: Grab a color that is natural enough that you can put it on without looking in the mirror. (Burt’s Bees Lip Shine, $7)

4. Something you love to read As a mom of a baby, it’s likely that you haven’t picked up a book since you were pregnant. Keep a book that’s light and fun to read in your diaper bag for those five-minutes here-and-there where you can actually find time to read. Psst! We’ve read this book and highly recommend it! (Target Club Pick of June 2014: The Rosie Project: A Novel, $13)

5. Thank you notes for downtime Shower gifts. Flowers while you were in the hospital giving birth. Baby presents from relatives and co-workers. Let’s face it, you have thank you notes that you should have written weeks ago… maybe months ago. Keep a pack of thank you notes in your diaper bag and conquer one from time-to-time. (Thank you Card Pack, $4)

6. T-Shirt back-up for blowouts and spit-up You probably have back-up clothes for your little one in your diaper bag, but often, Mom gets attacked in a blowout/spit-up match as well. Keep an extra t-shirt in your diaper bag for quick changes when you’re in public. These v-necks are our favorite and come in every color of the rainbow — size up, they’re cut for teens! (Junior’s Boyfriend V-Neck Tee, $9)

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Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post however all my savvy thoughts and sassy opinions are my own.

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Breastfeeding Favorites Savvy Sassy Moms

August is National Breastfeeding Month, and to help celebrate I’ve got a great list of products that make a nursing mom’s life a wee bit easier! Breastfeeding can have it’s challenges, and when you have a few great items that can help make it smoother, it can feel like a much less daunting task. With a pumping system like the Kiinde breastfeeding system or a really great nursing bra, check out these 10 breastfeeding favorites to help you and your little one along your breastfeeding journey.

1. Nursing Necklace

Does anyone have a baby that likes to twirl their hair, stuff their little fingers in their mouths or just beat them up in general while they’re nursing? I do. A nursing necklace can help distract those tiny little hands that seem to find their way into your eyes or nose or tugging on your ears, and make nursing a more peaceful experience! This nursing necklace is handmade with wooden beads and linen yarn, and makes a beautiful and practical piece of jewelry to add to your collection!

2. Boob Man Onsie

Ok, how cute is this?! This doesn’t exactly make nursing easier per-se but it is absolutely adorable!  My son definitely fits the description of this onesie.

3. Earth Mama Angel Baby

During those early days when you and your little one are trying to figure out latches and the best feeding positions, you might feel a little bit sore or chaffed. Earth Mama Angel Baby has a great nipple butter that is made with all-natural ingredients like calendula, olive oil and cocoa butter that will soothe any soreness. It has zero toxins in it, so you know it is completely safe for both you and baby, plus it works amazingly!

4. Bravado Nursing Bras

I am a stickler for a good nursing bra. A good nursing bra needs to provide support, be comfortable, be easy to undo quickly for easy access, plus look nice. I know, I have a laundry list of musts for my nursing bras. Luckily Bravado makes such a bra! Bravado has a ton of different nursing bras to suit every new mother’s needs. I love how comfortable they are, as well as how cute! Even though I’m nursing, I don’t want to look or feel like I’m wearing my grandmother’s bra, and Bravado bras are both stylish and functional.

5. Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover

I feel that women should feel comfortable nursing their babies wherever, whenever, but the fact is is that some nursing moms just feel more comfortable using a nursing cover. And that is completely fine! The Bebe Au Lait nursing cover is a lightweight, pretty-patterned cover that allows for discreet nursing and proper air flow to baby, as well as a neckline that holds away from mom to make it easy to check baby’s latch. I love all of the beautiful different patterns to choose from as well!

6. Yogi Tea Nursing Support

A lot of things can effect milk supply, and sometimes breastfeeding mamas need a little extra boost. Eating a nutritionally balanced diet and drinking lots of water are the top two things that breastfeeding moms need to do to maintain their supply, as well as nursing on-demand, but if you find your supply needs some help, a great way to naturally do that is to drink special nursing teas. Yogi has a nursing support tea that contains fennel, fenugreek and anise, three herbs that can help promote lactation, as well as soothing lavender for relaxation (which is also key while nursing, stress can do a number on milk supply!), and chamomile to help ease minor upset stomachs that can happen while nursing. This tea is great to help boost supply but it’s also a great way to wind down at the end of a long day.

7. Itzy Ritzy Infinity Nursing Scarf

If the idea of a nursing cover isn’t your bag, but you still would like to have some privacy while you nurse your baby, the Itzy Ritzy nursing scarf is a great alternative! It looks like a stylish accessory, and multitasks as a lightweight nursing cover. Win win!

8. Milk Makers Lactation Cookies

You might as well have a Milk Makers lactation cookie with your Yogi Nursing Support tea! Milk Makers lactation cookies are packed with oats, brewers yeast and flax seed that are said to help bring up milk supply, and not only that but they are tasty! Keep a bag of these handy for those nursing sessions and you’ll be a milk-making machine in no time!

9. Boppy Nursing Pillow

During the first few weeks, even months of nursing, the Boppy was my best friend. I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t have the ultra-supportive pillow to help me position my son just so while nursing. The pillow allows for ergonomic positioning, as well as doubling as a handy tummy-time pillow and great tool to help babies learn how to sit up!

10. Kiinde Twist Milk Storage System

Pumping can sometimes be an integral part of nursing for some moms and babies, and I am a HUGE fan of the Kiinde breastfeeding system. It made pumping and feeding milk SO easy — The milk storage bags have the ability to screw onto any type of pump with the correct adapters, and I didn’t have to do any pouring and risk spilling that precious liquid gold. My daughter never took a bottle, so I of course assumed we would be stuck in that same situation with our son, but he loved the Kiinde bottle. This is my top breastfeeding must-have!

What products make breastfeeding easier for you and your little one?
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things in my diaper bag

Always be prepared

I find that what’s in your diaper bag can say a lot about a person. Mainly, how prepared you are while on the go. Because, really, that is what it’s all about with a baby. You must always be prepared, for virtually anything. Because anything can and probably will happen, at least once. Today, I’m opening up my on-the-go lifeline and sharing the things in my diaper bag.

diaper bag necessities

The bare necessities

Now, this is obvious, right? If you were to have absolutely NOTHING else in your diaper bag, you’d at least have to have some diapers and wipes! For obvious reasons, I really don’t think I need to get into this one.

nursing scarf

Don’t forget your nursing scarf

If you’re breastfeeding, you’re going to want to have your nursing scarf with you for those on-the-go nursing sessions! I love mine, from Itzy Ritzy. It’s cute and stylish and keeps me perfectly covered up for whenever- and most importantly wherever- baby gets hungry!

mam bottle and pacifier

MAM bottles and pacifiers are a must!

I never leave the house with my baby without a pacifier- it is an instant relief when he starts to get fussy in public! He absolutely loves his MAM pacifiers, and actually prefers them to any other brand we’ve tried! Isn’t the little pacifier clip so cute, too? It’s genius because it stops the pacifier from falling to the ground when he spits it out of his mouth! Makes life much easier. He also loves the MAM bottles, which I like to have in my diaper bag just in case it’s an inconvenient place or time to nurse him. They’re perfect for long car rides!

extra clothes

Spare clothes for when the going gets tough

Again, I feel like this one doesn’t need too much explaining. Babies have blow outs, babies spit up, in a word, babies are messy. This is why I always have at least one extra change of clothes (usually two) and some jammies in my bag. We love Little Me clothes- they make the cutest and softest footie pajamas!

diaper bag musts

For wiping up those messes

The last few things I always make sure to include in my diaper bag are a nice soft blanket, some burp cloths and a pack of tissues. The blanket can be used to wrap baby up in, swaddle for a nap, shield his face if he’s in the sun, to sit on, lie down on, get some tummy time in, and the list goes on! Burp cloths are always a good thing to have handy, as are tissues. These are some necessities you won’t want to be caught without!

diaper bag for mom

Mom needs some things, too!

The diaper bag isn’t just a bag full of things for baby- it’s mom’s purse, too! Therefore, I’ll have my wallet and keys and phone in there, as well as some necessities for me. I always have a water bottle (breastfeeding makes me ravishingly thirsty!), some hand sanitizer (gotta keep those hands clean!) and at least one tube of chapstick. You might find some miscellaneous makeup items in there too, like a powder compact, some mascara and concealer (a mom’s best friend!) and some lipstick. That is, after all, what those small pockets in diaper bags are for!

So, what’s in your diaper bag? Anything I missed?
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striped diaper bag

I will say it over and over again: I do not want my diaper bag to look like a diaper bag. Yes, I am a mom, and yes I am carrying diapers and wipes and extra clothes and whatever else in that bag of mine, but do I need every single person to think of that when they look at me? No. Enter, Ju-Ju-Be. They know that women want a diaper bag to be not only functional and practical, but also stylish and chic. Which is where this gorgeous bag comes in. Their Legacy line is sophisticated and beautiful and just perfect for the modern fashionable mom.

diaper bag inside

A spacious diaper bag for all of your necessities

Probably the most important part of a diaper bag is it’s size. Diaper bags should be large, because you really need to have a boy scout mentality while out and about with your little one. Really, anything could happen, and you definitely want to be prepared for it! This bag is BIG, and holds everything you could need or want while on the go! I love that I can fill it with all of my necessities, and it holds everything in without over flowing! In fact, this diaper bag is so big, there’s even room to spare, which I love. It also has the option of being worn over the shoulder if it gets too heavy to hold by hand.

jujube diaper bag

It’s big, but not too big

Yes, it is a large diaper bag, but it still somehow doesn’t seem too big. It fits everything I need without coming off as clunky or massive. Nobody wants to feel like they’re walking around with a suitcase! This is especially important with a baby in tow, as well. The Be Prepared line, pictured above, is their biggest and if it’s too big for you they have a wide range of sizes.

diaper bag on the go

Lots of pockets for easy access

I love the complete functionality of the bag. There are numerous pockets both on the inside and the outside! The side pockets for bottles have a magnetic closure and are insulated- genius! A memory foam changing pad is included, which we all know is super important. The bag itself is Teflon, so stains don’t stick, and the inside lining is antimicrobial. Plus, the entire bag is machine washable. The bag is not only super adorable, but it gives me peace of mind knowing that I have anything I could need with me on the go. This really is the Cadillac of diaper bags! Mom and baby approved!

I was provided with a Ju-Ju-Be diaper bag for review purposes. All sassy opinions are my own.
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stokke steps
When I first got pregnant, my number one goal with all of the baby products I was adding to our registry was that they must fit with our aesthetic in our home. I am not one for crazy baby prints, it’s just not my style. Stokke understands this and makes products that fit in a modern home. When I first saw their new bouncer + high chair system, I was amazed. I mean, what a cool concept, right? A high chair that grows with your child! I was eager to try it out and see what it was all about, and I was not disappointed.
Stokke Steps Natural with Baby Set-22

No need to sacrifice your style for a high chair

Stokke Steps is the chicest high chair on the market today. There, I said it. I love the clean, crisp look of it almost more than the functionality (which we’ll get to). The natural wood frame and the white accessories is something that fits in any home, regardless of the color scheme. It’s simple and clean and is so stylish that you will be proud to have it on display at the dinner table.
Stokke Steps Natural with Bouncer Beige-39

Stokke Steps follows baby from infant to kid

Probably my favorite feature of Stokke Steps is the fact that you can have your infant sitting at the table with you, so as to not miss out on quality family dinner time even from the very beginning! There is a bouncer that is not only great by itself, but can be attached to the high chair, too. This way, your baby can be sitting up with the rest of the family during mealtimes! How genius is that?

The bouncer also works on it’s own as you can just place it on the floor and strap your baby in and baby will be content, bouncing away. Once your little one can sit in a high chair, there is an accessory set that attaches to the chair, with a tray. And when he grows out of that, it becomes just a regular chair that actually holds up to 200 pounds! I tried it out- it really does hold me and is very sturdy.


stokke steps with bouncer

Parents will love the Stokke Steps

The Stokke Steps tray is super easy to clean, which is an important aspect for those messy babes! Another thing for parents to love is the 5 point safety harness that straps baby into the bouncer so there is no need to worry about his safety. It is durable and built to last, and something that you will get a lot of use out of, since it grows with your child! This is an investment worth making!

Stokke Steps Walnut with Baby Set-10

Stokke has done it again

This innovative high chair is a must-have for every parent’s registry! I love the look and durability of it, and will be recommending this high chair to my friends- it’s just that good. As far as high chairs go, the Stokke Steps far exceeds any and all of my expectations and is built to last for years to come. The bouncer has been perfect for having our baby sit with us at the dinner table, and freeing our hands so we can all enjoy our meal together, as a family. It is also great for having baby close enough to not fuss while you’re making dinner! We just strap him into his chair and place him in the kitchen with us! It’s pure genius.

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Disclosure:   I was provided with a Stokke Steps high chair to try with my baby boy. All opinions are my own.

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Follow my blog with Bloglovinlillebaby baby wearing

I am a huge fan of baby wearing. I love it, my baby loves it, and everybody’s happy. Sometimes he’ll cry for apparently no reason, you know the story. You’ve checked all of the obvious culprits of the tears, and still the waterworks just will not stop. This is when I break out the Lillebaby carrier, and almost instantly the crying is no more. It really is like a miracle worker!

baby wearing

Babies love being worn

It’s true: Babies love being worn. It reminds them of being in the womb, complete with lots of jerky movements and being rocked back and forth. Plus, the closeness to mama (or daddy!) is soothing and the body warmth is just what baby loves the most. I am a huge proponent of baby wearing: I just love the bonding that takes place while wearing my baby. I know he won’t be able to be worn forever, so I take every chance I get to do just that. Plus, it allows me to get things done since it frees my hands, but also keeps my baby happy knowing he’s being held.

all seasons carrier

The Lillebary carrier is great for all seasons

Lillébaby just debuted the All Seasons Carrier, which is perfect for cold and warm weather! You just zip the center panel up for warmth and zip it down to reveal a cool, breathable mesh. No need to buy separate carriers for each season, now you just need one! You and your baby are sure to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter and comfortable year round. It’s super lightweight (under 2 lbs) and is machine washable, which is an important feature with anything baby-related, let’s be honest.

lillebaby wearing

Lillébaby is the most versatile carrier yet

A few of the most impressive features of the Lillébaby All Seasons Carrier are its long carrier life (7-45 lbs), six different carrying positions and an adjustable seat. It is both versatile and comfortable, two things that are very important for a carrier! After walking around all day with my baby in it, neither of us was overheated and we were both comfortable! The extra padded straps and padded waistband made for an enjoyable wear and I love that it comes with an optional lumbar support. This carrier truly has it all!

Lillébaby retails for $135 and can be found online at

What’s the most important feature for you in a baby carrier?
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Snuggle baby with a plush blanket

Baby blankets are a popular, go-to baby gift for first time moms. Muslin blankets are perfect for swaddling, but nothing gets more use than a plush baby blanket. Moms can tuck plush blankets around little ones in strollers if the weather gets chilly. If the air conditioning in the car cools down the backseat too much, use a plush blanket — on top of the chest straps, not underneath — instead of strapping in baby with a bulky sweater or coat. Plush blankets are great playmate for little ones, especially once they start rolling, sitting and moving all over the place. A soft blanket often ends up becoming an invaluable lovey for kids at bedtime.

Best plush baby blankets

Max Daniel Designs wrap your baby in luxury

Max Daniel Designs plush baby blankets are lush, ultra-cozy blankets you’ll love to smooth around your baby. The luxurious blankets are beautifully crafted, made in the USA and — every mama’s magic words — machine washable. No one wants to worry about dry cleaning baby’s favorite blanket when it drips in ketchup on Sunday evening.

Max Daniel’s signature lines make sure there’s a blanket for every nursery design. Their lines include Animal Prints, Rosebud & Satin Prints, Blossom Prints and Plus Dot Prints. The plush baby blankets are found in celebrity nurseries and luxe baby boutiques, and it will be tough for moms to stop at just one of the ultra-soft blankets. We love the Lemon Blossom Baby Blanket and can’t stop staring at the Pink Snow Leopard Baby Blanket (Max Daniel Designs, $76 each). Snag at least two — as your baby enters the toddler years it will be almost impossible to keep this favorite blanket in the crib!

In addition to the gorgeous Max Daniel Designs baby blankets, we rounded up seven plush baby blankets we know you’ll love. Any of these blankets would be a cozy surprise for your little one or the perfect gift for your favorite mama-to-be.
NextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnail
Softest Blanket Ever
Shi Shu Celedon
Bella Blanket
Plush Cream Stripe
Sweet Dreams Blanket
Layette Plush Blankets
Sherpa Stroller Blanket

Softest Blanket Ever (Baby Jak, $56)
Shi Shu Baby Blanket (Shi Shu Style, $88)
Little Giraffe Bella Blanket
(Little Giraffe, $74)
BabyABoo Plush Minky Style Blanket
(CareABoo, $59)
Sweet Dreams Baby Blanket (Berkshire Blankets, $32)
Ralph Lauren Layette Plush Blanket
(Ralph Lauren, $45)
Personalized Sherpa Stroller Blanket (Pottery Barn Kids, $40)

Do you have a favorite baby blanket?
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oilo crib

Here’s the thing about crib bedding: It ties the entire nursery together. When I was pregnant and decorating my nursery (oh, that nesting instinct kicked in hard and quick, let me tell you!) one question I got asked often was what was my nursery theme. I always answered that my “theme” for the nursery was simply, well, baby. I knew I wanted more of a neutral color palette, since the walls were already blue, and any more blue would be overkill, in my opinion. I wanted something classy and timeless and that could be gender neutral. And I wanted something fun at the same time. When I saw the options for crib bedding that Oilo offers, I knew my search was over. Finally, I had found what I was looking for.

oilo crib review

A great variety of styles to choose from

I love the modern options and beautiful patterns that Oilo offers on their website. I had the hardest time picking which was my favorite, but ended up deciding upon the Cobblestone collection. It’s a beautiful taupe color that goes so well with the blue walls of my nursery. I also love that so many of their collections are gender neutral, and will go with just about any nursery theme or color scheme you may have.

oilo crib bedding

Celebrity style in your own home

Oilo crib bedding is actually the choice of Rachel Zoe in her nursery, and if a fashion stylist likes it, you know it’s good. I mean, she makes a living due to her great taste, so you really can’t go wrong by choosing the same bedding! I love that the crib bedding and changing pad cover match, but aren’t too “matchy matchy.” I also am a huge fan of pattern mixing, and thus love the stripes paired with the cute cobblestone pattern. I love showing off my nursery to everyone who comes over!

oilo changing pad

A variety of options for the nursery

Oilo offers a great selection of products, including crib bedding, pillows, blankets, changing pad covers, and even furniture! One cool feature of the changing pad cover is that the top part (called the “topper”) is attached by velcro, and thus interchangeable so you can mix up the patterns if you like. Oilo has everything you need to decorate your nursery just how you like, and you can pick and choose different items from the variety of collections. So what are you waiting for? Go on and curate your dream nursery that is uniquely you.

Did you choose a theme for your nursery? Was it classic, modern, or themed?
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This month is highlighting a couple new stroller updates from Maclaren and Britax. Both these brands deliver quality products that don’t disappoint, and so these ever-changing improvements are welcomed! Let’s take a look at what’s coming out.


Maclaren Mark II

This new little stroller came out, actually, in March. Called the Mark II, Maclaren has based the concept on their original umbrella stroller design back in the mid-1960s. The original weighed only 6 pounds, and the Mark II isn’t that much heavier; it weighs only 7.3 pounds, their lightest stroller ever.

Flimsy it is not, though. Engineers have worked on the original blueprint, adding today’s stronger materials to it to withstand the rigors of travel. The Mark II has a unique hexagonal frame designed to hold up to 55 pounds. That is amazing, considering how light it is!

Additionally, the large hood has SPF 50 to protect your child from the sun, a mesh peekaboo window to allow for air flow and a flip out sun visor for more shade.

The Mark II even has a small cargo basket to hold a few things to take along and for you parents, adjustable height handles in three positions!

Reviews, as few as they are right now, have been great. Comparisons have been made with the UPPABaby G-Lite, but the Mark II weighs four pounds less. Parents love the light weight convenience and the carry strap, since this stroller is used for both urban environments and for travel.

The Maclaren Mark II comes in four different colors and you can buy it from most major vendors for $195. This Maclaren stroller is intended for babies six months and older due to the seat having no recline feature.


Britax B-Agile 4

Following in the footsteps of Baby Jogger’s City Mini and the BOB Motion, this traditional 3-wheeler is now designed with four wheels.

The new B-Agile 4 has all the same fantastic features as the original 3-wheeled B-Agile such as being travel system compatible with Britax and other major brand car seats. The one handed quick fold is a major plus and the drawstring recline gives infinite positions for your baby’s comfort. Reviews say that the seat is roomy and the fabric is soft.

Parents appreciate the all-wheel suspension system, giving a smooth ride over those bumps, And the maneuverability is superb.

So, speaking of maneuverability: I expect that the B-Agile 4 will have the same one-handed maneuverability. The only difference, of course, is the weight. The current 3-wheeled B-Agile weighs 16.5 pounds and the new 4-wheeler is going to add 3.5 pounds, making it a 20 pound stroller. That is still not bad for a lightweight stroller!

What’s the price going to be? Britax lists on their site $279.99, which is about $30 higher than the MSRP of their three wheeler. The B-Agile 4 is going to be available exclusively at Babies “R” Us starting this month.


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babybjorn review

BabyBjorn Cradle

Ever since finding out I was pregnant, I was on the hunt for a sleek, sophisticated and simple cradle for my baby. I knew that I wanted him to sleep in our room with us for the first few months, and since our room is small, we needed something that would fit size-wise and would also fit into our aesthetic. This is no small feat when it comes to baby products, and thus I was so pleased when I was introduced to the Babybjorn Harmony cradle! Right when I saw the simple design and the compact size, I knew that it was the perfect cradle for us and my search was over.

babybjorn sleep

A cradle to fit your aesthetic

The Babybjorn cradle looks great, let’s just get that out there. It’s a perfectly simple design and is white with natural wood. It fits great with my décor, which is something that is very important to me. I am not a fan of the baby prints and knew that it was never an option for me to sacrifice my design style for baby products. I love the Scandinavian look and love that it goes with my décor that is already in my bedroom.

babybjorn bed cradle

Compact enough for any room

Another aspect of the Babybjorn that I love is the size. Since it goes right next to our bed in our fairly small bedroom, we needed something that was compact. This cradle is just that. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, and I can easily move it over away from the bed when need be. We even bring it into the living room with us when our baby is napping and we want him near us. I love that it’s easy to move from room to room and it gives me peace of mind as a new parent.

Rock your baby to sleep in the perfect cradle

The BabyBjorn cradle rocks when touched or when baby moves inside it, which is great for soothing a crying little one. At night, when my baby cries, I can just reach over the side of my bed and gently rock him back to sleep. I love this feature, as it makes nights a bit easier on mom and dad! Our baby loves sleeping in the BabyBjorn cradle and we love that he gets to be right next to us in his own little space. This cradle is obviously designed with babies in mind and is a great addition to anyone’s home, no matter the size.

Disclosure: I was sent this product for editorial review. All my savvy thoughts and sassy opinions are my own.

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