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Amy Tanathorn created Stroller Envy to help new and expectant mothers find the best stroller for their babies. Amy was so pleased with her stroller when her son Aidan was little that she wanted to help other moms have a similar experience. Especially today, where your choices are overwhelming. When Amy's not working with her strollers, she's creating fine art. She's always loved painting and is currently working on her business selling her original work online. You can also find Amy on Google+

Best strollers for tall parents

Three years ago, I wrote a wildly popular post on comfortable strollers for tall parents.  Time has past quickly and stroller trends have changed quite a bit in the past few years. Brands are listening to what you want and the features are reflected in the new products you see and experience today.

One of the features I see more and more often is the adjustable height handle; it is no longer something only the luxury strollers have! Find out which types of strollers currently have them in our newest edition of the best strollers for tall parents.

Best Strollers for Tall Parents: BOB Revolution Flex

For all-terrain use: Bob Revolution Flex

This is the stroller I am probably most excited about. For ages, the Bob Revolution has been the leading all-terrain/jogger, constantly receiving positive reviews from happy consumers. But the one of the only drawbacks was that it never had an adjustable-height handle!

Ranging from 34-45 inches high, tall parents now jog and power walk their way in comfort when they choose the Revolution Flex. Who wants to hunch over when they are jogging? Proper upright form is important while exercising, after all!

BOB upped the ante while they were at it and introduced the Flex Pro, which adds drum brakes to slow the stroller when going down hills.The Flex currently has 5-star reviews and is a No. 1 seller on Amazon for joggers, so that adjustable handle bar has made an enormous difference. The Revolution Flex and Pro both come in side-by-side double versions called Duallies.

Also, check out these newer all-terrains that all have adjustable height handles: Kolcraft Sprint X, Chicco Activ3, Thule Urban Glide 1 Sport Stroller

Best Strollers for Tall Parents

For a reversible seat/convertible stroller: UPPAbaby Vista

Most reversing seat strollers are going to have luxury features, extra bells and whistles you’re not going to find on forward facing only strollers. This includes an adjustable height handle, whether it’s rotating or telescoping, so whether you’re going to spend over $900 or keep it at under $300, your convertible stroller’s going to have you covered if you’re tall.

Choosing only one reversing seat product was difficult, but in the end, I chose the new 2015 UPPAbaby Vista because it converts to a double and it has been redesigned to hold two car seats, two bassinets or two toddler seats in any combination. The frame is sturdier and that means that the wheels have improved “AirGo” technology as well, to hold up the extra pounds you may put in it.

The handle height ranges from 39-½- to 42-½-inches. It isn’t the tallest, but reviewers say that it is flexible for their use. A 5’3″ mom and her 6’2″ husband both feel comfortable pushing their new Vista.

Also good in this category: Mamas & Papas (everything except the Armadillo City), Summer Infant Fuze, Inglesina Quad

Best Double Strollers for Tall Parents

Best double stroller: Britax B-Agile Double

Double strollers come in many types: side-by-side, tandem, umbrella, all-terrain. In this category, you’re going to find more luck with an adjustable-height handle if you are buying a tandem stroller over $500.

But, to pick just one out of all these options, I chose the Britax B-Agile Double because it has come out since my last article on comfortable strollers for tall parents. The handle height ranges from 31″-41″. A nice feature on the handle is the design so that there is space in the middle so you can  steer one-handed.

The Britax B-Agile double has gotten 4½-star reviews mostly for the performance over a variety of urban surfaces and for the easy steering.

Be sure to also check out: Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double, Joovy Too Qool, Chicco Echo Twin

Best Umbrella Strollers for Tall Parents

Best lightweight/umbrella stroller: Inglesina Net

The new Inglesina Net is getting a lot of positive feedback — I even wrote about it last month as being one of the best newer umbrella strollers.

And, the feature you’re most interested in is how high those handles go! How about 43 inches! For an umbrella stroller, that is really tall, and yet if your spouse or significant other isn’t as tall, that person will still feel comfortable pushing this stroller.

It has a fantastic-size canopy, cup holder included and weighs only 11 pounds. The Inglesina Net gets between 4½ to 5-star reviews for the easy push, convenient shoulder strap and self-standing fold.

You might want to also check out: Peg Perego Booklet

I know these are a fraction of the available strollers out there today that have handles that provide comfort to taller parents and care givers. If you didn’t see your favorite stroller here or in my last article, please mention it in the comments!

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Why buy an umbrella stroller?

Yep, many parents become familiar with stroller brands that give us the reversing seat or are travel system ready when our babies are newborns. Now we are ready to take it up to the next stage! When our child is bigger, we simply need something lightweight and convenient for errands or that big trip coming up. We are ready for an umbrella stroller!

Shopping the best umbrella strollers

You know you don’t want something small and rickety, and that paying a bit more means much higher quality. But did you know that some brands have come out with umbrella strollers that you might not have thought of? Baby Jogger makes an umbrella stroller, and have you even heard of Summer Infant?

Here are some of the best umbrella strollers out there that are still relatively new, released within the last year or two, in each spending category: higher end, mid-range and budget.

Vue-Lite-Travel-SystemHigher End > $150

Baby Jogger Vue & Vue Lite

Lots of you have heard of Baby Jogger for their City strollers, such as the City Select, City Mini and City Versa. In the last couple of years, Baby Jogger has introduced an umbrella stroller, but they reinvented it!

The Vue and Vue Lite were one of the first on the market to have a reversing seat; the photo on the top of this article shows the reversed seat. Both take a car seat, as well, and are a good option for a lightweight travel system if you don’t want to have to buy a car seat frame stroller separately.

The Vue Lite is $180 and weighs 14.5 pounds. Choose from four colors.

The Vue also comes in four colors and is between $140 and $200. It weighs just over 17 pounds and is a good choice if you don’t mind a more substantial stroller that veers away from the featherweight category.


Mid-Range $100-$150

Inglesina Net

Famous for their baby carriage prams and high-end, reversing seat strollers, Inglesina is also known for their top-quality umbrella strollers, such as the Trip and the Swift. Their newest umbrella offering is the Net, the lightest weight stroller in their line.

The Net weighs just 11 pounds, with a 55-pound weight capacity. Features such as a reclining seat and removable washable seat pad give your child much comfort. The seat beneath the padding is mesh, so on hot days take out the padding, and you have adequate air flow to keep your little one cool. A big canopy with SPF 50 shields harmful sun rays.

Parents enjoy features such as a self-standing fold and a carry strap for on-the-go transport. I like the cup holder and the decent sized storage basket —for an umbrella stroller! Inglesina Net is a popular choice for vacations.

This handy little stroller retails for $149 and comes in five colors. Reviews so far are at 5 stars!


Budget < $100

Summer 3D Lite

This is a fantastic option if you want to save a bit of money and have nearly all the same options as the Inglesina Net. The Summer 3D Lite has many of the same features and costs about $70 less. It has a reclining seat and a good-sized storage basket for an umbrella stroller. It weighs 12 pounds and holds up to 50 pounds, so those aspects are slightly different.

I like the extra storage pocket behind the seat for things like your keys and cell phone, and you get a cup holder, too.

Reviews give it 4.5 stars for the lightweight convenience and for how well it held up on travels abroad. The Summer Infant 3D Light is only $80 and comes in six colors.

These are just three of the newest umbrella strollers out there, but there are more quality umbrella strollers in each price category. This guide will help you find the best one for your family.

Now that you’ve taken a look at the Baby Jogger Vue/Vue Lite, the Inglesina Net and the Summer Infant 3D Lite, which one would you get? Let me know in the comments below.

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NEW! Stokke Pipa Infant Car Seat

Nuna teams with Stokke for a beautiful new car seat

I’ve always loved sleek and modern Scandinavian design and Stokke strollers catch my eye whenever I see one on the street.

Moms who invest in a Stokke stroller have high standards for quality and overall look and feel for their baby gear. And face it, this is a status symbol, much like a BMW, and that attention is important. Just like you wouldn’t cover your new BMW with bumper stickers, you don’t necessarily want to use a different brand car seat on your Stokke chassis, even if it fits perfectly. You’d rather have a coordinating Stokke car seat too, right?

Stokke has partnered with Nuna— a Dutch-designed family of smart baby gear that produces high chairs, portable play yards, strollers, car seats and infant swings — and their popular Pipa car seat.

The Nuna Pipa clicks right onto the chassis of any Stokke stroller without any car seat adapters needed. A seamless and safe travel system for your baby’s first outing.

NEW! Stokke & Nuna Stroller Car Seat Partnership

About the Stokke Nuna Pipa Car Seat
  • Made certified Oeko-Tex® color coordinated fabric, which keeps your little one cool in warmer temperatures and toasty in cooler weather
  • Take it with you on the plane — it is aircraft certified by most airlines
  • Take it with you aboard taxis using the vehicle’s seat belt — no base needed
  • It weighs only 10.5 pounds
  • True Lock™ installation system helps you get it right the first time
  • Included base has green-for-go safety indicators
  • Steel enforced stability leg in the base secures the seat 90% more should impact occur
  • Side impact protection
  • Suitable for babies 4-32 pounds and up to 32-inches long
  • SPF 50 sun canopy provides ample shade and protection
  • Mesh window on canopy provides fresh air ventilation for baby and a peek-a-boo window for you
  • Removable, washable and padded seat liner provides extra comfort for baby and sleek detailing
  • Ergonomic handle bar is easy to carry
  • 5-point safety harness safely secures your little one

Stokke PIPA car seat and base comes in either grey or black, and is currently available from Stokke’s official website. Suggested retail price is $349..

Read about more luxury strollers where you can attach a car seat directly to the chassis.

Do you think the design goes well with the Stokke strollers? Let me know what you think of this new car seat in the comments.
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Best strollers for trails and outdoor adventures

Summer’s in full swing and there is no better time than now to get into the great outdoors and have some adventures with your little one. You know how important it is to connect with nature and to pass-on those values to your child. Exploration, excited discovery, peace and quiet: all these reasons and more get you out of bed on the weekend and into the car for a beautiful day trip or weekend away.

While you’re out on the trail you want to ensure your child is safe in your all terrain stroller so you can focus on enjoying the beauty around you. Here are the brands to look for in each budget category to help you choose the best stroller for trails you’ll be hiking on soon.

Bob-revolution-ProBOB for a higher budget

For many years now, BOB has been a favorite for families who enjoy the great outdoors and the Revolution is the go-to option. Features such as an adjustable suspension, rugged 16-inch rear tires with a locking front swivel wheel and an enormous sun canopy are favorites that hikers and adventurers invest in year after year.

The seat is made of a molded open cell foam material and a Poly and Dobby weave fabric for optimum air circulation. It reclines to a 70-degree angle and can also accommodate a BOB B-Safe infant car seat.

The photo at the top of this page shows you the basic BOB Revolution SE, and recently BOB introduced the Revolution Flex and Revolution PRO with the same features plus some additional upgrades. The Flex has a nine-position adjustable height handle and the Revolution PRO has the adjustable handle plus hand activated rear drum brakes for added control going down hills. The PRO is the stroller featured at the right and it is the one recommended most highly for those of you who are serious about going over some rough trails.


Photo credit: Fresh Dads

This photo is from a German blog with a dad taking his Revolution Pro over some rugged terrain. Click or tap the picture to see more photos on his blog; the review is all in German, but the photos say everything!

Kolcraft Sprint X for a mid-range budgetKolcraft Sprint X is a best stroller for trails

If you are looking to spend between $200-$300, then check out the new Kolcraft Sprint X. Formerly the Jeep Adventurer, this updated model has 16-inch air-filled rear wheels with precision ball bearings and dynamic suspension for the best push – important for getting over those rocky bits of trail!

This stroller is a bit heavier than the BOB, but you can do a few things to lighten your load, such as removing the child cup holder and bumper bar. Nothing is going to stay inside a cup holder anyway, if you’re going over lots of big bumps. Keep all you need in the basket below.

I like that the Sprint X has a safety tether attached and an adjustable height, ergonomic foam handle. The sun canopy has an extended flip-out visor that comes down nearly to the bumper bar to give you an idea of how much coverage it has. The seat has a padded 5-point safety harness and a multi-position reclining seat.

Reviews are starting to roll in, and so far it’s getting 4 stars from parents who like the sturdy construction and easy fold.

Graco FastAction Fold Jogger for economy budget

Graco has always been proactive keeping up with the times and their selection of bulky, frilly four wheeler strollers are a thing of the past. They respond to what parents want and within the last few years, Graco has released several top fitness strollers.

In the budget category, you’ll find the Graco FastAction Fold Jogger, which I’ve seen in abundance around my neighborhood with the matching Graco Click Connect car seat attached. Once your baby out grows the car seat and is stronger, this stroller can take to some trails, but probably not like the trail you saw with the BOB Revolution Pro, more like wide gravel paths or packed dirt that has only mild inclines, because it weighs 32 pounds! No slowing hand brake will make it more of a challenge going down hills too. However, a safety tether is included, so you will always have contact with your stroller, bringing you peace of mind.

For easy going trails, the FastAction Fold Jogger is a fantastic choice – the air filled tires provide a natural suspension system and the large 16-inch rear wheels smooth out the ride. The seat is nicely padded and roomy enough for growth, but the safety harness does not come with padding. I like the ventilation panels in the sun canopy, and it offers adequate coverage, just not as much as the other featured strollers.

Parents love their Graco though! The FastAction Fold Jogger has a solid 4-star rating across several online merchants. They love the sturdiness, the smooth ride, and the parent tray that is designed to hold a smart phone!

These are just three strollers across three price points, and there are clearly more strollers for trails and outdoor adventures that have more features you require or a closer more exact price structure to work with. There are lots of options today, and we love that choice.

Which all terrain stroller would you want to take with you to hit the trails?
List your recommendations in the comments below.
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Jeep strollers are no more! If you are not brand-new to the world of strollers, you’d likely heard of the Jeep brand of budget-friendly strollers from joggers to lightweight, umbrella strollers.

I have an especially fond connection with Jeep strollers because I used a Liberty All-Terrain with my son — continual use for an entire four years! I adored that stroller, even though it was a bit heavy and bulky, and had so many fun times using it.

And now, it is time to say goodbye to Jeep. Kolcraft, who has been the parent company of the line, is now branding the same products under a different name. For example, my favorite Jeep Liberty is now the Kolcraft All-Terrain Adventure:

Jeep Liberty Stroller is now the Kolcraft Adventure

I contacted Kolcraft, inquiring about how these strollers are different from the original Jeep products, and they reported that the steering has been improved, materials have been generally upgraded and extras like the iBaby MP3 speakers, which were found on some models, have been removed. The toy steering wheel is no more on this stroller as well. (How my son loved that steering wheel!)

Here’s another comparison with a wildly popular Jeep stroller, the lightweight Cherokee:

Jeep Cherokee Stroller now the Kolcraft Cloud Plus

The Kolcraft version is called the Cloud Plus and it is already selling as well as the former Cherokee. This version has a better sun canopy, as all of the Kolcraft versions do, but minus the side cargo bags. None of the new versions have side bags.

Jeep Wrangler Twin Stroller is now the Kolcraft Cloud Twin

Here’s the Kolcraft version on the Jeep Wrangler Twin Sport, a top economy pick for double umbrella strollers. Look at how much better the sun canopy is and it has the exact same roll-away seat padding to reveal breathable mesh sling-style seats. The single umbrella stroller, called the Cloud, is also available.

Near-identical versions of the Jeep Adventurer Jogger and Jeep Overland Fixed-Wheel Jogger are also available as the Kolcraft Sprint X and the Kolcraft Sprint Pro for the fixed wheel.

One thing this is different across the board is that the prices are now a little higher. With a different branding strategy and upgraded canopies and materials, the perceived value is not the same as when these were Jeep products.

Overall, I’m happy that the actual product is still around, even though it is under a different brand and considering not much has really changed. If anything, I like that these strollers are even better!

Have you used Jeep strollers before?
What do you think of this big change going over to Kolcraft? 
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Spring is nearly here (and for some parts of the country, it already is!) and that means new strollers are on their way to the stores. This month showcases three brand-new arrivals available between now and April. Keep your eyes out!


Mamas and Papas Armadillo Flip XT

The new Mamas and Papas Armadillo Flip XT is just like the traditional Armadillo Flip, but with a few upgraded features. The canopy is bigger and, like the previous version, it has a peek-a-boo window with magnetic closure, which I’ve always loved.

Another new feature is an elegant faux-leather telescoping handlebar which adjusts to the right height for comfortable strolling. The basket underneath the seat is larger on the XT, plus the wheels are a bit sturdier to take you over urban terrain.

Like the Armadillo Flip, the new XT version has a revering seat. The two-step standing fold can be done one-handed and is quite flat and compact. This new stroller weighs 22 pounds and will be available in March for $599.


Baby Jogger Vue Lite

Baby Jogger impressed us last year with the first reversing seat umbrella stroller called the Vue. Now they are set to bowl us over with an even better product, the Vue Lite. The main thing that has changed is the weight. The Vue Lite has trimmed three pounds and now weighs only 14 pounds.

It has a bit less padding in the seat and different access to the basket, however it has the same umbrella fold and reversing seat. The Vue Lite accommodates infant car seats, as seen in the photo, but the car seats are sold separately.

The Vue Lite comes out in March 2015 with five vibrant colors and has an expected retail price of $179.


Cybex Priam

Known mostly for their lightweight and umbrella stroller selections, Cybex is coming out with their first customizable stroller called the Priam.

The last of the new Spring 2015 strollers is pure luxury with a reversing seat, telescoping faux-leather handlebar and bumper bar, with seven stunning color combinations to choose from.

Customize your Priam by choosing the kind of seat or bassinet you want. Cybex has two infant car seats that click right onto the chassis. Then, there’s either a Lux Seat or 2-in-1 Light Seat for your toddler.

Personalize further and choose from three different wheel options: Light for city, Trekking with a larger front wheel for light trail walking, or All-Terrain with thicker rear wheels. There’s even an option to install skis on the front wheels for those of you who are snow-bound in winter!

The frame is $800 and the seat you choose is about $400. Expect the Cybex Priam to be available in April 2015.

Which stroller are you most excited about for spring?
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UPPAbaby Vista 2015 in doubles mode

UPPAbaby is a company that always responds to customer needs and feedback. Product development and improvements happen regularly, and we fans have come to expect that UPPAbaby stays current with trends and designs. For 2015, the entire product line was enhanced, but it was the UPPAbaby Vista that got the makeover. Let’s look closer at what’s new.



UPPAbaby Vista 2015

Wow, the photo above really says something, doesn’t it? First of all, it’s been four years since any changes have been made. The new Vista has been redesigned, so let’s go on a tour of what you should expect.

  1. The most obvious is array of seating options. The frame accommodates two infant car seats, two bassinets, or two toddler seats in any combination. Parents of twins, can I hear a big WOO HOO!
  2.  A new (optional) rumble seat faces either outward or toward parents and fully reclines in either direction. This is huge because it adds so many options for you as you arrange your kids to be most comfortable for outings.
  3. An optional front bracket makes it possible to attach a second car seat or bassinet. UPPAbaby’s car seat, called the Mesa, needs no adapters, but you may purchase adapters separately for other major car seat brands.
  4. Now compare the two shopping baskets in the above photo. See how much longer it is on the 2015 version? This year the basket holds up to 30 pounds of your gear? Hello grocery shopping!
  5. To account for all this extra weight the new UPPAbaby Vista 2015 can hold, the frame has been reformulated with stronger anondized aluminum with magnesium. I don’t really understand what all that means, but a stronger frame is necessary and UPPAbaby’s got it.
  6. The tires are improved with “AirGo” technology, which simulates the feel of air-filled tires without the risk of getting flats. The best of both worlds.
  7. Overall ease of use from a new seat recline mechanism to push-button steering locks to make the front swivel wheels go straight. New location for the finger trigger folding mechanism means you won’t have to bend way over to start the folding process. The flow is much smoother.
  8. The included bassinet has better support and ventilation from a molded base zip-on apron.

The price has gone up because of all these improvements. The silver-framed single goes for $820 while the black frame is $860. The rumble seat is $170 or you could get the rumble seat included for $990 (silver) or $1040 (black).





Both the G-Luxe and G-Lite have undergone some changes for 2015, all of them relatively minor. Here’s what to expect.


  1. Mesh sling back seat for better ventilation on hot days.
  2. Removable fabric for easy cleaning.
  3. The canopy is a bit larger.
  4. Underseat basket can now hold 15 lbs – that is a lot for an umbrella stroller!


  1. A more robust and streamlined frame, probably the same formulation as mentioned with the Vista.
  2. Single-foot brake lever – most umbrella strollers have individual brakes for each rear wheel. One step is always more convenient!
  3. New color called Ella (shown in photo).

The G-Luxe is $260 and if you want the black fabric on black frame (called Jake) that is $280. For the G-Lite, the red (Denny) is $160 and black on black Jake is $180.



The popular Cruz has undergone some changes for 2015 as well.

  1. Rear wheels are now about an inch larger and use the new AirGo technology that mimics air-filled tires.
  2. Black frame available with some colors, for a sharp look like the photo above.
  3. Rear suspension now removed because of the AirGo tires.
  4. Wipe-clean bumper bar now included with purchase instead of optional accessory.

Price for the silver frame Cruz runs $500 and if you’d like that fashionable black frame, it retails for $530.

So would you splurge a little bit extra for a black frame? And what do you think of the Vista’s redesign? Let me know in the comments.

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Mountain Buggy Duet all-Terrain double stroller.

Mountain Buggy Duet all-Terrain double stroller.

Baby number two is on its way, or perhaps you’re expecting twins. Congratulations! Now what? You need help choosing a new double stroller for your growing family and you don’t know where to start.

Because of all the overwhelming choices and functionality, the first thing you need to consider is whether to go for a side-by-side “twin” stroller or a tandem front-to-back. By the time you finish reading this article, you will know the features, pros and cons of each style. Then you’ll be ready to move on to the type of lifestyle you lead to choose the right one.

Tandem double strollers


Contours Options Elite has many seating options.

Tandem double strollers traditionally have a smaller “footprint” because they are the same width as a single. As years go by, tandems have gotten more compact and don’t quite feel like you’re a captain piloting an oil tanker.

Seating your children with the youngest in front and oldest in back helps with the weight distribution because it is easier to steer with the heavier child closer to you.

Tandem seating options are far more versatile. Many quality brands today have reversing seats, which allow for a dozen or more variations. Parents with twins especially like this option because they can install two infant car seats at once, right on the frame, eliminating the extra bulk of otherwise connecting to two seats.

The Joovy Too Qool is one of the higher-end brands to choose from. One of my favorite mid-range brands is the Contours Options Elite (pictured above) or LT, which has reversing, removable seats, so that you can set your car seat right onto the frame. Budget-conscious parents will like the Graco Duo-Glider.

The most basic tandems have a front seat that reclines a little bit, and the back seat fully reclines. You don’t want the front seat to recline too far back, thus disturbing the child in the back. Look for staggered seating, whether the higher seat is in the front or back. Fortunately, many quality tandem strollers have stadium-style seating so that no matter what the recline is in the front, the rear child will be happy.

Single-to-double tandem


The Phil and Teds Navigator converts from single to double.

Another tandem option is the single-to-double convertible stroller. A traditionally single stroller adds a rumble seat to the back, usually over the cargo basket.

This works out fantastically well; I’ve seen moms with their newborns in a car seat on the chassis where the main seat was, then their toddler in the rumble seat. Then as baby outgrows the car seat, the children switch places, as you see in the photo to the right.

Most single-to-double strollers are in the mid to higher-end price range. Prepare to spend a little money for this type of product; most cost between $600-$800 including the second seat.

Perhaps the most popular and versatile single to double option is the Baby Jogger City Select; it has been a favorite for years with 16 different seating configurations. For a luxury feel with an included bassinet, the UPPAbaby Vista is one to go for. With improved features for 2015, it will set you back $1030 once you purchase the rumble seat separately. The Phil and Teds Navigator is a favorite all-terrain tandem option.

Stand-on tandem

Graco Ready2Grow sit and stand stroller.

Graco Ready2Grow sit and stand stroller.

Perhaps one of the best options for families who have a two-year-old active child when the new baby arrives is a stand-on or sit and stand tandem stroller.

This type of stroller has a standing platform in the back with a bench in front of your child’s knees when he or she is ready for a rest.

There are many variations to these strollers, too. Some come with a removable back seat so if your older child is still a bit too young to stand, the seat is there temporarily.

Some, like the Graco Ready2Grow, has 12 different seating options. The car seat can attach to the front or the back, so if your older child is still not ready to stand, they can have the front seat. This one is a favorite.

The Joovy VaryLight is a new concept in that it shortens or lengthens, depending on how much room you need. For example, you need to walk your newborn to sleep, but your partner can watch the older child at home. Shorten the VaryLight to the length of a single stroller for your outing.  I also love Joovy’s Caboose Ultralight stand-on, which has the option of adding the Too extra 2nd seat.

For those on more of a budget, the Baby Trend Sit n Stand is a classic, getting consistent 4-star ratings, though they have not come out with any new updates for years.


Baby Jogger City Mini GT

Baby Jogger City Mini GT

Sometimes called side-by-side, sometimes called twin, this type of stroller basically a single stroller with the same features copied twice. It is ideal for twin children because they are equal, both able to see out the same. And for siblings – twin or different ages – they are able to interact more when sitting next to each other.

This type of stroller is obviously wider than the tandem, but all brands today have been designed to be narrow enough to fit through most standard-width doorways.

Twin strollers are equipped to carry only one car seat or bassinet, like you see here with the Baby Jogger City Mini GT. Exceptions are luxury brands like the Bugaboo Donkey or the Stroll-Air My Duo.

If you have twin infants and want a side-by-side, then the best option is to buy a double car seat stroller frame until your babies are big enough to ride in the stroller of your choice. I recommend the Joovy Twin Roo, because it is shorter and designed like no other car seat stroller frame!

Steering is different on this type of stroller versus a tandem. It can be easier, but if you have children of different ages then your stroller is going to veer toward the heavier child and you have to make steering adjustments.


Chicco Echo Twin is good for family vacations.

One advantage the twin stroller has over the tandem is the variety available. All-terrain strollers, fixed-wheel joggers, umbrella strollers, luxury features or budget friendly, all are available. Want something lightweight and compact for an upcoming vacation? The Chicco Echo Twin gets 4.5-star reviews and it has 4-position reclining seats.

The BOB Revolution Duallie has always been popular with outdoorsy families, and now you can get an adjustable handle with the Revolution Flex.

A lightweight luxury option is the Valco Baby Zee Two or Snap 2. Both are lighter weight and have incredibly smooth steering.

So there you have it. Which team are you on – Tandem or Twin?

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Two new strollers for air travel have just come out and they fit into the overhead compartments on airplanes. Compact with eye-catching streamlined designs, you will look forward to your next trip.  Introducing the Mountain Buggy Nano and BabyZen Yo Yo.


Mountain Buggy Nano

Best known for all terrain and jogging strollers, Mountain Buggy has done a full 180 and presents us with the Nano, one of the best travel strollers out there. With uncompromising quality that Mountain Buggy strollers are known for, the Nano holds up to the rigors of air travel or any other kind of travel, with ease.

Nano has a two step system that collapses into a fold that fits into most standard overhead bins on airplanes. A nifty bag included with purchase fits over the stroller if you choose. Either way, use a shoulder carry strap or handle to tote it along. It weighs only 13 pounds and holds your child up to 44 pounds.


Traveling with a newborn? The Mountain Buggy Nano is travel system ready, accommodating most major car seat brands, with no additional adapter required!

The seat is roomy and full-sized with an adjustable leg rest and two-position reclining seat. The sun canopy, while not the most generous, has a flip out sun visor. A five-point padded safety harness keeps little travelers secured. A ventilation panel, when the seat is reclined, provides air circulation.

For parents, a single handle provides one-handed maneuverability and rear-wheel suspension eases over bumps. Petal-style linked parking brake is an easy one-step stop.

The Nano comes with red, black and blue canopies and retails for $199. So far consumer reviews are giving the Nano 4.5-star ratings for the obvious compact folded size and for the outstanding maneuverability.

BabyZen-YoYoBabyZen YoYo

Heard of BabyZen? It is a French company founded by a group of five doctors who were tired of bulky, ugly strollers. They now have a full-sized all-terrain stroller called the Zen and this one, the YoYo. The YoYo has two versions; a newborn to six months and a six-months plus.

The newborn version has a little bassinet-style flat lying seat that is parent-facing, while the six-months plus is a standard full-sized forward facing seat.


YoYo holds your child up to 33 pounds and weighs just under 13 pounds. It folds down to 20.5 x 17 x 7 inches, fitting into most airline overhead cabin bins. I like the one-handed fold and carry strap for easy transport, especially if you’re carrying your baby on your other arm. The underseat basket is easily accessible front or back.

I like the bigger sun canopy with peek-a-boo window and the parking brake. The maneuverability push is fantastic with four-wheel suspension leveling out all those bumps and urban terrain. A travel bag is included with purchase.

Choose either a white or black frame, and then match that up with one of the fabrics in blue, grey, red, black or pink.

The BabyZen YoYo is quite a bit more than the Nano at $469. Reviewers have rating the YoYo so far at 4.5 stars for the compact easy fold and beautiful French design.

Which one of these strollers for air travel would you rather have?

Would you go for the slightly larger but less expensive Mountain Buggy Nano or the sleek French designed but more expensive BabyZen YoYo? Leave your comment below!



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Baby Jogger is a major stroller brand that stays innovative and improves upon its products every year to stay at the top. Recently, I’ve noticed that their newer models and soon-to-be-released strollers have one thing in common: they are more streamlined and light. Showcased below are two that are already available, and one that is set to debut in Spring 2015.

Baby Jogger City Lite

Baby Jogger City Lite

Just like the City Mini, the City Lite has most all the same main features. It has different sized wheels: 10″ rear and 7″ front where the City Mini has 8″ wheels all around. The City Lite has a canopy with two peek-a-boo windows but is not infused with SPF 50, the way the City Mini is.

Weight-wise, there is not much difference. The City Lite weighs less than a pound lighter at 16 vs. 16.8 pounds. It has the same simple one-handed fold that Baby Jogger is famous for and the auto-lock keeps the frame in place. Storage – it’s got an under seat basket and large pocket on the back of the seat. Seat reclines to nearly flat, and the harness is nicely padded. It is car seat compatible when you get the adapters. This page shows you all the car seat brands and the adapter to get.

The City Lite costs $179 while the City Mini is at $249. The City Lite comes in black, tan or red.

Baby Jogger City Mini Zip

Baby Jogger City Mini Zip

The full-sized City Mini Zip is the most compact in the Baby Jogger line. It’s main feature is the 3D fold, much like Combi strollers. It folds in half, like your standard Baby Jogger, then it folds again lengthwise, making it eight times smaller than when it is opened fully. That’s really impressive! You can also buy a really impressive looking travel bag that can turn into a backpack. I know this will be popular with vacationing families.

Like the City Lite, the City Mini Zip weighs only 16 pounds and holds your child up to 55 pounds. It has the same storage options and seat recline with harness. But the canopy on the Zip is SPF 50 just like the regular City Mini.

The wheels, of course, are four, and they are 5.5 inches with all-wheel suspension. The basket is a bit smaller and more difficult to access because of the frame design to do the 3D fold. But it still has that big pocket on the back seat. The Zip has an adjustable leg rest and near flat recline for your child’s comfort, and you get to have a cup holder! This one is also car seat compatible, just go to the link I mention above to check which adapters and brands go with the Zip.

Colors for the Zip are black or red and it retails for $249.

Baby Jogger Vue Lite

Baby Jogger Vue Lite

When the Vue came out earlier this year, I was so impressed with the design. A reversing seat umbrella stroller! I never thought I’d see one of those. But the reviews have been fantastic – what more could be done with the Vue?

Streamline it and make it lighter, that’s what. For parents who need something more compact that is still sturdy enough and yet weighs 3 pounds lighter than the original Vue at only 14 pounds. The Vue Lite has less padding in the seat and different access to the storage basket, but other than that is the same stroller.

The regular Vue is $199, but the Vue Lite is going to be $179, and will be available by March 2015. Colors will be a light grey shadow, a citrusy bright yellow-green, aqua blue (shown) and cherry red.

Which new Baby Jogger are you most jazzed about? Leave your opinion in the comments!

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