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6 Reasons to visit the Disneyland Resort During the Holidays #DisneyHolidays

It seems as though the Disneyland Resort and the holidays were a match made in mouse-shaped heaven, Disneyland is quite frankly the perfect locale for all things happy and festive. We were recently invited to enjoy the merry festivities, all opinions are own. After a day full of holiday Mickey heaven we have created a list of reasons why you should run and not just walk to the Disneyland Resort during the holidays.

The Castle during the holidays at Disneyland #DisneyHolidays
Just Got Merrier Decorations

I personally love over-the-top decorations around the holidays; the more the merrier I always say, but somehow the Disneyland Resort takes it just a step further and has the ability to fully immerse guests into a magical world of snow capped castles, wreath strewn lamp posts, gigantor Christmas trees and jingle belled adored horse drawn carriages down Main Street U.S.A. that makes Christmas even more merry. Both the Disneyland Resort and California Adventure are a gorgeous sight to behold during the holidays that are decked out to the fullest with decorations and festive décor everywhere.

Jingle Cruise Ride at Disneyland #DisneyHolidays

Holiday Rides

During the holidays at the Disneyland Resort a few of our favorite rides receive a festive holiday transformation. The Jungle Cruise becomes the “Jingle Cruise” with super fun surprises along the boat ride and can we talk about how funny that ride has become? I mean, I can never stop laughing at the boat drivers corny jokes. It’s a Small World Holiday is a popular attraction over the holidays and a must see. The Haunted Mansion Holiday is a complete Christmas transformation with a Nightmare Before Christmas theme (my 7 year old and 4 year old loved it!).

A Christmas Fantasy Parade at Disneyland #DisneyHolidays
A Christmas Fantasy Parade

Twice a day and starting at It’s A Small World and ending in Town Square, the “A Christmas Fantasy Parade” marches through the resort and features everyone’s favorite characters while they don their most festive apparel. Disney Princesses (even Anna and Elsa!) join the parade along with prancing reindeer, marching toy soldiers and dancing gingerbread cookies. To round out the entertaining parade Santa Claus makes an appearance with his rosy cheeks and jolly laugh.

Santa Claus at Jingle Jangle Jamboree
Jingle Jangle Jamboree

Located in Frontierland in Big Thunder Ranch is the ultimate Christmas activity showdown known as “Jingle, Jangle, Jamboree”. There are games and activities, such as coloring (every kid that colors a Sheriff’s star can participate in the stage show), cookie decorating, reindeer games, yummy food and even a petting zoo. Guests can even visit Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus too.

Holiday Food at Disneyland #DisneyHolidays

Holiday Eats and Sweets

No piece written about the Disneyland Resort can complete without a mention of the food and sweet treats to be had at the park during the holidays. All along Main Street U.S.A. and Buena Vista Street in DCA you can find handmade sweets such as fudge, toffee, candy canes, caramel apples, candies, cookies and so much more. New to the Disneyland Resort are the Souvenier Soup Cups available at the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe, where guests can grab a insulated soup cup to go and enjoy it while watching the parade. The soup stays warm inside, but the cup is cool enough to carry!

World of Color - Winter Dreams #DisneyHolidays
World of Color – Winter Dreams

The World of Color show every night at Disney’s California Adventure is always a sight to behold; however the World of Color – Winter Dreams is a magical visual feast that you absolutely cannot miss. Hosted by the huggable Olaf, the show consists of holiday magic and sparkly colors with upbeat music that everyone will enjoy.

Log on now to book your Disneyland Resort and Disney California Adventure holiday visit today.

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Halloween at Disneyland

Halloween, like only Disneyland can do it

A visit to Disneyland Resort is pretty special any time of the year; however Halloween at Disneyland Resort is an especially spectacular time to visit. Every Fall, (September 12 to October 31, 2014) the Disneyland Resort is transformed for the Halloween season with magnificent decorations, special “spooky” attractions and Halloween sweets galore at every sweets shoppe. We were invited to Disneyland as members of the media, all opinions are our own. Halloween is magically celebrated at Disneyland Resort like only Disney can do it.

Disneyland HalloweenTime Candy Corn Cotton Candy

Candy Corn Cotton Candy

It’s all about the Sweets

The Disneyland Resort is becoming quickly infamous for their culinary delights, from the Mickey-shaped pretzels to the gumbo bread bowl at the Royal Street Veranda (and so much in between), the Halloween Time sweets at Disneyland are no exception. Found in any sweets shoppe in California Adventure or the Disneyland Resort, the Halloween Time sweets are stunning works of art. I stopped in to several shoppe’s to get a glance at them and without fail, I drooled every time. I got to personally taste the candy corn cotton candy, Mickey Pumpkin Cupcake, apple twist, pizza twist, Mint Julep and Gibson Girl ice cream in a Halloween waffle cone. I have heard very good and yummy things about the pumpkin Mickey beignets from Café Orleans and the piping hot banana fritters from Royal Street Veranda.

Disneyland Halloween Time Sweets and Treats Special Halloween Time Attractions

Without question, the quintessential icon of the Halloween season is the Haunted Mansion Holiday. The 2014 Halloween Time Haunted Mansion Holiday is decorated inspired by Jack Skellington, from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas and the spooky residents of Halloween Town. I snapped the picture below of the Haunted Mansion Holiday during sunset, giving the Mansion an extra spooky glow. We didn’t get to ride the Haunted Mansion Holiday this year (my kids are too little and are easy frightened!) but I have heard the entire ride is decorated for Halloween. Space Mountain becomes Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy during Halloween Time at Disneyland. Although the queue time is a bit longer to ride during Halloween Time it is worth it. Pick up a fast pass so you won’t have to queue too long! Haunted Mansion at Disneyland during Halloween

More Halloween Time Special Attractions

Big Thunder Ranch, which is known as the Halloween Carnival during Halloween Time at Disneyland Resort offers several special events during the Halloween season. Meet your favorite Disney characters in special Halloween garb, see the amazing hand carved pumpkins that are true works of art, the kiddies can do some Halloween crafts and catch a glimpse of popular Disney villains. Observe Dia de los Muertos with a traditional skeleton display in Frontierland too! Halloween Time at Disneyland Media Reception with Jack and Sally

Magical Holidays at a Magical Place

A visit to Disneyland is always special however, the ability to celebrate a holiday at the happiest place on earth is made even more magical due to the unique attention to detail Disneyland can do. My older children and I had the best day ever at Disneyland, my kids loved the special decorations, the special treats and most especially the Halloween Time sweets. It was a magical, happy day. I mean, just look at these faces:

Happy Kids at Disneyland

My kids

Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort is every day now until October 31st, 2014. Head on over to Disneyland to purchase Halloween Time tickets now.

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Cute Vs. socks for kids!

Today, I bring to you the cutest invention to go on kid’s feet — Vs. Socks! Brought to us by founders Ashley Conners and Hannah Lavon, two awesome college friends now creating awesome, playful products for awesome people! Vs. Socks are absolutely, adorably, amazing.

socks for kids

Vs. Socks are the newest products invented by Ashley and Hannah and are designed for playful kids ages 4 to 8 years old. They are made of super soft and thick cotton blend material, complete with non-slip grips on the bottom.

For boys and girls

Vs. Socks are currently available in a boys’ 3-pack and a girls’ 3-pack. Each 3-pack is complete with 3 sets of animal “versus”. The girls’ 3-pack includes an owl vs. mouse, dolphin vs. fish and cat vs. dog. The boys’ 3-pack includes shark vs. penguin, lion vs. tiger and t-rex vs. triceratops.

socks for kids

My 3 year old daughter fell in love with the socks right away. I mean, what kid wouldn’t? The socks are thick and durable, playful and super colorful. She had a blast playing pretend with each versus pair.

Having never been a dull, white socks kind of gal myself, I love the playful uniqueness of these socks. I could totally go for a pair of these in my size. Knowing that you have on silly socks somehow makes the world a funner place. I mean, how bad could your day be if you have on silly socks? Get fired from your job? Who cares! There’s a playful rage of dolphin vs. fish going on your feet!

vs socks cat and dogv

The Vs. line includes socks sold in sets for kids and individual pairs for adults, Vs. booties — perfect for the babies in your lives and Vs. mittens for those playfully chilly days.

Head on over to Vs. Stuff to see their complete line of products, pick up a few unique pieces for those special people in your lives and even some for yourself.

I received vs. socks for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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Dollar Tree Easy Centerpiece

Tis’ the season to be merry & bright

Decorating for Christmas doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. With so much activity like shopping, baking, visiting friends and family and other jolly good things sometimes less is more — especially when it comes to your Christmas table centerpiece. My home is well known to be a Santa-riffic explosion of merriment, therefore for my table centerpiece I like to go super simple, no fuss and easy.
I recently headed to my local Dollar Tree, where everything costs a dollar (yes! a dollar!) and I loaded up on easy, inexpensive decorations to create 2 Christmas table centerpieces — an easy one that took less than 5 minutes and a more difficult one that took about an hour (or more I wasn’t counting).

Easy Christmas table centerpiece

The Dollar Tree is stocked full of really great finds, such as these glass candle holders. I simply picked up a few awesome shapes and sizes and filled them with these great Dollar Tree round ball ornaments, some of my favorite candies, a few Dollar Tree poinsettias and candy canes and voila! Perfection. And it’s foolproof! And best yet? This entire centerpiece cost only $15!

Dollar Tree Centerpiece Easy 1

It’s sparkly and colorful enough to be enjoyed, yet simple enough to not cause any stress. While I was creating this super easy centerpiece, I even imagined filling the glass candle holders from the Dollar Tree with other great things like tinsel, peppermints, cranberries and pine needles – the possibilities are endless.

Dollar Tree Centerpiece Easy Closeup


Crafting takes a plan, the right tools and some patience. None of which I have of course. I knew I wanted to create some sort of a Christmas tree shape out of these great Dollar Tree ball ornaments, so I set out to do so.

Dollar Tree Centerpiece Difficult

I have seen these tree ornament topiaries at stores that cost around $20 per piece. I knew I could create one of my own, from Dollar Tree products for waaaay less than that… and I was right! To create the Christmas tree ornament topiary you need a cone shaped base, loads of hot glue, Dollar tree plastic ball ornaments, and some patience.

Dollartree Centerpiece Difficult Steps

1. Create a cone-shaped base
If I were going to create this Christmas tree ornament topiary again, I would use a solid colored paper, like red.

2. Start hot gluing away
Apply loads of hot glue and hold the ornament in place for a few seconds

3. Take off the metal ornament topper and point the top inwards and down
I figured that step out about half way. If I were going to create this Christmas tree ornament topiary again, I would use just two ornament colors, like red and gold.

4. I wanted to add some more color, so I added the poinsettia leaves that I used as the “star” to fill in a few gaps where my base could be seen.

The holidays are a perfect opportunity to get as crafty as you would like and your local Dollar Tree is the perfect store to get all of your crafting supplies at a fraction of the cost.


This is a sponsored post on behalf of the Dollar Tree. All opinions are my own. 

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Lalaloopsy an instant hit

It wasn’t that long ago that the Lalaloopsy dolls hit the toy market and quickly became the hottest toy of the gift-giving season. I personally have heard my 3-year-old daughter say she wants a “waawaaopsy” doll at least once a day. With their big button eyes, adorable style and slightly pigeon-toed gait, I can’t help but love them unconditionally.

Lalaoopsy Loopy Hair Doll

The story of Lalaloopsy dolls

The Lalaloopsy dolls were once rag dolls who magically came to life when their very last stitch was sewn. Each doll has her own personality that comes from the fabrics used to make her. Lalaloopsy dolls live in a whimsical world full of silly surprises. Lalaloopsy are so magical… and so cute!

Recently added to the Lalaloopsy doll family is the Loopy Hair collection. A collection of 4 wonderfully whimsical Lalaloopsy dolls that have extra soft, long hair that can be styled, twisted, braided and brushed for the first time ever. Each of the dolls comes with fun hair clips and a comb so kids can style their Lalaloopsy doll’s hair in “sew” many loopy ways.

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to review a Lalaloopsy Loopy Hair doll. My daughter was so happy and so excited to receive the doll, it actually brought tears to my eyes. For real. Look at the sheer joy in her expression here:

Lalaloopsy loopy hair doll reveal

Captured her heart!

My daughter played with her new Lalaloopsy Loopy Hair doll for hours on end, she talked to it, styled its hair, named it Loopy and she carried Loopy everywhere. From dinner time, to reading time, to bedtime my daughter and Loopy were two peas in a hair fashion pod. In fact, she’s sleeping with her new Lalaloopsy Loopy Hair doll now.

I love any toy that can capture my kid’s heart this way. However, I genuinely appreciate the sweet disposition that Lalaloopsy dolls provide as well as the creative whimsy and imagination too. The Lalaloopsy Loopy Hair dolls don’t look like regular people. They have colorful hair and button eyes, oversized heads and dainty limbs — therefore allowing kids to use their imaginations as to what their dolls will be like. I love that.

The Lalaloopsy Loopy Hair doll collection offers 4 wonderfully whimsical dolls to choose from. “Jewel Sparkles” with her bright pink hair and pink shiny dress, “Spot Splatter Splash” with her bright yellow hair and white and red dress, “Mittens Fluff “N” Stuff” the doll we reviewed with her bright blue hair and blue polka dotted dress and “Peanut Big Top” with her purple hair and orange dress. They’re all so cute, I want one of each!

Lalaloopsy Loopy Hair Doll Collection

With the holidays fast approaching, I highly suggest you run — don’t walk — to the stores now to pick one up before they’re all gone.

Check out and “like” Lalaloopsy on Facebook for more information!

Lalaloopsy Logo

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Lalaloopsy via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Lalaloopsy.

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Thanksgiving, the holiday to celebrate giving thanks with family and friends, is one of my favorite holidays. The cool, crisp air, fall colors and smell of cinnamon and nutmeg warms my heart and immediately makes me want to bake, craft and gather with friends and family. Thanksgiving is also the perfect holiday to unleash your inner “hostess with the mostess.”

Make a special Thanksgiving centerpiece

As a hostess, one of the subtle ways I like to show appreciation to my guests is by having a really amazing centerpiece. They may not notice the extra time and effort right away, but I guarantee it adds to the overall effect of my gathering. Given the opportunity to create an affordable, simple and gorgeous centerpiece with materials from my local Dollar Tree, I am super happy with what I have created.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

By using classic, inexpensive items from the Dollar Tree — where everything is only $1 — as well as fresh produce from the grocery store, I created a dynamite centerpiece that was not only easy, but it’ll knock any guest’s socks off.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

The best part of this centerpiece? I didn’t have to use any glue to attach any of the produce, so they’re totally still edible!

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

I created a “Thanks” banner using a purple bucket from the Dollar Tree, construction paper, craft paper, craft scissors, glue, tape and coffee stir sticks. The entire banner project took less than half an hour to create because I wasn’t trying to be “perfect”, I was going for slightly imperfect with tons of character (like me!). Dollar Tree Thanksgiving Centerpiece 2

Then I took glass candle holders from the Dollar Tree, which are always in stock, and wrapped fresh produce around them using twine. I picked out the center artichoke leaves to set the tea light in the center, and used double-stick tape on the glass candle holder for the green beans, just to make tying them with the twine easier. The purple kale was by far the easiest because it was big and bushy and easily secured with the twine.

Dollar Tree Thanksgiving Centerpiece 5

After all of the pieces are completed, simply arrange them on the table, lay some Dollar Tree floral pieces in between and there it is! An amazing, simple and dynamic centerpiece! The entire centerpiece took about 1 hour to complete. I do suggest creating it the day of your event because the fresh produce won’t last forever.

For more inspirational centerpiece ideas, log on to the Dollar Tree website.


This is a sponsored post on behalf of Dollar Tree. All opinions are my own.

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Given the task of creating a Halloween centerpiece from items found at my local Dollar Tree store as part of a sponsored campaign with them, creative liberty to do what I wanted and $15 to spend, I had an absolute creative blast! I was thoroughly impressed with the selection of Halloween items for sale at Dollar Tree. Not knowing what to expect exactly, yet having an open creative mind to create something awesome, I am so happy with what I ended up doing. There was actually so much awesome Halloween stuff to choose from at the Dollar Tree, I had a hard time deciding. Halloween Centerpiece from Dollar Tree Initially while shopping for Dollar Tree Decorations, my theme was going to be red and black, feathers and spooky elegance. Although I love happy pumpkins, brightly colored candy and the general merriment my kids have about the holiday, I love to decorate my house in a dark elegance with whimsical touches. Velvet and baroque details, black birds and deep reds.

Halloween Centerpiece from Dollar Tree 2

I purchased all of the items in my Halloween centerpiece from the Dollar Tree (apart from the velvet runner, orange candle and large spider in the flowers). The silver tray, white candle, black bird, gold filigree pumpkin, vase, flowers, plastic spiders, fake spider web and paper spider decorations are all from the Dollar Tree! Crow in Halloween Centerpiece from Dollar TreeThe black crow steals the show for me. I love seeing its reflection in the silver tray. I painted the red flowers black with an acrylic black craft paint for an extra spooky touch and I painted the glass candle holders as well. Originally, I had painted the fat round glass candle holder with a pumpkin face, but it turned out to not fit the centerpiece theme, so I simply turned the pumpkin face towards my son’s seat at the table. He’ll love that happy face smiling at him during meals. Halloween Centerpiece From Dollar Tree Collage Since this Halloween centerpiece includes candles, please do not leave young children unattended while they are lit. You can find all of these spooky Halloween centerpiece items and more on sale at your local Dollar Tree — where everything is $1!


This is a sponsored campaign with Dollar Tree. All creative opinions are my own.

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Apple Craft for Kids

Is there any other fruit on Earth as wholesome as an apple? In season all year long, apples can be baked into pies, tarts, strudels, stewed, steamed, made into juice, or apple sauce, eaten raw and so much more.

One of my favorite things to craft with are everyday objects, ones that everyone can recognize and doing something different with them. Take these apple stamps for example. They’re super easy, super adorable and can be used with any kind of paint to match the material you’ll be stamping on.

I chose to apple stamp some plain brown craft paper bags. Perfect for gifts, school lunches or for going apple picking in the orchard, these apple stamped bags are to die for.

Apple Craft for Kids

Creating these apple-stamped paper gift bags is simple. In fact, you can do it in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Cut the apple in half length wise.

Apple Craft for Kids

I chose an apple that wasn’t perfectly round, I loved the slight heart shape of this one.

Step 2: Apply the Paint. Liberally. 

halved apple painted, apple craft

I used a sponge brush and slathered on the paint, covered the entire surface of the apple, including the stem but not the whole in the core.

Step 3: Stamp onto the bag

apple stamp, apple craft

As you might see in the photo’s background, I practiced stamping on a plain white sheet of paper in the background.

apple stamped bag, apple craft

The key to this apple stamping craft is imperfection. Seriously. The less perfect your apple stamp comes out, the cuter it will be with more character. So relax, and have fun with it!

painted heart apple, apple craft

For a little extra pizzazz I cut a heart shape out in the core of the apple and applied paint liberally to the apple in hopes that the apple shape would be visible. Once again, I made sure the heart shape wasn’t perfect and wasn’t symmetrical. I love simple, unsymmetrical crafts with whimsy!

apple stamped bags

I can envision these apple stamps on gift cards, tote bags, t-shirts and more. Just use the correct paint to match the material you’re stamping on and stamp away! Get the kids involved too, and make something for their favorite teacher!

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Did you know that over 40% of women in the US population are size 14 and larger? Yet fashion is focused towards women of smaller sizes. As a plus size woman myself, I can fully attest to the retail difficulty I have in finding stylish, comfortable and supportive lingerie. Curvation by Vanity Fair Brands is stylish lingerie that encourages women to write their own rules when it comes to beauty and fashion and show off their curves. At Curvation, curvy isn’t a size, it’s an attitude.

Curvation bras for the curvy womanCurvation full figure bras

Beauty Is Size Neutral

Curvation bras offer beautiful and functional products that offer comfort and support in size ranges from 38D – 44DD.

Curvation_Side Shaper UnderwireSide Shaper With Underwire
– Inner support sling which provides seamless shaping
– 2-ply seamless cups which ensure coverage and a smooth look under clothes
– Adjustable cushion straps that stay in place all day
Price: $12.94
Available in Colors: Black, White, Tiffany Silver
Available in Sizes: 42C, 40D, 36-42DD, 40-42DDD
Retail Availability: Wal-Mart,, Kmart

Curvation_Back Smoother Underwire
Back Smoother With Underwire

– Full coverage flexible back for smoothing and ultimate comfort
– Wide comfort straps stay in place all day
– Fleece lining for modesty coverage (you know, in case it’s cold!)
– Center-front design allows freedom of movement
Price: $13.94
Available in Colors: Black, White, Latte
Available in Sizes: 42C, 40-44D, 38-44DD
Retail Availability: Wal-Mart,, Kmart

Curvation_Smooth Support Wire-FreeSmooth Support Wire-Free
– Lightly padded to smooth the bustline
– Two-ply back for coverage and support
– Smooth fabric does not show under clothes
Price: $13.94
Available in Colors: Black, White, Latte
Available in Sizes: 40-44C, 38-42D, 38-44DD
Retail Availability: Wal-Mart,, Kmart



The fashion bend towards curvy acceptance is refreshing and uplifting. No longer will I have to hide, cover, and pull my shoulders forward while wearing unattractive, uncomfortable and unsupportive bras. With brands like Curvation, that are celebrating women’s curves, we can embrace our plus sizeyness and celebrate the uniqueness that we are. As Curvation says: “luckily, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes” and girls, that’s sooo true.

For more information about Curvation for the Curvaceous Woman, log on to Curvation now.
You can find Curvation on Facebook.

Curvation Bra Giveaway!

One winner will recieve two Curvation bras.
Please enter through the Rafflecopter form below!
Contest ends on 9/30 at 11:59pm PST

a Rafflecopter giveaway


*This is a sponsored post, I received Curvation lingerie for review purposes. All curvaceous opinions are my own. 

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Now that the new school year is underway for most of us, it is time to go back to the daily grind of packing lunches, carpooling and homework. And if your kids are anything like mine, then they get tired of daily PB&J sandwiches so I am always on the hunt for creative, yet healthy lunch ideas. Here are some basic and super simple rules I try and remember while creating school lunches to ensure my son is getting the healthiest lunch possible. Keep in mind that my children are not fancy eaters and if I packed my son’s lunch with a couscous, salmon and spinach roll he would scoff and throw it at my face.

Cover all (or most) of the basic food groups

healthy lunch tips

By USDA [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Remember to try and pack most if not all of the food groups. Which include a protein, a dairy, a fruit, a veggie and a grain.

Kid friendly examples of the basic food groups include:

Apples with yogurt dip and a whole grain ham sandwich with a slice of American cheddar cheese.

PB&J or (PB&Almond Butter) whole grain sandwich, carrots and ranch dip and a cutie orange.

Sunchips, a whole apple and a BLT sandwich on whole-wheat bun with light mayonnaise.

Turkey hotdog in a bun, grapes and crunchy celery sticks.

First Day of School Bento

photo via Bento-logy

If you want to stray away from the everyday traditional sandwich, there is always the popular Bento boxes option as we covered here on Savvy Sassy Moms The Bento Box Lunch CraZe a few months ago. Bento boxes are a great way to pack in tons of nutrition in a fun, bite-sized way that your kids will be sure to love. Not to mention that the possibilities are endless and you can get as creative as your free time lets you.


Pack 100% juices, or better yet pack water. If it is going to be a particularly hot day, I like to pop the juice container in the freezer when I wake up in the morning so that it will be extra cold by lunchtime-that also doubles as an ice pack that will keep the rest of the lunch cool.


I mean, kid’s lunches are just not the same without a chocolate chip cookie or two. Packing a dessert in your kid’s school lunches also helps teach self-control. I have told my son that he can have his dessert once he has finished the rest of his lunch (whether he actually waits or not I have no idea but his lunchbox is always empty when he comes home).

Don’t Forget the Lunchbox!

Any lunch is even tastier in an adorable (or awesome if your child is a boy) lunchbox. Check out these 10 Adorable Lunch Box For Kids picks from Savvy Sassy Mom Esther.

A Little Something Extra
Freebie Love notes from Love From Ginger

Freebie Love notes from Love From Ginger

A little love note written on a post-it note, a special sticker or whatever else you can think of that will tell your child in the middle of their day that you love them and think about them often. My 6 year old actually requested that I do this for him.

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