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Lisa Kobrin is a mom to three children, aged 13, 16 and 18. She is passionate about education and loves home décor and fashion. She is the Sassy Mom to the Savvy Sassy duo and manages a team of creative contrbutors that work hard to keep moms up to date on the latest trends. Lisa loves social media and works on a variety of social media campaigns with brands big and small. Connect with Savvy Sassy Moms on Instagram

Sparkly, glittery, shiny, oh my! This season I have discovered the look of metallic styles and they are slowly starting to replace the sparkles in my closet. In the past, I’ve been a big fan of sparkles, but have noticed that after a few wears, I tend to get a little bored. I want glitter and glamour, but I also want longevity. With metallics for fall, not only am I getting my glitter fix, I am adding a modern element to my wardrobe that is unexpected and matches with almost any other color I’m wearing.

Metallic Styles for Fall 2016

The muted mirror metallics are playful and unexpected, yet add the elegance to any look with a refined twist to your wardrobe. Unlike sparkles, metallics remain clean and light wear after wear, acting as a base for a unique glam look without looking too overdone.

The metallic shades speak for themselves, whether you are wearing a silver-toned sweatshirt, $70,  high waist metallic leggings, $30, metallic zip booties, $140, an a-line leather mini-skirt, $160 or adding an iridescent halo to your manicure, the variety of hues to choose from are endless.

This trend is a serious ode to the early 2000s, but also a flash forward to the future of fashion. Metallics are not only showing up on the runway, we are also seeing interest and shine in the home in accent pieces such as a super chic silver metallic pouf, $90. Metallic pieces that act as a neutral will surprisingly go with almost anything and be a stand-out in any room.

This season, combat tired burgundys and beiges, which are repeated every single fall season without fail. Shine on in gloomy weather, and rock an everyday metallic hue.

How will you be wearing metallics this season?
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Dear neck,

I never took notice of you before, assuming I would be young forever. You and I had a great relationship. You do whatever I do, you come with me everywhere, and you look great with a bit of bling. Now, three kids later, and you seem more noticeable than ever, and I can admit that I took you for granted in the past. We exercise together, and although my body remains toned, you seem to have lost the spring in your step. Thanksgiving is inching closer and closer, and I want anything but to have a turkey neck. I started looking at you a bit closer in the mirror after a conversation I had with my friends during dinner.

One of my girlfriends told me that she has lines on her neck from sleeping on her stomach. Another friend responded that it was part of the aging process and demonstrated how sleeping on your stomach doesn’t create lines. She forgot to mention she sleeps on her back! When I got home I started to take a close look at my neck — do I have sleep lines on my neck and chest? I started to do a daily check, too.

Does sleeping on your stomach give you lines on your neck?

After I received my SiO SkinPad package and began using the pad, I saw a difference on my neck after two nights of wear. The SiO SkinPad is a new product that uses medical-grade silicone to reduce wrinkles on the décolleté while you sleep. Additionally, if I want to boost my neck’s appearance before going out in the evening, I put the SiO SkinPad on while I am getting ready to give me a radiant and smooth look. This pad is reusable and fits firmly in place as it encourages my skin to repair and create new collagen production. Not only did I notice that by using the SiO, my skin remained soft, it helped to maintain my natural moisture.

The SiO is remarkably able to keep fine lines at bay, and provide a protective barrier from allergens and irritants while sleeping on my stomach!

Now I ask you, have you taken notice of your neck? Be prepared for the holidays… without looking like the main dish.

This post is not sponsored. Product was received to review. As always, all opinions are our own.

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Our Ask a Teen expert is experienced in all sorts of scenarios and is often heard giving advice to her friends. Ask a Teen will lend an understanding ear to teens and give helpful advice from her own perspective.

Ask a Teen: Back-to-School Edition

Mia is finishing her last year of high school with ease after experiencing all the ups and downs as many teens do. As an active member on student council, Mia has mastered dealing with every issue that school can throw at you. She has mentored and tutored younger students, and knows the exact advice to give them to help make their lives easier. What better advice can you receive about your children than from an expert teen? She’s willing to answer any questions and offer excellent advice, so send in any questions that you or your children have and she will help!

Q: I’m extremely nervous to go back to school this year. I had a rough end to the last year, and I’m dreading the beginning of the school year. How do I overcome this?

A: Whenever I go back to school, I like to think of it as a fresh start. You have new pencils, new markers, new clothes and new classes with different people. Remind yourself that since it’s a new year, you’re able to start it however you want to. You can form a new friend group or you can set new goals for yourself, but it all depends on your attitude. If you enter the school year miserable and gloomy about the past, then you will only give yourself a negative start to the new school year. However, if you are optimistic and see the new opportunities you have for the school year, the beginning of the year will flow much more easily! It’s all about what you make of it.

That being said, even if the beginning of the year is rough at first, don’t panic — I promise it will improve! I remember the first-week-of-school where I would come home and cry, because nothing seemed to be working out. However, those moments do not sum up your entire year. There will be other moments in your year that you will remember and they will outshine all of the bad memories. Whenever I look back on my previous years, I see all of the positive memories; such as laughing with my friends or being super proud of a grade I received. It’s inevitable to avoid some bad moments from happening, but be sure to not let them define your year!

Lastly, be happy! The happier you are, the happier people will be around you. Laugh a lot and make jokes about scary situations. Sit with friends in class, do work with other people and smile whenever you have a chance. You can create the best years of your life by simply approaching the year with joy!

Everyone gets a bit nervous for school, but don’t approach it with negativity, never let bad memories define your year and be happy!

Q: I really want to be more known in my school this year… how can I make a name for myself?

Once you have a core group of friends, popularity will matter less to you. However, there are ways to make a name for yourself and be known by the school without dealing with drama or dropping friends. All you need to do is find something you love and get involved.

What matters to you the most in school? Is it planning events, academics, sports or clubs? It becomes much easier to adapt to your school life once you find an aspect that makes you happy. Personally, I love planning events and academics are very important to me. I found a route to pursuing these things outside the classroom through student council and tutoring. I got so happy planning events on student council and being responsible for fun days for the student body. This genuinely made me enjoy going to school more, since I found something I loved to do within the walls of the school.

Next, get involved and be the person who makes a difference! It doesn’t have to be a big council or role in the school, it can be a small committee that you can take charge of. My school allows you to make your own clubs and committees, so you can be the founder of a very popular club. Once you earn a role on a committee, you can make a difference in other students’ lives too and encourage them to join and get involved. This allows you to make a name for yourself in the school environment solely based on doing something you love. Whether it’s joining a pre-existing club that you’re passionate about, or taking a leadership position and creating your own, this can be your breakthrough moment in school!

Since I got involved, I have established a positive name for myself at school and it has also enhanced my high school experience since I get to participate in activities that I love!

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The time has come for your child to head off to college. You have been preparing for this move for years and your child has been telling you that she is ready and well-equipped to handle this huge milestone. So why is letting go so difficult?

Tips from a Mom Sending Her Daughter to College

I could use one million words to describe the feeling of sending my daughter off to college, but none are adequate. It truly is a bittersweet experience, which taught me about letting my children take the wheel for this journey, and remaining a passenger, instead of a backseat driver. Since my daughter was majoring in English, when we sent her off, I gave her a book called, Magic Little Words, by A. Delaunois to share how impactful little words can be. This book describes how little words have huge meaning and represent bigger concepts. This gift was tailored to my daughter, as she loves to write, and I wanted to let her know how the words she speaks and write have impact, no matter how “little.” Here are some tips we have learned after her first year away at school.

Network with older students

Mom: Set your child up with a mentor or a friend of a friend who has been to or going to the same school to help your child acclimatize and navigate through the new intricacies of their environment.

Daughter: Join a club to meet older, more knowledgeable students. It’s good to have a friend who will sell you their textbooks, without ripping you off.

Start doing the laundry at home together… before she goes to school

Mom: Create a laundry schedule at home, separating colors, talk about items that have to be hung verses thrown in the dryer (hopefully most clothing can be put in the dryer, there is not a ton of hanging space in dorms).

Daughter: Tide Laundry Pods are your friend. Easy, and basically effortless. I was always nervous about leaving my clothes and sheets alone in the public laundry room, so I would station myself on top of the laundry machine I was using, and get some homework done while I waited for the end of my washing cycle.

Organization is key


Mom: Ensure that you are organized for what’s to come. Make lists, talk to other parents of children who have moved to the same college. Start “nesting” and gathering items needed for the dorm room, buy second hand books, furniture, and bed risers.

Daughter: My dorm room ended up looking like a hurricane hit, but my drawers and accordion hanging shelves helped. My advice is to be sure to make time to shove all your dirty clothes into your closet before mom visits.

Think ahead for data use

Mom: Look into a family plan that optimizes long distance and data. FaceTime can be your best friend while she’s away.

Daughter: All schools have WiFi all over campus — I rarely found a reason to go over my allotted data in my family’s plan. Plan to pack a portable charger in an overnight bag, or you may find yourself walking back to the dorms late at night with no way to contact friends.

Pick room decor that matters

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 12.54.09 PM

Mom: Allow your child to select items that are practical and that can travel with them the following year. Will they need bed risers once they move into an apartment or in shared housing?

Daughter: Print TONS of pictures, and buy tons of sticky tack.

Try not to worry!

Mom: Of course there will be crying involved! Your child is growing up and it is time to let go and explore the world. It is a very exciting time!

Daughter: Worrying is inevitable. Just enjoy the ride!

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Teen Fall Fashion Essentials for Back-to-School

Shopping with teens for back-to-school can be so much fun… and it can also be challenging. Thankfully, our resident teen mom, Lisa, has the best tips and tricks to making it work for everyone. Even if you don’t have teens at home yet, you can start implementing some of these strategies into back-to-school shopping with your kids now!

Get organized

Prior to taking my children shopping for back-to-school, I like to do an inventory of what they already have in their closets. First, we do a clean up to make sure that we know what we are looking for, and then we make a list of things they need. There are always trendy pieces that my daughters will want once the shopping excursion has begun.


I always give my children a budget! That way, they have to rationalize what they actually need versus what they want. They can create piles of items that they want and add up the value themselves in order to narrow down their choices while still in the fitting room. A simple cotton, budget-friendly Biker Jacket, $50, that can be used all year round was added to this years must haves.

Key pieces

My children know that classic pieces last in their wardrobes a lot longer than trendy pieces do. Although, during our shopping trips, they always are lusting after the latest and greatest. Sometimes, if they really want something, they will need to eliminate something else in their collection to maintain their given budget.


With stars being the latest trend, we had to invest in a couple of star pieces. For this season trend, we purchased a star slip dress, pictured above from LFStores (price upon request at store), and added the Wilfred Piaf T-shirt, $40, underneath to solidify an appropriate after school/evening look. We paired this with a simple, yet layerable, Contrasting Velvet Choker, $15.

Comfortable and fashionable

Super trendy doesn’t always mean practical. My children spend most of their time at school and or studying. They need to dress for comfort, yet feel confident in their clothes. If it’s not comfortable, but pretty, it may hang in the closet after that first-time wear. For back-to-school, we chose a stylish yet comfortable pair of Superga Platform Shoes, $80.  We added a simple, yet classic Reclaimed Vintage Bandana Neckerchief Scarf, $17, that can be worn on the neck, around the wrist, or tied to your backpack.


Remember that the teenage years are a time of expressing yourself. Let your child make their own choices but guide them when necessary. Even siblings may have polar opposite tastes in fashion, give them the freedom to make wise choices while setting them up for success.

Have fun and bond

Back-to-school shopping can be a time of bonding with your children. Being prepared ahead of time will give you the opportunity to enjoy this time with your kids.

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Despite being located above the nose on the face, I have noticed eye print patterns being worn on all different parts of the body. Sometimes as a necklace, and sometimes as bold as a patterned scarf, all eyes will be with you with the help of this unique trend. Here are a few subtle ways to rock an unconventional pattern.

Eye of The Beholder Style


The flirty t-shirt

This eye-winking cotton t-shirt can be paired with high-waisted jeans, a skirt, or shorts. Throw a blazer on for work or while travelling and you are ready for a look that’s fresh and flirty.

Flirty Cotton T-shirt, $69

A small accessory

The enamel eye pin adds just enough color to your blazer, denim jacket or your bag!

Georgia Perry Eye Pin, $15

Wallet on a chain

This whimsical eye wallet on a chain has just enough room to store your essentials and the removable shoulder strap is super convenient for the day and beyond.

Eye To Eye Wallet, $59

Quirky shoes

These quirky espadrilles with embroidered winking design will keep you comfortable and get you where you are going while keeping with the eye trend.

Soludos Smoking Slipper, $75

A bold accessory

This faux leather bag charm is bright and small but “eye” catching!

Eye See You Bag Charm, $83

A protective cover

This protective iPhone cover is topped with a graphic eye design that allows you to follow the this trend!

Eye Transparent iPhone Case, $35

Don’t be afraid to be bold and try something dangerous! With the help of an unusual pattern worn appropriately and satirically, all eyes will be on you!

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White jeans and ruffle top with wedges

Fashion Friday: What’s in my cart this week

Shopping online is simple and quick. For the busy mom on the move, it is always the easiest route to go… unless you have to return items that don’t fit, of course. While browsing different websites, I usually put a few items in my shopping cart just to keep my eyes on a few options that are trending right now or pieces I need to add to my already ever-evolving wardrobe. Once you buy one item, it spirals into, “I need that top to go with the new skirt” or “Wouldn’t those shoes work perfectly with that new pair of pants?” Beware — occasionally, some of those items go missing from the shopping cart when you eventually go to make the purchase!

Start at the top

I have been wearing this ruffle top from Zara nonstop. It is crisp, comfortable, sleek and pairs perfectly with a pair of culottes or white skinnies. Here are some similar options;

Royal Blue Ruffle Off The Shoulder Blouse, $15

Tulip Sleeve Off-The-Shoulder Top, $40

Tularosa, Alexa Lace-Inset Off-Shoulder Crop Top, White, $89

Re:named Over the Shoulder Top, $41

Splendid Striped Off Shoulder Tee, $118

Jeans for any occasion

I love the quality of a good pair of jeans. High-waisted skinnies hold me in, in all the right places, pair nicely with a cropped top, and are figure flattering for everyone.

Frame Le High Skinny Jeans, $150

Complete your outfit with the right shoes

Wedge shoes offer all the elegance of heels with the comfort of flats. A little pop of color adds flavor to an otherwise neutral outfit.

Kate Spade New York Tarin Platform Sandals, $127

Always accessorize

Try pairing bright chandelier earrings for a flattering flash of color to contribute to this look.

CHAN LUU Goldtone Beaded Drop Earrings, $70

Happy shopping!
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I love the look of combining blush and black for both day and night. I recently tried on a few items to try to emulate this trendy combination and quickly learned that not all blush tones are flattering on. When pairing your blush items, try to stick with other neutral tones that work well with your coloring. I find that when pairing these neutral tones, I like to stick with black as the base of many of my outfits, making blush my accent color.

Blush and Black Fashion

The basic

A black tank dress works well with almost everything in my wardrobe. I can wear it to work with a neutral vest and some flats of comfortable heels. The Aritzia dress is fitted, yet conservative enough for work.

Aritzia Seymour Dress, $80

The simple addition

I love this barely-there, understated, “Love” necklace.

Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry Love Necklace, $155

The bomber

This bomber is the right shade of blush and will be a great little piece on a cool morning or early evening outing.

Shiny Bomber, NLY Trend, $80

The neutral lip

The Revlon ColorBurst lip balm comes in almost any shade, I am currently wearing this neutral shade daily.

Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm, $10

The lunch bag clutch

This lunch bag-looking clutch is inspired by the traditional brown paper lunch bag and is a timeless look.

Marie Turnnor Accessories Pyramid Stud Lunch Clutch, $220

The shoes

These suede booties are a must have for warm summer nights, daytime outings, long days at work and for travel. They are super comfortable and go with almost any outfit.

Jeffrey Campbell Pink Suede Lace-Up Bootie, $115

Open toe sandals in a neutral shade are a great basic.

Steve Madden Basic Sandal, $120

The long topper

This long vest fits nicely over the fitted black dress and adds coverage to a simple outfit.

Long Waistcoat with Back Opening, $50

The sparkle

The urban look of this bracelet is sporty, yet can be deemed as evening wear because of the crystals. It is comfortable and easy to wear.

Slake Nude Crystallized Bracelet, $70

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6 White Sneakers We Love for Summer

To me, the most positive fashion development in 2016 has been the popularization and re-appropriation of the not only chic, but comfortable, running shoe. Nothing contrasts an all-black outfit or a little dress better than a white sneaker. And, when I run out of the house in a hurry to do my carpools, nothing is easier than slipping on a pair of sneakers. I can continue on with my day, whether it be running errands, going to work or grabbing lunch with friends. At night, the look can be elevated, yet casually chic, with a black dress. Now I don’t have to wear my “drop me off at the door” shoes and can walk to-and-from my evening outings. I am extremely grateful for this trend!

6 White summer sneakers we’re loving

1. Nike Tennis Classic Ultra Flyknit Sneaker ($150)

2. Vans Perf Leather Slip-On ($60)

3. Adidas Originals Stan Smith ($76)

4. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Sneakers ($70)

5. Puma Women’s Basket Matte and Shine Lace Up Sneakers ($70)

6. Adidas Originals Superstar ($80)

What’s your summer sneaker style?
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Father’s Day is a day that I like to enjoy with my family. My ideal day would include going to the gym as a family, then straight to the pool, ending off with a barbecue with extended family. This would be enough for me, but being married to the Sassy Mom, I accept that a Father’s Day gift is a key part of Father’s Day at the Sassy house. If I have to choose a gift, it should be practical and therefore, should fit into my “Sassy Dad” lifestyle.

Meet Shaun, our Sassy Dad

 Father’s Day gift picks from the Sassy Dad


1. Beats by Dr. Dre Beats Solo 2 On-Ear Wireless Headphones ($200) When at rest, a great pair of on-ear headphones is essential. These headphones come in different colors and the style that Beats is known for stands true with this particular headphone.

2. Netflix Subscription ($9/month) To relax, I like to watch Netflix. Whether I am traveling or at home, my favorite series is always by my side.

3. Jumbo Whiskey Ice Cubes ($8, set of 2) Another favorite past time of mine is drinking a good scotch, whiskey or bourbon. Jumbo ice cubes makes the experience of a fine beverage last longer.

4. HMDX Craze Wireless Earbud Headphones ($25) On the treadmill or out on the trail, these earbuds make a run all the more enjoyable. They are lightweight, sweat-proof, and fit snug for a great sound.

5. SwissGear ScanSmart Casual Business Backpack ($50) When I’m working, I am on the move most of the time. From meeting to meeting or when I travel, the best way to go is a business backpack. This backpack has plenty of secure compartments and is expandable to keep all of your business essentials close by.

6. SiriusXM Subscription ($20/month) From music to news, SiriusXM is the most complete service for all of your audio needs. Just like Netflix, I can take my favorite talk shows or music with me wherever I go.

7. Original Gourmet BBQ System Pizza Stone Insert with Carry Rack ($35) The barbecue is not just for meat anymore. The great smoke flavor you get when you grill a hamburger has the same impact on a pizza over the grill.

Happy Father’s Day!


Don’t miss Father’s Day picks from our Savvy Dad!

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