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Candice is a mom of 3 in Los Angeles, CA, and the Owner/Editor-in-Chief of Fashionably Organized. Her obsession with researching products to get the right price, has made her the go-to shopping guru for her friends. She writes about fashion, beauty and shares her love for home decor and DIY. In 2012 she began CB Media Solutions her company that offers brands and clients professional virtual assistance and social media consulting.


WordPress is a very common platform being used today by all kinds of internet users. Whether you run an e-commerce site, a blog or any other type of site the use of WordPress can be easy to manage with the use of plugins. With key WordPress plugins you can make your site work to it’s maximum potential and be pleasing to read at the same time.


AkismetAvoid all of those pesky spam comments that infiltrate your site on a daily basis by using Akismet. While set-up is mildly annoying it’s worth every step of the way. In one day I saw my comments go down by 95 percent. I was moderating comments daily because of spam and now I never see spam comments.

All in one Favicon

All in one favicon screenshot

If you are sick of seeing the standard favicon that goes with WordPress or your theme you can customize it everywhere with one smart plugin All in one Favicon. It’s a great way to have a consistent logo for your company throughout the internet.

Better Author Bio

Better Author Bio screenshot

If you have a blog with multiple authors or would like an author box at the bottom of each post with a little more pizzaz then Better Author Bio is for you.This WordPress plugin allows you to get more bio information for the author of the piece under each post with links to all of the author’s social media accounts, too.


NoFollowr screenshot

With Google changing their algorithm yet again for putting a site on the top of their search engine it’s important not to get dinged for things like having a dofollow link. NoFollowr is an easy one-click way to make each link you choose to make a link nofollow. The best thing is that you do it once the post is live, so you don’t have to remember to code anything when writing a post.


While ReplyMe plugin is an older plugin, but its simple brilliance is worth the download. Here’s the scenario: You get a comment and comment back to the person who kindly commented on your post. How do they know you commented back? Well, simple ReplyMe sends your commenter an e-mail with your response so that it will help instigate a conversation.


Tweetily screenshot

If you have a Twitter account and use it regularly Tweetily will retweet archived articles at intervals you set. This will keep your older content on the radar and read more than just the week it’s posted. You can set individual posts or categories to never get retweeted. It’s highly customizable and helps keep your content constantly rotating.

WP to Twitter

WP to Twitter screenshot

WP to Twitter was one of the first plugins I discovered, and is still one of the best I ever added to my site. The simplicity of what it can do is integral to those who post daily to Twitter. Each post you do will get tweeted out as soon as it’s published. The great thing is that you can customize each individual tweet within the post editing area.

Do you have any must-have plugins for WordPress?

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As I mentioned last week I was going to go to Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland with my husband and kids. We went to the Halloween bash on Friday night and had a blast. It was the perfect way to celebrate Halloween with young kids, and we had fun as well.

2013-09-27 13.24.17

dressed as a pirate, but with her Mickey ears on

My youngest was the only one who dressed up, but it didn’t matter either way because all 3 of the kids had a blast. They all really loved trick or treating throughout the park at the designated locations. They got so much candy that we filled a huge mixing bowl when we dumped it all out. We didn’t even hit all of the trick or treating trails laid out throughout the park.

Disney Halloween1The Halloween festivities throughout Disneyland transformed us in only the way that Disney can do. All of the Disney characters were wearing costumes too. One highlight for my 7 year old son was meeting Pluto dressed as a Pirate when we went to Piratepalooza in Frontierland. My 9 year old met Phineas and Ferb at Tomorrowland so he was all set.

Disney Halloween2One thing that was truly magical was the beautiful “Halloween Screams” fireworks show in Main Street. My kids made sure we were on time and waiting to see the beauty of the night sky when it began. With fabulous fireworks and music this fireworks display was the perfect way to light up the sky for Halloween. My 4 year old couldn’t stop talking about the fireworks and how beautiful they were.

Just as my husband and I were too pooped to think anymore, we sat down in Main Street to gather our belongings and give the kids the 5 min warning, Mickey’s Costume Party cavalcade came down the street. My kids stood riveted as they watched all of their beloved characters come down the street in their Halloween costumes. It was a wonderful parade that I hadn’t expected them to adore it as much as they did. Let’s be honest it kept my kids quiet for 10 mins too!

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Highlights of Mickey’s Halloween Party include:

    • The “Halloween Screams” fireworks spectacular, hosted by “Master of Scare-omonies” Jack Skellington (presented exclusively for guests of Mickey’s Halloween Party)
    • “Mickey’s Costume Party” cavalcade featuring some favorite characters, performed twice nightly
    • Disney villains arriving amid thunder and lightning to transform Town Square, Main Street, U.S.A., into Villains Square
    • The Cadaver Dans ghoul quartet, performing Halloween-themed tunes aboard a drifting graveyard-themed raft on the Rivers of America
    • An opportunity for everyone in the family to attend the park in costumes
    • Photo locations with some popular Disney and Pixar Pals, and Disney Villains
    • Nearly all the Disneyland rides and attractions, plus Haunted Mansion Holiday and Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy
    • Complimentary parking for one standard-size vehicle

Tickets to Mickey’s Halloween Party purchased in advance are $59 each for selected nights, while tickets purchased on the event days are $67 each. All tickets to Mickey’s Halloween Party on Wednesday, Oct. 30, and Halloween Night, Thursday, Oct. 31, are $74 each. Mickey’s Halloween Party is a non-smoking event. Smoking will be permitted only in the Esplanade outside the Disneyland Main Entrance.

Disclaimer: I was given tickets to Mickey’s Halloween Bash for me and my family. The savvy sassy opinion above is my own.

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Last year I saw Andrea’s post on taking her family to Disneyland during their special Halloween season. I thought that looked like such a fun memory that I couldn’t help but think I’d love to take my kids there next Halloween. Her pictures showed the best of Disney but in Halloween style. Why wouldn’t I want to go right? Well this year I’m lucky enough to be invited to heir special Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland which starts tomorrow night (9/27).

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Mickey’s Halloween Party invites adults and children to dress up in costume and trick-or-treat at Disneyland Park, as part of the annual Halloween Time celebration at the Disneyland Resort. Mickey’s Halloween Party is a separate-ticket event held for 13 special nights beginning Sept. 27, 2013, and including October 31, offering dance parties, some Disney characters in their Halloween attire and even the Disney Villains.

It gets better though because this time of year Disneyland adds Halloween themed yumminess for the whole family to enjoy. We can’t wait to taste everything and enjoy a few of the great adventures they have in store like:

  • Take a spooky stroll down Main Street, U.S.A., which is transformed into a Pumpkin Festival with hundreds of hand-carved pumpkins on display—and no two alike.
  • Meet some Disney villains as they are conjured up in a sideshow tent at the Halloween Carnival at Big Thunder Ranch in Frontierland.
  • Create Halloween crafts and enjoy some not-so-spooky activities for kids at Halloween Carnival at Big Thunder Ranch. Plus, watch pumpkin carvers and meet some of your favorite Disney Characters in their Halloween costumes.

If you live in the SoCal area stop by one of the 13 nights, and buy your tickets early before it’s sold out.

Disclaimer: I was given tickets to the Halloween party for me and my family. The above savvy sassy opinion is my own.

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Last month our savvy sassy contributors told us about their favorite apps, but this month I asked them to tell me what their favorite kids apps are. Now I wanted to know what their faves are, not their kids. Often our kids are playing with our devices on apps that are not all that interesting to you. Then there are the apps we think are genius and entertaining for your kids. Our savvy sassy contributors share their favorite kids apps.

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 10.06.45 AMKeryn of Walking on Travels told us about 2 great ones: Frequent Flyer (by Smart Fish) walks kids through the entire flying process. From packing a bag to going through security and finding their seats. It keeps my toddler entertained forever.

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 10.06.17 AMBobs Books get young readers ready to start, well, learning how to read. There are different difficulty levels so you child can grow with the app and figure out basic words, sounds and spellings.

Lots more on Keryn’s Favorite Apps page.

Sharon is our newest contributor from Cupcakes and Cutlery had some great apps to share with us.

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 9.08.09 PM

I love Endless Alphabet. It is a super fun way to learn letters, their sounds and an introduction to vocabulary. Plus the graphics are super well done, colors are awesome and it really engages my son.
Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 9.10.13 PMFor my 7 year old I like Stop Motion Studio. It allows him to make his own movies. He has been able to teach himself how to use it and I love that he can be really creative with it.

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 10.10.02 AMAnd the Watch Disney Channel app for when we are somewhere boring. I can get them to sit still and watch one of their tv shows for a while.

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 10.11.17 AMOur newest tech guru Nicole of Red Lotus Mama has me wondering how I could’ve missed this one: My daughter and quite a few of her friends love Sudoku Kids.

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 9.40.58 PMChristine of Mama 2 The Rescue said: My favorite app for my son Joseph is Elmo’s Monster Maker. It’s pure Sesame Street silliness and allows him to really use his imagination. I’m a sucker for all things Jim Hensen and muppets, so just watching him enjoy it brings a lot of memories back for me. In a world of shoot ’em up games, this is definitely a wholesome treat.

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 10.01.49 PMChristine of Everyday Mama said, Sing and Learn Colors with Jenny Jenkins and Lisa Loeb…so cute!

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 9.40.35 PMMy (Candice of Fashionably Organized) favorites run the gamut of differences but I thought I’d share 2 stand outs. One is the Fraggle Rock app. Esther did a review of this app, and because of her review I had to buy it. I’m so glad I did. My 4.5 year old daughter loves the fact that it reads to her and all of the maze games too.

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 9.24.24 PMThe other one I wanted to share is My Homework. My son’s are in 4th and 2nd grade and I bought them each a student planner, but they won’t use it. However, my 9 year old has his own iPad and this app is perfect for my technology loving son. However, I put this on my iPad so that my 7 year old can use it. They both love that they have important “work” apps to use. The best part is that it is available on every platform you can think of.

What’s your favorite kids app?

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My little cousin is pregnant with her first child – a boy. I volunteered to help plan the bash, and we immediately settled on a Mustache themed shower for her new Little Man. As long as there were mustaches and ties we knew we were good to go.

photo courtesy of Sour Punch Studio

photo courtesy of Sour Punch Studio

We started out with getting the brilliant Little Man Mustache Bash printable from Sour Punch Studio on Etsy. The editable PDF’s were so easy to use and these made the party fun to plan because most everything we would need for the little man party was all in one package. From the invitation to the decorations it was all there. For the invite envelopes I needed 5″x7″ envelopes, and for the thank you cards we needed A2 size envelopes.

Mustache Bash centerpiecesFor the centerpieces on each table I got small baskets and some flower Styrofoam to put the photo props into. Each photo prop was taped onto BBQ skewers for photo fun. In addition to the photo props, I put 8 pens, the B-I-N-G-O game and the advice cards in there. All of these different items were included in the party printable set I got from Sour Punch Studio. Each table also had a canning jar with Gerber daisies.

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 12.27.18 PMTo make a great way to find the party we use these Mustache Balloons tied to the mailbox.

mustache bash food decorationsThe food and drink tables had more mustache decorations with the great printable from Sour Punch Studio. With paper straws and mustaches attached, we could all drink lemonade in mustache style. Each dish had food tents telling the guests what we were having for lunch. I used lollipop sticks to tape the cupcake toppers from Sour Punch Studio. My other cousin made the great home made cupcakes.

Mustache Bash party favorsThe party favors were some of my favorite parts of doing this great mustache party. The premise was to give each person a DIY Root Beer Float to take home. I wrapped together 1 bottle of IBC Root Beer, 1 Ball 100th Anniversary blue jar replacing the lid with a the mustache lid from Glass Act Supply on Etsy. The hole in the top had a paper straw from Party Paper Straws on Etsy and a cut out mustache flag which was included in the Sour Punch Studio printable. The root beer bottle label was a water bottle label from Sour Punch Studio printed on sticker paper. I took the lid from the jars punched a hole and put a round sticker on them saying “Just add ice cream”. The thank you stickers were also part of the Sour Punch Studio printable, also printed on sticker paper. I wrapped it all up in cellophane wrapping, and tied it with bakers twine from Katie Bird Studio on Etsy.

mustache bash funIf you want to have fun with this theme, all you need is a ream of 65 lb paper, a ream of 100 lb paper, scissors, a 1/8″ hole punch and lots of patience. For a little extra pizazz anything that required taping I used mustache washi tape I got from Two Berry Creative.

My beautiful cousin had a great time, and a super memorable mustache bash.

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I opened a can of worms everyone, and it was an awesome can to open. I asked our Savvy Sassy contributors what their favorite Smart Phone apps are. Now I had to be specific to the fact that it wasn’t for kids for yourself. We all know that as moms (or if you have a kid in your life), there are great apps for them. However, I wanted to know what apps are great for US!

Keryn of Walking on Travels said, “I’m huge into iPhoneography so my apps tend to be photo apps. Here are three of my favorites-Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 10.50.02 AMPhotography:

  • Instagram: Easiest way to make fun, fabulous photos and share with all your friends
  • Camera+: sharpen, add color and effects, and even borders to make great photos to share with friends and family
  • FrameMagic: Group photos together to make collages. Add text and even import into Instagram and other social media outlets

For Travel:

  • Goby: Not sure what to do in the tiny town you are about to visit? Goby will give you a list of all the popular and obscure sites and things to do in the area.
  • Oanda Currency Converter: If you hate doing conversion math while traveling abroad you need to have a good currency convertor. Oanda is fast and easy. Convert those Yen into Dollars in seconds.

Keryn even shared a link to a post she wrote on her site about her fave photo apps.Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 10.40.17 AMEsther of A Lovely State of Mind said, “besides Instagram, Songza, Pandora, Momento, and of course Starbucks.” When I saw her list I had to ask what Momento was, because the name intrigued me. As soon as she wrote back I knew I had to consider this one. “Momento is like an online journal/diary – it’s great because i can snap pics of my kid and fill in a short entry about what’s happening at the time and its cataloged for me to look back on – you know, because moms never have time to actually write in a real diary ;)”Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 10.45.57 AMChristina of Mama 2 The Rescue said, “Waze is by far my new favorite app. It’s better than Google Maps because of it’s social networking aspect. Users are able to post real time traffic reports. While google will only take you on main streets, Waze will help you by pass them and take you through trusted neighborhood shortcuts. Here’s a little more on the app. An added plus is that it helps you find the cheapest gas in your neighborhood so you save time and money.”Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 10.35.18 AMDesiree of Sarcastic, Funny and Brutally Honest said, what I’m getting is a trend these days, “Instagram. Which I KNOW is so cliche but I seriously love it. Perhaps because I love photography but mostly because I love the idea of capturing a small, tiny square moment of time.”Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 10.53.39 AMAlli of Diapers and Heels said, My photography apps I love are: Photoshop express and Rhonna Designs.

For shopping, I like Red Laser – it allows you to take a picture of the barcode of an item and it will search the internet and locally to tell you where they are selling it and for how much. I use it a lot for the kids stuff or electronics.Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 12.00.12 PMSusan of had 2 great apps to share with us, “Zillow – because everywhere I travel to, I envision living there. Zillow helps me figure out housing costs, and neighborhood stats. Plus, I get the added bonus of a virtual walk-through with a few on-the-market houses (no matter the time of day)

DirectTV – I know, this is a weird one, right? Well, the reason I like this one is because I can watch our subscription just about anywhere with an internet connection! I use the handy-dandy Digital AV Adapter and plug into any hotel, family-member, house rental TV that has an HDMI hookup. It’s like cable on the go. Plus, my kids can watch directly from my iPhone or iPad.”

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 11.27.25 AMI (Candice of Fashionably Organized) am loving Evernote. I recently did all of the planning for my cousin’s baby shower, and used Evernote to corale everything I bought, lists of things we needed and even ideas I found on-line. It was a lifesaver because I could add stuff from my computer from my phone and from my iPad any time. I loved it so much I started Notebooks for every project. I even having a shopping Notebook where I keep multiple shopping lists for different stores. If you use Evernote I want to highly recommend getting Everclip for your iPhone/iPad too!Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 11.50.14 AMThe original Savvy Sassy Mom, Andrea, had a lot to say about her favorite app, “Right now my favorite App is the Dropbox App that allows me to upload my pictures to a folder then access that folder from my phone and save them onto my photo library for sharing via social media!  This is a work around for when you want to share pictures and images that you did not take with your phone. The Dropbox App is my new BFF!”

Tell me what’s your favorite app? I’m sure you have a great one we haven’t heard of, but need to know about right now.

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It’s become a semi-standard thing to have reusable snack and sandwich bags in my house. (When not using reusable bags we use snap lid plastic containers.) I’ve tried many different types of reusable sandwich bags over the last 6 years and can say without any hesitation that neat-os sandwich bags are my favorite.

What these bags are made of

neat-os details

The one thing that I love love love about these bags is that they have a see through window so you can see what’s inside of them. They are also the most earth-friendly people-friendly bags out there. I love the coated canvas because it makes it so nothing sticks in there for life. Every piece of the neat-os bag is made in USA too!

neat-os are made of FDA certified food-safe materials.  All materials have been certified as bisphenol-A (BPA) free, phthalate free, PVC free, lead free and non-toxic.  The fabric is a cotton canvas that was designed for chefs and is coated in food safe plastic, that can withstand high temperatures and is non-abrasive, making it easy to clean lots of different ways.

Keeps produce fresh

One of the best things about Neat-Os is the fact that it keeps produce fresh for a long time. With the gallon size bag you can actually store produce, and have it stay longer in your refrigerator. Even when I use the snack size bag for apples or carrots for the kids lunch they come back as fresh as they left the house.

More about neat-os


The uses for neat-os bags is infinite. While it’s great for fresh produce and can be taken with you to the store for all of your produce needs it’s also just as great for the dry goods and snacks. It is an all around great reusable bag for packing lunches.


Once you get your bags your kids can decorate each one to make it their own by simply getting fabric markers. This way your child’s bag will be more likely to come home, and not get lost. Of course they’ll love being able to show off their artistic prowess to all of their friends.

It’s super easy to clean your neat-os bag. You can put them in the washer and dryer or in your dishwasher. The more you wash them the softer they get.

neat-os comparison

how neat-os compares

If you are looking for the best reusable storage bag look no further than neat-os.

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It was a little over 9 years ago my diaper bag obsession began. I never owned just one. I mean I was carrying them instead of purses, so I collected them like purses. I remember my first Petunia Pickle Bottom bag, and the love I had for that gorgeous bag was immense. Then, last week I found out the designer of those gorgeous diaper bags, DeNai Jones’, ventured into the handbag world, with her usual chic flair. This new venture is called Petunia Handbags.

Available in a variety of sizes and silhouettes, including everything from totes and cross-body styles, to shoulder bags, satchels, phone cases and wallets, Petunia’s new handbag collection features DeNai Jones’ signature style in prints and textiles to suit the most discerning tastes.

Laser-Cut Leather Collection

Petunia Handbags Leather Collection

These stunning handbags and accessories feature Petunia’s signature laser-cut patterns in luxe, 100-percent genuine, smooth-finish leather. The bag is further enhanced with custom-brushed nickel hardware and a special edition option with hand-crafted embroidery. The Laser-Cut Leather collection offers three styles – the Transatlantic Tote™, the Heathrow Holdall™ and the Westward Wallet™. Prices range from $199 – $578.

Cut-Velvet Collection

Petunia Handbags Crushed Velvet Bowler

Boldly modern silhouettes are embellished with strikingly avant -garde patterns in a layering of lush Belgian cut-velvet with exclusive detailing. The rich colors and opulent textures are accented by polished gunmetal branded elements and genuine leather trim. The four styles include the Hudson Hobo™, Bisou Bowler™, Troubador Tote™ and Waverly Wallet™ and range in cost from $156 – $356.

Glazed Collection

Petunia Handbags Glazed Collection

Sleek, stylish and beautifully patterned, these handbags and accessories present striking patterns and colors, and move gracefully from day to night, beachside to city lights. The glazed coated cotton canvas is practical for every day, all-weather adventures yet the custom brushed nickel hardware, signature embroidered detailing and vegan faux-leather trim radiates style. The Bauhaus Bowler™, Continental Carryall™, Soho Satchel™, Promenade Pocketbook and Socialite Phone Case range from $38 – $255.

I cannot say which bag is my actual favorite. All of these bags are beautiful shapes with fabrication that can only be explained as exquisite.

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I know many plus sized women worry about wearing prints and the fact that they could possibly give the impression of being larger than they would like to appear. However, that could not be further from the truth. Prints on plus sized women can add add the much needed oomph to an otherwise drab outfit.

Plus Size Prints

Trixxi cut out dress / Jones New York / Old Navy dress / Michael Kors top / Alex Evenings / Old Navy plus size blouse / Lucky Brand v neck top / Dex / DKNYC / Style & Co. plus size top


Whether it’s stripes or leopard a print can be worn by plus sized women if done right. Wearing a print can change your outlook on your little outfit whether running errands or going out to dinner.

Here are a few hints:

1. For an all over print do it in a lighter fabric that won’t cling to your body. A dolman sleeve top is a perfect way, because of the looser nature of the top the print won’t look like it’s clinging to your body.

2. Don’t make the print too big and bold. Bright huge roses will only make you look out proportioned by the big print.

3. Use animal prints thoughtfully. Use them as a metallic but pair with some awesome trouser jeans to show your chic style. Another way to use animal print is as an accent to a top, like just the sleeves.

4. Go retro mod prints in a tunic top or sheath dress. Pair with leggings or tights to complete the look this fall.

The most important thing to remember if you’re plus size is that prints are not out of the question. If you use them right they can really flatter your figure. If all else fails and you want to dip your toes into the pool of prints start out with a scarf and shoes. You’ll soon find yourself in love with wearing prints.

Do you have any great plus size print advice to share? I’d love to hear it.

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It’s been many many years of my addiction to Orla Kiely prints and coveting her stuff. Imagine how elated I was to see that Target had Orla Kiely Method foaming hand soap.

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 10.43.40 AM

Yes, even her hand soap makes me happy. I needed new soap in the master bathroom and quickly bought it. I knew my husband would roll his eyes because to him soap is soap, but it’s not!

Orla Kiely Collage

Then I was on-line yesterday and discovered that Belkin teamed up with Orla Kiely to sell exclusive iPhone and iPad cases at Target. I have been coveting getting a bag in the famous multi stem print for years, and now I could own a case for my iPhone or iPad in the multi stem. {swoon} They have cases for iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPad and iPad Mini. For your phone you can choose between a wallet case and a cover. The Orla Kiely opportunities are infinite!

Let’s be honest now that smart phones and portable devices are like carrying a purse we change covers to match outfits on a regular basis. It’s about time I got a new cover for my iPhone or iPad Mini. Alright I normally wouldn’t do this but it’s Orla Kiely prints for gosh sake, sometimes you have to get something you’ve loved forever. The question here is does my iPad Mini or iPhone need a new case?

Do you love Orla Kiely as much as I do? If so, which is your favorite print? Which device will you be outfitting?

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