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My son started the kindergarten this year and as a former kindergarten teacher myself, I have been looking forward to him celebrating the 100th day of school since the very first day! There are so many great ideas out there of how to celebrate, so we have put together some of our favorites for you to browse through.

100 Days of School Ideas: Collection Water Bottles

My son’s teacher asked that the students bring in 100 of something for the 100th day of school. She also asked that it be contained in a container. I love these personalized labels to make their collections individualized! Click the image to purchase and download these cute labels.

100 Day of School T-Shirt Ideas

Sending your child to school in a t-shirt with 100 “things” on it is a sure way to get them in the spirit! This kindergarten teacher shares 10 t-shirt ideas, which will help you get you get brainstorming. Your child will have a blast making the shirt and will be so proud wearing it through the doors on the 100th day of school! 

100 Days of School Ideas

We always like to celebrate all of the kids on exciting days like these! We found these super cute easy to make bracelets with a free download that we will be sending to school for everyone in the class on the 100th day! 

100 Years Old on the 100th Day of School

Dressing up like a 100-year -old is so much fun when you haven’t even reached double-digits yet! I just love this idea from the wonderful Magnolia Mamas. Can you image how cute a whole class of 100-year-old granny and grandpas would be on the 100th day of school?! 

100th Day of School Ideas for Kids + Classrooms

If you want to keep it limited to a poster board, you will want to check out Mommies With Style for some ideas, especially for kindergarteners and their families.

What will you do to celebrate the 100th day of school?
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We have such a thing for Valentine’s Day! Not that we need an excuse to spend an entire day gushing about the ones we love and showing them how much we adore them, but we can’t help ourselves with this holiday. Whether your valentine is your husband, your wife, your kids, your baby, your mom, your best girlfriend, or your favorite mom friend, use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to get a little gushy!

Will you be our gal-entine? (Valentine Giveaway)

Be our gal-entine in our Valentine giveaway

To show our love for you, our readers, this Valentine’s Day, we’ve put together this sweet little Valentine giveaway filled with some of our favorite things right now. 

The first step in getting ready to smooch your valentines next week? A fresh and clean mouth! (Only a mom would say that, right?) You’ve likely heard about the cleansing and whitening powers of coconut oil when you use it as “mouthwash” and now YALA makes it easy and convenient. YALA Peppermint Coconut Oil Whitening Mouthwash and Lemon Coconut Oil Whitening Mouthwash are the perfect way to get started if you’re new to swishing with coconut oil — just squeeze a half teaspoon into your mouth and swish for about 15 minutes. Each tube contains enough to last 30 days and we’re sure you’ll notice how white and bright your smile is before the tube runs out! ($40 total value)

2017 is in full swing and if getting organized was on your list of resolutions, we’re here to give you a little push in the right direction. The Erin Condren Life Planner is certainly the best way to get started. Filled with features that moms can appreciate, if you’re spending Valentine’s Day in this year, we wouldn’t blame you for spending the evening on a romantic date with your Life Planner. And, don’t worry… they’ve included all of their best planner accessories, too! ($100 approximate value)

The Dripo is like a dream come true for moms who need a little afternoon caffeine fix because let’s face it, coffee is life for parents. Recently funded via Kickstarter, this coffee maker is unlike any other. It is a 2-in-1 system, acting as both the iced coffee maker, as well as the tumbler. Just add coffee grounds and their special filter to the coffee section and ice water to the top. Then, let your cold brew drip its way through the system for two hours and ta-da, cold brew coffee, ready to drink! ($35 value)

From one of our favorite things to another… flowers! We’ve tried many a flower delivery service over the years and we can certainly say that we’ve never received blooms in the mail that have been as fresh and gorgeous as the ones from Bouquet in a Box. Fresh from the farm to your doorstep, their Sweetheart Valentine’s Bouquet is gorgeous… you had us at ranunculus. ($50 value) 

If you have a little one who is showing their love this Valentine’s Day by chewing on anything and everything in sight, you’ll appreciate these favorites from Chewbeads. Add one of their 100% silicone teething necklaces to your Valentine’s Day outfit — the Perry Teething Necklace is our top choice — and make sure Baby’s pacifier is close-at-hand with their adorable “Where’s the Pacifier?” Heart Clip so you aren’t spending your Valentine’s Day scouring the floor. ($50 total value)

For a little something for your little valentines, Seedling kits are a hit for both moms and kids and we’ve picked out a few of our favorite kits to give away this Valentine’s Day. The Love Hearts Beading Kit makes a super sweet gift and includes everything you need to make some special pieces to wear out for a Valentine’s dinner date. (Wink!) We’ve added some other favorites in there, too, including their Eye Spy Folding Binoculars and the We Scream for Ice Cream Paddleball. ($24 total value)

End the day on a sweet note by cuddling your tiny Valentine in a super snuggly Gunamuna Gunapod. Their bamboo duvets give your baby the same luxury feeling you get when you slip into your own duvet at night, but with all the baby-safe sleep features of a sleep sack. You’ll all sleep better after a long day celebrating Valentine’s Day with your little one fast asleep in a Gunapod! ($50 value)

Enter to win

Please use the Rafflecopter form below to enter the giveaway. One winner will receive all the products mentioned above (over $300 value). Must be at least 18-years-old to enter and win. US residents only. Please allow 4-6 weeks for prize delivery. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Love is in the air and whether you’re entertaining friends or spending the night at home with your loved one, these drinks will inspire love and create an ambiance for your romantic evening. If your palate enjoys sweet or tarte, these drinks will go with any valentine’s day meal!

Raspberry Peach Prosecco Punch

Raspberry peach prosecco

Ingredients (Serves 10)


Place frozen raspberries in a large glass pitcher or bowl. Top with the peach nectar and Santa Margherita Prosecco Superiore DOCG. Fill remainder of the pitcher with ice cubes. Stir and serve cold.

Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade

A tart drink make my our palates go wild! We are always up for a refreshing glass of lemonade, with a sweet twist. This drink concoction is at the top of our drink list on many occasions! 

Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade



Combine sugar and juice in a small saucepan, bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 1 minute, stirring until sugar dissolves. Remove from heat. Stir in lemon rind and ½ cup of mashed raspberries. Combine mixture and Santa Margherita Prosecco Superiore in a pitcher. Sprinkle remaining lemon rind raspberries among the glasses

Grapefruit Rosemary

There are so many delicious flavors all mulled together is this refreshing drink. With a cocktail like this on your Valentine’s day menu, you will have your guests heads spinning wondering when you became a bartender extraordinaire! 

Grapefruit Rosemary Cocktail


  • 1oz vodka
  • 1/2 oz elderflower liqueur
  • 2 oz grapefruit juice
  • 1/2 oz vanilla syrup
  • Sparkling Ice Essence of Water
  • Rosemary sprig, for garnish
  • Grapefruit slice, for garnish


Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Combine vodka, elderflower liqueur, grapefruit juice, and vanilla syrup- shake until cold. Strain into an ice-filled glass and float with Unflavored Sparkling Ice. Garnish with a rosemary sprig and grapefruit slice then serve.

Pomegranate Champagne Punch

Pop a bottle of bubbly and say cheers to the season on L-O-V-E! Make it a sweet one with Sparkling Ice pomegranate blueberry and top it off with a handful of blueberries to make it look good and taste even better!  

Pomegranate Champagne Punch


  • 1 1/2 cups Sparkling Ice Pomegranate Blueberry
  • 1 cup pear nectar
  • 1/4 cup orange-flavored liqueur, such as Grand Marnier
  • 1 bottle (750 ml) Champagne


In a large pitcher, combine Sparkling Ice Pomegranate Blueberry, pear nectar, and orange-flavored liqueur. Slowly add Champagne. Serve over ice. Garnish with mint and blueberries.

Which drink will you make this Valentine’s day?
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This post was developed in partnership with RID® but all ideas are our own.

Though the two words do rhyme, lice is anything but nice. Despite the warnings constantly sent out by our children’s teachers, loudly proclaiming “A child in your class has lice,” children are naturally social creatures and it was almost inevitable for one of ours to come home with a few nits in their hair and at one point or another… and yours may come home with lice, too! If and when it happens, take a deep breath. While lice isn’t something you are hoping your child comes home with, let us debunk some of the myths associated with lice and help get you prepared to treat lice with RID.

How to get rid of lice


First of all, lice has nothing to do with hygiene. As children return to school after the winter break, there are many places that they could have contracted lice. Children often get lice from head-to-head contact or sharing personal items such as hats, combs or headbands. Many schools have lice checks after a break from school to catch it before it spreads. The number one sign of lice is head itching, so be on the look out!

After reading this, your head will no doubt be itchy, so how do you differentiate between an itchy head and lice?

If you notice your child scratching their head, check their hair for lice. Head lice and nits are almost exclusively found on the scalp, particularly around the neck and ears, so start by looking there. If you find one, you will notice that it holds firmly to the hair so it will be difficult to remove.

What exactly are you looking for?

Head lice are tiny insects that live on the scalp. They are the size of a sesame seed and vary in color from yellowish-brown to white. The eggs are laid near the root of the hair. Dandruff can be mistaken for lice but remember, dandruff can be washed or blown away, while lice don’t move until removed with a fine tooth comb like the one found in the RID Lice Elimination Essentials Kit. You can see here how to check your child’s hair effectively.

So now that you know what it looks like, I bet you want to know how to get rid of it!

Don’t worry! You can get rid of lice and you will want to — fast — not only from your child’s hair, but also from your home! RID Lice Elimination Essentials Kit and RID Lice Treatment Complete Kit will help ensure a complete lice treatment. These kits include scientifically proven products to kill lice and remove their eggs, which is exactly what you need. RID is available at many mass retailers, drug stores and grocery stores nationwide, so you shouldn’t have a problem locating a bottle!

What you need:

The RID Lice Treatment Complete Kit ($22) will have it all covered! You will receive the RID Lice Killing Shampoo, the RID Lice and Egg Comb-Out Spray to be used after the RID Lice Killing Shampoo, the patented RID Comb, which is specifically developed to aid in removing the eggs and nits, as well as the RID Home Lice, Bedbug and Dust Mite Spray to treat the home. Make sure to follow all of the steps on the product label to prevent lice from coming back after the treatment is complete.

Don’t be surprised if your friends and family don’t come knocking to help remove the lice! While they may not be running over, support is just a click away.

Visit for 24/7 support services including simple step-by-step instructions and how-to videos. You can also speak with specifically trained experts at the dedicated 1-888-RID-LICE hotline.

Remember, lice comes crawling to the best of us, but try to reduce the spread of lice by encouraging your kids not to share personal belongings such as hats, combs, and headbands.

Save $2 on any RID product and say goodbye to lice! 
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Every new year brings mixed emotions about what the year ahead will look like. Many of us use the new year as a new start to meet goals that we have set for ourselves. Some are old, some are new, but for most of us, at least one of them involves fitness. We’ve got the top 9 tips to make sure this is the year you meet them!

1. Find a workout buddy

You don’t have to do it alone! Step up your chances for success by finding a workout buddy. Having someone to workout with will make the whole process more fun. You can hold yourselves accountable to each other, because sometimes, you are own your worst enemy! Let’s be honest, it’s a lot harder to cancel your plan to go to the gym at the last minute when you have someone else relying on you to go. When you have a workout buddy, you have someone who will push you to run that extra mile or lift those extra 5 pounds only making your chances for success higher!

2. Make it convenient

Take a few minutes to think about your schedule and create a fitness plan that’s convenient. Join a gym that is close to where you live or work, based on the time that will be best for you to work out. Do you have free time in the morning, during your lunch break at work or does it vary each day? Join a gym like Fit4Less and pick a location that you are most likely to workout at, either near home or near work. At just $4.99 every two weeks plus a joining fee, you won’t be digging in your pockets too deep!

3. Make a schedule

Your fitness goals aren’t going to meet themselves! At the beginning of each week, make a schedule for when you are going to workout and stick to it!

4. Set realistic goals

We know you have big goals in mind for 2017 and we want you to meet them. Start by setting realistic fitness goals. Begin by going to the gym once or twice a week, do a workout at home (when you can squeeze it in), or use a short amount of time efficiently with a 30-Minute Express Circuit ™ at Fit4Less. It always makes the transition back to the gym easier when you know you have a workout plan.

5. Plan variety in your workout

It can get pretty boring doing the same thing when you work out over and over again. There are so many fun workouts available to you online. Search the internet for a few workout plans that you can bring with you to the gym. Add variety into your workout plan by using different machines on different days or try adding a workout class into your schedule.

6. Early bird gets the worm

We know you value your sleep, as moms, we do to, but getting up early to workout when the kids are asleep has been amazing! As they say, the early bird gets the worm, and we couldn’t agree more! Getting a workout in first thing in the morning makes for an awesome start to your day and ensures that you won’t be too tired or get too busy later on in the day!

7. Look the part

Sometimes, looking good is half the battle! Help yourself become committed to your new plan by grabbing some cute workout gear. Pick out styles and colors that make you feel good and that you love so that you look forward to getting dressed for the gym!

8. Reward yourself

Work towards a reward! After a hard week of working out, you deserve something great! Treat yourself to something you have been craving. You deserve it!

9. Set yourself up for success

Make sure that you set yourself up for success. For example, if you know you are working out early in the morning, make sure you are going to bed at a reasonable time and pull out your clothes the night before so that you can get ready quickly and quietly in the morning. Keep a gym bag in your car so that if you find extra time to go to the gym, you can’t use the excuse that you don’t have your workout gear. Lastly, remind yourself that you are doing this for you. You are the only one in control of your success (well, your workout buddy will help a bit too). Keep it up and you will feel great about it!

Are you ready to make your workout plan?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Fit4Less. The opinions and text are all mine.



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This Valentine’s day, fall in love with reading while you read to your loved ones! Here are some of our  Valentine’s Day book choices to share with that special someone in your life. 


Books about love can teach children how to express their feelings and set the foundation for future friendships. Books with positive messages create lasting impressions and illustrations that are rich and meaningful help make connections to the text and the reading. 

Here area some tips to spark that love of reading:

  1. Get comfy
  2. Read your favorites again and again
  3. Sing the rhyme or word with repetition
  4. Change your voice to reflect the characters in the story
  5. Get creative after the story and try a related craft
  6. Draw a picture about the book or draw yourself as the main character
  7. Have a variety of materials you can read together for example; comics, magazines, board books, stories online, lists and love notes
  8. Create a personal library at home
  9. Perform a drama about the book
  10. Host a reading party!

This Valentine’s day, we are crushing on Eric Carle books that have fostered the love of reading in our children. Eric Carle books are perfect for every age and stage as your kids grow up and the repetition in his stories make them memorable for even your youngest child. This Valentine’s day, we will be snuggling up in our Eric Carle pajamas reading Love and Do You Want to be My Friend? as we talk about sharing the love on Valentine’s day. Here are other books that are great read about love and friendship.

Love is Everywhere

Love from the Very Hungry Caterpillar

Hug Machine

We are Best Friends

Guess How Much I Love You

I Love You to the Moon and Back

In My Heart

The Perfect Hug

The I Love You Book


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When we were invited to Vietnam by Coca-Cola, we were intrigued to see what they were doing to give back to the community and needed to know more. We read up on Coca-Cola’s corporate responsibility project, Ekocenters, that were taking shape in helping the different communities in Vietnam. At the beginning of December, we headed to Ho Chi Minh City to learn from Coca-Cola and the Vietnamese community.

When we arrived at our hotel, we were advised to avoid drinking tap water. Similarly, due to climate change, which is occurring at a rapid pace, the residents of Vietnam are unable to drink the tap water. 

Ekocenter Vietnam
What is an Ekocenter and what does it have to do with water?

There are three Ekocenters in Vietnam, 102 all around the world. We visited two of the Ekocenters in Vietnam — one in Ho Chi Minh City and the other in Ben Tre, in the province of Mekong Delta. An Ekocenter is similar to a community center which consists of a kiosk that is the hub to a variety of initiated activities that are focusing on safe-drinking water, free wifi and computer access, as well as additional services, such as free health checks, and a variety of skill-based classes to support communities and the social enterprises.

Water in the Ekocenter

When we arrived at the Ekocenter in HCMC, we saw many local families filling up bottles of water to bring home. The sign at the Ekocenter informs the residents that they are entitled to 10L of water per day that has been filtered at no cost to them. We spoke to a few of the locals and asked them about the impact that the Ekocenter has had on their lives. When we asked one woman what she did for water before the facility was open, she responded, “I had to boil or buy my water. There was never a guarantee that the quality of the water was good.” She also mentioned that since the Ekocenter has opened, she trusts the quality of the water and she saves money by utilizing this system. Not only does she not have to purchase the water but she also saves money by saving the electricity she used to boil her water. Everyone we spoke to felt the same way.

We felt truly inspired after seeing the Ekocenter in Ho Chi Ming City and continued to learn more about Coca-Cola and the three “W’s” of this project.

Water, Women, Well-Being

You may think that to a social media influencer, the three “W’s” stand for world wide web, but after visiting the Ekocenter in Ho Chi Minh City, “W” means so much more to the Savvy Sassy Moms.

We learned that the three “W’s” stand for women, water and well being. Coca-Cola’s water stewardship program consciously reduces the consumption of water at their factories and provide clean drinking water for local communities. We have already told you about the water, so now let us tell you about the women.

Women in the Ekocenter
How is Coca-Cola helping women?

At the Ekocenter we visited in Ho Chi Minh City, we saw firsthand, how women were given the skills needed to run the kiosk. The kiosk at each Ekocenter, along with the Ekocenters themselves, are run by women. At the kiosk, members from the community can come and purchase drinks and a variety of grocery items.

Coca-Cola has partnered with The Women’s Union of Vietnam, to empower women and push them forward in the workforce. The Women’s Union elects one woman to run the Ekocenter for a two-year term. During these two years, she learns how to run her own business so that when she is done, she is able to go out and start a business of her own using the skills that she has learned.

When we spoke with Tham (pictured above), the woman currently running the Ekocenter in HCMC, she told us how the Ekocenter has changed her life. Running this business has allowed her to earn her own income so that she can support her family. In addition, she is now able to care for her family because of the flexible work hours. She also shared with us, that she takes pride in caring for her community and showing the local community how to get their clean water as well as share with them what services are available daily. Most importantly, she is proud of the work that she does everyday.

Local business woman in Vietnam

By empowering women in the local communities to become leaders, they are able to help these women and members of the community, by building self-esteem, skill-sets, good practices, increase economic activity by increasing household income and increasing confidence in women.

The female leaders, acting as part of the economic empowerment and entrepreneurship programs in Vietnam, represent change. These female leaders inspire change as they learn to support one another to deploy women entrepreneurs in the workforce. By promoting women leaders, we create an infrastructure to support families around the world and are able to help improve a wide range of development outcomes.

Ekocenter community

The Golden Triangle Partnership

The Golden Triangle represents a partnership between civil society, businesses and the government to utilize each partners strengths in order to change the lives of women in Vietnam. 

As an example, the Coca-Cola Foundation and USAID work collaboratively with other organizations including Women’s Unions and PACT to enhance the lives of women by offering the opportunity to improve their understanding of financial literacy. Meetings are set up to help women develop social and economic skills, resulting in 4900 Vietnamese women increasing their household income and developing small business and new skill sets. When the three tiers come together, the impact of the collaboration is so much larger, making the Golden Triangle Partnership a huge success. 

As part of giving back to the community and corporate social responsibility, it is imperative that we take it upon ourselves to help others in need. After visiting the Ekocenters and Vietnam and witnessing firsthand how Coca-Cola and other corporations are helping different communities, it is our hope to raise awareness for something we so often take for granted.

This trip was paid for by Coca-Cola. All opinions are our own. 

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As both educators and parents, we love giving children every opportunity to value reading in the classroom and at home. When we put our educator hats on, we love the idea that parents can partner in the love of reading to work purposefully with their children to enhance literacy skills and, at the same time, support the literacy work that’s being done at school. When we jump back to parenting mode, we know we have an important role to provide our children with choices when it comes to reading.

We have always allowed our own children to read for pleasure whether it was comic books, the internet, sports magazines, picture books or graphic novels, in order to gage their interest and give them a sense of ownership when reading. Our greatest hope is to encourage reading at home and that our children and families that we work with appreciate and understand the importance of this basic skill.

Reading Corner: Tips for Reading to Children

Tips for reading to children

When you are reading to and with your children at home in the early years, it is important to talk about the pictures in the story, so please do not cover them. Pictures are an important cue for your child to use in order to guess new words, predict what will happen next and to stimulate prior background knowledge, which will eventually aid in your child’s ability to make sense of unknown words. 

If your child is an early reader, you may want to take turns reading or point to the words while reading to increase word awareness. For your early readers, make sure to continue to read to them during a time without pressure and allow them to practice when they are ready. Your children will benefit immensely from listening to new stories!

Successful reading at school is achievable if there is support and involvement at home. In our professional experience, there are many forums in which we can achieve a high standard of the love of reading and help support our goal and objective. When reading with your child at home, make sure you have created an interruption-free zone… put those cell phones away! Pick a place to read that is comfortable and inviting. 

Remember, childhood memories are made from spending quality time together and reading to and with your child that will follow your children from adolescence and into adulthood. We always are looking for the latest children’s books to stimulate curiosity, guide students level of interest and that support students learning and their educational journey. 

Each month, we will be writing a Reading Corner post, featuring some of our favorite books for kids, so check back often to see what we are recommending! You can expect to see the latest releases, themed books and books that we read over and over again.

Happy reading!

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Have you struggled to find a durable toy for your baby or toddler that will actually last? Cubbie Lee Toy Company was built with the focus of providing good quality toys that are still affordable. After their first child, Cubbie Lee’s founders, Zach and Sarah Lee, discovered that flashy, plastic toys broke easily and lacked educational value, which is how Cubbie Lee Toy Company was born.

Cubbie Lee Toys are made of sustainable harvest timber and hand-crafted to the highest standard, meets or exceeds the strict safety guidelines found in the ASTM F963 guidelines set forth by CPSC, and comes with a 30 day no quibble return policy and 5 Year Cubbie Lee Toy Company Warranty.

With a variety of toys, suggested for ages 6 months to 5 years, Cubbie Lee Toys are for little minds to explore and learn.

Cubbie Lee Toys 70-Piece Train Set

Cubbie Lee 70 Piece Train Set

Suggested for toddlers 2-years-old and above, the Cubbie Lee Toys 70 Piece Train Set completes the classic train collection that are loved by all generations. Each train track includes crafted track pieces to easily build the eight shaped track, as well as a three piece train and accessories to build their own story. The train set is made from durable and sustainable wood and there is no plastic that could easily break or become brittle, which could harm children. It is designed to have total peace of mind.

Cubbie Lee Pound Bench

Cubbie Lee Pound Bench

The Cubbie Lee Pound Bench is a must-have wooden toy that is great for developing hand-eye coordination in 12 months and older. The bench includes six pegs, a hammer and bench, all made of sustainable high-quality wood. The durability is held to a high-standard and backed by Cubbie Lee’s 5 year warranty. Educational features include learning motor skills, colors, matching, to make playtime fun for everyone. The Cubbie Lee Pound Bench can be used as your baby grows to strengthen their curious mind.

Cubbie Lee 50-Piece Block Set

Cubbie Lee 50 Piece Block Set

Wooden blocks are great toys to grow with your child. Suited for ages one and above, this educational toy can keep little ones busy for a long time! From hand-eye coordination to motor skills, the Cubbie Lee 50 Piece Block Set also helps your busy builder learn colors, shapes and numbers. Made from smooth, durable and sustainable wood, the block set is safe to use for small tots who tend to put toys in their mouth. No need to worry about sharp pieces, small objects or lead paint!

Cubbie Lee Fruit Chopping Set

Cubbie Lee Fruit Chopping Set

As toddlers grow, so do their imaginations. With this Fruit Chopping Set, your toddler can become a world-famous chef in their play kitchen. Made with durable and sustainable wood and long-lasting Velcro, your 3-year-old will love using the play knife to chop the kiwi, lemon, orange, strawberry, banana and apple on the chopping block. Imaginative play can also be educational play, while learning hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, kitchen safety, healthy eating, and manual dexterity by using the wooden knife. This Fruit Chopping Set can lead to hours of play for a curious toddler.

Find Cubbie Lee Toys online

Make sure you’re following Cubbie Lee Toys online to get the most up-to-date product information and releases!


Enter Cubbie Lee Toy Company’s weekly giveaway for your chance to win $195 worth of Cubbie Lee Toys.

This post is sponsored and contributed by Cubbie Lee Toys. 

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