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Andrea Fellman is a Mom who hasn't lost her style to motherhood. She is the owner and editor-in-chief of Savvy Sassy Moms and manages a team of creative contributors that work hard to keep moms up to date on the latest trends. Andrea loves social media and works on a variety of social media campaigns with brands big and small. Connect with Savvy Sassy Moms on Instagram Andrea's biggest passion is traveling with her family and is currently living in Costa Rica! She is writing about her travels over at Wanderlust Living and you can follow her personal journey on Instagram

Scout Box (1)
It’s a Back-to-School Twitter Party

Join us…
Tuesday, August 18th
6 p.m. PST / 9 p.m. EST
Hashtag: #ScoutBox

Hosts: @savvysassymoms /  @being_katie  / @mystrangefam

Sponsors: @helloproducts / @mabelhood / @annieshomegrown  / @plumorganics @frenchtoastcom  / @smartyhealth

Back-to School Twitter Party

Join us on Tuesday for a Back-to-School Scout Box Twitter Party to prepare you and your kids for the first days of school… whether you’ve already started or you’re still weeks away, you’ll love this chat!

We’ll be joined by our team of Product Scouts, savvy moms just like you who received our Back-to-School Scout Box. This special themed box was filled with some of our favorite brands that make heading back to school a little less stressful and healthier.

At the party, we’ll be discussing how to master the morning routine, what to pack in those dreaded lunches and how to get more goodness in your kids tummies to help them achieve more in their day! We’ll also share some organizing tips, talk about school style and have plenty of giveaways.

Back-to-School Scout Box Giveaway

Twitter Party Prizing

1. From hello products: Toothpaste prize packs for adults and kids
2. From Annie’s Homegrown & Plum Organics: Healthy lunch snacks prize pack
3. From SmartyPants Vitamins: A one-month supply of SmartyPants Kids Complete and a one-month supply of Kids Complete + Fiber
4. From Mabel’s Labels: An Ultimate Back-to-School Combo
5. From French Toast: Your choice of five tops and three bottoms from their collections

Please RSVP

Must be 18 years old and a US resident
Winners will be sent a DM after the party, prizing may take up to three weeks for delivery.

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Dreams Las Mareas Resort in Costa Rica
Family-friendly resort in Costa Rica

I am a huge fan of Costa Rica — hence the reason I live here — so you can believe me when I say that it is an excellent family vacation destination. Traveling with kids to Costa Rica from the United States is fairly quick and easy, which makes it even more appealing, especially if this is your first time traveling with internationally with your kids.

Since I do live here full-time, I’m able to easily explore different areas of the country and stay at a variety of hotels and resorts. A few weeks ago, my daughter McKenna and I took a little mommy and me trip up to check out the new Dreams Resort Las Mareas. It is located in the northern Guanacaste region of Costa Rica, which is about a 90-minute drive from the Liberia airport and very close to the Nicaraguan border.

Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica All Inclusive Hotels

Dream Las Mareas Costa Rica

Dreams Las Mareas is an all-inclusive Costa Rican resort with over 400 rooms on the property. The resort comes with all the family-friendly amenities you would expect at an all-inclusive resort — plenty of dining options, on-site daily activities, excursions and a kids’ club. There are several different buildings throughout the property and there are several room options so be careful when you are making your reservation to make sure you’re getting the location on the resort you want. The more impressive rooms are in the smaller buildings and either have private Jacuzzis on the balconies or the semi-private dipping pools right off the patios.

Dreams Resort Costa Rica Building and Room
Our building happened to be the building with the most privacy, nestled on the hillside and a little further away from the pools. It was also a bit more of a walk to our room (which I actually appreciated to get in a little exercise between meals!), but there are plenty of golf carts buzzing around and you can get a ride to your room quite easily, which might come in handy when traveling with older family members or your little ones. These rooms are also great for those couples spending their honeymoon at the resort. Beware: Your patio is right next to your neighbor’s patio, so if people are talking loud, you’ll definitely be able to hear them… and vice versa!

Dreams Las Mareas Dipping Pools offthe Rooms Hotels in Costa Rica
We had one of the rooms with a dipping pool and this was, by far, our favorite feature! From our room we even had a small view of the ocean and I can only assume that the rooms above us had even a better views. One thing to mention, if you are traveling with children that cannot swim, this is probably not the best room option for you because it’s going to be nearly impossible to keep them out of the pool 24/7. I absolutely loved this room and would have a hard time staying here again without the dipping pool right outside my door!

Dreams Las Mareas Waterslide Family Hotels in Costa RicaDreams las Mareas Pool Costa Rica Hotels

Pools, pools, pools

If pools are your thing then you will be very happy here. They have two distinct pool areas, each with two very large pools. The pools start at the top of the resort and work their way down to the beach. The top pool area is all about the kids — it has a water slide, basketball hoop, a large poolside chess game and an additional shallow pool for toddlers.

The other pool area is one large continuous pool that begins with an adult only pool that leads to the swim-up bar and a large infinity pool that looks out to the beach, which kids can visit. This pool also has a volleyball net and a bridge that kids like to swim under. There is also a small poolside cafe that offers a few snack options, cocktails and endless amounts of smoothies for the kids.

Dreams Las Mareas Resort Pools in Costa Rica
For those that are not traveling with kids, you’ll appreciate the adult only pool. Or, if you are traveling with kids, drop them off at the kids’ club and head here to take advantage of some peace and quiet.

Dream las Mareas Oceana Bar with Swings Costa Rica

Food and dining options

Since this is an all-inclusive the resort, they feature the typical buffet-style breakfast, lunch and dinner. The line can get long in the morning so if you just need a caffeine fix in a hurry, they do have the CoCo Cafe to grab your latte or to pick up a small pastry for the kids. There are four restaurants on the property — two of them are only open for dinner and the Italian restaurant, Portofino, does not allow children.

Our dinner at Oceana was very good and probably my favorite meal. We ate the buffet lunch at this restaurant as well and it was pretty basic with your standard hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries, some grilled vegetables and salads. Oceana sits right next to the pool and has the bar with the swings that my daughter and I loved swinging in.

Dreams Resorts Costa Rica Beaches Play el Jobo Dreams Las Mareas Beach Boogie Boarding Playa El Jobo in Costa Rica

The beach at Playa el Jobo

The beach here is in a cove, so the water is very calm and the waves are small, which is great for young children. My daughter did catch a few small waves with her boogie board, but these waves may not be that exciting for older children. There are better beaches in Costa Rica and if you are looking to surf, you definitely cannot do that here. if you are expecting soft white sand you won’t find it here — the sand is a bit more compact, brown and rustic like many beaches in Costa Rica, compared to beaches that you might find in the Caribbean or Mexico.

You can check out stand-up paddle boards and boogie boards from the resort and you can also rent kayaks and jet skis for an additional fee if you want to head out further into the water. Fishing and snorkeling tours are available for you to book and you can get a massage right on the beach if you’d rather relax. The kids’ club also brings the kids down to the beach for their special camping nights that include a variety of activities and beach games.

Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica SpaDream Las Mareas Spa Costa Rica
The Dreams Spa

If I am going to be honest, the spa was the highlight for me. They have the usual spa treatment options, of course, but they also have a five-step hydro-therapy spa, which includes a sauna, steam room, cold-plunge pool, pool with water massage chairs and pressure waterfall, and hot tub. It has been a long time since I have had the opportunity to do a spa cycle like this, so it was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. They also had what I am calling “relaxation pods,” which I almost fell asleep in. This indoor-outdoor spa experience was really fantastic, giving you a true Costa Rican experience. They also have a full salon for hair services, as well as manicures and pedicures.

Additional activities

This resort is a bit secluded, but they do offer a few day trips such as zip lining at the Spider Monkey Canopy Tour and the Buena Vista Lodge day trip, which has even more activities. They will arrange to take you to the Arenal Volcano area, but this is a very long trip and, in my opinion, visiting the Arenal area is not a day trip. You will likely feel rushed and it will be a very long day, especially for children. It’s best to stay for at least one night in that area to really experience all it has to offer.

Every night they deliver a resort newsletter, The Sundial, which has a full list of activities for the following day. You can also participate in yoga classes, dance lessons, beach soccer and volleyball, among other activities at the resort. They have have nightly shows and entertainment and movie nights for the kids, which are a fun way to relax after a day in the sun.

Plan your visit to Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica

Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica is a great option for both families with young children and those looking for a relaxing family vacation. It is a resort-style vacation that comes with the typical family-friendly amenities right on the property, but with the option to explore outside of the resort for some more exciting Costa Rican excursions and adventures via the resort, if you choose.

Website: Dreams Resort Las Mareas Costa Rica

Disclosure: This was a press trip and all accommodations and meals were included. All my thoughts and opinions are my own. I am a family travel professional and share this with you to help families decide on places to stay for their vacations.

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Weigh this!

Last week I posted about stepping on the scale of success and some of you commented on what you would like to be weighed in and also shared your feelings on how our weight can alter the way we see ourselves. Whether it’s stepping on the scale or trying to fit into our skinny jeans we’ve all had those days where we let our self worth be measured in pounds or our self worth in jean size. If you watched the emotional video from Lean Cuisine you saw that you are not alone. Women do not want to be measured by their weight but instead by what they are doing and achieving every day.

Watch this amazing VIDEO


Weighing our daughters self worth

A few of you also mentioned that this is a very important topic and something that you worry about with your daughters. As a mom to a 10-year-old girl, I am very aware that she is watching me and listening to everything that I say and do. If I stand in front of the mirror and complain about my butt and thighs, she will no doubt think that she needs to worry about her butt and thighs, and I certainly do not want her growing up thinking that this is the only way she will be measured. These comments were such a great reminder.

As moms, we need to be careful about how we talk not only about ourselves but other women in front of our daughters. When we can build ourselves and other women up, our daughters will likely follow. Weighing our daughters in their successes and what they are accomplishing should be a our top priority. Pointing out when they are being kind, nice, helpful, strong, focused, hard working, determined and trying their best. These are the things that we should be adding to our daughters self worth scale.

Savvy Tip: Self Worth Weekly Weigh in

At the end of the week, step on the scale of self worth with your daughter and weigh your week! Celebrate the positive things you both accomplished that have nothing to do with the number on the scale.

How do you weigh your daughter and how do you want her to be weighed?


Disclosure: I am part of the Lean Cuisine Team, this is sponsored.

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Why is it that no matter how much a woman accomplishes or achieves in her life, she is still judged by her weight?

Sure, some things have started to change, but not much. We see “heavier” women in movies, on television and on the cover of magazines. But when we do, it usually results in another headline about her weight, calling out the fact that society has now accepted plus size women and that we’ve have matured past the fact that you can only be a size two to be successful.

Hooray, the world finally loves women of all sizes! Or do they?

I’m not going to lie, I worry about my weight. I think my butt and thighs are too big. It’s just too bad that my thighs and butt do not display all the things that I have accomplished in my life. It’s not only a woman’s size and weight either, it’s our hair, our skin, our height, our smile and what we wear. All of these things on the outside somehow overshadow the things on the inside.

Stepping on the scale of success

Instead of weighing women by their appearance we should be weighing them by their courage, ambition, selflessness, confidence, creativity, dedication, and drive. Now that is a scale that I could proudly stand on!

design (1)

I’m going to take a moment and step on the scale of success. Now, everyone’s success scale is very different, but when I reflect on my life and where I am today, I wish that I was weighed in AMBITION, because I will OWN 140 lbs of ambition.

Ambition: “A strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.”


The size of my ambition trumps the size of my jeans any day! Ambition is what has made me the successful person I am today. Ambition is what gives me the courage and confidence to believe I can have everything that I want in life. Ambition fires up my creativity and powers me through challenges and difficult times. Ambition is smart, sexy and powerful. So if you’re going to weigh me, you can weigh me in that.

A Must See:

Watch this video about how women would like to be weighed by and grab a tissue!

How do you want to be weighed?
Share how you want to be weighed by tweeting us @savvysassymoms and use the #WeighThis hashtag.

Disclosure: This post was in partnership with Lean Cuisine and sponsored.

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#HersheysSummer Twitter Party

Monday, June 29th
1:00pm EDT / 10:00am PDT
Hashtag: #HersheysSummer
Hosts: @Momtrends /  @SavvySassyMoms

Join us as we celebrate summer with Hershey’s, because everyone knows that you cannot get through the season without making some gooey S’mores, creating custom sundaes with Hershey’s Syrup or enjoying some Twizzlers during that four-hour family road trip!  We’ll be talking about the best summer activities that the entire family can enjoy. Whether you are heading out on an epic camping adventure, playing at the beach or BBQing in your own backyard, we’ve got endless creative ideas to share with you!

Twitter Party Prizing

Twizzlers Road Trip Survival Kit (Value $150)

Make sure to pack this in the car before heading out for your next road trip!  Filled with a $100 prepaid debit card, activity books, crayons, an insulated tote bag, and Twizzlers Twists, this kit is sure to keep everyone entertained.

Ultimate #SundaeSundays Kit (Value $175)

Host a BBQ with family and friends on Sunday and set up a #SundaySundaes bar. Complete with bowls, an ice cream scoop, spoons and the ultimate sundae toppings like Hershey’s Syrup, sprinkles and Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Chips. Buy the rest of your party supplies with a $100 prepaid debit card

Hershey’s S’mores Set: (Value $175)

This set includes a stainless steel s’more maker, a $50prepaid debit card, and all the supplies to have the ultimate s’mores party—Hershey’s Milk Chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers!

Twitter Party RSVP

Please RSVP to win prizing
Must be 18 years old and a US Resident

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Creating Photos Books with My Publisher

One of the biggest items on my summer to-do list is to create a few family photo books of our travels. This is long overdue and I have been putting it off for quite some time because creating photo books can be very time consuming, especially if you’re like me and want them to be put together perfectly or if you have hundreds of photos to go through and are overwhelmed on where to even begin!

Start with getting organized

I recently started using This Life for photo organization and absolutely love it. MyPublisher is a sister company to This Life, as well as to Shutterfly, so clearly they know a thing or two about preserving memories and photos!

Before you begin making your photo book with MyPublisher, you will want to put all the photos you want to use in one folder on your desktop and title it — this will make your life so much easier when you start your book because you will know exactly how many photos you want to use, which will help determine the size of your book and number of pages. When you get to the step to upload your photos you only have to drag one folder into the MyPublisher BookMaker from your desktop making it so simple and easy.

Deciding between a Photo Book or Photo Album

When you start to create a photo book with MyPublisher you need to decide if you want a Photo Book or a Photo Album. Depending on what the event is, how many photos you have and your budget that will determine which one to choose — their Photo Books are typically smaller and more affordable, perfect for memories of a specific trip, whereas Photo Albums are larger and more of an investment, a good choice for an entire year of photos. Both have an endless amount of custom options to choose from, including a variety of sizes, colors and cover options.

Style options for photo books

When you’re designing your first Photo Book on MyPublisher, you’ll want to think ahead to whether you’ll be making more of these books and if you want to plan some consistency in their design. Perhaps you want them to all be the same size so they all fit evenly on a bookshelf or maybe you want a variety of sizes so they can look inviting stacked on a coffee table? You might also want to make them all the same color or choose different colors for different books depending on the contents of the books.

My Publisher Getting Started

Installing MyPublisher BookMaker

If you decide to make a Photo Book, getting started with My Publisher is easy and as simple as installing the MyPublisher BookMaker to your desktop.

Photo Book Travel Pmy Publisher
Designing your photo book

Once you choose your book style — I chose travel — your book will appear. To begin your book, you will need to add the photos you want to use into the photo BookMaker — this is where having them all ready in one folder on your desktop to drag and drop is very helpful! Once the photos are uploaded, you can begin to drag each individual photo into the album and put them in place onto the pages. If you do not like a certain pre-set layout on a page, you can simply click “Page Layout” and they will give you more options, allowing you to truly customize your book.

Photo Book Sizes for My Publisher
The Classic Hardcover Photo Book starts at just $29.99 for 20 pages and it is $0.99 per page to add additional pages. They also have these very cute Pocket Books and Mini Books that you can create as well. These make great gifts for the grandparents, teachers and even for your kids. A photo book of their birthday party or a year in review is a great keepsake your kids will appreciate later in life.

As moms, we have no problem capturing every moment of our family vacations or life events, but getting them off our phones and the computer is a little more challenging. Luckily, MyPublisher is making it easier for you to create quality photo books and photo albums that your family will cherish for years to come.

My photo book is ordered! What are you waiting for?


Disclosure: MyPublisher is a sponsor of the #AwayWeGo Summer Travel event and they have discounted my photo album for me to authentically use their website and experience the quality of the photo albums.


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#AwayWeGo Travel Twitter Party

Wednesday, June 17th
6pm PST / 9pm EST
Hosts: @SavvySassyMoms @ProjectNuresry
Panelists: @LaJollaMom / @ChildMode / @Walkingon Travels / @StrollerinCity

Hashtag: #AwayWeGo

Join us next week for a Summer Travel Twitter Party!  We’ll be co-hosting with Project Nursery and talking about the art of traveling with kids, places on our family bucket lists, and the right gear that gets you where you want to go! Our expert moms on the move are ChildMode, Walking on Travels, La Jolla Mom and Stroller in the City. Each of them are family travel guru’s that will share their tips and tricks throughout the night!

Our Away We Go summer travel event is happening now through July and we kicked things off with a $3,000 Summer Travel Giveaway, which is ending June 15th, so be sure to get over and enter to win! But if you are not so lucky to win the grand prize don;t worry because we have plenty more prizes to giveaway at the Twitter Party!

#AwayWeGo Twitter Party Prizing

Prize #1: Baby Bjorn Travel Light Crib
Prize #2: $100 My Publisher
Prize #3:  Ego Baby Carrier
Prize #4: Matching Tom & Teddy Set and $50 to Burt’s Bees Baby
Prize #5:  $100 to Platypus Australia Swimwear and TwelveLittle Diaper Bag

Away We Go Hostesses


Please RSVP Below

Prizes are open to US residents only and must be 18 years old.
This is a sponsored post and party.

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#AwayWeGo Summer Travel Pinterest Event

Whether your kids are already out of school for summer or if you’re counting the days until they are, summer is peeking its head around the corner and we can’t wait to get started on our summer adventures! When it comes to summer travel gear for babies and kids, every mom has their must-haves — from the stroller that makes plane travel a breeze to beach necessities to kid swimsuits that are completely Instagram-worthy — and the #AwayWeGo hostesses are spending an entire 48-hours pinning their summer travel favorites on Pinterest.

Start by following the #AwayWeGo Pinterest board, then make sure you’re following all of our travel-savvy hostesses and sponsoring brands.

We’ll start pinning today, Wednesday, June 3rd, at 3 p.m. PST and will keep pinning throughout the following 48-hours.

Can’t wait to share our summer travel must-have products and brands with you!

Follow the #AwayWeGo Sponsors on Pinterest!

My Publisher / Ergo Baby / Baby Bjorn / Burt’s Bees Baby / Platypus Australia

Orbit Baby / Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress / Twelve Little / Tom and Teddy

Follow the #AwayWeGo Pinterest Board

image1 (1)
Follow the Hostesses on Pinterest

Savvy Sassy Moms / Project Nursery / La Jolla Mom / Child Mode

Stroller in the City / Walking on Travels


Don’t forget to head over and enter to WIN the #AwayWeGo Grand Giveaway worth over $3,000!

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We love hello products at Savvy Sassy Moms and we know we’re not the only ones! Grab your hello products and snap a cute picture of your kids brushing for a chance to win an entire year of their products, plus a $100 gift card to Target… where you can buy even more hello products, if you want!

Enter to win with #RushtoBrush hello products photo contest

hello products Photo Contest

Step 1:

Show off your pearly whites to hello products!  Start by taking a picture of your kiddos using hello products toothpaste.

Step 2:

Either upload your picture to the hello products Facebook page or post it on your own Instagram account. On Facebook, you can submit your photos on the hello products Facebook page using the Photo Contest tab. Fill out the simple form, upload your photo and you’re set! On Instagram, just post a photo on your account and tag @helloproducts and use #RushtoBrush. Doing both on Instagram will automatically put your photo on the hello products Facebook page photo contest where people can vote.

Step 3:

Share, share, share to get votes on your photo from family and friends! Post a link your picture on the hello products Facebook page on your social media channels so that all of your family and friends can vote. The three photos with the most votes will win the contest — first place wins a year supply of hello products and a $100 gift card to Target, second and third place win hello products swag bags. Contest ends June 12, 2015.

Photo by Sassy Sassy Scouts: The Magnolia Mamas. Read their review of hello products.


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#AwayWeGo Summer Travel Giveaway
Away We Go summer travel

Can you believe that summer is the busiest time of year for moms!? It’s true. Every mom knows it. The kids are out of school and our entire routine just got thrown up in the air. All of a sudden we are juggling new schedules, different drop-offs and pick-ups, a variety of camp schedules and, not to mention, putting the final touches on our summer vacation plans.

As busy as summer is for moms, it’s an exciting and fun time, too! To celebrate the start of summer, we’ve teamed up with Project Nursery for #AwayWeGo Summer so we can follow along on your journeys and help get you where you want to go and in style! To kick things off, we are hosting a GRAND summer travel giveaway with over $3,000 in prizes!

Watch for the #AwayWeGo hashtag all summer long on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram!


My Publisher

Moms are especially snap-happy with the camera during the summer months. After all, we want to make sure we capture every moment! But what happens to all those photos once your trip has wrapped up? Our friends at My Publisher are helping to bring our memories to life this summer, turning your treasured vacation photos into a customized photo book. With a variety of sizes, cover choices and paper options, My Publisher gives you creative control to turn your favorite summer moments into a keepsake.

Prize: $150 Gift Certificate plus FREE Two-day Shipping from My Publisher

Follow My Publisher: Twitter / Instagram / Facebook

Baby Bjorn travel crib light

BABYBJÖRN Travel Crib Light

Sleeping away from home with small children has never been easier! The BABYBJÖRN Travel Crib Light is specifically designed as a safe space for Baby while on the go and can be used for multiple purposes, from sleep to play. The sturdy mattress keeps the travel crib firmly on the floor, while the inward sloping sides create a snug and cozy feeling. Weighing only 13-pounds, the newly upgraded crib is easily assembled in one quick movement, making it an ideal travel accessory for children from newborn to around 3-years-old. You can check the BABYBJÖRN Travel Crib Light  in the overhead compartment on a plane or easily fit it in the trunk of your car, making it perfect for both small and great adventures!

Prize: BABYBJÖRN Travel Crib ($300)

Baby Bjorn Bouncer Balance Soft  Silver White

BABYBJÖRN Bouncer Balance Soft

Bouncer Balance Soft is a new, completely baby-powered bouncing seat that is supportive, portable and versatile. The seat rocks in response to a baby’s own movement without batteries or artificial stimulation, and folds flat for easy travel and storage. And, once Baby can walk, the fabric on Balance Bouncer Soft can be reversed to turn the seat into a comfortable sitting chair, making it a long-lasting gift.

Prize: BABYBJÖRN Bouncer Soft ($200)

Follow BABYBJÖRN: Twitter / Instagram / Facebook



Platypus Australia is a leading UV swimwear brand, offering a selection of high-quality, fashionable sun protective swimwear for girls and boys aged 0 to 14. Designed to mix-and-match, the UV-protective swimwear and rash guards are perfect for kids who like to be active, comfortable, and stylish. Platypus Australia’s sun-safe swimwear ensures maximum sun protection with a UPF 50+ rating, blocking out at least 97.5-percent of harmful ultraviolet radiation to meet the strict criteria of the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA).

Prize: $150 Gift Card

Follow Platypus Australia: Twitter / Instagram / Facebook

Spring Campaign 2015 Ergobaby Everyday

Original Baby Carrier from Ergobaby

Are you headed on a grand adventure this summer with a little in tow? Whether you are traveling abroad or staying close to home, the Ergobaby carrier is a must have for all parents! This baby carrier was made for the mom on the go. It comes equipped with an adjustable padded straps and waist belt, a large storage pocket and the ability to  carry Baby in three positions. Ergobaby will give you the freedom to go far this summer while keeping Baby close!

Prize: Original Baby Carrier Indigo Dot ($120)

Follow Ergobaby:  Twitter / Instagram / Facebook

ORBIT OB_LA-SmithAlley-Lifestyle_StrollerPink_0036 (1)

Over 17 years ago in the product design department at Stanford University, Bryan White and Joseph Hei pulled an all-nighter for a project and talked about starting their own company. They knew they wanted to build products that worked smarter, looked better, and addressed a challenging problem space. While that project is long since forgotten, the original dream and the vision from that night endures, and Orbit Baby is the result.

Orbit Baby’s Drive and Stroll is a must-have no matter where your summer destination may be. Orbit has created the ultimate stroller that is loaded with style and function to help make the trip easier. Their SmartHub™ allows parents to mix and match their favorite Orbit Baby products to fit their needs and style. Our favorite part is that this unique system is so easy to install, but we also love being able to fold the stroller with one hand. Orbit Baby will help you navigate your summer travels with ease and style.

Prize: Orbit Baby Drive and Stroll Combo ($1340)

Follow Orbit Baby:  Twitter / Instagram / Facebook

Burts Bees Baby Gift Sets Away We Go

Burt’s Bees Baby

The Burt’s Bees Baby™ brand was thoughtfully crafted in the glow of the Burt’s Bees® brand mission. Very simply, they wanted to bring parents a product line that would nurture our children — soft, natural pieces that were 100-percent organic. Building on a culture of caring and well-being, their mission is to create a collection that frees families to relax, enjoy and revel in every moment with their little ones, to dwell inside a honey-filled hive of warmth and love where we can stop time for just a little while.

Winners choice: Boy or Girl Summer Basket ($275)

Follow Burt’s Bees Baby:  Twitter / Instagram / Facebook

PoolJump-0494 2_retouchedTom and Teddy

Launched in the US last year, Australian-born brand Tom & Teddy is a classic and vibrant beachwear collection for boys and men. Founded by beach enthusiasts who were inspired by memories of sand, surf and the special bond fathers and sons share, the line of swim trunks and rash guards captures the spirit of the great outdoors and a summer’s day at the beach. With matching men’s and boy’s sets available, Tom & Teddy swimwear is perfect for fathers and sons. The latest collection features retro-inspired designs by former New York Times illustrator and MoMa artist Phil Marden. The trunks are UV protected and made with a soft, quick-drying chlorine and water resistant fabric.

Prize: Father and son matching set of swim trunks ($150)

Follow Tom and Teddy:  Twitter / Instagram / Facebook

Twelve Little Diaper Bag backpack

TWELVElittle is a line of fashionable and functional baby bags for the style-conscious millennial mom and dad inspired by the twelve signs of the Asian zodiac. Made from real materials and trimmed in genuine leather, each bag in the collection has multiple interior and exterior pockets for maximum functionality.

Durable, spacious and comfortable, the TWELVElittle Unisex Courage Backpack is designed for both moms and dads that are style conscious and frequently on-the-go. Our exclusive bottom hidden zipper pocket allows parents to quickly take care of dirty diapers and clothes. The interior padded tech sleeve provides protection for all handheld gadgets and up to 14″ laptop.

Prize: Courage Backpack ($210)

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Rope Bridge at Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress SMALLHyatt Regency Grand Cypress

The award-winning, 1,500 acre Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress is located one mile from Walt Disney World® and close to Universal Orlando® and SeaWorld® Orlando with a host of amenities and activities including the new 5,200 square-foot, full-service Marilyn Monroe Spa, 45 holes of Jack Nicklaus Signature Design golf and the award-winning Tennis and Racquet Club. Located along the 1,000 feet of white sandy beach of private Lake Windsong, the free-flowing lagoon pool boasts 12 waterfalls, heated and non-heated pools, two whirlpools, new Water Slide Tower Pavilion, new children’s Rock Climbing Stations, new interactive Water Jet Splash Zone, rope bridge, walking paths, and expansive, wrap-around sundecks.  New features complement the resort’s favorite activities including; S’mores pit, beach volleyball, tether ball, hammocks, watersports and marked jogging, walking, and biking trails.

Prize: 2 night stay at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress in Orlando ($900)

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