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Lisa Kobrin is a mom to three children, aged 14, 17 and 19. She is passionate about education and loves home décor and fashion. She is the Sassy Mom to the Savvy Sassy duo and manages a team of creative contrbutors that work hard to keep moms up to date on the latest trends. Lisa loves social media and works on a variety of social media campaigns with brands big and small. Connect with Savvy Sassy Moms on Instagram

Aside from Christmas, and when the kids go back to school, I think spring is the most wonderful time of the year. The stores change over their merchandise, and the sun starts shining. Most importantly, I’m finally emerging from hibernation inside the 500 blankets I use to keep warm.

I can almost feel spring in the air. I can taste it in the Starbucks menu changeover and the declining gas prices! Oh spring, how I long to break free of the heavy shackled restraints of my winter coat. Please come soon, so I can FINALLY debut my white sneakers I bought on impulse over the winter.

White Blouse Refresh For Spring

As the weather warms, I find myself swooning over white blouses with high-volume sleeves and over the shoulder tops with feminine details in many shapes and fabrics!

The blouse always feels feminine, effortless and flirty, too. I think of it as the ultimate piece for the working mom. It adds to a sophisticated office-ready look, and can also be worn under a blazer or cropped leather jacket to accommodate the freezing office air conditioning. You can later transform the same blouse for date-night by adding a pump or a bootie.

We know comfort plays a huge role for the active mom, and you can leave a blouse untucked over jeans or tucked into a skirt, making this piece a staple. Let’s face it, moms-to-be can wear a button-down blouse or a peasant blouse as maternity wear (if you’re lucky) for a pretty cute look.

Now you can button up in style as you step out with a renewed sense of gusto this season. We hope you enjoy viewing a few of our favorite white pieces to get you refreshed for the season. We tried to include all the right accents to ensure you are on trend this year.

  1. Priyalla top
  2. Tipped button back bell sleeve top
  3. Asymmetrical top with ruffle
  4. Heart blouse
  5. Embroidered dot off the shoulder
  6. Poplin bardot blouse
  7. Ruffle one shoulder top
  8. Bow sleeve blouse

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Vena Off-The Shoulder Top

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Collared off the shoulder top

What are you debuting this season that you bought on impulse in anticipation of Spring?
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The athleisure trend really benefits the mom on the go! You may find yourself having to be several places at once and one of those places may be the gym. Every morning, in lieu of my New Year’s resolution, I think to myself, “Maybe I can make it to the gym after morning carpool.” Since my day can go any which way, I dress in my athleisure-wear to motivate myself to get there.

Athleisure Wear for Moms

Oftentimes, an unanticipated series of events, like a mishap at school, or an unscheduled grocery run, prevent me from getting my daily cardio in. Sounds familiar, right? Athleisure serves two purposes — I can run around in comfortable attractive clothing and allow me to utilize the same outfit if I end up getting to the gym, seeing I am already dressed to go.

 The legging pant

Pants can go from carpool, the gym or to a lunch and mesh and lace inserts make these pants modern and ready to wear! I love the look of faux leather that can be worn to the gym or to a dinner, which makes my wardrobe versatile yet simple.

High Rise Lustrous Leggings, $89

Fishnet Ankle Leggings, $62

The basics

A simple t-shirt is perfect for layering in cool weather or as a basic at the gym. The ruched tube skirt is perfect for a walk with friends while pushing the double stroller or taking the kids to a play group, ensuring comfort and moveability. 

Basic Boy Tee, $96

Tube Skirt, $166

Hoodies and pullovers

Creating a sporty look with a hoody will keep you warm, layered and ready for action! Hoodies and pullovers are not just for your little one anymore.

Pink Long Sleeve Convertible Hoodie/Over the Shoulder Top, $128

Color Block Crop Sweatshirt, $58

Black and White Long Sleeve Pullover, $80


We all need the perfect accessories that can be used throughout the day. 

Pink Longchamp Backpack, $125

Grey Faux Leather Backpack, $140

Matte Lip and Cheek Pencil, $24

Black Cat Activity Tracker, $98

Baseball Hat, $44

Studio Socks, $25

What are some of the athleisure wear items you use all day long?
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25 Must-Have Children's Books

Whether you are looking for a book to read with your children, a gift for a loved one, to enhance your own library or taking a trip to the public library, we have compiled a list of 25 must-have children’s books to enjoy.

Although my children are now older, I still have many of my favorite children’s story books that I use to enhance literacy skills in the classroom, recommend to other parents or to share with family members. These are the books that have stayed in my collection and some that I have added to my library over the past few years.

25 Must-Have Children's Books

The Party

Stephanie’s Ponytail

Where The Sidewalk Ends

Duck, Rabbit!

The Gingerbread Man

It’s Okay To Be Different

the OK book

Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse

Where The Wild Things Are

Press Here

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom





Little Pea

The Giving Tree


Mabel Murple

Scaredy Squirrel

From Head to Toe

The Napping House


Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus

Cuddle up and read to ensure that you use this time to bond with your child. Lifelong learning leads to lifelong success and being a reading role-model will assist in the reading fun. While reading, make the experience fun by using your voice to imitate a character speaking or role play to stimulate your child’s imagination. Try pointing out letters, individual words, rhyming words or pattern text to encourage your child to participate in the reading.

Don’t forget to give your child a chance to select their favorite books or to choose books of interest at a level that is relevant to your reader. Books with repetitive text, rich illustrations and predictability will give your child an opportunity to engage in the reading and explore and internalize a variety of texts.

While reading to, and with your child, through listening and speaking you are encouraging oral language skills, vocabulary development and print awareness skills.  

By promoting and supporting a love of reading, it is our hope that this passion will last a lifetime!

Which children’s book do you love reading over and over?
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The time has come for your daughter to go to the prom and she has been dreaming about her prom dress for ages. But, while the task of finding a prom dress may seem easy enough, there is so much more to it than you realize. Here’s what every mom needs to know before she goes prom dress shopping with her daughter.

Prom Dress Shopping: What Every Mom Needs to Know

There is a Facebook group

You heard correctly. There is a Facebook group for the girls to post their prom dresses. They post their dresses the second they purchase them so there are no repeat offenders the night of prom. Occasionally, girls will post multiple dresses, claiming more than one dress so no one will buy them. Thus, it is important for your daughter to be loud and clear about which dress she intends on buying. Often, a certain style may be more popular amongst the large group of girls, so it is important to ensure your daughter that though her dress may look similar to another, she will still be able to add unique touches with hair, accessories and makeup to make the look her own.

Start shopping early

Many girls have an idea of what styles of dresses they are interested in, but once they try something on, it may be different than anticipated. Prom dresses are already stocked and in the store early. If you want a premium selection, I would suggest starting the search in January. Some of the girls may need some time to see what is available, what suits their frame and what colors are in stock.

All about photos

Some boutiques do not allow you to take pictures at all, but if they do allow photos, take some. Personally, I think it is extremely helpful to take a picture of your daughter in their dress if they are undecided or if they are deciding between multiple dresses. They can also revisit the photos later when they do not feel that purchase pressure and will have time to see a selection at a different retailer, narrowing down the options.

Skip online shopping

We know that there are so many retailers specializing in prom dresses, however, shopping online may be a little disappointing once the dress arrives at your home. When you are anticipating the dress that you ordered, you may have to have it altered, pay shipping fees, may even have to ship it back once it arrives and start the shopping all over again.

Test out makeup and hair, pre-prom

Do a trial run before you settle on a style. Trying something very different the day of prom may result in an unhappy daughter, and even worse, an unhappy mother. Pinterest is a great place to pin different hairstyles and makeup tutorials to give you inspiration on looks to try.

Additional wardrobe required

Not only does your daughter need a prom dress, she needs a graduation outfit to wear under the cap and gown AND an after-prom dress. Please note: the beautiful prom dress that you spent hours debating about and purchased that was sealed for preservation in the garment bag for months will probably be thrown to the sidelines as your daughter prepares for her after-prom activities. This dress is not a gown — it will probably be a “nightclub” type dress for the remainder of the evening.

Remember a change of Shoes

Make sure the shoes selected are comfortable or they will not even make it through the evening or even the pre-prom activities! I suggest, walking around in the chosen shoes for a few weeks before the event. Plus, purchasing running shoes or flats to change into part way through the evening will ensure a fun and comfortable evening for your daughter.

Good luck, moms!

What style of prom dress would you like to see your daughter in? 
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Over the winter break, we decided to travel to London as a family. The trip ended almost too soon, it seems, since we were having so much fun. Over the course of five days, we enjoyed many teas, tons of shopping and quite a few tourist attractions throughout the city. Through our travels, we learned 10 tips for taking kids to London, through trial and error.

10 Tips for Taking Kids to London 1. Location is key

Select a hotel in a convenient location. London can be expensive and when traveling as a family of five, it is occasionally challenging to find an accommodation that works, especially when a destination is not within walking distance. Most of the hotels we looked at could accommodate four, but once we added the fifth person, it became quite costly. We decided on a hotel close to everything, ME London, located in the theatre district. Just a block away from the River Thames, we could walk to Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square, Houses of Parliament and St. Paul’s Cathedral.

2. Contact the hotel concierge prior to your stay

Don’t be afraid to email the concierge team at the hotel before you arrive for suggestions about tours and restaurants. They have a wealth of information and are experienced in getting around town and picking great restaurants. The team at the hotel even asked questions based on our children’s interests prior to making suggestions.

3. Get an Oyster card when you arrive

Traveling around London is very expensive. The Oyster card is a smartcard that can be used as a travel card to give you access to public transportation based on your preference of travel. These cards can be purchased at nearly any corner store or at any local underground (subway) station. If you purchase a pass and have leftover funds, you can return it at the end of your holiday or top it off if need be. We used our Oyster pass daily, and the savings were huge. You can take the bus almost anywhere and we definitely didn’t feel guilty if we needed a break in touring midday to head back to the hotel and then head out again.

4. Plan your tourist attractions in advance

London in December is busy! At some of the landmarks, we had to wait for long periods of time. Book tickets and print them off prior to arriving at your planned sightseeing locations. Some tourist attractions even have fast passes, similar to Disney! We could only get in two attractions per day because of the massive lines. We visited the Tower of London, where we waited for a long period of time to see the Crown Jewels and chose a tour with a guide.

10 Tips for Taking Kids to London

The world’s tallest Ferris wheel, The London Eye, in South Bank by the River Thames was a great place for photo ops and to see London from a 360 degree perspective! The line moved very quickly, so you don’t need to buy a fast pass for this one.

5. Book a play

Since we were staying in the theatre district, we decided to see the play, Beautiful based on Carole King’s life story. I found myself smiling throughout the entire play because of the absolutely incredible singing and dancing. My family loved it, and we all considered it a highlight of the trip.10 Tips for Family Trips to London

6. Take a bus tour

My favorite thing to do when I arrive at a new place is to take a tour to get perspective. Taking a bus tour allowed us to acclimate to our surroundings and to see what sites were close to our hotel.10 Tips for Visiting London in Winter... with Kids!

7. Dress for the weather

Prepare to be cold if you’re visiting London in December!  Layer up when going out and don’t forget your hat and gloves.

8. Get New Year’s Eve ready

Central London is closed off during New Year’s Eve for security purposes. If you are planning on going for New Year’s Eve, you will need to purchase tickets to access the streets of London or to get to the London Eye for an incredible fireworks display at midnight. At our Concierge’s suggestion, we booked a restaurant for the latest seating possible, in close proximity to the London Eye. We received wristbands from this reservation, which gave us access to the fireworks. Our wristbands allowed us to walk around freely, which was amazing, especially since most of the streets were closed off for New Year’s Eve from 8 p.m., as well as the next day for the New Year’s Day parade.

9. Allow for travel time

Be prepared for crowds. You will need to plan for the always-heavy traffic if you have booked reservations. Be sure to leave plenty of travel time and consider the traffic.Where to have high tea in London

10. High tea is a must

My family and I enjoyed a high tea at the Savoy! Having a high tea midday was the perfect time to debrief about our day and take a break from all the walking. Plus, the food was absolutely delicious.

Overall, my family and I loved our trip to London. Though we were traveling, the most important part of our trip was spending time together. With my daughter away at university, it is a rare treat get a full week together with the entire family.

Check out Where to Stay in London: The Ultimate Sightseeing Guide by HotelsCombined to enjoy more of London with the family!

What are your tips for a great family holiday?
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Everyone has a different style for the holiday season! Though it can be stressful hampering around your closet, pulling past about a dozen Christmas sweaters and about 10,000 sparkly numbers to get to that perfect blouse for a family dinner, it’s also fun to revisit the Ghost of Wardrobe’s Past.

2016 Holiday Style

Holiday fashion pieces for 2016

We know that it can be daunting to regenerate the basics you already have when creating a new look this season. Of course, you don’t want to dress like everyone else, and we know that it is always important to be you, so we wanted to include some of our must-haves in our 2016 Holiday Guide. If you  have a black camisole, $128, then you are halfway there to a perfect holiday outfit!

This year, there has been a revival of the cotton poplin white shirt, which has had a complete makeover. If you have a basic white shirt, you may want to pair it with a feather skirt and tie it at the waist to create a dramatic New Year’s look! Add a vibrant, elaborate hoop earring to complete the look.

Whether you are a cat lover or not, a feline topper will definitely turn heads this holiday season! This is a great addition to any wardrobe, can be used for the entire season and for years to come. This leopard faux fur coat (not pictured) is one of our favorite feline pieces that we are completely drooling over.

We can’t get enough of the luxe look of velvet! It is soft, comes in so many colors and makes us feel very feminine. Try a simple velvet shoe to add a new texture to your outfit.

Let’s be honest, we all need a bodysuit! You may not think so, but instead of wearing a tank top under everything, you may want to switch it up with a bodysuit. The bodysuit sits beautifully under a dress, with a skirt or, if you can pull it off, with a sleek pair of jeans. This basic black bodysuit goes with everything.

 Add a little textured clutch to any of these pieces and off you go!

From our closet to yours, happy holidays!

What are your holiday wardrobe staples?
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To me, frilly equals feminine. When I think of frill, I think of the decadence of Marie Antoinette, the girlishness of Little Bo-Peep, and the frilly white socks my mom used to pair with my Mary Janes. But, wearing ruffles and frills now is a different story.

Wearing Ruffles and Frills: A How-to Guide

In fashion, frill has moved past the frilled white sock ($10). This season, ruffles and frills seem to be everywhere I look. I am truly elated to announce that the frill is back and I could not be more excited to relive my youth through stepping out in frilly dresses and accessories. This trend isn’t just for moms. Everyone knows that a little girl dressed in frills is absolutely adorable.

I am enamored with the ability to be comfortable and feminine at the same time and this look is not just for special occasions. Frills will be found in the business world, footwear, casual wear, dresses, outerwear and even accessories. From glamorous looks to the sporty vibe, the ruffle will be seen throughout the season and you will be a stand out in a noticeable statement frill.

The frill statement pieces

The Oversized Chiffon Ruffled Blouse ($78) can be worn to work with a fitted trouser or during an afternoon with your favorite jeans. I have been known to wear this look out in the evening with a leather-effect slim pant, too. You can always add a frill to the bottom of a pant and keep the top simple like this Roll-Tab Sleeve Tunic ($28) with a Frilled Stretch Trouser ($70) or a Leather-Effect Trouser ($70).

The cozy and comfortable frilly accessory

Accessorizing can help fit your mood or personality. I love the idea of a pair of Ruffled Fingerless Gloves ($60) that add just that bit of a feminine vibe! A simple Jersey Ruffle Sweatshirt ($58) can really update your wardrobe, giving you a relaxed silhouette. A comfortable shoe can’t be beat while making your way through your list of things to do, get the look with a white Ruffled Sneaker, $412.

Are you wearing ruffles and frills this season?
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Sparkly, glittery, shiny, oh my! This season I have discovered the look of metallic styles and they are slowly starting to replace the sparkles in my closet. In the past, I’ve been a big fan of sparkles, but have noticed that after a few wears, I tend to get a little bored. I want glitter and glamour, but I also want longevity. With metallics for fall, not only am I getting my glitter fix, I am adding a modern element to my wardrobe that is unexpected and matches with almost any other color I’m wearing.

Metallic Styles for Fall 2016

The muted mirror metallics are playful and unexpected, yet add the elegance to any look with a refined twist to your wardrobe. Unlike sparkles, metallics remain clean and light wear after wear, acting as a base for a unique glam look without looking too overdone.

The metallic shades speak for themselves, whether you are wearing a silver-toned sweatshirt, $70,  high waist metallic leggings, $30, metallic zip booties, $140, an a-line leather mini-skirt, $160 or adding an iridescent halo to your manicure, the variety of hues to choose from are endless.

This trend is a serious ode to the early 2000s, but also a flash forward to the future of fashion. Metallics are not only showing up on the runway, we are also seeing interest and shine in the home in accent pieces such as a super chic silver metallic pouf, $90. Metallic pieces that act as a neutral will surprisingly go with almost anything and be a stand-out in any room.

This season, combat tired burgundys and beiges, which are repeated every single fall season without fail. Shine on in gloomy weather, and rock an everyday metallic hue.

How will you be wearing metallics this season?
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Dear neck,

I never took notice of you before, assuming I would be young forever. You and I had a great relationship. You do whatever I do, you come with me everywhere, and you look great with a bit of bling. Now, three kids later, and you seem more noticeable than ever, and I can admit that I took you for granted in the past. We exercise together, and although my body remains toned, you seem to have lost the spring in your step. Thanksgiving is inching closer and closer, and I want anything but to have a turkey neck. I started looking at you a bit closer in the mirror after a conversation I had with my friends during dinner.

One of my girlfriends told me that she has lines on her neck from sleeping on her stomach. Another friend responded that it was part of the aging process and demonstrated how sleeping on your stomach doesn’t create lines. She forgot to mention she sleeps on her back! When I got home I started to take a close look at my neck — do I have sleep lines on my neck and chest? I started to do a daily check, too.

Does sleeping on your stomach give you lines on your neck?

After I received my SiO SkinPad package and began using the pad, I saw a difference on my neck after two nights of wear. The SiO SkinPad is a new product that uses medical-grade silicone to reduce wrinkles on the décolleté while you sleep. Additionally, if I want to boost my neck’s appearance before going out in the evening, I put the SiO SkinPad on while I am getting ready to give me a radiant and smooth look. This pad is reusable and fits firmly in place as it encourages my skin to repair and create new collagen production. Not only did I notice that by using the SiO, my skin remained soft, it helped to maintain my natural moisture.

The SiO is remarkably able to keep fine lines at bay, and provide a protective barrier from allergens and irritants while sleeping on my stomach!

Now I ask you, have you taken notice of your neck? Be prepared for the holidays… without looking like the main dish.

This post is not sponsored. Product was received to review. As always, all opinions are our own.

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Our Ask a Teen expert is experienced in all sorts of scenarios and is often heard giving advice to her friends. Ask a Teen will lend an understanding ear to teens and give helpful advice from her own perspective.

Ask a Teen: Back-to-School Edition

Mia is finishing her last year of high school with ease after experiencing all the ups and downs as many teens do. As an active member on student council, Mia has mastered dealing with every issue that school can throw at you. She has mentored and tutored younger students, and knows the exact advice to give them to help make their lives easier. What better advice can you receive about your children than from an expert teen? She’s willing to answer any questions and offer excellent advice, so send in any questions that you or your children have and she will help!

Q: I’m extremely nervous to go back to school this year. I had a rough end to the last year, and I’m dreading the beginning of the school year. How do I overcome this?

A: Whenever I go back to school, I like to think of it as a fresh start. You have new pencils, new markers, new clothes and new classes with different people. Remind yourself that since it’s a new year, you’re able to start it however you want to. You can form a new friend group or you can set new goals for yourself, but it all depends on your attitude. If you enter the school year miserable and gloomy about the past, then you will only give yourself a negative start to the new school year. However, if you are optimistic and see the new opportunities you have for the school year, the beginning of the year will flow much more easily! It’s all about what you make of it.

That being said, even if the beginning of the year is rough at first, don’t panic — I promise it will improve! I remember the first-week-of-school where I would come home and cry, because nothing seemed to be working out. However, those moments do not sum up your entire year. There will be other moments in your year that you will remember and they will outshine all of the bad memories. Whenever I look back on my previous years, I see all of the positive memories; such as laughing with my friends or being super proud of a grade I received. It’s inevitable to avoid some bad moments from happening, but be sure to not let them define your year!

Lastly, be happy! The happier you are, the happier people will be around you. Laugh a lot and make jokes about scary situations. Sit with friends in class, do work with other people and smile whenever you have a chance. You can create the best years of your life by simply approaching the year with joy!

Everyone gets a bit nervous for school, but don’t approach it with negativity, never let bad memories define your year and be happy!

Q: I really want to be more known in my school this year… how can I make a name for myself?

Once you have a core group of friends, popularity will matter less to you. However, there are ways to make a name for yourself and be known by the school without dealing with drama or dropping friends. All you need to do is find something you love and get involved.

What matters to you the most in school? Is it planning events, academics, sports or clubs? It becomes much easier to adapt to your school life once you find an aspect that makes you happy. Personally, I love planning events and academics are very important to me. I found a route to pursuing these things outside the classroom through student council and tutoring. I got so happy planning events on student council and being responsible for fun days for the student body. This genuinely made me enjoy going to school more, since I found something I loved to do within the walls of the school.

Next, get involved and be the person who makes a difference! It doesn’t have to be a big council or role in the school, it can be a small committee that you can take charge of. My school allows you to make your own clubs and committees, so you can be the founder of a very popular club. Once you earn a role on a committee, you can make a difference in other students’ lives too and encourage them to join and get involved. This allows you to make a name for yourself in the school environment solely based on doing something you love. Whether it’s joining a pre-existing club that you’re passionate about, or taking a leadership position and creating your own, this can be your breakthrough moment in school!

Since I got involved, I have established a positive name for myself at school and it has also enhanced my high school experience since I get to participate in activities that I love!

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